Monday, June 30, 2014

June's End...

Hard to believe. June just FLEW by, I swear. wow. It will be winter again here pretty soon lol. 

Carly took Joss to camp in the morning...and it's NIGHT now??? Ok then. 

Drug dealer visits Rafe....just at the same time  Sam sees it's Silas' car.  She and Pat storm into GH to ask about his car. 

So, Ginger Kato  protests because of Gentrificaiton.  Got it. He's having an old-school Sit in!  The entire POINT of a protest is that people KNOW about it. Geesh! You don't sit there without tweeting it or something..duh. 

Delia/Roxy meets Sonny! yay!! Delia moves in....LMAO. Sonny called Ava's bluff and thinks it will drive Ava nuts to have  Mama there.  

Nina totally got a make-over during her PT ...she has a TON Of glamour on! geesh. She gets up and tells the PT guy she can walk.  Then she paid him to keep quiet. 

Franco goes to tell Michael about AJ and Carly interrupts.  Carly yells at him. 
Carly and Sonny =  Todd and Blair.

BTW, it was NIGHT TIME. It gets dark here at 9pm now. And...Nina's having PT? Did Carly pick up Joss when she was at camp? Who's still working at 9? Michael

Tomorrow:  SHAWN's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Maize AKA Corn

HEY! HELLO!  I'm here for another snipe-filled fest of love/hate/angst about GH. 

It must have been an ok week because Joss did a smack cam on Franco-- and our Brownstone is back!! 
JOSSLYN is now dressing like corn. Bravo.
So... strap on your corn husks and let's go!! 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Please Welcome...Mr. "Craig Howard"!

Blogger Craig Howard said...
I guess I'm like you. You continue to watch the show and you obviously hate it it. I continue to read your blog, and I hate it. The past 2 days shows were awesome, yet you miss it, but you are back to bitch today.
Fairman's site at least has a true fan writing it, while this one just has a grumpy old woman who only sees the negative. please retire permanently.

Oh, myyyyyy.. cranky, aren't we?? Not sure which makes me laugh the most--- the fact you MISSED that I praised the show  this week quite a bit --- OR you MISSED the fact that you are taking the time to read a "grumpy old woman's blog".
GIGGLE. Whatever "Craig"... I love GH, always have, always will. I continue to write the blog because I watch and support the show. Yeah, I snark and make fun, but honey, that's WHAT I DO. 

So..."Mr. Howard" I think your life is calling you.  Please, go join it. This old lady has Sunday Surgery to write.
PS. I just added you to my Google+ circle so you can see ALL my bitchy posts !! 

Friday, June 27, 2014


IT's Aunt Bobbie's old Brownstone!! My wish came true. Morgan is shirtless doing renno...and is spotless.

Those are some fake-ass rocks that Sam is scraping the paint by..geesh. Paddy said he'd search from here to "Niagara Falls" if he had to. Um...isn't Port Chuck right there? ...well, even Rochester--it's not that far. 

And-- there's Carly in the park while Franco and Sonny fight over her. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Franco says he'll tell the cops that Sonny killed AJ if he doesn't stay away from Carly.

Tracy's talking on the phone with Fluke. Michael walks in. And Tracy says she got an annulment

Levi..ugh. His feet are whiter than the rest of him. I HATE HIM ugh AND NOW he wants to shut down the Brownstone project?

FIRST garage (Johnny's old one) and Sam and Patrick SCORE with the car? Okay then!  That was Frank/Doris' grandson. 


Tony Geary: Back in October

Michael Logan interviewed Geary, who's had back surgery-- read the interview on TV Guide 

TV Guide Magazine: Will you miss Fluke while you're away?Geary: You know, I really will! You will be seeing a bit more of him. Because of my delay in leaving for Amsterdam, I was able to shoot several more scenes that will keep him on the air here and there while I'm gone — mostly phone and Skype conversations with Tracy and Julian. They sent a crew to my house to shoot some of it and I went into the studio for a day. You'll see Fluke getting in touch from his travels in Thailand and Tibet or wherever and Tracy whining, "Luke, come home!" He's supposedly working on getting the ELQ shareholders onto Tracy's side but I think he also has his own nefarious agenda. He's probably trafficking in eyes, kidneys and other body parts.

