Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"It's all the necklace's fault!"

Carly blames the necklace. For everything. Of course she does!! Dante--it was that stupid necklace.
Anyway, later, she gets the mail and Franco gave her a DVD that says "play me" with CO77x on it.
The DVD has Franco on the bed, taunting Carly saying he's going to drive her insane because she'll never know when he's coming back. 

Franco goes to say goodbye to Dr. O. Awww, she really likes him. 

Heather ends up in jail with Duke and Sonny. Hope no one has to pee in front of the other.

Nina sees Silas--it's a mirage though. Donna Mills groans and he disappears. 

Kiki and Morgan bond a bit.

Rosie and Michael bond but she tells him of Nina's plan for her to sleep with him and that she knew about the "secret" before he did.  Michael kissed Rosie. 

Jordan and Shawn are going to tell TJ The Truth about his father. Like anyone cares. 


  1. My my my, I realized today that I don't care about any of these folks or what happens to them. There is NO ONE to like. Everyone is mourning AJ, and wishing Michael would become a "real" Quartermaine. Like they are pure as the driven snow. Maybe not murderers, but no saints, including the newly minted ST. AJ. I am tired of them all. I don't like anyone. (The new Jason is amusing, but when he remembers his past, who cares???)
    Everything has been dragged out so long. It is boring.
    The writers drag stories out because they don't know what to write next.
    Even tough most folks explain that they love the villains because they take responsibility for themselves, I hate them. I do not take glee in the escapades.
    Making Dr. O. amusing at times does not excuse what she has done. I cringe everytime she comes on. It also bugs the heck out of me that they have to keep resurrecting villains. They have no imaginations of their own, these writers. They keep bringing the same old same old bad. They keep bringing up old grudges.

  2. Yes, ishould, ITA. What drove me crazy today was Jordan and Shawn/Sean sitting around the warehouse. What if Franco comes back with his gun? They were imprisoned there, don't they want to get out ASAP, go home and pee, eat and shower?

  3. Just to add, although ITA w/what you said about villains, I can't get enough of Dr. O, she is THAT good of an actress, and her lines always are hysterical!

  4. Sonny's warehouse: NO BOMB! :) Everyone happy including Carly's moles!

    Carly's moles: YAY!!!! No bomb! I was so scared!!! Thank you Dante for opening the door! Now we can celebrate!

    Shaun and Jordan scene. Yes time to tell TJ your secret! Which we all know that the secret is that Shaun is TJ's daddy! So the secret won't be really shocking.

    Police station:

    Morgan and Starki: Blah blah blah. Stop talking and go home and have sex! :)

    Heather and Anna: Heather wins the line of the day!

    Heather: Hey! I didn't escape. The BLT man. He walked me out the front door.

    ROFL! Well, she is right! :)

    Jail cell:

    Sonny and Duke: Sonny is whining! Someone give him a cookie! Maybe one of Carly's moles can give him a cookie!

    Carly's home: Carly hates the eye necklace and has since she first saw it! ROFL! Oh look BobTodd's dvd! The way he was laying on the bed and first started talking to her, it reminded me of the original Franco. The other actor. :) BobTodd is so messing with Carly's head! BAHAHAHAHAHA! LOVE IT! :)

    Dr O's office: Dr O is so in love with BobTodd! She hates that he is leaving but she can't stop him! Oh so THAT is who Madaline called! Dr O! But why Dr O? How strange. Oh Dr O told BobTodd the motel address! YAY!


    Nina: Shhhh baby Zyrtec. Grandmommy is sleeeeeeeeeeeeeping. Oh she is cold. I will have to put a blanket over her. Daddy is coming!

    Now when McSilas showed up I actually thought it was really him, until he saw Madaline, and was all calm, cool, and collected. Then I was thinking she is seeing things. And I was right! :) I mean he is all kissing her and being too calm.

    Nina: Oh! You didn't call Silas! You are a liar! You lied! You lying liar that lies!!!!

    Cops show up but where is Nina and baby Zyrtec?!

    Lamp: Please cops! I'm in pain! I'm dying! Save me!

    Pier: OH! BobTodd took Nina with him!! YAY!!!! LOVE THAT!!!

