Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Quartermaine Trap

We Gather Together....

Just like the movie "The Parent Trap" we are left with turns, twists and twins with the same bad hair cut.  
By the way, we did move about 2-3 weeks in the blink of an eye because had to to have our Q Pizza feast.

Hope your turkey was good and you had friends and family surrounding you. Not so lucky in Port Charles because the villains were out EN-FORCE! 

Grab that left over turkey leg, cranberry sauce and wine. Let's Dine! 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Harvest...Happy Turkey...Happy PIE!

Especially for the corn... Love, Josslyn. 

Thankful for all my readers new and those that have been with me for 14 years since the olden times. It's always a blast to dish with you about our show. I wish you and yours a great day!! Have a cocktail for me. xxoo 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


If that's the REAL Luke, I'll eat my hat. It's know they switched him out during the commercial and Alexis THINKS it's Luke. Sigh..I'm too old. Seen too much! 

Carly and Sonny GET AN HOUR alone in prison together-- ALONE. Guard says "no touching" Um. OK THEN. Good least TRY to be real.

OMG, who thought DUKE was acting like FAISON?????? ME ! OMG is anyone who they are supposed to be!!!!!!? But no..Faison is at Wyndemere. So its' not him. But Duke is acting weird-- 
Maybe I'm just paranoid of masks.

Helena wanted to talk to Jake Face... nothing big though. She didn't 'complete the task"

Helena and Faison are BOTH at Wyndemere!! Made MY day!! 

Qs have Pizza. 

END: Helena watches Liz' House while Fiason walks in and Dr O sees him. "LUKE" walks into the Q house.
Still not buying that's LUKE 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Three-Guy GH Event in Canada!!

That's RIGHT!! A great Charity Event on Montreal this March to benefit the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. Meet Dom, William and Jason for 2 days of fun. 

For Information check the Facebook Page  and to purchase tickets go to the Website.  NOT many VIP tickets left!! 

Name Change

Alexis convinces Anna to let Julian out since he's not been charged yet.

Patrick goes to Sam's. Convinces Sam to go to Liz' for dinner. Ummmm, okay then. 

Jake Face wakes up and grabs Liz' wrist, he was startled. Liz bought him new clothes! (Did Sonny teach her that!?_) 
SEE the end of the show below

Helena and Luke! "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN" she says, and strokes his face. She said he should have used a silver bullet. LOL.
She kisses him. He freaks out. "Are you Faison in a gender bending mask"?? Luke wants to know WHO his doppleganger is. Helena pulls out a dagger and held it to his throat. 

Next scene is Alexis/Julian walking in while she's walking out of Luke's room. "Hello Natasha" Helena says. Heh. 
When Alexis and Julian walk into the room with Luke they say "OH MY GOD" and scene cuts. 

Sonny is in orange, Duke in a nice cream color. Sonny says he plead guilty and that Duke is free too. Will they kiss?  Sonny wants Duke to take over the "coffee biz"...

Kyle is yelling at Anna. blah, blah blah...Duke goes to see Anna at the end of the show

Mike tells Carly to GET OUT.  Carly tries to reason with him. He talks about the MEAT HOOK! yeah!!!!!
Carly tries to get him to listen about her PPD and Jason helping out. Michael isn't having it. She says: "You had a good childhood".He says: "Those years I was in a coma"??
And he signs the name change papers in her FACE.  That scene was all sorts of great. 

GEORGE interrupts with that cop crap..but thank GOODNESS it was short. 

^^END...Liz' doorbell rings, JakeFace answers and Helena is standing there!

That's it. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A day of confusion

Shawn and Jordan..ugh. Whatever. Just get it over with. We KNOW Shawn is TJ's dad so. Whatever. A handsome man walks up to Jordan on the docks. He's DEA official. Wants to know why Jordan isn't finding out who Fluke is instead of talking to Shawn. 

Geesh, FAISON still isn't in that HOLE.  You know how I feel about that. Anna puts out an APB on Faison. And says (Get this) SHE HASN'T SEEN FAISON or checked on him IN A YEAR. 
Yes, A YEAR.
It can get more stupid LOL!! 
"Robert insisted I stay out of it. He got a WSB agent to get a job as a stable hand at Wyndemere to care for Faison".

