Wednesday, June 4, 2014

PUSH her over the cliff, Sam!

Maybe Patrick will find out about Nina and tell Sam St. Jaysus is alive and on ice? Nina's in a wheelchair.  Her nurse brought her there.
Has to be Heather, no? LOL Or Hells. 

Nina's crazy..guess her awakening came with some "side effects"
FUN Birthday party..NOT
Sam! Why didn't you tell her you're his lover? She's been in a COMA for 20 YEARS! Like Silas isn't going to have a girlfriend? She's lucky he doesn't have 10 kids by now!

Future SID Headline:

Can Siam Overcome Their Undead Spouses Love To Find Each Other Again?!!

Mac and LEVI .....I HATE that he said Mac isn't her real Daddy. Then again,  I hate Levi and he's SUCH a throwaway character, I could vomit. 

The judge is saying Maxi can't see Georgie for another 6 months because she missed the appt. Then Nathan lied for her and said he threw it out. 

Pip is helping Patrick accept the death of Gabriel. Awww. Then the priest came to baptize him. Awww.

Morgan tells Ava to get an ABORTION! WHOA...totally in character tho. He's what? 22?  Who does Sonny think he IS??? The Ava police?? Carly basically tells Sonny to shoot her once she's given birth. 


  1. This is off topic but I'm posting it in case people are interested. I guess there's no chance he's coming back to GH. :(

    A General Hospital vet is about to find himself in the Navy.

    Brandon Barash, who played Johnny Zacchara on the ABC soap, has landed a guest-starring role on DirecTV’s upcoming drama Navy St. TVLine has learned that Barash will play Eric, a condescending Los Angeles charlatan who becomes enraged when Lisa (The Glades‘ Kiele Sanchez) rejects his advances.

    Navy St., which received a 10-episode straight-to-series order, is being billed as a gritty family drama set against the backdrop of a mixed martial arts (MMA) gym in Venice, California. The drama also stars Nick Jonas and Parenthood‘s Matt Lauria.

  2. And now to comment on the show.

    I was wondering, at first, why they were leaving the baby in the incubator if he only had hours left. I was glad when they finally held him to say goodbye. :(

    I was also surprised that Sabrina hadn't had him bapitised earlier.

    Nina was definitely coming across as a little loopy.

    I wanted to smack Levi's smug face when he said that.He was the only real father Maxi ever had. When Mac told him that he paid Maxi's half of the rent he should have added that he was going to stop and Levi could help her pay for it now.- the freeloader!!

    I was glad Nathan was there for Maxi. I hope that girl wakes up soon and throws Levi to the curb. He's so slimy.

    Morgan was good today. He was totally in character, as you said.

  3. Maxie's home: Levi is reading a book about the aztec treasure?!!?! Hmmm interesting. Oh man Levi is so rude to Mac!!!! Hey jerk! Mac IS Maxie's father!!!! And Maxie can eat whatever the hell she wants to eat! And what mistakes have you done jerk? Are you jewelery thief? I wish!

    Judge's chambers: Maxie wins the line of the day!!!

    Maxie: Hello your honor. It's an honor to see you again. I promise not to keep saying honor.

    ROFL! And then the look on Diane's face hahaha. Wait what?! She can't see her daughter for another 6 months?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Whew thank you Nathan for helping! :)I can't believe Levi wouldn't be supportive! I don't think he really wants Maxie to have her daughter!!!! KICK LEVI TO THE CURB MAXIE!!!

    The hospital: Oh Ava! What's the matter? You don't want an abortion? Well of course not! Cus you are not really pregnant!!!! Carly finding out she is going to be a grandmother hahaha! Baby Drake Jr Jr Jr scene! So sad!!!! I cried..:( The little one looked so purple! And Piffy breaking down. :'( Then baby dies. :( So horribly sad!!! :(

    The party: Oh man!!! Nina is trouble!!!! Trouble with a capital T!! And hey I didn't notice her being in a wheelchair. Well, that is good I wouldn't want her walking so quickly. The way she was talking, yeah very good. And she is very tired. Very good writers. :) She just learned about the internet. :) Oh Nathan is 25 yrs old!!! :)

  4. oh thanks about Brandon Barash!

  5. oh thanks about Brandon Barash!

  6. You're welcome. I would have PM'd you but I don't see that option here so I just posted it.

  7. I know nothing about Phyllis because I could never get into Y&R. I tried once a long while ago, but it dragged, and then again when Genie joined the show, but didn't care for it then, either. GH has always been my first choice, then Santa Barbara.

    Anyway, Nina is assuming a lot, isn't she, especially when Silas is not dropping at her feet to welcome her back. He is obviously stunned, but feeling his new happiness with Sam has been snatched away like Zip! At the moment I do not like Nina at all, but that's mostly cause I like Sam and Silas as a couple and feel they have great chem. Nina does seem a little, well, scattered? And oops--she will undoubtedly run into Ava...

    Now poor Pat has to tell Emma--sad. Levi was too interested in the Aztec necklace of Felicia's at the ball so I suspect he has an agenda that has nothing to do with helping Maxie.

    Can anyone explain why the apartments in PC are so drab, with cement walls and black furniture and no color or warmth? Like Dante and Lulu's place, which I think is hedious, and Sam's which is only marginally better (but what did Jason know?) and now Silas'. Maxie's is more colorful but still drab. I used to like Connie's house when she lived behind Sonny's. And Carly's is better though kind of cheaply done looking, like every thing's made of cardboard. And the Metro Court is long overdo a redo. The only fairly attractive place is the Q's, but even there it is just OK.

  8. When I talked about how Nina talked, I mean that it seemed like she has been working with a speech therapist. :)

  9. Anything that ends Sam & Silas is good. But, who cares for them, Rafe, or Nina, anyway?

  10. Maxie's house is a train wreck, imo. Those spray painted deer head rack things? they got rid of the foil paper but eesh

  11. That wimpy Silas should have told Nina that Sam was his SO and that life goes on when your spouse has been dead for 20 years. He will probably end up with Nina if Jason is recast so it doesn't really matter. We really need another conniving, wacky character since we don't have too many, LOL. Morgan was great and responded realistically. I wish Johnny Zaccara (BB) could have come back for Maxie, although Nathan is okay but still made of wood.

  12. "LSV422 said...That wimpy Silas should have told Nina that Sam was his SO"

    He was going to, but then Sam had to speak up and lied.

  13. I may be alone but I care about Silas and Sam alot

  14. I don't like Michelle Stafford (Nina)!!!Why does everyone think she is so hot and such a good actress???
    Her Botox injections are really bad....she can't move her mouth and it makes her sound like a lush.

  15. nance24,
    you are far from alone! Sam and Silas are one of my favorite stories/couples and I think they are loaded with chem. I like they way they talk and seem so in sync and cozy together and the way they look at each other.

    Poor Silas, he is caught in the middle. Nina has been asleep for 20 years and it (apparently) was none of her doing, and he doesn't want to hurt this woman he once loved--but that was long ago and Sam is his present and future and he fears that new happiness has been jerked away from him. Nina just keeps assuming things, keeps spinning things--I want to tell her to SHUT UP! And all the time Silas is worrying what Sam is thinking, what she is doing. And Silas isn't wimpy at all--just startled and trying to absorb and make sense of all this. I can't help feeling Nina is up to something--perhaps at Madelyn's urging.

  16. I also felt that Nina knew exactly who Sam was but since I've never watched MS on Y&R couldn't be sure

  17. I also felt that Nina knew exactly who Sam was but since I've never watched MS on Y&R couldn't be sure


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