Sunday, May 5, 2024

Sunday Surgery: Creating a Mess


Well, ratings are out. So much for getting rid of Dan and Chris!!! How'd that work out for ya? You see my friends, it's not ONLY THE WRITERS that should be taking the heat. Now someone somewhere has decided that "shaking things up" will somehow save the show and bring in viewers. How is this being done? Everyone changing careers!! Friendships exploded!! Couples we don't want together!! This week was SO messy I didn't even bother with Wednesday's show. Skipped it. Don't care. 

I'm not even eating, I'm chugging expresso today! Get ready to go go 


STEP ONE:  Have 2 people have hate zex after they treat each other like dirt for months. The guy goes as far as saying he'd kill the woman. But you know, hate sex is hate sex! Drew is just insufferable, imo. He went to the Congressman meeting with Nina and was just a mouth. I wanted the guy to deck him. Instead, we are getting docks/PC refurbish and Jordan is going to help. Please don't start making out with her next!!  PS. KUDOS to Cynthia Watrose because she is at least making this tolerable. She's a gem.

STEP TWO:  Jobs? Careers? WHO Cares!! Let's see--this week we have: Trina questioning her path, Joss not wanting to be a doctor, Curtis becoming a personal trainer, Willow deciding nursing is too much and helping a charity instead. Oh, and all of a sudden the entire Deception team are idiots in front of a camera so... LOIS is picked to be the Home and Hearth demo woman. Did I forget anyone? OMG YES, I DID!! Former con-woman turned Face of Deception is going to be....the COOK FOR THE QUARTERMAINES!!!!! YEP!! She can make a Shepard's PIE people. Am I done?? No... Dante is also questioning his police work due to his dad being in the mob. How long you known that? But, ok. Who's next? Portia selling cars? This is just beyond laughable. 

STEP THREE:  Create an episode so baffling, we'll be thinking about it for a week and not in a good way. The ENTRE Q house was full of kids and the "AUDITION" for the new sales person for Deceptor Cream. Scotty was even filming on his PHONE!! We had kids running all over the place (but not Leo because he was on the day before know, why keep him in the mix). People were in and out of every room and the barn. Sasha was cooking lunch...yet watching the living room ladies and going to the barn long enough to talk to Cody. You had to see the show to believe it. Seriously. The ONLY good part was the talk Tracey and Greg were having. AND HE'S DYING so.. get off of that ship. Unless he has a mysterious virus, that's not going anywhere. 

STEP FOUR: Switch a face out between episodes. Yes, it's happened before with even bigger characters but this was jarring. Since every boy looks alike, people on Twitter were wondering if he even WAS a new Aidan. But yep, he was. We saw the other kid grow up and now, switch him out. I suppose it's to launch the bullying story--not sure.  honestly thought maybe it was Rocco. LOL. 

STEP FIVE:  We knew Kristina was going to become attached to her baby and oh yeah, she's major attached. What we didn't know is that suddenly TJ's an unreasonable weenie about the whole thing. The fact that harp on SONNY and not on the fact Molly is his niece as well as Kristina is his daughter is just dumb. The kid is on their way. Now he's whining all over the place. Molly is the saving grace because I like the actress and she's at least making sense. 

STEP SIX:  Having Trina just move on so fast and not really spending time with memories and hanging around doing not much of anything. She was 1/2 of a hugely popular couple (one of which just said he's done) and...??? What. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Give her something meaningful!! 

STEP SEVEN:  Ava and Nina exploding. It's not only that I liked their friendship, it's also that they are making Ava go backasswards after having so much growth over the years. She's not telling Sonny about his meds. Who's going to figure this out? CARLY --that's who.  OF COURSE she is. :throws up hands: She confronted Sonny and Ava just stood and watched. The reason given for Ava's sudden about face and wanting to be close to Sonny? Oh, "She likes the power of it all".  She SHOULD be wielding her own power if she wants back in the mob. Team up with Selina Wu or something. But NOPE-- have her ride Sonny's coattails and watch him destroy his mental health. I HATE THIS STORYLINE. Yes, Maurice is doing a great job. But WHY WHY WHY involve Ava this way??!! Sucks. 

