Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bomb At The Door?

Maxie looked adorable in PJ top, yoga pants and heels. She's texting Nathan. Then Rosie comes in looking for Nina. Nate reams her out for helping Donna find Nina. Then he throws her out. 

Carly and Heather yell at each other and Franco walks in. He says he's going to  let them go so he can stage an epic mass-murder. He says he may or may not have wired the door with a giant bomb that could blow up the whole building. He's leaving it unlocked. They have to decide if they are walking out or not. Heather runs to the door but no one lets her open it

Sonny gets his rights read again..yeah! We get to see it 2x!! He apologizes to Michael. Tells Dante he's doing his job. Tells Morgan thanks for defending me. They go to the PCPD. Dante finds out about Nina stealing the baby.And that Heather is out. Sonny tells Dante to get to the warehouse-NOW! 

Maxie and Lucas are at Carly's Franco comes in and gets his stuff. He says he doesn't know where Carly is. 

Michael finds out Kiki and Morgan lied to him. HE goes to Jake's where Rosie is. She's all upset about the PCPD thing with Nathan. WELP. you know what this means!! 

Scotty told Sonny to smile for the mug shot: HEH 

So, Dante and Nate end up at the warehouse. The three sane people tied up Heather..the cops go to open the door and...end show. 


  1. So the mug shot Morgan tweeted a while back was a fake out?

  2. Lante home: Lulu and Olivia watching tv and folding laundry haha. So REAL! :)

    Sonny's warehouse: Bomb? No bomb? Bomb? No bomb?!!?! Maybe. Maybe not. ROFL! Mama Heather can't just sit and wait! She rather get blown up than to be in the jail or wherever she was! No Heather! Think about Carly's moles!!!! If you open the door and there is a bomb, the moles will be blown up too!!! There is Dante and Nathan! Dante's phone rings while he is working and he answers it?!!?!? WHAT THE HELL?!!?! I don't care if it's the pope! You are working Dante!!! You should have turned the damn phone off!!!! Karen hahahaha three sane people tie up Heather! ROFL! Too funny.

    BobTodd wins the line of the day.

    BobTodd: As soon as I shut this door, it will be armed for a bomb or not. Have a blast.


    Police station: Nathan taking about how Ava's baby is a preemie! ROFL! That baby is HUGE Nathan!!!! 4 months old huge! What is your secret Rosalie?!!?! Sonny getting booked! And he is having his pictures taken! WOW!:) Scotty telling him to smile hahahaha! Scotty wins the scene of the day right there hahahaha. Scotty I love you! :)

    Brownstone: Oh Starki had to open her mouth and say she knew! Morgan had to follow Starki! Oh I guess he and Starki are over! YAY! But Morgan and Michael are over too. :( Awww it's okay Starki you and Morgan can have rebound sex. It's okay. :)

    Carly's home: BobTodd asks if Carly is there hahahaha. BobTodd moves out! Where are you going to live BobTodd?!!? With Nina? :)

    The floating rib: Oh Bobbie cut it out!!! So it's okay if you stick up for your daughter, but Scotty can't stick up for his son?! Give me a break. Oh Michael and Rosalie!!! Yeah Michael can have a rebound sex with her! :)I don't think Morgan is really that into Rosalie anymore.

  3. I swear, all I took away from today's show was how bloody annoying Bobbie is and I was reminded why Bobbie is one vet I can only take in small doses. Seriously, telling the D.A. There would be hell to pay while a reporter is holding a mic!! Yeah, okayyy. For once, Sonny and Carly are getting what they deserve. Years of manipulating Michael and turning him against The Quartermaine's. Now, if only Jason regains his memory of not only Jason Morgan but, as Jason Quartermaine as well...I'd be a happy GH viewing vet!!! My hope is he turns on Sonny and Carly for what they did to A.J. And Michael.

  4. I love how the writers are diving back into history and working with stories from the past. When Jason first became Morgan instead of Quartermaine, I waited patiently for him to get his memory back but eventually gave up the idea. Always wondered if Michael would ever give up the Corinthos name.... So glad to still be watching now because I am hoping that both Jason and Michael return to the Q mansion and create a family with Monica once again.... Would be wonderful, in my opinion!! A whole new batch of Q's who are really Q's.. not long-lost charactors who claim to be children of one or another of the original Qs.... and if Ned stays, it will be great!!!

  5. Gina..???? I Don't remember?? I think Sonny's been arrested before though.

  6. Gina and Karen: Sonny has been arrested before. He couldn't stand to be locked up due to claustrophobia.
    I remember the scenes of him freaking out in a cell.

  7. Sorry, I meant the mug shot of Morgan tweeted by Bryan Craig. I couldn't find his tweet but the photo is his profile photo on twitter. It seemed like Morgan was the one getting arrested.

  8. Gina. What a concept! Arrest the entire Corinthos family just for being part of that family. What would they charge Morgan with? Would it be the actor for being inconsistent in his performances, or the character for being less than smart? (OK, he is dumber than a sack of hair.)



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