Thursday, June 26, 2014


I  know by the time everyone sees this the game will be over, but I have to get that out there. AND I'm no fair-weather FOOTBALL Fan I went to the World Cup when it was in Chicago. So there. LOL (actually it's Wubby Hubby that likes it)

SOoooooooo, my SIL is here and I won't be tweeting or Bloggin today. 

Let me know how it is!! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer Camp!

Alice is running the day camp! Spencer wants to get into the ballet class so he can be with Emma. That's where Cam wants to be too. Emma is putting flowers on her baby bro's grave. This kid's camp thing might be fun for like a week..then?? Not sure. 

AHAHAH Josslyn did a smack cam on Todd--and uploaded it to Vine!  Todd is all upset over Sonny. Carly tells him they have a bond because of kids. Which is exactly what Blair used to say about TODD on One Life to LIVE! 
Josslyn wants to get on a color team "Corn Yellow" LMAO 

Sam is trying to do some PI work. Her mama comes in to commiserate with her.  

Silas phone is the size of Monatna! Rosie is being all pissy because Nina paid her too. heh, the shade she's throwing!!  He suggests that Nina take PT to get better!!  They go to GH and Sam sees him wheelin in Nina.  Nina's all nice "I'm sowwwrrry" 

Dr. O has a POWER POINT about how to get Patrick back. She's showing Britt. LOL She wants to shoot Liz. Okay then. Hey, she even has a pic of a gun on the slide.  "Only Dead Men are too buzzzzzzy for Zex" LOL  Nikolas walks in and Britt says give Liz her job back or else Nate and I don't see you! Which is a brilliant play by her. Liz is hired back as long as she doesn't "roll her eyes anymore". 

Michael gives Sonny scotch for Father's day..Sonny's all guilt ridden. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boring today. 

Rosalie was on with Nate...trying to be all flirty. She drinks,  Nina gave her money to be gone. LOL  Linda Elana Tovar plays Rosalie and she's fabulous. She's really good for a newbie. 

Levi and Maxie are gross. Levi cuts off Nathan by saying Nathan said HE was the one that told the judge about him. 

Sonny hit a martini glass out of Ava's hand. Barware alert!! Ava said she was going to drink so the baby was abnormal

Mac Daddy was on. He likes Nate...hates Levi. 

Franco and Carly--fighting over SONNY. sigh...haven't we seen this like a million times?!!!!!!

ok, that was about it

And the Daytime Emmy Goes To...

Geesh, WHOLE LOTTA HOOPLA over the award show!! LOL. I thought I'd give you my take. I seriously wasn't going to watch, then saw Twitter and JUST HAD to. My feed on my laptop was crummy as all hell, and I'm sure a lot of people experienced the same thing. 

On to the "Red Carpet Show". It was mayhem. I'm not even going to talk about the Vine Chicks doing the interviews yet. The place was crowded, loud and the "social pit" or whatever they called it was a mess. The actors and interviewers were yelling. With microphones. Oy. And the girls they hired?
Well. Yes, you put people in there that have no clue about soaps and you get... stupid questions and boring pauses. I heard one of them ask some poor guy from YR how it "was to be a black man on soaps today"...

Yes, she said that. Then they laughed about raping some of the male hottie stars--and flubbed MANY names. Finola gave that face up there-- and that's how we ALL looked.  I actually DO Vine and have seen some of these girls both there and on You Tube. Not their fault they got hired to do this. It was a good gig for them. Terrible Choice for us!

