Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So, Who's Covering Daytime Emmys

For "Social Media"??
Any of our well known SOCIAL MEDIA soapers? Daytime Confidential peeps?  We Love Soaps? TVSource? BuzzWorthy Radio? Even Soaps In Depth? (who do Tweet ALL THE TIME)
Some bimbos from Vemo/Vine and You Tube.
Listen, yes,  Brittany Furlan is funny but seriously????????? REALLY????? After all the crap people do for Soaps FOR FREE ? FOR YEARS? 

How many soap followers do they have on Twitter? what? 10?  Are they trying to get Vemo and Vine viewers to watch the Daytime Emmys--because uh... that isn't gonna work. 

Well I wasn't going to watch anyway. I'm not into streaming stuff-- and I'll just see on Twitter who wins and post it for you. 

Read more  on Daytime Confidential.  


  1. Wow! Really? What a slap in the face to those who DO keep the genre alive!! They could have chosen someone from SID, SOD, DC or even a blogger, such as yourself. THIS right here is why daytime tv is in such dire straights... There's no respect for those who are IN the business, whether or not they get paid for it! Sheesh!!

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  5. count me out for watching...I think the last time I watched was when HLN had it and those stupid couches on the stage

  6. I read in the wikipedia in the Heather Webber character part, that Carolyn Hennesy will later be playing the role of Heather Webber. Heather webber will be masqurading as Diane Miller if this is true. Thought i would pass this along.

  7. Damn that picture is creeping me out! So creepy! I can't even look at it. Karen where are you? Well, here are my thoughts.

    Theme for yesterday's show: Manipulation....

    Courthouse: Man Levi is manipulating Maxie and she doesn't even know it! He wants Maxie to lose her child and/or be the hero!!!!

    Alexis's home: Molly wants to move to Sam's?!!? ALEXIS WAKE UP!!! Even Anna is telling you that you are making a big mistake!!!

    Q offices: I had a feeling Tracy was manipulating Michael!!!! I was right!!! Tracy wins the line of the day!

    Tracy: Of course I had to apologize to Kiki caca. I practically choked on my tongue while doing it.


    McSilas's home: Oh come on Sam and McSilas! Wake up!!! She is manipulating you two!!! Why can't you see that?!!?!

  8. Today's show..

    Courthouse: Maxie can't see her child for another 6 months?! UGH! I bet Levi is happy on the inside!!! He tells Maxie we should go outside to breath. Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Why don't you go outside and start without me.


    Sam's place: Molly just tells Sam she is going to move in?!!? She didn't even ask Sam! Geez Molly where are your manners?! Oh look Sam is wearing a hooker outfit, which will make McSilas want her and be turned on! :) It will make him forget Nina!

    Art gallery: Mickey Diamond?!?!!Are the writers serious with that name? ROFL! Hmmm the guy is fun. I like him. :)

    Lante home: Lulu sleeping hahahaha. Hmmm Lante are talking a lot today. Zzzzzzzzzz. They are so boring when they talk talk talk. Altho, it was funny when Dante was talking about musicals and his mom and dad. :) Kinky boots! That musical reminds Olivia of Sonny! ROFL! Why? Are they kinky in bed? Hahahaha!

    McSilas's place: OH SOAPY GOODNESS!!!!! WOW!!!! The mask is off of Nina and the evil shows up! I LOVE IT!!!!! :) She was the one who destroyed McSilas's place!!!!! AND SHE CAN WALK!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!! The look of evil she had on her face when McSilas left, it looks just like Kimberly on Melrose place!!!!! :) Nina wants revenge because he cheated on her with Ava oh so long ago! :) DELICIOUS SOAPY GOODNESS!!!!!


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