    The floating rib: Hmmm Rosalie is drunk! :) I think Michael is too. Rosalie is spilling her guts, and Michael is listening intently. :) Oh and he kisses her! YAY! And they are going to his place! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! :) Poor Michael didn't know that Rosalie was hitting on him that day at his house, when he was wearing a towel. He just thought she had boundary issues! ROFL!

  5. Poor delusional Carly, thinking that Michael will forgive and forget once he "cools off".

    Dream sequences are getting awfully predictable these days. I knew when Silas showed up without Nathan in tow that Nutty Nina was dreaming...or hallucinating.

    Sonya said:

    "Lamp: Please, cops! I'm in pain! I'm dying! Save me"

    ROTFLMAO! Karen, can we get an exclusive interview with Nina's weapons of choice (lamp, antler thing, needles of badness)?

  6. "Redsox says ROTFLMAO! Karen, can we get an exclusive interview with Nina's weapons of choice (lamp, antler thing, needles of badness)?"

    Yes Karen!!! Please please please?! :)

  7. Carly blames the necklace. For everything. Of course she does!! Dante--it was that stupid necklace.


    Uh, no. It was Carly covering up AJ's murder by Sonny!

  8. Actually, ishould, these are darn good soap writers and this past week was anything but slow or boring. The acting has been above and beyond. So many reveals, so many amazing reactions, so much to take in. We all have faves and non-faves, but I could even stand to put up with Nina this past week because the actress--well, I'm not exactly a fan, but damn she was good. However, IMHO, she needs to be taken in small doses.

    Yes, too many villians, yes, not those we want to see are on all the time, but many fans have been eagerly awaiting this story or that. I look forward to Luke returning and Jason's moving in with Liz. (I've never liked her with Nik.) I want to see Silas win back Sam. I love Alexis and am interested in her story even though she hasn't been on much lately.

    These writers are adept at keeping stories intertangled, at adding bits of humor when things get too intense, at keeping some things going and getting other things wrapped up. I would like more building romance, more depth perhaps in characters where stories are moving...well, I guess the days when you could really share the intimacy of budding romancers are gone. But then they give us a first date like Maxie's and Nathan's...

  9. Sonya, sorry, I have to disagree, I think the line of the day was not Heather's, but Anna's response to it, her face was priceless!! And, I have to say, she gets even more gorgeous with age, the rest of us should be so lucky!

  10. Oh, I read somewhere that Britt is leaving, I am soooo sad, say it isn't so!! She has great chem with Spencer (more so than w/Nik), and has a Mother, aunt and brother, she is now an integral part of the PC family--PLEASE DON'T GO!! She is also a wonderful actress.

  11. "AntJoan said...Sonya, sorry, I have to disagree, I think the line of the day was not Heather's, but Anna's response to it, her face was priceless!!"

    Hahahaha. Anna's face was funny. And yeah her line was funny too. I wonder how many takes they had to do. They must have been laughing. :)

    "And, I have to say, she gets even more gorgeous with age, the rest of us should be so lucky!"

    Yeah I agree!

  12. If Nina and Franco didn't have the baby with them I would say bon voyage and don't come back. Nina sure went from manipulative nutcase to total psycho in no time. Carly is delusional - once again the cover-ups backfired. I love Dr. O bad as she is, especially when she shows some vulnerability, as with Franco. Rosalie looked really tired, but I think she is a good actress. Reminds me of a young Sarah Brown.

  13. Am I the only one disappointed that Nina and Franco aren't just getting on that boat and leaving forever? Don't get me wrong, I love the actors, but I just can't get behind the characters. I wouldn't mind them just leaving and taking the baby.

    And WHY oh WHY didn't Dante warn Carly "Not to leave town" or some other cop-speak because she is an accessory after the fact and that is a felony! I'm shocked he didn't arrest her right there!

    Thanks to Karen for this blog and Sonya for her hysterical recaps. I've got a crazy busy week and I'm basically reading this site and then FFing through the show (mostly just to see the hair and fashion).

  14. the line of the day for me was Sonny telling Anna he could help find Nina and the baby if she'd let him out lol

  15. "CareyN says Thanks to Karen for this blog"

    Yeah her blog is awesome! :)

    "and Sonya for her hysterical recaps."

    Glad I can entertain you. :)



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