Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Ambulate

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This week was one of those "filler weeks" that made it hard for me to rush home and watch. ESPECIALLY when it's summer, there's a ton of great stuff to do and frankly, my dear... It's too easy to pop on the DVR and FF when I want to. 

So, did you FF a lot this week? There were some great moments, but yet again I felt like I was watching a choppy mini-series. 

Get your JELLY DONUTS (just like RAFE)   and get ready!!

Where to start..where to start.  Welp, let's go with Nina, who's been in Silas' apartment since wheeling out of the park. (Told ya) There's a LOT of yada yada going on. A LOT. She's obviously being passive aggressive and creepy.  She catches Rafe with blow and smiles like a Cheshire Cat. She notices Sam's wedding ring and says to Silas "Wow, 18 months, that's a long time", what do you call YOUR 20 year coma? Like, an eternity. So er..lay off her, will ya?  And how much longer will she be sitting there going over the last 2 decades?
Oh, wait..sorry she CAN walk. SHOCKER I tell you!! SHOCKER!! Didn't see that coming. (eyeroll)  And at least she's the one that trashed Si's place so she's crazy, which makes her a tad less boring.  Her lipstick change between scenes was a bit hilarious. Anyone else notice how she went from pale pink to ruby red glimmer to some coral color? 

Bye baby... yet another plot point for GH-- you join many others like you. Sabrina's now off to tropical lands with Becky's husband (giggle) and Patrick's left to pick up the pieces. The funeral was ok... but peppered weirdly with Levi and Nate fighting like girls in the park. Thank you that Anna went. Glad Maxie got to talk to Paddy at last. 

So, Tuesday Ava saw that Nina was alive...gasped..then...what? Did she go see her? Talk to Silas? Did I miss something? Again, Momentum...why do this and then not follow through in at least a couple of days?? WHY!!!?? 

THIS Is how Riveting this week was: Josslyn was my high point. Yep....a bratty little kid. So, you know things are moving along when I cling to tiny packages of dark comedy. AND  Hello? Don't Bobbie and Lucas still 'live' there? Or not?  I'm confused.  Maybe they moved into the hospital. Again with the choppy. Lucas and Bobbie are so disposable at the moment, I don't even know where they really dwell.  Franco's moving in, unloading boxes, Morgan's movin' out. 

So, Morgan's going to LEAD the project to renovate the Brownstone! Ok, then.  His training as a...a.... um... whatever will certainly help! AND Kiki's gonna move in. Nothing wrong in that. Hahaaha.  How long before they 'bump' into each other in towels? Although a rash of newbie girlies are coming in, so many Morgan will latch on to one of them. 

Julian..and NICKY DIAMOND. LMAO-- ahahhaa. He's filling in for Fluke I guess. Good Gravy. I can't even with this.  Julian not being suspicious of newbie Jordan's INSISTENCE she should know all is laughable too.  Come on now.

She's baaaaaack, with a plan hatched with Fluke to take out Michael.  Good to see Jane again.. don't care about the story. It will move slowly, be inserted here and there and hold no real intrigue. This, I can attest. 

Oh but why do they have to dumb down Alexis to this? WHY? EVERYONE and their mother are telling her to watch it. Her OWN history tells her to not go there and well, there it is.  He must have some bed skills.  Molly leaves, moves in with Sam. Anna even tries to give her the heads-up wink wink eye and she's like: SO? You're man is in the mob too! neener neener. ugh.
What says the Defense?? I so wish they would have gotten Belvin Perry to guest!

Maxie.. ah, poor Maxie; torn between a fun, meat eating gorgeous cop and..well, some pale dough boy that only eats seeds. One supports her in her quest and the other? Blocks it. Wow. She must have lost her brain on that trek she took. I have NO clue why she's with Levi. There's NO chemistry what so ever. I get it's to prop up officer hot pants but seriously? Did we need to be subjected to this?

A frequent poster on the blog, friscogh made another valid point: 
 Why aren't Felicia and Mac at the courthouse with Maxie? Why aren't former Police Commissioner Mac or current Police Commissioner Anna or respected Doctor Patrick acting as character witnesses for her instead of two newbies who hardly know her?

