Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday on the SHOW

Lynne Herring tweeted this today! It was her Grandmother's car named "Betsy"!
SEE THE GH sign on it? 

Sorry I missed yesterday-- I was at the dentist!

Anna Mention today-- the other one. Rumor is she's coming to Port Charles. 

Ric and Sonny. You think Sonny will "hear" AJ's cries of "It's not me" when Ric tells him the truth?

BUT! Molly believes him

Brit is jealous of Liz. Just like she was jealous of Sabrina. SNooze

Yeah, Diane was on today and charged Liz for a lost appointment. Heh. 

Jordan got out because DANTE didn't "read her her rights" correctly? LOL Okay then.   Why does Julian tell Jordan all this crap when he JUST MET HER? ugh.  I think it's her boobies. . giggle 

Duke--er.. and Anna. That strangely doesn't move me at all anymore. They are chopped up and down on this show. 

ANNA and Jordan meet in the park? Like that? NOT obvious at. all. LMAO Anna realizes the boss isn't Ric.

Tomorrow's show? Lulu is told maybe she was 'misdiagnosed"! ahahaha. Oh lordy


  1. Anna does?! That's unexpected.
    Save Ric!

  2. Yesterdy's GH:

    Sonny's home: Morgan took back his olive branch and poked his dad in the eye with it!

    McSilas's home: This Nina chick is very creepy. Hmmm can Heather and Nina become BFF'S?!

    The park: Jordan and Anna scene. Oh! No that doesn't look suspicious at all! Well at first, it was good when Jordan was pretending to be on the phone, but then Jordan started walking around talking to Anna! That was so stupid!!!! And I can't believe Anna! Where is your instincts Anna?!!?! Why are you letting yourself to be snowed badly?!!?!

    Fluke and Julian: Oh enough of this! Come on Julian spill your guts to someone about who Fluke is!!!!

  3. Today's GH:

    The hospital: Oh stop crying Liz! Ric is innocent! Yeah Diane you tell her! :)The elevator scene with Liz and Diane, YEAH! :) You did it Diane! Brad and Britch scene. Brad is whining over Lucas again! And now he is whining about Bobbie ROFL! Hmm Brad is trying to help Britch to get Nik back, by telling her to get Britch back. I'm interested. I'm curious how this is gonna happen. Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: Ms. weepy MCcries a lot? Please you can wipe the floor with that bag of twigs.


    Kelly's: Molly tells her mother shame on you! Hahaha. And I love Nik and Alexis scene. :)

    Nik: There is absolutely nothing left between Brit and me.

    Which means there still is!!! :)

    Jail cell: Oh SHUT UP SONNY! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!! Molly and her father awwwww! Love that scene. Glad she is sticking by her father!

    Anna's office: Yeah Duke can't even believe how stupid you are being Anna!!!

    The park: Jordan and Julian scene! LOVE IT! He half spilled his guts to a fed and he has no idea! :) Jordan tells Anna! YES!!!!

    Anna and Ric: Can't wait to hear what Anna has to say! :)

  4. Sonya, I KNEW that would be your line of the day!! (Great minds think alike!)

  5. "AntJoan said...Sonya, I KNEW that would be your line of the day!!"

    Hahahaha! I love Liz, but that was a perfect line! :)

    "(Great minds think alike!)"

    *high fives you*

  6. I think Rick H. is going to get another Emmy next year - such a fantastic actor!!! Loved scenes with Molly. I really like Jordan and Anna - better than her having scenes with the other dumb cops. Loved Diane as always, putting Liz in her place. She is always written so well. IB (Duke) is always great when they give him some meat to chew on. Sonny is such a jerk.

  7. Loved Ric with Molly.. the tears were so true... I'd cry like that if it was my kid who gave me such love and encouragement. And he must feel as if he doesn't deserve it since he abandoned her when she was so young. Alexis did a great job raising Molly, even though they are in disagreement now.


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