STEP  EIGHT  : NOT BOTHERING TO CHECK continuity. Someone was asleep on the job for SURE. LOL These were glaring mistakes: Maxie says Felicia is taking care of Bailey Lu and she's shown in the NEXT scene running around the hospital looking for nurses to fill shifts. Sam tells Alexis and Krissy she's going to pick up Danny, then arrives home and asks if Danny is there yet. There were SO many weird things going on on Tuesday's show (the Q living room) it was like watching a ping pong game that was shown out of order.  I appreciate the attempt at "FUN" and including the kids but the execution? Um.. no.

STEP NINE:  Bring on a popular, well loved actress who's got the chops to do something really big and turn her into the pest mother.  She's all over town...first with Maxie, then with Alexis and it's all over Blaze (who's in her 30s) and creating some drama over nothing. YAWN. 

STEP TEN: Create a montage SO unintentionally hysterical that everyone watching will fall out of their chairs and cry-laugh.  Joss is in the park talking to Trina about a career change and we are literally watching Dex change in the locker room into his uniform. Primping even! I.. just... welp. If you can see the end of Friday's show, give it a look. I warned you. 

LAST STEP: Not showing key characters. Spinelli and Jason is a GLARING error and just baffling choice. Steve and Bradford do podcasts ALL-THE-TIME. We know they are friends IRL. Spin and Jason are soul-bros on the show. I can't take it. Also: MONICA. Yes, we know that LC has health issues. PLEASE either tell us Monica is not with us anymore or recast! NED is another one. I know Wally is on Days but maybe plan a bit better when you have a massive wedding coming up. Also see: Selina Wu (One of the Five Families), Terry (why didn't she look for nurses instead of Felicia?) and Robert. HUGE hole in the Pikeman thing with him gone all the time. 

PS. Finish the damn Pikeman story. thank you. 


Tracey and Greg. Good Stuff. 

Anna and Jason don't bother me. The entire Pikeman mess bothers me, but not them. 

Anna and Valentin could be a good Spy Vs Spy IF done right 

James and Wiley. 


Willow takes the charity job and forgives Nina in one fell swoop

Nina and Drew have sex again, Nina tells Maxie 

Ava visits Nikolas in prison 

Drew gets a congressman to agree to fund a new docks project for Port Charles

The kids are on Spring Break

Aidan is getting bullied 

Nursing shortage at GH 

Tracey and Greg talk about life and she says yes to hiring Sasha as cook

Sasha kisses Cody

Lois becomes the spokesperson for Deception Cream

Jason talks to Dex. 

Jason and Anna plot out the Pikeman Plot. Anna realizes it's Valentin heading it up

Charlotte is now in Switzerland 

Carly realizes Sonny's medication is off; Sonny throws her out 

Ava does nothing to help Sonny with the med situation

Blaze's mother is all upset about..Dunno. Don't care

NEWS AND NOTES:  Laine Davies is coming on as Fergus Byrnes, brother of Neil Byrnes the guy that died in Alexis' bed. I hear he's on the board deciding her fate (which seems to be a conflict of interest but who's counting) so who knows if he's staying or not. It may be a test balloon. 

Nicholas Chavez posted a heartfelt goodbye, thanking fans and Sprina Nation. He says the door isn't shut but no plans on him coming back 'for now'. Hmmm... if his career takes off, he's gone and it it doesn't? Door's always open!! I have a feeling he's going places and it's not back to GH Studios. 

YEP, NuAmelia SORA'd too 

Ok, that's it for me. I'm so disappointed in everything right now. I can see them making Ava the New Nina to bash and dump on because for some reason, that seems to be something GH needs to do. Pick a character, dump on them until I'm screaming. It's also apparent there are 2 people at the helm of the writing desk and I'm wondering if they ever talk to each other. LOL. So, there it is. I feel like it's been enough time now to 'straighten things up' and instead they just shook the pot and threw it into the air. Even a whimsical episode at the Q house felt so off it made me not want to watch the next day's show. 

Phew. Have a good week!



  1. Pretty much agree with everything you said.

    Are we EVER going to find out who killed Dr. Austin Gatlin-Holt? If I remember correctly, he was murdered before Thanksgiving. Will Jackie Templeton attend Brook Lynn and Chase's wedding? Will Laura remember Cyrus is partially responsible for the bomb that put Lulu in a coma? "These and other questions apparently won't be answered on the next episode of Soap."

    They should bring back the character of Gia Campbell. She was a Face of Deception, is sister to Marcus Taggert, could be a confidante of Trina, and perhaps cross paths with ex-boyfriend Nikolas. She ticks a lot of boxes.

