Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Boring today. 

Rosalie was on with Nate...trying to be all flirty. She drinks,  Nina gave her money to be gone. LOL  Linda Elana Tovar plays Rosalie and she's fabulous. She's really good for a newbie. 

Levi and Maxie are gross. Levi cuts off Nathan by saying Nathan said HE was the one that told the judge about him. 

Sonny hit a martini glass out of Ava's hand. Barware alert!! Ava said she was going to drink so the baby was abnormal

Mac Daddy was on. He likes Nate...hates Levi. 

Franco and Carly--fighting over SONNY. sigh...haven't we seen this like a million times?!!!!!!

ok, that was about it


  1. Ava's comments about deliberately damaging the baby so that Sonny would suffer while caring for it was just about the worst thing I have ever seen on 50+ years of soap watching. And I think I've watched every soap ever aired at one time or another.... It was disgusting and upsetting.

  2. Silas's home: Oh this is so much fun!!!! :) And hey Nina wins the line of the day. She is trying to figure out how Silas is going to see her when he comes.

    Nina: Oh Silas Silas! Oh I have to crawl to the sofa!

    ROFL! And then when McSilas shows up, she forgot to grab the phone from the table! hahahahaha! Come on McSilas didn't you catch that? And then Rosalie has a great excuse why she wasn't there, and started "yelling" at McSilas! Hahahaha! And WOW Nina has got a LOT of money!!! :)

    The park: Love the Sam and Patrick scene today. Altho, Sam is all over the place today! She is whining but then shares her suspicions. Stop whining Sam and just be suspicious! And Patrick, stop feeling guilty about not telling Sam that Jason is alive! You don't know if he REALLY is alive or not.

    The floating rib: Mac and Nathan scene! They have one thing in common! They hate Levi!!! Hahaha! Oh Rosalie and Nathan scene! Damn can they have a hot fling?!

    Maxie's home: Oh! That Levi flashback! I KNEW IT! He called the judge!!!! :) Now we see Levi's true colors!!!! :)Oh Maxie wake up!!!!

    Sonny's home: Ava wants to drink alcohol! Hahaha. Come on she is not pregnant! Oh she wants to torment Sonny with the mentally challenged baby. Sorry Ava I don't believe you are pregnant. Oh and Nina I think, wants to kill you.

    BobTodd and Carly's home: BobTodd makes a lot of sense. Yeah don't listen to Morgan with what he says, but you want to listen to what Ava says? You should listen to both of them! They are right! Carly always wants Sonny!!!! Before you know it, Sonny and Carly will have sex! BobTodd should talk to Jax. :)

  3. Sad that the nurse is more interesting than Nina.

    McSilas needs to buy a clue. wouldn't you give her legs a little test? I mean he is a doctor and all.

    Ice princess reference today with Todd and Carly.

    It has been a while since a Carly/ Sonny hook up, I guess it is time. She would do it just to get Ava's goat.

  4. "Andrea says It has been a while since a Carly/ Sonny hook up, I guess it is time. She would do it just to get Ava's goat."

    Yup! It's time! :) She will forget all about BobTodd and do it with Sonny just to get Ava's goat!

  5. Andrea - I agree the nurse is WAY more interesting then Nina. Then again, Bob the Badger is more interesting then Nina (and the Badger shares scenes with more people tan Nina does).

    I sound like a broken record but I am getting a strong Patrick - Sam - Silas - Nina quadangle vibe. Yes, St. Jasus is suppose to rise from the dead BUT - Victor would not let Robin revive Jason before reviving all the other popsicles corpses so we will need to see Helena, Faison, Starvos, etc before Jason makes a return. AND all the St. Jasus return talk is centre around the Billy Miller join GH rumours. I think the writers should surprise everyone and habe Billy Miller join but as Dillon Quartermaine, coming back to help his mother Tracey. Then pair Sam with Patrick and make Nina and Silas disappear.

  6. Pat, I think she's bluffing to piss him off

  7. "kdmask said...Pat, I think she's bluffing to piss him off"

    Yeah I do too.

  8. Karen: here are some spoilers from the IMDB GH guy. Note, he usually gets about 1 in 3 correct!:

    - Jason wakes from his "dead" state in August, courtesy of Robin. Unfortunately for everyone, the Jason who wakes up is not the same one who died.

    - Jason wakes with both his Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan memories, and each "version" of Jason is clashing within his mind, resulting in a new Jason that is fueled by rage directed towards everyone who has done wrong by him.

    - Robin is the first to feel Jason's fury, as he blasts her for abandoning her family for him, and says that reviving the dead was a mistake and has come at too great of a cost. Who is Robin to play God?

    - Jason returns to Port Charles in the Fall, and he proceeds to confront Monica, Carly, Liz, Sam, and Michael, and tell them that they've all failed him and, more importantly, failed AJ.

    - Jason's return is the reason Sonny returns after MB's vacation. Sonny will be glad to see his old friend once again, but Jason won't be too happy seeing Sonny.

    - Carly tries reconnecting with Jason, but he wants nothing to do with her. He sees her relationship with Franco as a great betrayal.

    - Monica sees a golden opportunity to restore her "true" son, Jason Quartermaine, but it will be a difficult road, as Jason is furious with Monica for losing faith in AJ, who Jason now feels great pity for.

    - Liz will be left devastated by Jason's harsh words, as he places a lot of blame on her for AJ's death. Look for this to push Liz into Nik's arms even more.

    - Jason is furious that Sam moved on so quickly. When they finally see each other, it won't be the happy reunion that fans of the couple have been waiting for.

    - Jason visits the Quartermaine crypt and laments the loss of his brother, and all of the time he lost with his father and grandfather before their passing. He resolves to not miss another opportunity, and decides to be very active in Danny's life.

    - Monica begins to tempt Jason towards the Quartermaine side by gradually spending more and more time with him, and mourning the loss of AJ with him. Carly and Sam, however, will do their best to stop Monica and bring back Jason Morgan.

    - The revelation that Sonny killed AJ comes around Christmastime, and is sure to cause a TON of problems for everyone on the canvas. How will Jason, Michael, and Monica handle this news?

  9. Cosmoetica if it's true, it sounds like Jason Morgan to me. :)And he gets upset with Sam for moving on so quickly? But it's been a year and a half! ROFL!

  10. good spoilers. I have been hesitant to post spoilers on the site from 'out in time'..they have been wrong so much. I think they are sneaky about them, and put false things out!!

  11. Like I said, this guy is about a third right, and the farther out the more wrong. So, he calls them spoilers. I'd call'em rumors.

    Under two weeks out he's maybe 90% on. Further than that it switches. It's been two years, as ex, and he keeps telling folks Valentin Cassadine is coming!

  12. Thanks for the "rumors" Cosmo! Had to ffwd. much yesterday, especially Carly and Franco. They really have no storyline and are a waste of screen time. It crossed my mind that it seemed like I was watching Y & R, One Life to Live, Port Charles and As the World Turns, since we now have major stars from each with one more to come. I thought Sam's dress was really unflattering and her choice of seated position on the blanket even worse. Did like the Mac and Nate scenes.

  13. Of all those rumors, I hope the one where Jason blasts Robin for leaving her family to play God is true. That would be a hoot. It would be even better if he then decided to disappear and not interfere and cause upheaval in the lives of all in Port Charles. Yeah, sure.
    Thanks, Cosmo; it was fun to read all that.

  14. I agree LOVE Rosalie, but when she came back from the bar and was wheeling Nina back to her room she was twisting her butt so hard I was concerned she might break a hip. So transparent...


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