Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Rafe! That's What U Been Up To!

All this time Off Camera!! Naughty....he tried to rob Franco in the park, who is sketching for a living. LMAO  I care ZERO about Rafe. He's not been on since, when? January? 

Sabrina and Paddy find out that Baby Gabe is dying..  Paddy cries really well. That had to be SO HARD for Theresa to play, being PG in real life! ugh.. wow.

Another dead BAY-BAY on GH. I'm numb to it now. 

Carly finds out that Sonny and Ava hooked up in the crypt! LOL 

Ava's in for a PG test. Sonny better climb in there with a flashlight and a rabbit just to make sure.

Nathan is trying to tell Silas about Nina. God, SPIT IT OUT for pity sake!!!  UGH hate these type of scenes. 


NINA's back.

My husband and I are happy to announce the arrival of our baby girl, Victoria Milani. She was born on May 29th. We are in LOVE

I didn't know this! 


  1. I'm glad she's had a healthy baby! Cruel to have to play that while pg

  2. Poor baby Gabriel. Heartbreaking, TC and JT did a great job.

    so I guess that Sabrina will just go away now, Let Patrick throw his hat in the ring for Liz or Sam. Until Robin comes back for 5 minutes again.

    So Rafe... long time no see. I always forget that Rafe exists, because he shows up for one show every 4 months. So he is stealing money, drug addict? would have been better if TJ was a drug addict or dealer.

    How hard could it be if Nate just said to Silas, My mom told me that Nina is still alive, She lies about everything , so I don't know if it is true. It was painful to watch these two today.

    Hello Nina.

  3. The hospital: Did you see the look on Ava's face? She did not want to go get a blood test to prove she is pregnant! She would rather go to the police station with Nathan! She is SOOOOO lying about being pregnant! Oh but then later she tells Carly and Morgan she is pregnant. Who helped Ava get the blood tests switched? Love the two time hug that Carly gave Morgan awww! :) Poor baby Gabriel. :( He is going to die. :'( Oh come on Nathan just tell McSilas about Nina for crying out loud!

    McSilas's home: Rafe stealing money so he could buy baby Cheeto's birthday gift? Yeah right!!! Tell us the REAL truth Rafe! And stop giving eye sex to Sam's money! Ohhh so the truth is out! He needed her money to buy drugs!! What is this all about? Is this all about Molly?! Come on! Get over it already!!! Find someone else!

    BobTodd and Starki: BobTodd wins the line of the day!

    BobTodd: You know, you should be thanking me. I helped you a lot with those ears of yours.

    ROFL! And then the BobTodd, and Starki scene, wins the scene of the day!! He is all nonchalant telling her that her mother is dead. Your mother is dead It's okay. Do you want some ice cream? It's delicious! ROFL! I'm glad she called her mother's phone!

    Alexis's home: GO MOLLY GO! :)

    The park: Baby Cheeto's birthday YAY! How old is he now? 2? Oh look it's Phylis who is out of the coma thinking she is Nina! Er I mean it's Nina!!!! No skulking around for her!!! Just jumps right in!

  4. The medical flaws drive me up the wall and beyond the bend. First of all, Britch is an OB/GYN, not even a pediatrician, let alone a neonatologist.
    And everyone knows that folks wake up from 20 year comas, and hop right out of bed, get their make-up on, and run upstate to find their spouses. No rehab, no speech therapy, no nothing. And how did she find Caleb (although that's not medical LOL).
    There are a lot of other gaps in the show, and it is obvious that they don't have any researchers checking the scripts.
    Oh, yea, Rafe was also way too calm for some one on coke, needing a fix.

  5. Oh forgot a couple of things. Those black boots with the high heels that she was wearing, I love them! Altho I wish it wasn't high heels. I hate high heels. And then that spring/summer dress she changed into, LOVE that dress.

  6. Now to investigate who ran Pat and Sabrina off the road--because it's murder. Was it Fluke? Ava? Likely Ava hired someone to scare Carlos? Anyway it is leading into more story. I'm relieved Sabrina isn't locked into having a baby around, Pat doesn't either. If a girl character gets tied down with a baby, she has limited story; if they show her having a life, then she's a bad mother. Tiresome.

    I guess Jordon had to have started someone down that drug road while undercover--makes sense.

    I enjoyed poor Todd in the park trying to draw people. I used to do that, oh, so many years ago, and it was sooo tiring. I was good enough to stay busy ALL the time with crying babies, people lined up in the mall, grandmothers telling me how to make the kid cuter, kids grabbing my pencils and pens...I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day. I wonder how much Todd was charging... (Sorry, I cannot call him Franco or think of him that way. He's Todd now and forever, and that's fine.)

    Because I'm fond of the Silas/Sam affair, I'm not looking forward to the difficulties they face now--although of course they must. It's a soap.

  7. Sam wore a dress!!!! And cute summer wedges!!! Ok, Ishouldreadmore..Remember, Robin is out of town bringing "the dead" back to life? We also, have people wearing rubber masks and passing themselves off as others and no one can tell the difference, even in bed! Fluke acting all not Luke yet, no one questions it! Heather Webber coming and going from a max security mental institution. We can't argue the medical inconsistencies because honestly it's no more rediculious then everything else. That being said, I hear ya.
    Soaplover, my money is on high as a kite Rafe as being the accident causer.

  8. JT was fabulous as always. TC needed to STFU in the room - she can cry easily but that is about her range. Glad to see her going away for awhile. I think GH should cut its losses with RH and get rid of Franco. He serves no purpose and everyone hates him with Carly. Looks like Silas is living in Stephen Lars old dreary apt. Sam looked very pretty in that dress. Yay for Molly! She smells a rat.

  9. "LSV422 said...TC needed to STFU in the room - she can cry easily but that is about her range."

    She was about to do her whiny hyperventilating cry! Luckily it was small and she didn't keep doing it.

  10. Avalonn,
    I agree. Dragging out Rafe just as the baby dies makes it really obvious that he caused the accident. He is such a bad actor I am not looking forward to this story which apparently will be the summer teen extravaganza.
    I hope Sabrina's vacation is a long one.

  11. I like Rafe and wish he had worked our for Molly... Maybe Rafe is Nina and Silas's Kid..hummm then he gets a family and Drugs that Luke/Julian brought in bring him down and cause the Patrina Accident. I really hope Liz gets with Nik soon.. Ric just seems so much older than her and I want her with someone NOT Sonny related. Maybe Robin can bring Jake back from the dead. Guza must have really hated Liason to not just kill but Part out that little boy!


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