  2. Thank you for taking your time out to do this every day Karen. I can't watch this mess anymore. Makes me so sad they have ruined GH. I have been watching on and off (mostly on) for 46 years. The other time I stopped was during the Guza years, and this is much worse. I do so enjoy your blog, but I am really confused. I was mostly only watching still for Sprina and VAnna and now they are both toast :(. Oh and I absolutely adore Genie Francis and have grown to like Ava very much. Robert is another fave, and Mac and Felicia. Anyway..............

    I wish Nicholas Chavez all the best and hope to see him in something major soon. He became a very talented actor very quickly. Nice to see.

    Thanks again Karen, and everyone enjoy your Sunday.

  3. "Have 2 people have hate zex after they treat each other like dirt for months."

    Hahaha. You just reminded me of AMC with Ryan Lavery and Greenlee Smythe! They hated each other and then one day they had zex and then became a couple. Oh I hated them together! UGH! It was just shocking and not believable! 1 time he got shot and then after going to the hospital, he went home and they had zex even though he was in pain! Hahahahhaha. *dead*

    "The ONLY good part was the talk Tracey and Greg were having."

    Yeah it was a great scene with them, and it was nice seeing all the kids, but the episode was so busy! Great continuity though with talking about lunch and Sasha made lunch. :) Although it looked like pound cake! ROFL!

    "What we didn't know is that suddenly TJ's an unreasonable weenie about the whole thing."

    That really doesn't bother me much. I can chalk that up to him being a new father and he is scared and being overly protective. I mean that surrogate did have a miscarriage, or so she says.

    "Ava and Nina exploding."

    I hate that! I love their friendship! :(

    1. Oops forgot this.

      "Nicholas Chavez posted a heartfelt goodbye, thanking fans and Sprina Nation. He says the door isn't shut but no plans on him coming back 'for now'. Hmmm... if his career takes off, he's gone and it it doesn't? Door's always open!! I have a feeling he's going places and it's not back to GH Studios"

      I didn't like him being Spencer at first, but he won me over! I fell in love with him as Spencer. He did a fantastic job! Selfish me wants him back! :) Good luck to him! :) He will go far!!

    2. I totally agree. He seemed stiff in his first few episodes then he rocked it.

  4. I respectfully request a line up card... You know the old fashioned 6 boxes of close up head shots.
    IN the old days it was three pictures across and two pictures down.
    Then we can all try to ID the actor to the character:
    Jake, Danny, Aiden, Rocco, James....who am I missing? Need one more. Cameron should NOT be in the mix. He was really a regular and he is much older.

  5. You nailed it! Thank you.
    I was so hopeful and now I'm just confused. Ava doesn't seem full of power to me. Her behavior is weak and needy. NOT our Ava.
    All the career shifting is making me dizzy.
    The first thing they should have done was start trimming the cast, not adding to it.
    Yes, end the Pikeman thing.
    The good things: scenes are longer, even if hard to watch; hair, makeup and wardrobe are getting better. Best are Molly and Kristina who always look real.
    All the young boys look the same to me. The nuAiden is acting like Sasha's puppy. Why is he hanging at the Q's anyway?

  6. Lane Davies was already on GH as Zander's dad, Cameron. He dated Alexis, while she was faking DID for Alcazar's murder, and pretending to be a man (another awful strory). Cameron died in the hotel fire that eventually turned into Metro Court.

  7. Excellent SS! The lack on continuity is very noticeable and everyone changing careers is a lazy way of writing. TJ is nuts and none of that storyline makes sense. Very disappointing. Just hope they keep Sonny and Nina apart because they have zero chemistry!

  8. Karen, THIS THIS post is everything - 100 percent agree with everything.....
    watched since 1970 and it is a mess.....a mess.....cause they ARE just changing characters' personality....
    ---I can't believe this is May sweeps = seems like they are hanging everything on a wedding followed by the death of Gregory...................................PLEASE let Pikeman story end.....
    ------EVERYTHING is bad-----------but this Ava is the worst for me - I LOVED her being with Sonny and getting along----not this diabolic Ava who KNOWS Sonny is spiraling and DOES NOTHING>..........(not even worried about AVERY being there???)
    ----I LIKE Jason and Anna and I LIKE Carly figuring it out - totally makes sense but hate that Ava will be blamed
    I am so disappointed in - well everything.....
    Karen you are our lifeline/therapy here.....


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