On to the show.  Well--you either love Kathy or hate her. I love her. I had seen some of her bits on last year's Daytime Emmy show and think they are hilarious. She was like, look, "it's not on TV, it's on twitter, calm down"! SO TRUE.. get bombed like Sharon Osbourne did. She said "I feel like I've been here five F**King HOURS....and I just got here". This after the (drunken) lady from Entertainment Tonight thanked everyone on the planet and her dog. 
Good things: NO commercials. NO weird dancing, or plugs for Vegas or Robin Mead's country album. Speeches were heartfelt. The tweet and instagram feeds from the actors were HILARIOUS. So fun. So fun to watch in real time with friends, just bitching and dishing. 

The most spectacular thing happened when Kathy basically kicked JFP off stage "time's up lady" aaaahhh. Look at her face. And if you know Jill, and how she's viewed by some in the industry, well, it was priceless. LOOK at the crew/cast faces behind her. They were dying laughing!! 

Hey, we know that the Emmys for us are not huge anymore. The bigger guns like Oprah and Ellen don't even bother anymore. I'm glad they have them for the people that work so hard on these shows. Maybe this mess will create buzz so the show is back on TV next year. Who knows?  I did have a very enjoyable and well...uber 'interesting" evening. Even if GH wasn't chosen. (they did win for make up and casting the night before at the technical awards).  So it goes.  All I can say is they are lucky the fans keep plugging along with all the shennanigans that go on! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

So--Is Robin Back?


Kim McCollough took to twitter to post this pick of her yellow nail thumbing thru a soap script.

ERGO...I do believe she'll be ushering in NuJason (which I'm assuming is Billy Miller). She's not going to stay--we know that. I hope she cuts Patrick REALLY LOOSE this time!

By the way, will you deal with a NuJason? Yes or Naw? 

Wanna Watch Children of the Corn?

LMAO! aahaa. Todd says to Josslyn. Then calls her a gem. HER SHIRT is totally corn colored and her capris are green.
She's A CORN STALK!!   :dying: 
Kiki comes to help with Josslyn. They were so Starr Todd. wow.

So, Nina being crazy is making me like her. You know I like the CRAZIES!! And she's doggin' on Rafe and Kiki. LOVED It. GAWD help me, the nurse was good too! And--and.. when Michelle started whispering?

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nina: "Who cares about your wife when you have 4 and 1/2 feet of pouting Cleavage in front of you"??????????????????? 
Line of the DECADE. 
Nina's making her "list of grievances" ... ahahhaa. 

Ava and Carly were actually the boring ones today!! LOL

Sheeze, I gotta go early  today-- getting my car inspected. boo!! GOOD SHOW! Scott Sickles wrote today, BRAVO

Sunday, June 22, 2014

DAYTIME Emmy Red Carpet Photos

Laura and Ron!

FINOLA and Frank! 

WOW.. Haley is BEST DRESSED!! 

Sunday Surgery: Ambulate

Ava's Reading material .
This week was one of those "filler weeks" that made it hard for me to rush home and watch. ESPECIALLY when it's summer, there's a ton of great stuff to do and frankly, my dear... It's too easy to pop on the DVR and FF when I want to. 

So, did you FF a lot this week? There were some great moments, but yet again I felt like I was watching a choppy mini-series. 

Get your JELLY DONUTS (just like RAFE)   and get ready!!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Solstice!

HELLO! Happy Day!! It's gorgeous here!! I watched GH this morning and just have to say: ANYONE Surprised that NINA WALKED/?!  anyONE? You know I'll talk about that tomorrow!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day-- it's long so enjoy. I'll probably be going to the Jazz Fest again tonight. Mingo Fish Trap is on and Lou Gramm too.  (he's a Rochester Boy)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sorry Folks!

I was visiting friends for "just a minute" ..that turned into a scotch then the Jazz Festival. LOL I had a blast but missed the show.

SOOOOOO, what happened!? Was it good? It's on my DVR but should I watch it?

Saw Big Voodoo Daddy tonight.  Our Jazz Fest in Rochester is great.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So, Who's Covering Daytime Emmys

For "Social Media"??
Any of our well known SOCIAL MEDIA soapers? Daytime Confidential peeps?  We Love Soaps? TVSource? BuzzWorthy Radio? Even Soaps In Depth? (who do Tweet ALL THE TIME)
Some bimbos from Vemo/Vine and You Tube.
Listen, yes,  Brittany Furlan is funny but seriously????????? REALLY????? After all the crap people do for Soaps FOR FREE ? FOR YEARS? 