Molly and TJ. TJ is crying to her. Shawn finds him. TJ is just mad. MAD MAD.

Alexis finds out that Luke is Fluke... and Julian tells her all about the Ric truth.  She's stunned.  He also said he met Fluke in Witness Protection when he wanted to over throw Sonny and he said " I look just like a guy in Port Charles"... ergo...could it be Bill Eckert ?? Alexis wonders about plastic surgery. Julian says he's not sure if Fluke had it but he wanted to assume that. 

Fluke/Luke. SO much in this it's hard to summarize. Just know that Luke thought maybe Fluke was Larry Ashton. 

Zip Drive: Lulu and co. find a blueprint for Duke's mask and someone trying to make a mask of--Luke. 


Fluke could be...Faison, Ashton or someone else.  They aren't saying yet. Shocker.

Faison has been missing for A YEAR. The stable hand was filing false reports for A YEAR. 

(let that sink in)

Alexis knows Ric was innocent

so it goes. 

HELENA is on tomorrow. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Bread and Water

20141118 0927(44)
Is it still November? 

This week was a mixed bag of people mad at their parents, trying to get into locked boxes and secrets popping out (or not) from under the floor. 

I haven't had spoilers in awhile so I was mildly surprised this week. The whole Luke Fluke thing has me hitting my damn head on my keyboard. It's just been SO SO long for this to all come about. 

So, there you have it. That's my blog. 

Hahaha. Did you think I could stop there? You knew I couldn't.  This blog is one of the longer ones. There was a LOT going on this week. 

Grab some bread and water (what I picture poor dungeon-dwelling Faison eating) and let's go!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Cave Wub

THINGS found in Faison's Hidey Hole..other than Faison

Anna; Let me shoot him Robert, let me watch him die!
Robert: Anna...think about this..if anyone found out..
Anna: Who would find out?! WHO!?
Robert: Could you live with yourself...I mean..he's a terrorist, kidnapping sociopathic troll but could you live with that!??!! 
Anna: Robert, we've killed a dozen people in the WSB, why are you whimping out not?
Robert: Well, he is tied up..and can't defend himself. Look at him. Pitiful.
Faison: Hjmkeuu Muhehiueiuij llll l (Duct taped)
Anna: I don't Know!!
Robert: Wait..let's think of a plan. Where can we send him where he can't get away?
Anna: I know a guy in Bali that would chain him to a hut..on a desolate island thousands of miles from the nearest land...
Robert: No, too risky.
Anna: The prisons won't hold him! You know they won't! He's gotten out way too many times..
Robert: Let me think (paces)..where can he stay..that no one would think of ...why..I think I have it!
Anna; Where? Where Robert where?! Iceland? Deep in the Tasmanian Jungle? Slave camp in Siberia?
Robert: No..No. Wait. (stomps foot) ..wait. (stomps foot)... 
Anna: Robert this is no time to tango!!
Robert: By Crikey I've got it! (Looks at Faison)
Faison: @@ Muffle..mufuweukl...
Robert: (leans down) you, my friend..are going..under the floor. 
Faison: MUh?
Anna: What? 
Robert: Right here! In the stable... sure people use it every day and sure it would be hard to get in and out of to feed him but...
Anna: Robert! Have you gotten into Duke's scotch..that's ..
Robert: No! Think about it. We stuff him in there-- chain him up and we can keep an eye on him.
Anna: No guards? No cameras?
Robert: No! That's the genius of it all! Nothing! Just a trap door!
Anna: Faison has been known to gnaw through his own flesh to...
Robert: No, listen to's the only option..
Anna: Robert..I...
Robert: We'll guard it. From the mainland..but we'll guard it. 
Anna: Won't know..smell?
Robert: Worse than the horses? No.. it's perfect!
Anna: So..we keep him down here for..
Robert: EVER! Oh, by the way I'll be leaving soon but you can handle it, right?
Anna: Well..I don't..I mean..
Robert: Come on, Anna it won't be that hard, seriously  What else do you have to do?
Anna: Other than run the town's police force? Not much.. 
Robert: Ok then! Well, pal..we're throwing you down here. We'll be back with a bottle of water and some apple sauce we'll spoon feed you. 
Faison: Muffhee a..ueuieuei..

