Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Name Change

Alexis convinces Anna to let Julian out since he's not been charged yet.

Patrick goes to Sam's. Convinces Sam to go to Liz' for dinner. Ummmm, okay then. 

Jake Face wakes up and grabs Liz' wrist, he was startled. Liz bought him new clothes! (Did Sonny teach her that!?_) 
SEE the end of the show below

Helena and Luke! "LONG LIVE THE QUEEN" she says, and strokes his face. She said he should have used a silver bullet. LOL.
She kisses him. He freaks out. "Are you Faison in a gender bending mask"?? Luke wants to know WHO his doppleganger is. Helena pulls out a dagger and held it to his throat. 

Next scene is Alexis/Julian walking in while she's walking out of Luke's room. "Hello Natasha" Helena says. Heh. 
When Alexis and Julian walk into the room with Luke they say "OH MY GOD" and scene cuts. 

Sonny is in orange, Duke in a nice cream color. Sonny says he plead guilty and that Duke is free too. Will they kiss?  Sonny wants Duke to take over the "coffee biz"...

Kyle is yelling at Anna. blah, blah blah...Duke goes to see Anna at the end of the show

Mike tells Carly to GET OUT.  Carly tries to reason with him. He talks about the MEAT HOOK! yeah!!!!!
Carly tries to get him to listen about her PPD and Jason helping out. Michael isn't having it. She says: "You had a good childhood".He says: "Those years I was in a coma"??
And he signs the name change papers in her FACE.  That scene was all sorts of great. 

GEORGE interrupts with that cop crap..but thank GOODNESS it was short. 

^^END...Liz' doorbell rings, JakeFace answers and Helena is standing there!

That's it. 


  1. It is sad. We have been waiting too long. I don't care. Mick the Thug annoys me just as much as his parents do.
    Too little, too late. And there was a lot. I just ff thru most of it.

  2. Q home: Sign the papers Micheal! Come on! Don't change your mind! Oh then Carly comes in! GREAT SCENE! Yeah Michael tell her off!!! WOOT WOOT!

    Carly: You had a good childhood

    He did?! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Don't listen to her and sign the papers Michael! And he does YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

    Julian's jail cell: Julian is free!!!!!! :) YAY!

    Prison visiting center: Sonny got Duke free!! Sonny practically said he loves him. Oh he wants Duke to take over his business!!! Duke would LOVE to! They shake on it! Now kiss! Come on Suke You know you want to!!! :)

    Miscavage: HELENA!!!!!! :)Luke wins the lines of the day!

    Luke: You are dead. You are a rotting corpse. You're dead your majesty!

    ROFL! Nope! She is alive and well, and wants you! :)Oh Helena and Natasha scene! YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! LOVE IT! Poor Julian has no clue hahahaha.

    Liz's home: Geez Liz! You don't touch someone who is having a nightmare! That was dumb! Oh Liz is affected seeing Jake Doe shirtless!!! :) Yes he does have a nice body. :) It's Thanksgiving!!!! :) WOAH HELENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Sam's home:

    Patrick: What IS your area of expertise?

    Me: Hmmm sex? ROFL!

    Anna's office: Awww Kyle feels bad for what he is doing to Anna. ROFL! Come on Kyle Just let this go and date Anna! :)Oh oh Duke shows up!

  3. I thought today's show was fantastic! Alexis and Helena! Yea!!! Love that Alexis is the one putting all the pieces together and wanting to help her friend Luke.

    Billy Miller is really endearing as Jason.

    Sonny in an orange jumpsuit (finally)!

  4. Also, does anyone else think that "Anna" is REALLY Faison in an Anna mask? Maybe she wasn't "pretending" to Olbrecht? Anna is surely acting different (quirky) and could actually be the missing Faison.

    Then we'd need to ask, where is Anna?

  5. For the first time in MONTHS I'm intrigued and tempted to watch. I'm home tomorrow too. I might tune in although it will be bittersweet with no Qs getting pizza instead of turkey...

  6. Loved Luke & Helena today! "How do I know you're not Faison in a gender bending mask?" LMAO! More Hells tomorrow! I MUST get a Helena/Obrecht and a Helena/Spencer scene!

  7. It bugs me that Duke (and Diane) acted like Sonny should fight the murder charges and should not plead guilty. It's like the only reason he is pleading guilty is to spare Duke and Carly. What about pleading guilty for Michael, because Sonny killed A.J.? If Sonny really has "honor" he would face up to what he did and take his punishment, not try to weasel out of it. I thought for sure he would be doing it for Michael but it seems to be written to have everyone think Sonny should try to get off and he's only doing it for Carly and Duke.

    I loved when Carly said Michael wouldn't change his name and he signed the paper, held it up and said, "Wanna bet?" !!

  8. Michael had a great childhood per Carly - got shot, was in a coma, was constantly being sent to the "Island", had no friends and was always with body guards. Aside from that there was the roller coaster of marriages and divorces from his parents. Wonderful to see the still gorgeous Helena, especially with Luke and Natasha. Hard to believe Liz can't recognize Jake's physique, baby blues or teeth. Hasn't anyone thought of hypnosis to help him uncover his identity?

  9. I've waited YEARS for Sonny to be in orange and actually go to prison. Please don't disappoint me, writers!! He can't squirrel out of this one--it was plain and simple murder, so his friends all saying he should fight it in court--well, what about the 899 OTHER crimes he has committed that he never even saw the inside of a jail cell for??

    Please, writers, let the teflon king go the way of my old teflon skillet which had to be thrown away because the teflon began flaking off. He is DONE. Now do not let ANYthing rescue that slimy little mobster at the last moment. Please.



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