Monday, November 3, 2014


The wedding was hilarious!! HAHAA That's Felix' face up there! 

Franco:  "Carly was full of Sonny's Pepperoni"... 

Joss hears Franco saying that Carly slept with her "Ex Husband" and she thinks it's JAX!! AHahaahhaa. Nope, just Sonny.  "Want me to kick him for you Mommy"? She asks?

Finally Franco shows the Sonny Armpit footage!! Michael's eyes @@ Bobbie's caught in a lie.. Franco says KIKI knew TOO!!!  Then Michael finds out that Ava and Sonny screwed on AJ's grave. THEN the end--yep. He hears Sonny say he shot AJ!!!!! 

Anna puts Duke in the hot seat about the Sonny alibi. Duke's not backing down. She says if she gets evidence Duke will go down too. 

Donna Mills tells Silas where Nina is (I think.not sure yet) 

Morgan and Sonny just stand around gabbing..blah blah blah. Whatever. I wish Sonny was at the wedding.  They figure out it's probably Nina at Ava's. THEN A GUN GOES OFF! MAX is down!! Has to be Heather..but I couldn't even think of that during this show. SO much going on. LOL 

Jake has to leave by the evening. He owes over $200,000 and has 10 days to pay. LOL WHERE CAN HE GO? WHERE????


  1. Sonny's pepperoni! LMAO!!!! Franco and Nina are pushing the cray-cray dial to its limits. Sheeze is going to get REAL tomorrow!

    Liz was laying it on extra-thick with Obrecht about Jake and you could see him start to get annoyed. At some point, he might be like, "Helena's goons, come and get me!"

  2. Haunted Star: Oh this was GREAT!!!!! More than great! Fantastic! Altho I wish Joss and Spencer weren't there. But Joss's jaw dropping on the floor was funny! :) And she thought her mother has been sleeping with Jax! ROFL! BobTodd wins the line of the day! He beat Dr O's Leonardo Decaprio line!

    BobTodd: But Bobbie didn't have pizza with Carly, because she was full, from Sonny's pepperoni.

    OH WOW!!! ROFLMAOPMP! That cracked me up! I laughed so hard I didn't hear what Bobbie and Scotty were saying. And then BobTodd talks about how he hopes that Sonny and Carly cleaned up afterward! ROFL! So really, BobTodd wins the LINES of the day! :) Carly asks him what the hell is wrong with you, when she found out about the necklace having a camera in it. Well BobTodd should have said what the hell is wrong with YOU?! Sleeping with Sonny! BobTodd eating air popcorn hahaha. I will forever on the show associate pepperoni to Sonny now! And maybe off the show too haha. So all the women he slept with, loved his pepperoni!! ROFL! Well I know BRENDA did! :)

    The hospital:

    McSilas and the other doctor: Time for a rush on the test results!! Oh oh Dr O says no more rushing on test results! ROFL! I wonder why?! :)

    Jake Doe's room: Dr O claims she is not kicking Jake Doe out because he is making fun of her ROFL! Yeah right! I just love the smile she had when she left his room hahaha. Hey this is so realistic! He has no money so how can he pay for the bill?! Awesome. He has no where to live either!!! Where can he live?!!?! Oh Liz is your lifeline!!! Now you two can fall in love! :)

    Brownstone: Delicious!!! :)Oh Ava you should not have said that Morgan could be coming soon! That made Nina gave you the needle very quickly!!! :) Ava slithering on the floor!!!! I was waiting for her to be in labor. :) She can easily slither on the floor with high heels and a baby belly! ROFL!

    Sonny's home: So gee basically Morgan forgives his papa and throws Ava under the bus, but oh no don't kill the baby! *facepalm* Oh no my Max is shot again!!! Who did that?!!?! Oh Karen I didn't even think of Heather! People keep shooting at my Max!! STOP IT!!!

    Anna's office: Oh come on Duke! Just admit you are not Sonny's alibi!!! Anna knows it! She knew you were lying back then and she still does! Well, at least Anna is a woman who doesn't want Sonny's pepperoni! :)

  3. Jake getting thrown out of the hospital is just plain ridiculous since he doesn't know who he is and doesn't even have a change of clothes to put on. There would be a social worker there interviewing him to see if he had a place to stay.

  4. I have never seen a social worker at GH, just therapists, now that you mention it.

  5. Sonya, I agree the kids shouldn't have been there-very inappropriate & uncomfortable. Why was poor Max shot again? Hideous to see Morgan agreeing that Ava needs to die. Why not just turn her in to the police-oops then poor Sonny gets implicated, which he will anyway? I love Liz but she is getting a bit too snarky & that won't help Jake. Loved the look on Michael's face.

  6. "LSV422 said..Sonya, I agree the kids shouldn't have been there-very inappropriate & uncomfortable."

    Yeah It was hard to enjoy it fully with the kids there. I'm glad Lucas got them out.

  7. I know they don't play a big role on the show, but I nominate Dr. O's entirely white desk/office supplies as props of the week. Whenever there's a scene in her office, I can't pay attention because I'm racked with jealousy over her awesome desk supplies. Seriously. #supplyenvy

  8. Haha CareyN,, love her office! And I always love seeing Dr. O. The actress does such a wonderful job with this character.

  9. I tuned in to give the wedding a chance. While it was good from a drama and acting perspective I was left with the feeling of deja vue, havent we seen this before? Carly, Michael, Franco on the Haunted Star, a video, yada, yada, yada. These writers are tired and worn out, they keep recycling storylines and characters.

    Also, where was everyone? Cousin Lulu? Cousin in law (and cop and Sonny's son) Dante? wedding planner (and bday girl) Maxie? Business partner Olivia? Haunted Star staff? Franco's biggest fan Dr. O?

    Have Gail and Lee Baldwin met their grandson Franco? Does Laura, Lucky or Lesley know Maxie was kidnapped and/or has a baby?

    The only positive for me is the possibility of Sonny getting shot!! Im sure that is just a plot point however to turn this all around to be a pity party for Sonny instead of him having to pay for his crimes.

    Ive been watching this show for 35 years and never hated it as much as I do now

  10. The actress who plays Brit has been dropped from contract, she is now re-occurring. Of all the new characters introduced over the last 2 or 3 years there are a dozen who should be dropped before her. Brit, Nathan, Jordan and small does of Dr. O are the only newbies I can tolerate.
    Ninas nurse

  11. Sorry for so many posts this am.

    I was trying to think of what GH could do - something unexpected - that would make me tune in regularly again. We never saw what happened to Faison. We were led to believe Anna and Robert killed him, or at least sent him away to an undisclosed prison. It has al be very secret and speculative. WHAT IF in exchange for his life they convinced Faison to switch sides and he has since been secretly working with Robert and Anna, undercover penetrating the Fluke/ Helena/Jerry crime ring? I've always enjoyed the actor and anything that would get Anna and possibly Robert on my screen more would be a good thing. Perhaps that is why Anna was not overly concerned about Robin going to Paris and Robin is in on it as well...or Robert is in Paris watching her?

  12. friscogh said...The actress who plays Brit has been dropped from contract, she is now re-occurring

    Oh no! That sucks! Britch and Nik just got back together. She still has that secret that she is keeping from Nik!

  13. I thought yesterday was the best I've seen in years. My only complaint and it's small is instead of all the Liz/Jake they should have stayed with the wedding. I hope it is Heather that shot Max, stupid sonny thought he was going to use her.



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