How many soap followers do they have on Twitter? what? 10?  Are they trying to get Vemo and Vine viewers to watch the Daytime Emmys--because uh... that isn't gonna work. 

Well I wasn't going to watch anyway. I'm not into streaming stuff-- and I'll just see on Twitter who wins and post it for you. 

Read more  on Daytime Confidential.  

Will Lulu Fix Her Uteri?

Ava's a slob! And Dante comes in..."how could you do this to my mother"?? He's pretty mad. Sonny says he moved her in "because of Connie"..whoops.  Then, back pedals and then almost tells Dante the truth but CARLY stops him. 

Olivia is in the park with Big Baby Ben.  She and Lulu talk about Lulu getting PG.  Lulu decides to go thru with the procedure. 

Lynne Herring tweeted this today! 

Maxie has another hearing. Dunkleman is Levi's last name! LMAO 
I shall call him "Unclederkerman" because it sounds better. HOW does the judge know that Nate was lying??! Hmmmmmmmmm, I wonder?!! 

Silas is mad at Sam for talking to Nina.  I HATE this story. Nina's just going to roll around, same the same stuff daily and bore me to death. Silas and Sam are gonna fight-- and if Jason gets re-casted, welp. There it is! 

Michael is going to renno the Brownstone? COOL beans!! Ok, well, turn them into "high rise apartments" And  KIKI wants to move there too! ahaah oh THAT'S A GOOD IDEA. I call it: Something is going to go wrong with the renovation and they'll get trapped together  and-- well, what could happen? 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

You're a Psycho!

JOSSLYN is in town. I love her.  She's a brat-- and I so love that. She stomped on Franco!! Franco, who has the weirdest sheeze to move into Carly's house!!

Did you hear the GIANT St. Jaysus ANVIL?? Sam and her "what if it was Jason sitting there in the wheelchair". Um, Jason has only been gone a bit compared to Coma Girl and you didn't sleep with Ava before he "died".

Kiki and her mama... 

Michael and Morgan...

Julian and Sonny...

Ok, that's it for me today!! I was late to watch and don't really wanna watch the DVR..sooooooooooooooooooo

Monday, June 16, 2014

Funeral..Moncia's getting the snacks

Yep. Baby's getting buried.   Maxie's there.  Patrick and Maxie are like an hour early or something. 
Juan comes into the apartment and then goes to the church. He thinks she should go to Puerto Rico to get away. (and have that baby) 
And...Maxie leaves right before the funeral starts?  
Epiphany sings Amazing Grace. 

Um, er...Nina YOU ARE PATHETIC.  Sit there and just be all depressed, talk about the past...yada yada WHATEVERRRRRRRRRR. I hope your chair falls out the window.  You sit and whine and look at a photo? Hell, go watch some movies you missed in 20 years! Eat Chipotle! DO something besides sitting there. UGH.
Rafe's got the heebie jeebies. She spots coke on his nose. Whoops.  She's not gonna tell Silas.
Ok, then. 

Sonny cares about Ric NOW? Ahahaha. Ok then.  

Silas and Sam's low tone... flatline "I love you..and no going back" blah blah Sam's mad 

Juilan. on the phone with Fluke.  Duke comes walkin' up.  Duke's all mean...Julian's all mean. They are mean men in the park.grrrrrr.  Duke pledges to bury Julian and skulks off.

Levi and Nate. Um, you put them NEXT to each other???????// AHAHHHAHAHA. OMG  Can't breathe. You did that on purpose, right?!  Levi punched Nate. Ok then-- Levis' mad about the MEAT!! 
Maxie ate my meat & she liked it! Score 1 for writers

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Surgery Father's Day Edition

This week was another one that was both good and dull all in one package. It felt kind of disjointed as well. There were RIBS SERVED however and Duke got some scotch, so all and all..not too bad. 
OH ...only on GH:  One father is a false-face, another is in a false body bag, another doesn't know if he's the baby daddy or his son is and another finds his baby mama going crazy in her wedding dress.
Just another day! 