10 minutes later...they pull the rug over it...

Robert: There now. All done. 
Anna: I hope you know what your doing. What if they come looking for him when we don't deliver him to Steinmaur?
Robert: You're thinking too far ahead Seriously. Just make sure you or someone gets out here to toss  things down to him. 

Anna: What about winter?
Robert: what about it. Put a horse blanket on him. 

Anna: All right then. It's over. It's done. 
Robert: Ok, well..I'm off on walk-about... take care. 

Anna: I'll try...

Meanwhile down in the hole:

Faison: Vhat  idiots. (starts to chew on his iron leg chain, eyes a rat to eat) 


^first wub I've written in about 2 years. 

Friday, November 21, 2014


I've been spoiler free for a bit now...can't really notice a huge difference. I think maybe because I had them enough in advance that I've not been shocked yet. I mean not shock-shocked. OLTL shocked. Sooooo, it ends in December. 

Luke is in the corner, all tressed up like a turkey in his straight jacket. He's been spitting out his pills

Sam and Patrick going to the bank. Lulu stops Larry from going... for a bit. Patrick and Sam told the bank lady they were married to get in there. There's a locked box in the safe deposit box.

Anna tells the story about she and Robert and Faison in the stables that day. And..she wanted to kill him but in the end couldn't. And she says He's STILL on Spoon Island".
Okay then.

Spencer has Emma in the stables now, explaining what when on the night he ran in there. They are skipping school. How did they GET there? They boat had to bring them, right? Ugh

Ok, I'm skipping to the end.  Anna goes to show everyone where Faison is. He's escaped! OF COURSE HE HAS!!! LOL... and there's a pic of Faison in the safety deposit box that Ashton has and Luke opens his cell and THEN--Fluke's there.

and you can bet. If that is a rubber mask on him, I AM DONE. I said that before. DONE. I will not watch. 
SO, it is Faison? Today wanted us to think so. I'm saying it can't way they'd do that...RIGHT? NO WAY.
What do you think? 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

BLT Omelet

Nik ate a BLT omelet. Britt's all angsty over her "Dad" being murdered (maybe)--and is going to cooperate. 

Patrick and Sam talk to Lulu. Lulu says "it's unseasonably warm November weather" LOL.okay. Tell that to Buffalo!!

Ava found new clothes and hair products at Silas' house!

Dr. O turned around in Anna's chair. Looking like Mr. Grinch. EXACTLY LMAO....

Julian told Olivia that Ava shot her--and Lucas walks in. They jabber... Lucas is in love and wants his Daddy happy too. 

Nina and Franco are still in the cabin. She thinks she slept with him. LOL.but nope, he says NO WAY.  He's trying to get her to remember that the baby isn't her''s Ava's. Then he therapizes her and has her remember it all. She remembers Ava giving birth but think that she deserves the baby. She and SILAS. 
He tells her that they have to move on. She's like 'What are we gonna do about the baby"?? 

**ENDING: Anna says Faison is ALIVE! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Plead...

Lisa LoCicero is PG in real life!!  :) Congrats to her!! She has one son right now who's about 12 I think. I wonder if they'll write it into the story. Ned's? 

Ava has flown the coop. Michael calls Kiki an Idiot. LOL. Morgan comes in and tells Michael to "lay off her". They fight.  
Michael then goes to the court house to see Sonny being led off. 

TJ finds out that his dad was attacking Shaun because he and Jordan were having an affair. Shaun had to shoot him in self defense.  They thought TJ could be Shawn's and had a DNA test. TJ's dad found the results and knew they were having the affair. Looks like Jordan changed the RESULTS though---look at her face!! 

Bobbie is mad at Scotty. He says ok..."low bail for Carly" but the judge is like NO WAY--she won't grant ANY bail to Carly! 
Sonny pleads out so that Duke/Carly could get off.

Ava goes to Silas' apartment. Which still looks like a burned out building.  He agrees to hide her. 

Sam got the impression of the key to the safety deposit box. With Silly Putty. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I AM A Quartermaine!

Welp. Monica is happy. 

