Sunday, November 30, 2014

Sunday Surgery: The Quartermaine Trap

We Gather Together....

Just like the movie "The Parent Trap" we are left with turns, twists and twins with the same bad hair cut.  
By the way, we did move about 2-3 weeks in the blink of an eye because had to to have our Q Pizza feast.

Hope your turkey was good and you had friends and family surrounding you. Not so lucky in Port Charles because the villains were out EN-FORCE! 

Grab that left over turkey leg, cranberry sauce and wine. Let's Dine! 

Writing this blog should be easy, right? Only 3 days of GH so there's not much to say, right?

SO much happened. SO many things that were kind of peppered together in a weird string of events (probably like your own Thanksgiving with extended family) that I'll be writing for a awhile.  GH was another whirlwind this week, that's for sure.

20141125 0735(18)

Let's start with the more bland of the bunch. TJ arrives at Molly's house (yes, that is Molly, hell we have seen her in so long she's grown into a woman!) and cries (literally) on her shoulder.  He tells her about the affair..and Shaun and yada yada. I think we are seeing her because ol' Ric is due out of the "witness protection program" at any moment. 
PS. I totally think Haley looks like NLG! 

20141126 0630(26)
You do look lovely in Orange! 

The Bro-Mance continues!! Duke and Sonny--sittin' in a tree.  Sonny tells Duke he is getting out today because he plead guilty. (how the hell can two convicts just sit there in a room like that..I shall never know).  Then he asks Duke to take "over da bizznezz" of which Duke decides he will.  Carly comes to visit Sonny next. They have an hour, but "don't touch" says the guard. Okay then. We'll whine about our mistakes and our lives for awhile. *sigh* they've had this convo for years, and more recently every other day for 8 months. 

Duke, meanwhile goes to visit Anna. Things go from bad to worse when he gets all mean and Non-Duke like. He tells her he's going to take over Sonny's business. (As a "courtsey") and they debate their lies and mistakes..yada yada. Instead of Duke saying something like "My God, Faison is on the loose again! You're in danger, we're all in danger--let's find him" he decides to be pissy and walk out. Of course, Anna's mad too so there's that. Nevermind there's a mad man running around gunning for your ass. 

20141128 0820(34)

Oh how cute! Dr. O and Spence were both adorable--he in his pilgrim outfit and her with her German dish I can't pronounce. (or spell).  Nate even came to the island for dinner! Too bad Helena was skulking or she could have joined in. 

20141128 0823(36)

Over at The Webber house, Helena crashes in and talks to Jake. She makes eyes at him... tells him she's friends with Liz and well, we never really get why she's there. (of COURSE not--it's part of "the plan"!!)  Liz tries to figure out how to fit Sam, Patrick, Danny and Emma at the table. Which really turns out not to be too hard as Aiden and Cam don't even make it down to start dinner with everyone else. Sam's there though-- leading us to believe she'll catch a scent of the ol' Jason. 

20141125 0742(35)

Flukey Lukey... Mookey Dookey. So-- what do we have? Luke getting his straight jacket off only to encouter: FLUKE! Fluke at the door with a gun.  Happy to see me, pal? Now, I'm going to pay attention to one thing here: HIS HAIR.  Bear with me.....ok? 

20141126 0625(3)

This happened. Yep... Oh vixen!!  

HAIR: LOOK ..look at that hair. Don't even tell me that's Luke. And it's not only the hair. Think about it: Helena comes in, threatens the Real Luke with an ice pick. Next up, Julian and Alexis waltz in and are just let in by the orderly. And..WHAM--he's not dead, his throat isn't slit and Alexis gets him right out of the straight jacket. AND..he makes it to the Q's house toot-sweet. All Dressed and ready to GO! Last thing Alexis had said was "let's go to the police station" and it cuts to "Luke's" face looking all dangerous. I bet you BOOTS that he's going to act just  like Luke. I bet he "exposes" Larry Ashton. I bet he does a bunch of stuff making us think he's not FLUKE. "Oh let me see my grandson"..awwwww. I'll call Alexis Natasha--maybe he'll even know the code word "spanky" now!
And ok, maybe I'm wrong but it makes the most sense. If the REAL Luke is "out" everything is kind of flat, no?  Well, whichever it is, we still don't know who FLUKE is. Everyone has a "Plan". Helena has her "plan"--- and this guy has a mission: 

20141125 0904(16)

GUESS WHO!!? Yep..Faison is here!! Look at the close up of his tongue!!  Faison  is at Wyndemere. How interesting, the day after they find him missing!! Helena and he meet up and she's all "OMG...Faison, come on, don't abandon your plan...our plan..the PLAN".  In the end, Lesil sees him from across the room, all decked out in his spiffy suit. She's all a twitter. Awwwww. 
PS Dear Director: We really didn't need THIS much of a close up, did we?