Get on your rib-bib and saddle on up for the surgery! Spookie Lukie is ready to roll! 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Billy Miller Coming to GH

And..I take it he won a Daytime Emmy...

So, whomever he IS... (I haven't seen him) he's causing quite a stir in soapland!! Billy Miller (AMC, YR) is confirmed  coming to the show this summer. What role he will be playing has not been released but many speculate he's NuJason.  Which would be a tit-for-tat on ol' Y&R and the Steve Burton thing. 
There you have it. General Hospital Cast now stands at around 58,000. 

To give Scoops their due, Mr. Michael Logan of TV Guide broke this first!! 

Double Scotch

Yep. Duke gets one from Sonny! Must be a Friday!!  Sonny told Duke that Ava killed Connie. 

Dr. O is back and mentions David Hasselfhoff. Liz is THISCLOSE to being fired.  Who's gonna feed Cam and Aiden Liz?? THINK! 
And Dr. O had a point there, you just can't leave her post. And, LIZ is fired.  
hee hee 

Alexis and Molly were good and sad. Alexis is going to so regret all of this!!  "Mommy I wanna see Dad"...awwwww
They go to the morgue-- and Anna says Ric got shot in the face and then  MOLLY RUNS into the room!!  Ric's hiding. Anna says he's in another room. Alexis tells her that his face was basically blown off and she can't see him! She sobs!! Daddy! I'm so sorry. He's watching/listening from another room!!  
That, right there is soapy torture 101.  Just TELL HER! she can keep a secret!!  Probably Alexis can't tho. 
He's leaving for the witness protection program, he can come back when they catch the real boss. 

Nik gets TAKE OUT at Jake's. HAAHAA. Okay, that makes me giggle. He says he's sorry about the baby dying. He thinks she's a great doctor. Yada yada. 
Maxie and Nate come in for a drink. Right after he killed a  suspect in the police station. You'd think they'd debrief him or somethin'. 

Lucas  was on looking all scruffy.   Brad sees he and Felix hugging. Brad doesn't know about the baby. 

OH.. Billy Miller from Y&R is strongly rumored to be joining GH this summer. I don't know him but people say he's good. Would make a good Jason recast,  Dillon or Lucky. Or he could be someone new. 

Kathy Griffin is going to host the online Daytime Emmys! I might have to watch now!! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

You're Seeing Someone?

After 20 years?
You are?

Geeeeeeeeeeesh.  And then they gabbed for like 20 minutes. And why the hell wouldn't STUPID Silas just pay for a MetroCourt ROOM for her?  Guess he's got either guilt or some lingering feelings goign? 

PUT a damn shirt on Levi. Thanks, cause NO ONE needs to see that.  Maxie admits she hasn't seen Patrick yet.  And LEVI is a dolt.. Maxie acts like she can't even stand him!!  There is ZERO chemistry. UGH. 

Ric-- well, you know he's not really-- and HOW CRUEL to Molly!!?? GOD! I get the whole "Sting' operation but..dead? Um. Ok Then. 
I can't believe he went along with it.  Officer SexyPants is on leave. 

You think Rafe didn't seem guilty enough? LMAO geesh

Sabrina, er...the cray is coming. Or is here.  

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Snortin' In the Park

OOoooooooo. Rafe, you so '80s in that park!! Snorting the blow. TJ's all  "What you doing"? Then Rafe says "You mama sells it"...
Then he slugs TJ.  

Sam and Patrick. She's going to find out who was driving the car (obviously) and he was going to tell her about Jason..then Felix walks in. BUMMER. I guess Betty's acting all wacko. 

Anna tells Ric she knows he's not the boss but... Anna says he's not off the hook and they have to play it so they can find out the real boss. Ric's freaking out. 