Kiki is not. Shawn said "I botched the job"-- like he ever DOESN'T botch the job.

I guess TIME JUMPED AGAIN?  AJ's Birthday? LMAO Okay then. 

Sam's BOOTS.

Anna knows Sloane.  Guess he does work for the justice department. Doesn't mean he's not on someone's payroll;

Paddy's got his job back.  

Monday, November 17, 2014

Kelly's Shakes!

Kellys: the kiddies are having milkshakes. Cam gets vanilla and Spence rags on him for it.  Spencer tells Josslyn Carly is in jail. She didn't know. WHOOPS 

Carly's future Jail Cell: Just like her house! 

Agent Kyle wants Britt to help him press charges against Anna for murdering Faison.  She says no, but stares at his card. He then goes to see Lesil.

Patrick and Sam take Cam back to Liz' (god only knows where Aiden is) and Sam sees Jake again. 

Michael is standing between his mama and papa in jail. He wants Sonny to give him the tape where Ava confesses to Connie's death so he can clear AJ's name. Michael then goes to the Q house. He wants to change his name to Quartermaine.

THE ONE thing you need to see today is the Anna/Dr. O interaction. Finola is just brilliant. Made my skin crawl!! WOW!!! Awesome.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Crowded Houses

20141114 0701(21)
Sleep Over! 
Well, It was inevitable. My roller-coaster of a wild ride had to wind down and go into the calm zone at some point. The calendar page turned to November this week in Port Chuck and the aftermath of the chaos unfolded.

This week wasn't all cranked down. Naw, when Carly ends up in handcuffs, you know there was some excitement! 

Let's eat that yummy breakfast that Nik and Britt left behind, shall we? I love Eggs Benedict! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jail House Blues

Carly and Sonny in the Jail...whining about crap AGAIN..whateverrrrrrrrrrr. "I lost him Carly, I lost our Son"...cry me a river. He thinks they should end it because of their situation. "I love you but sometimes love is not enough"

Kiki walks in on Michael and Purple Bra. "what are you doing" She asks. Michael says "Rosalie and I are having sex you leave and let us get back to it". But she would't leave. Rosie leaves. Kiki's all upset.

Jake recognizes Alan's photo on the wall at GH. He's going to Liz' house. That's all she does. ALL SHE DOES, wheel Jake Face around.
They look at Guza's wall of death and then go to her house where he sees a pic of himself and stares into space. 

SO, a newbie "Kyle Sloan" from the justice department is investigating Victor and his experiments while he was at the WSB. He wants Britt's help. Seems they are going to have a case against Anna for killing Faison. They can't find Robert. 

Duke goes to be arraigned. 

MICHAEL goes to jail to see Sonny (and it's commercial) end of show.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

ALERT: It's NOT Halloween anymore!

Donna Mills Is ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! she survived the lamp hit! Nathan and Dr. O are in  her room. 

Good scenes with Ava freaking out and Julian. 

Alexis is going to represent Duke, not Sonny. Lucy paid for her. Sonny begs her to take his case. She says "Call Diane".

Michael wakes up with Rosie. He says he has NO-BODY so he's not sorry he slept with her. She says it's her fault that baby Corinthos is missing.  They do it 2x then..KIKI walks in at the end! Lahahahaa

Morgan and Carly..blah blah. "I'm here for you Mom" --whatever.  She gets ARRESTED AND IS in jail across from Carly now. 

Franco and Nina are in one of his hideouts. One he had after Jason shot him at the MOCA. Prolly in Canada? Not sure.  There are a lot of sticks in there. A lot. Hmm, maybe he was drawing sticks in his recovery. He got the phone from Nina. 

IT'S snowing really, really SNOWING. :sobbing: 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"It's all the necklace's fault!"

Carly blames the necklace. For everything. Of course she does!! Dante--it was that stupid necklace.
Anyway, later, she gets the mail and Franco gave her a DVD that says "play me" with CO77x on it.
The DVD has Franco on the bed, taunting Carly saying he's going to drive her insane because she'll never know when he's coming back. 

Franco goes to say goodbye to Dr. O. Awww, she really likes him. 

