Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Crowded Houses

20141114 0701(21)
Sleep Over! 
Well, It was inevitable. My roller-coaster of a wild ride had to wind down and go into the calm zone at some point. The calendar page turned to November this week in Port Chuck and the aftermath of the chaos unfolded.

This week wasn't all cranked down. Naw, when Carly ends up in handcuffs, you know there was some excitement! 

Let's eat that yummy breakfast that Nik and Britt left behind, shall we? I love Eggs Benedict! 

**NOTE: I found it sad that Maxie's bday wasn't mentioned at. all. Lucas was even at Carly's with her. (SOMEONE had to tend Josslyn) --it was finally November 1st this week, but not until Thursday! 

20141111 0526(1)
Cheers to Pizza on Thanksgiving! 
So, Larry Ashton convinces the Qs that he's crazy and drunk so they let him stay there. He is in fact, working for the Fluke contingent. We get a nice bit where he gets into bed with Monica and she reminds everyone that it's HER HOUSE. Patrick is inexplicably there too--he goes over on Halloween night (hell, Monica's in bed for godsakes) to ask about Fluke. Huh? Weird. I mean, call--Where's Emma? Oy.

20141114 0627(21)
I am Flawless, No?

So..Nina beaned Mommy on the head with a lamp. We see blood all over--she wakes up, passes out yada yada.I just needed to point out how FABULOUS Donna looks after all this trauma. She's on the floor in a pool of blood, had to go to the ER and yet her hair and make up are just perfect. Ah, the magic of TV.  

20141112 0527

Dante arrests Sonny-- Michael showed him mercy because he didn't want to turn into his father. Morgan pleaded for Sonny's life. (totally forgetting all the crap he did to him with Ava)! Dante was just DOIN' HIS job and Sonny was hauled off to the PCPD with half of Port Charles. 

20141112 0544(10)
Yes, we'd ALL love some BLT's....Shawn, whip some up! 
THE FOUR are trapped again when Franco plays a mind game; is there a bomb or isn't there? Heather knows the score--she runs for the door only to have the other idiots tie her up. Franco was bluffing and Dante and Nate burst in to let everyone go. Well, not Heather, she got hauled down to PCPD then Ferncliff. Shawn and Jordan hadn't had enough of that place and hung around to discuss "telling TJ the truth about his father". Yawn

20141113 0712(39)
You sure I have my shirt on in this mirage? 
Nina hallucinates Silas into her fantasy. Why Michael Easton didn't play this up is beyond me. He could have had a blast with it. Been coy or funny or SOMETHING--give some energy. Instead it was just blah-- it was a dream. Nina's still crazy as ever. Franco comes and takes her on a boat.

FINALLY IT'S THURSDAY...and November 1st!! Halloween is officially OVER!! 

20141114 0607(35)

Franco takes Nina to Canada after Dr. O tells him the scoop about she and the baby. Isn't he a knight in shining armor?!  The cabin is pretty chic--complete with some natural stick decor, canvas' and that pack in play. 

20141114 0626(13)

Welp! This happened! Michael looks as shocked as we are. Boy's got game! Not only did he sleep with Rosie, he did it multiple times AND Told Kiki he didn't GAF and to LEAVE. Like now. I actually loved how he told her she used him as a confidant when she was with Morgan, and Morgan one when she was with him. SO true....she loves the drama. Awesome--and Rosalie is a great character who hopefully has ties to someone in PC, or someone's enemy. 

20141114 0643(13)

Alexis was hired by Lucy to defend Duke. Sonny begs her to reconsider but she says No. Duke is told to roll over on Sonny and refuses. What a bromance! It's not like Sonny would return the favor. Duke knows that American prisons are way better than Turkish anyway.  Alexis tells Sonny to call Diane. 

Federal Agent Kyle shows up to the Cassadine mansion just as Britt and Nik are eating their breakfast (or actually, not eating). They are getting frisky when he interrupts and starts asking questions. We find out the Justice Dept is investigating Anna and Robert for murdering Faison and need Britt's help. Not sure how she's going to do that? Wear a wire? Anyway, that's how that went. 

I need to talk about these two. Loving Billy Miller-- he's fun.  Still not sure why he came back as Jason 2.0 but it is what it is. He and Becky have nice chemistry. He's cute with Dr. O. That said, it's so overkill to have Liz be his personal usher 24/7. Not only that, he goes to her house where he finds a pic of his old face. Now, I am really trying to figure out why Liz had a photo of she and Jason up. Not her and Lucky? They should have had a family photo of her and the boys with both men.That would have made more sense. Do you think she'll have to buy Jake Face clothes? He doesn't have any right?
Yep, those are the things I think about at night! 

20141114 0649(13)

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Maura nailed it. In someone else's hands this could have been way too over the top and sappy/crazy. She played it like a real Mama would. The trembling and the break down--not being able to breathe--all believable. Bravo. Bravo too for William DeVry for playing the 'straight man'...he also did a wonderful job. 

20141112 0527(13)

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Sonny, trying to keep his sanity while one son arrests him, another defends him and another disowns him.  He actually kept his eyes shut for a few beats, letting the emotion of resignation sink in. 