Lulu's womb may be saved!! Call the press!! OMG If she gets  PG the same time Ava is and Ava's baby dies, you know she's stealing Lulu's 

Nina and Silas......snooooooozeaaaaah. Whatever. She is a good actress but man, I SO don't care. They are going to be in that apt for WEEKS going over their past. And "what's new" in 20 years.  Nina kisses Silas. He like..doesn't lean in.

Liz and Molly and Diane are going to 'save' Ric. 

BOOM -- someone's gun went it legit? Is it a sting operation? What? Hmmmmmmm. Interesting. 
I think it's a sting operation . We shall  see! 


Me, watching GH almost daily :) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday on the SHOW

Lynne Herring tweeted this today! It was her Grandmother's car named "Betsy"!
SEE THE GH sign on it? 

Sorry I missed yesterday-- I was at the dentist!

Anna Mention today-- the other one. Rumor is she's coming to Port Charles. 

Ric and Sonny. You think Sonny will "hear" AJ's cries of "It's not me" when Ric tells him the truth?

BUT! Molly believes him

Brit is jealous of Liz. Just like she was jealous of Sabrina. SNooze

Yeah, Diane was on today and charged Liz for a lost appointment. Heh. 

Jordan got out because DANTE didn't "read her her rights" correctly? LOL Okay then.   Why does Julian tell Jordan all this crap when he JUST MET HER? ugh.  I think it's her boobies. . giggle 

Duke--er.. and Anna. That strangely doesn't move me at all anymore. They are chopped up and down on this show. 

ANNA and Jordan meet in the park? Like that? NOT obvious at. all. LMAO Anna realizes the boss isn't Ric.

Tomorrow's show? Lulu is told maybe she was 'misdiagnosed"! ahahaha. Oh lordy

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Circle of Life

One life ends, another begins-- and so it goes on GH! They use babies like ping pong balls.  Patrina's kid is gone and Ava's just starting to incubate another.  @@ 

It's been hard to get my brain going on the show this week so I'd better have a 2 shot expresso and some Vitamin B-12.  A LOT happened -- some good, some fab and some..well, you know me.  Some I have to bitch about!  

Friday, June 6, 2014

Nate's Treasure Chest

Chestial Hallucinations-- Nathan prancing around 1/2 neekid. Guess it's FRIDAY! He looked all oiled up.  Stupid ass'd LEVI doesn't want Maxie to see Georgie. Why you ask? WHO CARES!  Their WHOLE stupid relationship happened OFF CAMERA so why should I give 2 F's about him? 

Birthday Party at Kelly's. 

Ava's moving into SONNY'S...and Olivia is freaking out. And he tells her she's pregnant.  Olivia storms out.  Yada yada. 

Nina's a low talker too! WHY WHY WHY!!! Gessh. She wants coffee? Make her go to Starbucks and order ..LOL. Her brain would fry.  OMG, Rafe comes in and then buys a bag of drugs in the park. THEN Kiki comes in and I totally forgot she was even Silas' KID!  And I didn't know she lived there? When did she move out of Michael's? 

Morgan and Kiki .... whatever. Kiki is freaked out by Ava's pregnancy tho. LOL 

Franco meant to draw Carly but drew Olivia instead. LOL Olivia stole his basket money because she could. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Baby World Port Charles

Here we after the baby death. Well, a DAY for us. Not for them. I do love my Felix and the Liz connection. Geesh lingering death of Gabe. Oy at least Pat and Liz are together crying.  By the way, someone tweeted today about the fact that no one had been to Sabrina's since the accident. Feels like months, don't it? Well, Ron tweeted back there was no time between birth and this to go there.
Ok then. Time is strange in Port Chuck! 

Morgan: How did you find out about Ava's bun in the oven?
I so wish Sonny would have yelled: WHEN I POINTED A GUN AT HER WOMB!! 

Nina..UGH..... GO AWAY I hate you. is that nurse gonna live there too? GEESH.

By they way, every apt on GH is UGLY. 

Sam and Alexis chugging wine. Yes!!  

That's it for today.  

Sorry but GH is on my last nerve with this revolving story stuff.  Carly and Ava kicked butt today tho. 