Heather ends up in jail with Duke and Sonny. Hope no one has to pee in front of the other.

Nina sees Silas--it's a mirage though. Donna Mills groans and he disappears. 

Kiki and Morgan bond a bit.

Rosie and Michael bond but she tells him of Nina's plan for her to sleep with him and that she knew about the "secret" before he did.  Michael kissed Rosie. 

Jordan and Shawn are going to tell TJ The Truth about his father. Like anyone cares. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bomb At The Door?

Maxie looked adorable in PJ top, yoga pants and heels. She's texting Nathan. Then Rosie comes in looking for Nina. Nate reams her out for helping Donna find Nina. Then he throws her out. 

Carly and Heather yell at each other and Franco walks in. He says he's going to  let them go so he can stage an epic mass-murder. He says he may or may not have wired the door with a giant bomb that could blow up the whole building. He's leaving it unlocked. They have to decide if they are walking out or not. Heather runs to the door but no one lets her open it

Sonny gets his rights read again..yeah! We get to see it 2x!! He apologizes to Michael. Tells Dante he's doing his job. Tells Morgan thanks for defending me. They go to the PCPD. Dante finds out about Nina stealing the baby.And that Heather is out. Sonny tells Dante to get to the warehouse-NOW! 

Maxie and Lucas are at Carly's Franco comes in and gets his stuff. He says he doesn't know where Carly is. 

Michael finds out Kiki and Morgan lied to him. HE goes to Jake's where Rosie is. She's all upset about the PCPD thing with Nathan. WELP. you know what this means!! 

Scotty told Sonny to smile for the mug shot: HEH 

So, Dante and Nate end up at the warehouse. The three sane people tied up Heather..the cops go to open the door and...end show. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Endless Loop

It's still Halloween...Tracy says "we are out of Candy"but it's Patrick. Now, why would Patrick be there if it was the middle of Halloween night?? He wants answers about Luke-- Um, OKAY. Wait till morning? Call? Something? 

Lord Ashton stumbles around the houe and ends up in Monica's bedroom. LOL.. they blab about Luke..yada yada. Larry is really working for Jerry, btw. He's pretending to be all drunk and out of it

Sam meets Jake. Gets a little tingly.

 Ned goes to GH to help Alexis. Julian is like "TOO LATE PAL"

Nina wants to see Silas because she thinks she really did have the baby. Donna calls him and tells him Nina "had the baby, it's a girl. Can you come out to the  Motel"??  BUT,  she really didn't call Silas. It was a ruse.  Nina also tricked her mother. She tells her she's never getting the money and rips out a lamp and starts wrapping it around her hands. Next scene, Donna's "dead" (I THINK?) on the floor. 

Ava's yelling for her BAY-BAY in the hospital.  Silas sedates her. 

SONNY DAMN IT. ugh..what a LET DOWN!! Dante and Moronigan come in and are all "don't do it"... and you know Michael's not going to.  Morgan gets in front of Sonny and says "Shoot me too"..then Sonny pushes Morgan out of the way and says "JUST DO IT"...shoot me, I got it comin'! 
Dante tells him not to be like Sonny and Michael puts the gun down. Dante arrests Sonny.

TOMORROW is STILL Halloween Night lol


Michael gun pointed at Sonny.."My real father will watch from heaven as I put you in the ground...and send you straight to hell"

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Fast and Furious

20141104 0623(20)
Oh Noooooooooooooooo....
Another WHOO HOO HA blog!! Eesh... I did run home this week and I also moved a meeting for the show. LOVED it, I haven't done that in forever. Ok, I did  last week. But, before that??

I don't even know how to start this thing. I"m going to marinade Friday night, start writing Saturday and be done on Sunday! So, if you are reading this, just know I took a hey of a LONG time crafting it. 

GH right now is not everyone's fave thing, I understand. For me, it's pretty glorious.  Mostly, it's fun. That's what I like: shock, awe and FUN. I haven't enjoyed myself this much since the Mitch and ending days of OLTL. 

Let's have cake since we didn't get any at the wedding. Do you notice we NEVER get cake for weddings? 

