Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Cave Wub

THINGS found in Faison's Hidey Hole..other than Faison

Anna; Let me shoot him Robert, let me watch him die!
Robert: Anna...think about this..if anyone found out..
Anna: Who would find out?! WHO!?
Robert: Could you live with yourself...I mean..he's a terrorist, kidnapping sociopathic troll but could you live with that!??!! 
Anna: Robert, we've killed a dozen people in the WSB, why are you whimping out not?
Robert: Well, he is tied up..and can't defend himself. Look at him. Pitiful.
Faison: Hjmkeuu Muhehiueiuij llll l (Duct taped)
Anna: I don't Know!!
Robert: Wait..let's think of a plan. Where can we send him where he can't get away?
Anna: I know a guy in Bali that would chain him to a hut..on a desolate island thousands of miles from the nearest land...
Robert: No, too risky.
Anna: The prisons won't hold him! You know they won't! He's gotten out way too many times..
Robert: Let me think (paces)..where can he stay..that no one would think of ...why..I think I have it!
Anna; Where? Where Robert where?! Iceland? Deep in the Tasmanian Jungle? Slave camp in Siberia?
Robert: No..No. Wait. (stomps foot) ..wait. (stomps foot)... 
Anna: Robert this is no time to tango!!
Robert: By Crikey I've got it! (Looks at Faison)
Faison: @@ Muffle..mufuweukl...
Robert: (leans down) you, my friend..are going..under the floor. 
Faison: MUh?
Anna: What? 
Robert: Right here! In the stable... sure people use it every day and sure it would be hard to get in and out of to feed him but...
Anna: Robert! Have you gotten into Duke's scotch..that's ..
Robert: No! Think about it. We stuff him in there-- chain him up and we can keep an eye on him.
Anna: No guards? No cameras?
Robert: No! That's the genius of it all! Nothing! Just a trap door!
Anna: Faison has been known to gnaw through his own flesh to...
Robert: No, listen to's the only option..
Anna: Robert..I...
Robert: We'll guard it. From the mainland..but we'll guard it. 
Anna: Won't know..smell?
Robert: Worse than the horses? No.. it's perfect!
Anna: So..we keep him down here for..
Robert: EVER! Oh, by the way I'll be leaving soon but you can handle it, right?
Anna: Well..I don't..I mean..
Robert: Come on, Anna it won't be that hard, seriously  What else do you have to do?
Anna: Other than run the town's police force? Not much.. 
Robert: Ok then! Well, pal..we're throwing you down here. We'll be back with a bottle of water and some apple sauce we'll spoon feed you. 
Faison: Muffhee a..ueuieuei..

10 minutes later...they pull the rug over it...

Robert: There now. All done. 
Anna: I hope you know what your doing. What if they come looking for him when we don't deliver him to Steinmaur?
Robert: You're thinking too far ahead Seriously. Just make sure you or someone gets out here to toss  things down to him. 

Anna: What about winter?
Robert: what about it. Put a horse blanket on him. 

Anna: All right then. It's over. It's done. 
Robert: Ok, well..I'm off on walk-about... take care. 

Anna: I'll try...

Meanwhile down in the hole:

Faison: Vhat  idiots. (starts to chew on his iron leg chain, eyes a rat to eat) 


^first wub I've written in about 2 years. 


  1. Love it! Not buying #GH approach on this though. If Faison is Fluke he escaped months ago, and Anna wasn't informed?

  2. don't think Fluke is Faison..too obvious the way they did it yesterday

  3. Larry sure looks like Luke. Another red herring?
    Karen, your Wub is brilliant. It may have been two years, but you still have the touch. (I would be willing to bet that you have written a few Wubs in your head over that two year period!)
    Have a great week end and stay warm.

  4. Yeah a new Wub! Nice twist -- I thought Faison was being put in the GH closet. I have always loved your Wubs, Karen, going back to the old AOL GH boards.

  5. Hahahahaa!! That's awesome! I could honestly hear Robert's accent while reading it! Bravo!! :)

    Now how do we get Ron to hire you??

  6. A NEW WUB!!! A NEW WUB!!! How I missed those :) I love this! "Toss a horse blanket over him" ROTFL!!

  7. *giggle* I must confess after reading about your Man cave I instantly thought of a bat cave, and pictured a guano covered floor. I bet Faison was wishing he could hang from the top after a while. lol

    I hope your WUB muse has returned permanently.

  8. Oh Karen! This whole thing was awesome!! So funny! ROFL!

    "Anna: I know a guy in Bali that would chain him to a hut..on a desolate island thousands of miles from the nearest land...

    Robert: No, too risky.

    Robert: By Crikey I've got it!

    Robert: (leans down) you, my friend..are going..under the floor."

    No that isn't risky at all!!! But going to an island miles to the nearest land is so risky! ROFL!

    "Faison: Hjmkeuu Muhehiueiuij llll l (Duct taped)"


  9. Karen now you just need to have that lamp interview! :)


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