20141112 0533(2)

PROP OF THE WEEK: Was that a sandwich in there or a dirty diaper?  Lulu held it tenderly but also remembered to was her hands. I liked the fact that she and Olivia were doing "normal" stuff and watching TV. 

HONORABLE MENTION: "Guza's Wall of Death" in the hospital where Jake stopped to look at photos. Almost every person up there was doomed by Guza.  Rick, Tony, Alan, Lila. The rest were regulated to recurring status or closet patrol.  Jake kind of remembered Alan but not quite 

There you have it!  Carly, Duke and Sonny are in jail....Heather is off to Ferncliff, Franco and Nina are in Canada,  and Kiki and Michael are splitsville. Morgan loves his Mama and Papa again, Monica was in a scene with drunk Larry but not Jake and Julian will freeze his marrow for Danny-O. 
Crowded House? Great Band. The Q's, PCPD's "Big House" and Liz' are all topped up. 


  1. Oh, Karen, thanks for another great SS, I am trying to be first again! Kudos to all the actors this week!! But, ITA, MW does win the prize!! Re Madeline, did you not notice that the top of her hair was a little separated from the rest of it, and that her lip gloss was 2 shades lighter? And, she had a bandage on her forehead!

  2. Maura West has had HER "Look" perfect. I don't even think they put a foundation on her. I have her skin type and my chin gets red like that when I'm upset too! LOL... DIDn't everyone wear that bandage after BRAIN SURGERY? lol

  3. Miller is aces.

    Hopefully Nina can be gone soon and take Mills w her. Mills is a mannekin. How did this woman ever become a star?

    Was she ever any good on Knots?

  4. Was Shaun arrested for breaking out and kidnapping Heather?
    Speaking of Monica, has anyone told her about Sonny being arrested for killing AJ? Grandson Michael? Friend Bobbie? lawyer Alexis's boyfirend and Monicas nephew Ned? The News?

  5. Friscough: Good point, where is Monica?

  6. Oh, friscogh, sorry, I misspelled your name. . . .

  7. frisco,
    On Knots Landing (my all-time favorite night-time soap), like most shows, the acting ranged from the sublime to the ridiculously bad. You can easily guess where Donna Mills fell on that spectrum. Her job as Abby the evil vixen was to look beautiful. She was very good at looking beautiful. Some people who are hired only because of how good they look develop into decent actors, others don't.

    In my opinion GH has far too many people who look good but can't act so Donna Mills fits in well. I hope she leaves soon. I wish she would take a few non-actors with her.

  8. Ok, so all I'm saying about Donna Mills is: She's an Icon so we'd better shut it.

    BUTTTTTT...she has "Clenched Jaw" syndrome so...there's that.

    Dr. O certainly does AWESOME work with her.

    Confession: I've always wanted Helena's sister to come on. You know, they grew up in like, Columbus Ohio and she's got her number. "you ran off and married a Greek man and now you think you're something"!

    Helena's real name is Helen Marie Campbell and her sister, Linda just knows the score.

    :) I could go on and one but...

  9. Great blog, Karen! I also noticed that while Maura/Ava had no makeup on and her hair wasn't styled or anything while she was in the hospital, Donna/Madeline had full makeup on and the only thing out of place was a bandage on her forehead.

    About Helena's sister, that would be a lot of fun!

    It looks like Monica finds out soon because the previews for Monday showed her saying "I am going to kill Sonny Corinthos"

  10. When I heard the name "Campbell" I couldnt help but think of one of my favorite shows of all time, "Soap"

  11. yes looks like Monica is on this week and reads about Sonny in the paper. I hope she kills him. Maura West is amazing. I so hope she finds that baby herself but afraid it's gonna be dragged out forever.
    Maybe Kiki will help her now as she has nothing left to do.
    Roger was also great this week as I almost felt sorry for Franco at one point.
    Billy is great. Liz needs to gain some weigh already and get some new clothes. Another bad sweater.

    Best thing about Sonny's upcoming drama could be Diane.

  12. why... why... why...

    hasn't billy miller been shirtless yet?


  13. Some of the acting in recent weeks has just been astonishing!

    How can I enjoy someone so evil--but Maura makes Ava almost likable (and then she goes on and kills somone else. Drat!)

    Fiona is more subtle but just as good as Maura--wow. And it looks like she is about to start a real story. That agent who is after her--he's got to be a phony. If he can't find Fiason--well that criminal has escaped many times, so why do they think he is dead? I think this all links to Fluke.

    I keep feeling sorry for Franco against my better judgement--that's good acting, Roger!

    The new Jason is far more interesting than the old one. Billy is good!

    Nina is the one I truly dislike, along with the actress. Just too coy, too totally annoying. Still she's good--but in small doses. I'd like her gone.

    Now, bring on Luke!

  14. delcodave, my guess is "Jake" will soon come out of a shower wearing a towel and Liz will bump into him in the hallway or something.

    soaplover, I agree w/you about Ava. I really disliked her for months until she had the mother-daughter birthday scene with Kiki and for the first time I liked the character. I could see her as an actual human being. I wish they hadn't made her kill someone as she is a villain I've come to like and want to root for. Nina and Franco can go away.

    The co-ed jail cracks me up. Sonny needs a tin cup that he can bang against the cell bars!


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