Friday, November 7, 2014

So Much Friday

Michael and Sonny hold guns on each other. Ava's like "I SAW Sonny kill AJ"..."now let me go find my BABY"!  "She's your sister..or your niece" ahhaaa.ONLY on a soap!  Michael tells her to shut up because he "doesn't want to hear from the woman that screwed on his father's grave"..Ava leaves. 
Sonny tells Michael Ava shot Olivia and killed Connie. Then he says AJ knew it and was trying to tell him  but "I SHOT HIM ANYWAY" (he yelled that) 
Michael says he was a pawn in the AJ hate--that AJ is his father, NOT Sonny 

Nina and Donna are in a scummy motel somewhere. Franco calls Nina! She's like: HOW was your wedding?!!!!! They were cute about needing friends. AWWWWWwwwwwwwwww. Donna tells her she did hire Ava to sleep with Silas. 

Anna arrests Duke. Bobbie and Lucy talk at Jake's.
Later: Lucy leaves and FRANCO walks in and sits next to Bobbie. 
Anna takes Duke to her office and asks him why he chose Sonny over her...she's all crying. Sad 

Silas and Kiki stand around trying to figure out who texted him instead of getting their asses to the Brownstone. They FINALLY leave to go get Ava. 
They find her on the pier, laying down...She tells Kiki she had a girl. Silas called PCPD, Nathan. They take her to GH.

Morgan is still hanging out of the hospital. GEESH WHY? Diane is with Max, Max is fine. Duh..MOVE it, KID! 

THE END OF THE DAY: Michael is shaking...almost shoots and the screen goes black..but we see on the previews they are STILL TALKING ON MONDAY ughhhh. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Felicia for Mayor!

Well, hell WE DID get some scenes. Even though election night is for some reason on HALLOWEEN, I don't care!! Lucy comes in and tell them about the Sonny Sex footage. Then BOBBIE tells them about the AJ Murder confession. Duke is all...:gulp:

Anna sees the video. She's upset that Duke will be implicated. Scotty comes in and says EVERYONE IS going down for this!! She doesn't think the tape will be admissible in court. She goes to find Duke and arrest him.

Todd tells Heather they can't kill Carly on the docks, they have to move her. He takes her to the room where Shawn and Jordan are!! He wants Heather to kill them ALL..No! wait he's going to shoot everyone AND Heather!! He goes on a rant about Susan Moore.  THEN He just LEAVES! Doesn't shoot anyone???????

Ava tells Sonny the baby has been taken. Sonny, the idiot that he is thinks AVA show MAX? Duhhhhhh
Sonny's not sure if he believes Ava about the baby being kidnapped. UGH Then he calls Shawn to find the baby (LMAO) -- and then points a gun at Ava. He says he's going to kill her. He points the gun.commercial.
Then, we see that Michael is behind Sonny and shot in the air.

Kiki tells Morgan about Michael. Morgan tells Kiki about Ava..shooting Connie. Kiki finds out that Morgan told Sonny where Ava is.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Michael finds a gun in the foyer where Max was shot (I'm thinking it's Max's??) can't find Sonny. Dante comes in later. Tells Michael he and Anna think Sonny killed AJ. Michael is not spilling what he knows. I guess so he can shoot Sonny himself. 

Morgan is so stupid just hanging around the hospital!! DUH  Diane comes in and yells at Sonny. Max is going to be all right but needs surgery. 

HOLY Crap!! Ava just spills that Donna Mills hired her to SLEEP WITH SILAS!! ahahaha WHAT?!! Yep... she did. And now Ava is trying to psyche Nina out by making her think her mother is setting her up to get her in jail. (then she can get the money) 

Silas tells Sam he's sorry and he knows that Nina broke them up on purpose.  Lab tests are back: Danny is fine. 

Julian and Alexis guard Danny who's sleeping on the couch. 

Carly and Franco go round and round..she finally runs out and Heather puts a gun on her on the docks. 
Franco walks out.

Scotty gets the zip drive with Sonny's confession. Bobbie's trying to talk him out of using it because Carly's on there. UGH..


"Some kids are born, color blind--some with allergies ..Michael was born to an unfaithful whore of a mother" LINE OF THE DAY!!