Daytime Emmys NOT on TV this year

As per Deadline:

the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced today that the 41st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will not air on TV. Instead, they will be livestreamed, the first time that has been done with the long-running awards show. The Daytime Emmy Awards, which will take place at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, will be streamed live at beginning at 5 PM on June 22.

And there you have it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Brandon Barash Lands TV Guest Spot

Brandon who played Johnny Z on GH is headed to  guest on  Direct TV's Navy St --Filming began in early May and will air in the fall. 

From Deadline: 

 The dark family drama is set against the backdrop of Navy Street, a Venice, CA-based mixed martial arts (MMA) gym owned by Alvey Henderson (Frank Grillo), a former fighter who never made it big due to a drug addiction but is now sober. Sanchez plays Lisa Prince, his long-time girlfriend. Also starring Nick Jonas.  

PUSH her over the cliff, Sam!

Maybe Patrick will find out about Nina and tell Sam St. Jaysus is alive and on ice? Nina's in a wheelchair.  Her nurse brought her there.
Has to be Heather, no? LOL Or Hells. 

Nina's crazy..guess her awakening came with some "side effects"
FUN Birthday party..NOT
Sam! Why didn't you tell her you're his lover? She's been in a COMA for 20 YEARS! Like Silas isn't going to have a girlfriend? She's lucky he doesn't have 10 kids by now!

Future SID Headline:

Can Siam Overcome Their Undead Spouses Love To Find Each Other Again?!!

Mac and LEVI .....I HATE that he said Mac isn't her real Daddy. Then again,  I hate Levi and he's SUCH a throwaway character, I could vomit. 

The judge is saying Maxi can't see Georgie for another 6 months because she missed the appt. Then Nathan lied for her and said he threw it out. 

Pip is helping Patrick accept the death of Gabriel. Awww. Then the priest came to baptize him. Awww.

Morgan tells Ava to get an ABORTION! WHOA...totally in character tho. He's what? 22?  Who does Sonny think he IS??? The Ava police?? Carly basically tells Sonny to shoot her once she's given birth. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rafe! That's What U Been Up To!

All this time Off Camera!! Naughty....he tried to rob Franco in the park, who is sketching for a living. LMAO  I care ZERO about Rafe. He's not been on since, when? January? 

Sabrina and Paddy find out that Baby Gabe is dying..  Paddy cries really well. That had to be SO HARD for Theresa to play, being PG in real life! ugh.. wow.

Another dead BAY-BAY on GH. I'm numb to it now. 

Carly finds out that Sonny and Ava hooked up in the crypt! LOL 

Ava's in for a PG test. Sonny better climb in there with a flashlight and a rabbit just to make sure.

Nathan is trying to tell Silas about Nina. God, SPIT IT OUT for pity sake!!!  UGH hate these type of scenes. 


NINA's back.

My husband and I are happy to announce the arrival of our baby girl, Victoria Milani. She was born on May 29th. We are in LOVE

I didn't know this! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Brad's Back!

He was  at a big gay NYC wedding.  Wow. 

Bobbie yells at Julian. 

Molly knows about Ric..she's making so much more sense than Alexis. Alexis likes her Julian sexcapades. LOL 

Nik tries to convince Liz that it IS Ric that did this.  They hug. 

Sam and Silas are in WUB..and cue Nina coming back tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  

Patrina all cute over Gabriel..and you know that BEEPER IS GOING to go off.    Either the kid is going to die or has to go to somewhere far away to get treatment so TC can have her baby for real.

Someone is at Silas' it...Nina? WHO?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Belly Shot

Another month down-- and GH hit it's highest numbers since 2007. So, guess people are loving the show. WOOHOO!  Ratings are up and that must mean the show is stellar.

This week was a good week for acting and story movement. Friday's show was of course, a giant let down, what are you gonna do?!  Geary's acting was brilliant and a joy to watch so I'm celebrating that. 
Since it's JUNE why don't we have a nice champagne cocktail with our blueberry scones and dive right in. 


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...