Thursday, November 20, 2014

BLT Omelet

Nik ate a BLT omelet. Britt's all angsty over her "Dad" being murdered (maybe)--and is going to cooperate. 

Patrick and Sam talk to Lulu. Lulu says "it's unseasonably warm November weather" LOL.okay. Tell that to Buffalo!!

Ava found new clothes and hair products at Silas' house!

Dr. O turned around in Anna's chair. Looking like Mr. Grinch. EXACTLY LMAO....

Julian told Olivia that Ava shot her--and Lucas walks in. They jabber... Lucas is in love and wants his Daddy happy too. 

Nina and Franco are still in the cabin. She thinks she slept with him. LOL.but nope, he says NO WAY.  He's trying to get her to remember that the baby isn't her''s Ava's. Then he therapizes her and has her remember it all. She remembers Ava giving birth but think that she deserves the baby. She and SILAS. 
He tells her that they have to move on. She's like 'What are we gonna do about the baby"?? 

**ENDING: Anna says Faison is ALIVE! 


  1. It isn't even unseasonably warm in Florida. I cry because it gets close to 30. I would die living up North.

  2. BLTL omelet???? Lettuce in an omelet. Yech.
    I am waiting and waiting for Dr. O to get hers. I am so tired of her. I only hope that I won't have to wait as long as it took to catch Sonny. I am no a spring chicken any more.
    I remember shoveling snow. It is not a fond memory. I am so sorry that so many of you are going thru the cold and snow, esp. since it is so early. Stay warm and dry, and record all the movies on all the movie channels, and hunker down.
    Karen, does Gus like the snow? I had a dog who loved it; hated rain, but ADORED being out in the snow. Other than that, he was a great dog.

  3. Karen,
    According to the news East Aurora got another foot of snow today. Your poor brother.
    Rochester sent a lot of snow equipment and workers to help. There are plows from as far away as Connecticut. A total of 5000 people including a lot of National Guardsmen are trying to clear the snow. Roofs are collapsing all ovet the southtowns- they even had to evacuate a nursing home. And it is supposed to be 60 degrees by Monday with heavy rain - emergency management is working on flood plans. This is unbelievable.

  4. I'm wondering if they put Faison in prison under another name so Dr. O couldn't find him to help get him out.

    Personally I think a high level mental hospital would be a good fit too.

    I don't think Dr. O should have been present when Agent Hunky questioned Anna. And she had better leave before Anna says where he is.

    And I can't wait for her to get hers too, ishouldreadmore.

  5. Anna's office:

    Dr O wins the line of the day!

    Dr O: I knew it! You lying scarecrow!

    ROFL! And oh Faison is ALIVE! :)But where is he? Did Robert and Anna bury him alive?! :)With food and water?

    Julian's jail cell: Oh oh Olivia knows now who shot her. Poor Olivia!!! I'm glad Lucas believes his dad! YAY! :)And Lucas wants Julian to be with Alexis hahaha.

    Q home: Oh! Breakfast time!!! Lord Ashton has to go to the dentist! ROFL! What is with him and Dobson?!!?! I think he knows perfectly well who that was!!!

    Lord Ashton: You were hiding in plain sight. You were pursuing your own agenda under the Quartermaine's noses. Nobody was any the wiser.

    Hmmm. What was THAT comment about? Is this about Fluke? Lord Ashton are you Fluke?! :) Or was the comment about him being sneaky and talking to Jerry? Hmmmmm.

    McSilas's home: Oh where did Ava get the clothes? No Sam. Yes McSilas! Ava says the baby is small! ROFL! Oh yes. You gotta find the teeny tiny baby! The baby can fit in your pocket!

    Kelly's: Oh yes. Unseasonably warm!!! What is it 70's? Too bad they didn't mention Buffalo! Oh they want Lulu to join the scooby doo gang! :) She can do it! She is a Spencer afterall! :) Nik and Britch are having breakfast. Nik likes the food nom nom nom. I doubt Tyler Christopher ate anything haha.

    Canada: Oh!!! BobTodd got Nina out of Ninaland, and back to earth!!!! :) Oh BobTodd you are good for her! Yes BobTodd she has you! I was distracted by Roger Howarth's bulge in his pants. :)Ahem. *coughcough*

  6. sonya said
    Ava says the baby is small! ROFL! Oh yes. You gotta find the teeny tiny baby! The baby can fit in your pocket!

    Introducing Pocket Baby Zyrtec, a.k.a. Mini Zyrtec, a.k.a. Low-Dose Zyrtec

  7. RedSoxFaninVA said...Introducing Pocket Baby Zyrtec, a.k.a. Mini Zyrtec, a.k.a. Low-Dose Zyrtec

    ROFL! How appropriate! :)

  8. How can Anna be prosecuted or even served a supena when there is no proof Faison is dead? None at all--not even a reason to think so. Missing maybe, but that is not evidence of any thing. For all that agent knows, Faison could have escaped again and that's why he isn't in prison. This agent has some kind of agenda and it ain't good. The corruption of the WSB is worth investigating, but not Anna. And why would they listen to either Britt or her lying Mother, both of whom are connected to Faison? Nope. The agent is not legit.

    I guess Nina left some cosmetics and clothes behind at Silas's. In the hospital Ava had no makeup and so on--looked like a real patient (which actors seldom do).

    Do you think we will have to wait til the last day of November to see Luke? I'm getting anxious...

  9. Speaking of dogs liking snow--my little Westie used to love it, too. He would lay down on his back and make little snow puppy angels, just wagging back and forth. So cute.

    I hope my friend in Buffalo is safe....

  10. Britt had no angst over Faison but by Dr O blackmailing her.

  11. The "L" in a BLT omelette usually refers to leeks, not lettuce.


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