You made me believe in love and in myself..and just when I thought what we had was real, turns out it was all lies" Franco (tears up)

November will be: Spoiler Free

Other than the scoops I have up now, WUBSNET Is going spoiler free for the rest of November. I am enjoying the show so much and it feels like my old days of OLTL. I was completely spoiler free for that show and it was grand.

There are many spoiler sites out there, and I hope you will return here to read the blog and get my thoughts. I don't want to get the Fluke information 100% (I already know enough) --and maybe I won't be so bitchy on the show. LOL 
I'm not going to be militant about spoilers but I'm not going to read my email about them and I'll try to avoid big ones on twitter. 

Hope you understand-- I will update the news here and there though and in December, it will be good to go again.

It's only for a month.  You can do it! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LOOK Who it IS!!

Alberta should have been in this photo!! 
 This was on FB via Dale..thanks! 


So, today they show Heather shooting Max..I like that they waited. Sonny bent down and totally had the gun POINTED at Max. Geesh, Sonny, you're track record is so lousy with that!!

Michael's reaction was PERFECT!! wow...SHOCK...tearing up..then sick..then rage! I LOVE IT!! Soooo good.  Carly had to tell him that AJ told her that Sonny murdered him! Oh wow..oy to the VEY.
Franco is just drinking wine.

I can't type it all up..
JUST WATCH! Franco totally PREACHES the truth about Carly and Sonny!! 

NINA gives Ava ice chips and describes in detail how she DELIVERED A horse by going up in the birth canal and pulling it out!! "Brought me closer to God" (NIN reference)?!! Ava is like WHAT the hell!! OMG...AVA pushes and it's a GIRL! a BIG girl, btw...and the baby cries/ It's HUGE!! OMG..huge. but I don't even care. I loved that whole thing. Especially the horse story. 
Nina takes the baby (no cord cutting scene) and then Mama Donna walks in.

Max gets rushed to GH. Dr. O even yells at Sonny about being a mobster LOL 

Heather just went back into The warehouse.. points the gun and Shawn and Jordan but we don't know if she kills them. She closes the door and says "That's taken care of"!! 

WATCH THE SHOW TODAY! I can't get it all in.

Monday, November 3, 2014


The wedding was hilarious!! HAHAA That's Felix' face up there! 

Franco:  "Carly was full of Sonny's Pepperoni"... 

Joss hears Franco saying that Carly slept with her "Ex Husband" and she thinks it's JAX!! AHahaahhaa. Nope, just Sonny.  "Want me to kick him for you Mommy"? She asks?

Finally Franco shows the Sonny Armpit footage!! Michael's eyes @@ Bobbie's caught in a lie.. Franco says KIKI knew TOO!!!  Then Michael finds out that Ava and Sonny screwed on AJ's grave. THEN the end--yep. He hears Sonny say he shot AJ!!!!! 

Anna puts Duke in the hot seat about the Sonny alibi. Duke's not backing down. She says if she gets evidence Duke will go down too. 

Donna Mills tells Silas where Nina is (I think.not sure yet) 

Morgan and Sonny just stand around gabbing..blah blah blah. Whatever. I wish Sonny was at the wedding.  They figure out it's probably Nina at Ava's. THEN A GUN GOES OFF! MAX is down!! Has to be Heather..but I couldn't even think of that during this show. SO much going on. LOL 

Jake has to leave by the evening. He owes over $200,000 and has 10 days to pay. LOL WHERE CAN HE GO? WHERE????

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Squash

20141029 0738(36)
I ate my pain away! 
That's me. Squashed. The beginning of the week started out so-so  with  mostly filler and Hallowedding lead up.  Then, Thursday arrived and I woke up ready to GO!! Going nuts tweeting and blogging. Loving the chaos. Everyone was going to pay! Secrets pop out! Nina on the loose! Michael standing on the cliff of unknowing;  ready to topple in to the volcano...

My heart was Smashed Friday. Just squished. And here I am, ready to praise AND diss my show to the fullest this Sunday. 

UGHHHHHHH, why did they have to write that Morgan Sonny scene like they did ?? WHY!!!?? 

Anyway, get your left over Halloweenie candy out and let's talk-- it's going to be a long one. This week had a ton of stuff happening!! 

Sunday Surgery: Soaked

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