These two fruit-loops better move if they are going to bring another bundle of joy in sometime soon. I did like Lulu and Olivia in the park.  Dante explaining why "Kinky Boots" reminds Olivia of Sonny was cute too.

Let us all pause to take in the power of Sam's Chestatood--she's goin' in for the KILL when it comes to keepin' her MAN! 

 SCENE OF THE WEEK: Maxie's plea to the judge to let her see her baby. Nice work.

FACES OF THE WEEK:  Judge says NO GO to see baby Georgie.  You'd think that he'd give her supervised visitations. Hell, even convicts get those.  

PROP OF THE WEEK:'s giant tennis racquet !! WOOT!! 

So, GH lumbers thru the summer...and yes, good moments but as a cohesive piece? Not there by any stretch of the imagination.  BUT--I'm not here to complain. I am here to say hoo ha.  Hope that the actors/actresses nominated tonight win from the show. Will you watch on live stream? I don't think I'm going to.
Red Carpet begins at 6PM ET/ 3PM PT and show begins at 8PM ET/5PM PT on

PS.  If you DON'T watch Orphan Black, START...just marathon it, there's one season on Netflix now. This season was AMAZE. and the finale?? Awwwwsome!!! :signing: And there's a HELENA  in there that's just THE BEST. 


  1. Karen, I thought it was Nicky Diamond, too, but others on other sites are saying it's Mickey.

    Jocelyn was terrible, and now, like Molly, she's been SORA'd past Cameron, although born years later.

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  3. I have asked this before : At OLTL did this writer ever create any multi-dimensional, interesting characters or were they all as bad as on GH?
    Nina is the classic psycho. Since we already had Heather and Obrecht (and pre-tumor Franco) we didn't really need another one. Mickey Diamond the stereotypical mobster - I certainly was not hoping for more mobsters. Levi is just awful. For me to enjoy a soap I need to care about the characters and for the most part I just don't care about any of the new characters at all.
    As more and more awful characters are being trotted out, I am liking this show less and less. The first year and a half of the new regime was such a big improvement but this last year has just been awful.

    Are they paying people as part-timers ? Why are people (except of course Sonny) only on a handful of times per month? I just don't understand what they are doing. They have enough cast for at least two shows. We hardly saw Sabrina before the accident and it was hard to remember she'd been pregnant. I think Lucas might still be in the hospital but I'm not sure. And why is he still in town and how is he supporting himself? How are half these people supporting themselves?

    Are we going to find out Jerry Jax has tampered with the water supply again with some agent that renders everyone who isn't psychotic stupid? It is driving me crazy that almost everyone is just dumb as a stump.

    Karen, I don't know if you saw this but GH (mutating lipstick and all ) won best makeup at the creative arts Emmy show!

    For the first time in many years if I'm not home I often don't bother to watch the show and when I am home I find myself falling asleep. I am so disappointed.

  4. Multitasking is the way to watch the show. The amount of shredding I got done last week was fabulous. Have more to do this week, and then there is the rest of the spring cleaning.
    Speaking of which, I am in total agreement that the cast needs to be thinned, cleaned out, culled, decimated, reduced, etc. etc. etc. Everyone has their nominees, including me, but it is getting to the point where I don't care who goes, JUST GO. Get on the cliff bus. Now.

  5. I still watch GH but not with the enthusiasm I used to! To me it's choppy and filled with too many characters!! I do like Nina. It's getting Sam away from Silas. Those 2 are just gross. All sex and no story. I adore Kelly Monaco but the story line makes Sam look like a slut!!All she cares about is her lust for Silas instead of her son and even her ward,Rafe!! He's doing drugs now!! I want the recast Jason not for Sam but so Danny can have a Daddy! And yes,why is Josslyn now okder than Cameron? He should be older than Molly and Morgan!!

  6. Karen, Orphan Black had a phenomenal season and the finale was fantastic. Hard to even think of GH after watching this show.



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