20141128 0905(4)

The Q's get their pizza thanks to cook's food poisoning. Did you think it would be any different?  Olivia was there, hiding her belly with the canoli box lol. Luke came in at the last minute. To TRICK everyone! Lulu and Dante were over as well. Monica even made it. Such a  happy family. They sing before they eat --my heart is happy the tradition continues! 

20141126 0722(25)

SCENE OF THE WEEK:  Yep. Chad and Laura just did it for me! Great stuff.  Yes, they've had this convo before but NEVER with the "name change papers" hanging between them!!  I love that Carly is finally paying for some of her crap after all these years. Love the new Michael. He's going to be a bitter, mean business man in the tradition of all bitter, mean business men on soaps!! Buchanan! Chandler! Quartermaine! 

20141126 0634(6)
Oh does it come with a plane ticket to the island? 
PROP OF THE WEEK:  NuJakeFace's package from Liz! Such a fun twist on the usual "Sonny gives his lady a dress and casino pass" scenes! 

20141128 0849(21)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  The exquisite Finola...showing the pain of losing Duke. I swear, she never phones it in. EVER.

So, more crazies are out in PC than there are parking spaces for them. Geesh... I love how they get to Spoon Island NOT being seen. Since it's an what? They get their own boats in the middle of winter and float across? Shouldn't the place be crawling with cops since Faison escaped?? Not because they'd think he was still there but to look for clues in the tunnels and such? I know, I think too much. LOL. That's the problem with having such a main set on a damn Western NY no less!!  
You know my Fluke theory. Let's see how it unfolds. I'm so tired of it I could scream though. Faison, Helena... prolly Stefan will be walking around making things messier. We also have to figure out the "MASTER PLAN" because god knows, Helena et. al talk about it enough. Jerry Jacks has to get back as well, right? 

I put a few spoilers up there-- just hit "spoilers/news' page. Not a ton yet, I'm still getting back into the groove. Doesn't look like the baby will be found anytime soon--Franco and Nina will be in that same damn cabin room for EONS. They probably taped it all in 2 days lol. 

Have a great week. I'm crazy busy between now and Christmas--but hopefully I'll get back to blog.  Also--if you are ordering for the holidays please consider going through that Amazon portal over there!  Thx 


  1. I wish the writers would "think too much"....would make for such a better soap...yup, I'm still having problems with GH.

    Another great one Karen! Hope your Turkey day was Deeeelicious! ;)

  2. It's either Fluke who was let out or Luke, under mind control the way Colton Shore was with Domino.

  3. kdmask said... I totally think Haley looks like NLG!

    I agree. And fortunately she has also matured a lot so hopefully they won’t be thinking of replacing her with some big b...ed sexpot anytime in the future because they want a more “adult” storyline.

    I can’t wait for her to have some scenes with Rick.

    kdmask said...Love the new Michael. He's going to be a bitter, mean business man in the tradition of all bitter, mean business men on soaps!! Buchanan! Chandler! Quartermaine!

    I’m still thinking they may need a new actor to do this. Either that or get rid of Kiki and have him pair up with a stronger actress. He does much better when he’s in a scene with good actors around him and no Kiki.

    I’m also happy that they’re rebuilding the Quartermains. Now if we can just get Tracy back on track, have Ned stay, and have Jake come back as a Q.

    kdmask said: Franco and Nina will be in that same damn cabin room for EONS

    Sorry, but if they’re in eastern Canada they’ll be snowed in for the winter for sure. lol

    I hope all my American friends had a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy those leftovers for me.

  4. "You do look lovely in Orange!"

    ROFL! Duke love to flirt so. :)

    "The Bro-Mance continues!!"

    YAY! :)

    "Duke and Sonny--sittin' in a tree."

    ROFL! K-i-s-s-i-n-g. :)

    "oh how cute! Dr. O and Spence were both adorable--he in his pilgrim outfit"

    Hahaha. Yeah and he was twirling around happy! :)

    "Olivia was there, hiding her belly with the canoli box lol."

    ROFL! She doesn't look pregnant yet. :) And awwww the scene of the week and prop of the week pictures didn't work. :(

  5. I look forward to seeing Ric Hearst!

  6. "soaplover said...I look forward to seeing Ric Hearst!"

    Me too!!!!!:)

  7. soaplover said...I look forward to seeing Ric Hearst!"

    Me, three! I hope he is around for awhile.


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