Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Belly Shot

Another month down-- and GH hit it's highest numbers since 2007. So, guess people are loving the show. WOOHOO!  Ratings are up and that must mean the show is stellar.

This week was a good week for acting and story movement. Friday's show was of course, a giant let down, what are you gonna do?!  Geary's acting was brilliant and a joy to watch so I'm celebrating that. 
Since it's JUNE why don't we have a nice champagne cocktail with our blueberry scones and dive right in. 

I'm not going to be a broken record on the shuffling of stories again this week.  Just know that with Fluke out of the picture, we shall now flip back to Nina, Patrina and probably Dr. O. Maxie might be getting a smidge more airtime (what? is she recurring now?)  
Yes, I think the Fluke story should unfold. The problem is that the folds are starting to crack and wear. I think the Faison story worked much better because we knew who he was sooner. But..that's just me. And hey, my BIGGEST Beef? Tony's TAKING A BREAK AGAIN. Ergo..we wait. It's not like the story is on-going and we are getting nuggets here and there. So..
Geesh, I wasn't going to talk about this was I? LOL 

Ric gets set up by BossMan and Julian. Great plot idea. Solves Julian's problem with Fluke AND the police. Ric has a slimy enough past and hate of Sonny to make it plausible. Liz is left..well, literally holding the sheet up to her bare bosom. 

We see Luke...who is rolling his tongue from the "high class cocktail of drugs" he's been given via Fluke.  TG was clearly having fun. He got a loogie on his face.  Good acting. Let down of material. He can get a kidney from Luke...or DNA (if he needs to prove he's "Luke") and he said 'reunited with Tracy".  The kidney part makes me think Bill but- ?? I wish there was a line that was like: "there's only one guy that looked like me..." and then Fluke would say something like "yeah, you'd think that wouldn't you? it's either Bill or someone else with your ugly face. Figure it out, pal".
We'll have a long time to think about it!

Olivia got hit on by a drunken Morgan. At least she didn't take the bait.  Someone has scruples!

Carly lets Sonny hear the evidence. Sonny goes rabid. Flies to the island in record speed, even for GH.  He must have broken the light-barrier. Ava's stunned...then plays coy..then drops the bomb we all know was coming. Bun in the Oven. Baby on Board. 
And, not for nothing but in this day in age...2 grown people (REALLY grown) one of whom has populated 1/2 the country with his super S, don't use protection. Ava's not on birth control?? With all her Morgan shennanigans? Ok then.
Plus, this story is SO Claudia after she shot Michael it's not even funny. :eyeroll:  That said,  I am looking forward to Maura West's take on this AND the Morgan factor. Is the baby daddy..the daddy or the son of the daddy? giggle And YES--- she be can be PG-- Maura is 42. 

Baby got named.  Gabriel Drake Santiago. From what rumors are out there, well... he'll live up to his first name soon enough. 

Other stuff:  Nikolas and Natasha had a talk, which I loved. Lante decided to 'go forth" with the egg-travaganza.  Kiki and Michael had sex on the desk and couch.  That's Michael, putting all his education to good use at ELQ!  

SCENE OF THE WEEK: watching this guy work it. Nice job...Even though I wanted MORE.. it was still awesome to watch. 

PROP OF THE WEEK: The trash can... because I can't do another pregnancy stick again. LOL Plus, look at the shoes. 

FACE OF THE WEEK: and one of my fave fave things that happened! You know I'm weird with props and the little things-- well, Sonny sucking that lime was AWESOME. Then, he chomped some ice. GREAT stuff. Why? Anxious people always do stuff like this. It was just something I could totally see Sonny doing.  

There you have it!  Like I said, great week for writing/acting.  I really really wish though that the Fluke story was going to continue. Oh well, can't have it all!  

PS. you heard me complain about the weather for so long. Well, today was JUST GREAT... I mean FABULOUS. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. It does happen here. We live for days like this! 


  1. I knew RC was NOT gonna deliver on his Fluke promise!

  2. Cosmo, I would have been floored if it was all revealed. LOL. I'm hoping for NOVEMBER sweeps heh

  3. Cosmo, I would have been floored if it was all revealed. LOL. I'm hoping for NOVEMBER sweeps heh

  4. Since I just want Puke off my screen, I'm glad Geary is on vacation again. Because I don't know the writer from OLTL, I thought he was going to deliver on the promise so that was disappointing. Unfortunately that probably means some pumped-up teen drama with the awful children who can't act included.

    While I am not crazy about who's the daddy stories and we've had a lot of them, this one was inevitable and at least involves some of the people who can actually act.

    Karen, wouldn't it be nice if high-quality equaled high ratings? We both could have enjoyed years of My So-Called Life and lots of other great shows killed by low ratings?

    Lately, every time Liz has sex the guy gets carted off to prison.

  5. Ron hasn't broken his promise--not yet. I expect they will have taped stuff to refer back to for awhile. Do you think Heather knows poor Luke is there in the place where she is?

    And I'm with Karen--it would have been crazy to have all revealed now. Think of all the characters involved in this: Ric, who is undoubtedly going to prison, Julian with his sore concience who wants to tell all, but feels he doesn't dare, Alexis and Molly who will be devasted, Jordon, who is back undercover trying to dig out that name, Liz who doesn't know who to believe by now but wants to believe Ric, Anna who may have some doubt later, and most of all, locked-up Luke who may come out of his stupor long enough to realize a glimmer of something. See how it is all woven together, so that it affects many people in many ways? Really good soap writing...

    What I resent a bit is that Jane E gets time off now while TG does, and the show refused to do that for Genie all those years ago, giving her a storyline that made her a crazy. It was SO unfair. Not that Jane doesn't deserve time off, but we lost Genie because she boldly asked for time off like TG.

    I like the Sam-Silas story so we'll see. It must be very hard to come up with good story for the younger actors each summer. I am bored with Sabrina, as I have been for ages. I worry about poor Liz. I wonder how Julian is going to run the 'business' without Alexis catching on... Ava should not survive (but will), and will Maurice take some time off (please)? I suspect Morgan will do something to harm ole dad...

    Lots of stuff going on here...

  6. Lately, every time Liz has sex the guy gets carted off to prison.


    Can Liz please screw Sonny?

  7. soaplover,
    I didn't mean that the whole story would be wrapped. I thought we, the audience, would find out who the impostor is. The Facebook post promised a big reveal. Since the audience already knew that wasn't Luke, there was no big reveal.

    Liz may not have the best judgment when it comes to men but I don't think she'd stoop so low as to do Sonny. I just hope the six-month coma isn't another unkept promise.

  8. Now, I know I don't pay super close attention, but I think I've heard them mention that Julian's boss was someone called "B.E." I think Anna and the DEA lady talked about it, and then Julian when he was giving Scotty and Anna the made up dirt on Ric. I assumed (from your blog, because I didn't watch the show that long ago), that B.E. was going to be Bill Eckert. Maybe I'm hallucinating though.

  9. I'm starting to think Ron C doesn't know who Fluke is...maybe he's reading the blog with all our complaint about Fluke, hence the scene "wouldn't you like to know?" YES, we would like to know already! I have to agree the Duke/Faison story was done better IMO too because of that fact we knew earlier on that Duke was in fact Faison and it was fun seeing how brilliantly Ian B played Faison acting as Duke.

  10. Avalon, Ron C. does read the blogs and also Twitter, because he posted something snarky about the complaints about the non-reveal.
    I also want to know who the heck Fluke is. They probably thought that knowing that Luke was in the mental hospital was the big reveal, but they should viewers some credit. Where else would he be??? If he wasn't dead, he would still be in Miscavage (sp??).
    Who does everyone think Jordan will be paired up with?? I hope not Shawn. (I'm trying to see something positive for the future. I am not willing to give up entirely yet.)

  11. Dar,
    I think seeing the poor drugged-out Luke was a big reveal--we now know the imposter is NOT Luke brainwashed or otherwise tampered with. And to see Luke with his head shaved, eyes lidded and mouth hanging open--I was really shocked and surprised and even a little relieved. He's alive! And each scene drops another little bit of info...

    Yes, it will be hard to wait now, but perhaps they can toy with us with the Luke that's in the loony bin (pretaped). I keep wondering how long it will take for his hair to grow out again.

    To let us in on who the imposter is now just as TG leaves on vacation would be to make viewers even more upset. That would be no time to suspend the story! We gotta hang in there, still wondering, hoping someone will find prisoner Luke, and so on.

    I hate the WTDaddy stories the most--or just baby stories. They have few surprises and have been done forever. Sonny's are especially boring and why the mothers ever let him near the kids, I can never figure out. I guess Eva escapes her reveal and downfall due to Sonny being shut up with an injury. But I really think they have painted Ava into that go-nowhere corner...

    Julian, on the other hand, has cleaned up well and the actor is solid.

  12. I thought the BE was referring to BARRETT ENTERPRISES


  13. I'm thinking Bill wd be too obvious now.

  14. I could have sworn I heard Fluke refer to Tracy as HIS ex-wife. So would that make him Gino Soleito?

  15. Blogger Cosmoetica said...
    Lately, every time Liz has sex the guy gets carted off to prison.


    Can Liz please screw Sonny?

    Haha - if only!!


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