Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Surgery: Circle of Life

One life ends, another begins-- and so it goes on GH! They use babies like ping pong balls.  Patrina's kid is gone and Ava's just starting to incubate another.  @@ 

It's been hard to get my brain going on the show this week so I'd better have a 2 shot expresso and some Vitamin B-12.  A LOT happened -- some good, some fab and some..well, you know me.  Some I have to bitch about!  

 Brad's back from some gay NYC wedding.  Seems like forever since he's been gone or what? Like a month? Anyway, he and Britt are fun friends. He and Felix can battle over Lucas, I don't really care.
Give Molly a cookie for figuring out  Julian's plan for her Daddy.  Alexis' lust is clouding her judgement. She's going to have a eat her words! Maybe she'll let Molly have sex with TJ as a consolation guilt-gift? 

Not going to talk too much about this whole thing. Sad. And I wish they didn't have to have the baby die. Poor Emma. I get that TC had to go on maternity leave but geesh, everyone else is off camera for ages! We went through all  that ..and Robin back and the entire story just to have this happen. I get it's "Drama" but we've probably seen how many babies die on soaps? Kinda numb by now.

Nathan lies for Maxie so she can get a new court date to see Georgie. We then find out idiot face Levi told her he doesn't think she should see her. Ummmm, why does Maxie like this loser? We don't know. They met off screen and they HARDLY ever show them sooooooo, ??????? Not that I want them to show MORE of the  jerk, but typical GH. Like I'm supposed to care? Levi is seen looking at a book about 'The Aztec Treasure" (anvil drop) and then Mac comes in to give Maxie a feast of ribs/mac cheese. Loudmouth Levi insults Mac, then says "You're not even her real father" at which point,  I would have loved to have had Mac deck his ass. Geesh. At least he's making me like Nate more. 

UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH. Ok, already I am tired of her pink sweater. That's a small thing yes, but I say "ALREADY" because I ALREADY want her gone. I so,so SO don't care about this character. I'm going to have to listen for weeks about she and Silas' past love, what she doesn't know that's happened in the past 20 years.  I was so mad Sam just rolled over. I mean, seriously? 
*sigh*  And NO ONE asked her how she knew about the party? Or that Silas would be there?  Or did I miss that part?   And then they schlep over to his place and she brings her nurse and moves on in.  Alrighty then.

Welp.  This happened. Ava's indeed got a bun in there and Sonny's all mad-- Morgan's all "Get Rid of It'..and Carly's ready to scratch her eyeballs out. THEN ol' Sonny decides to install Ava into his house for safe-keeping. WHOA if this isn't the Claudia story, I don't know what it is. Of course, the WTD factor makes it a bit more complex.  Carly wanting to hit her face.  heh

Franco got a JOB--ahaha. They so don't know what to do with him, do they? Olivia comes by, steals his money and then he ends up drawing HER instead of Carly. :Giggle:

And...last but not least...THIS right here sums up what's wrong with GH in my view. Rafe.  A character we haven't seen since FEB.  (when he was snitching to Anna) suddenly all in Silas' apartment, stealing money from Sam and getting coke in the park. Um. Okay, then.  Does it matter to me ONE bit what happens to this kid? Nope. He's obviously a throw-away character anyway. So, let's start a drug story and subsequent roller-boogie about his addiction that's happened off screen. :throwinghnndsup: Kinda like Kiki all of a sudden letting herself into Silas' place. I was like WHA? Who? Why? Um... oh yeah, she's his daughter! Duh!! 

SCENE OF THE WEEK: Loved the Pip and Fe scene about the baby dying. It was unexpected and so touching. Having her break down was on-point.

PROP OF THE WEEK:   Franco draws---Olivia!

HONORABLE MENTION:  Mr. Towel did one heck of a job trying to stay up on ol' Nate's tushie.

FACES OF THE WEEK: I so loved this scene. Alexis pouring wine for Sam.. talking about dead wives coming back to life. Hugging. Ahhhhhhh.

So, that's the long and the short of  it. Nancy Grahn said GH is dark 16 days in July, btw. A bunch of new girlies are coming. Josslyn, some Cassadine chick-- and maybe  Serena Baldwin and Kevin/Lucy's kid. We shall see! Josslyn is growing up a bit.  I'm trying very hard to love the show I see and not be TOO critical.  This week was pretty good, I have to say, a lot went on--the dialogs were awesome. It's that dang nagging feeling that the holes are too much to overcome and I'm losing interest when characters are popping in and out. I will end with this: TOO MANY CHARACTERS! Trim it down. Yes, I know people have faves but unless things all weave together, it's pointless to  have so many that they dilute each story.

ENJOY the day! It's another sparkler here in Rochester. We SO deserve it!


  1. "Karen says Ava's just starting to incubate another"

    ROFL! Good one. :)

    "ENJOY the day! It's another sparkler here in Rochester. We SO deserve it!"

    Hell yeah! After the winter we had, yes we deserve this nice weather!

  2. that;s supposed to be a picture of Olivia? That is clearly Angelina Jolie!

  3. Yeh ticks me off a little that they killed off another baby. Hey maybe if we're lucky Ava will tumble down the stairs. Not one to have someone lose a baby but I can't stand her and the fact she's pregnant. Which I still am meh on. She was drinking before Sonny
    Wish Rafe would go away. Can't stand Nina and yeh I too was like what's Kiki doing in Silas apt and then duh, I remembered. That should be fun when Nina finds out. Really wish Cartini read Sunday Surgery. :) Trim trim trim....

  4. I really dont get the point of him accidentially drawing Olivia. And it was out of character for Carly not to freak about it, think he was secretly crushing on Olivia, etc. Then again, everything about Carly and Franco is totally out of character for Carly.

  5. How long before Nina is up and walking but pretending she can't? They keep dragging out every other cliche. When is Sonnys coma coming?

  6. I've said it before; I'll say it again: Ava is a pathological liar; any DNA result is rigged. Franco/Tod needs to be Kik/Star's dad. Silas has zero chemistry with kids. I say Franco and Jason were switched at birth and Franco is the REAL heir to the Quartermaine fortune.

    We will find that out when Jason shows up with a new face, has a DNA test, and BOOM - he is NOT a Quartermaine.

    Just hoping.

  7. Oh, Nina, please go back to your other show! Can't you tell that Silas "is not that into you"? Also, I don't think she can walk, her legs are too skinny to hold her up.

  8. Cut the cast by 40-50%.

    Just seen spoilers that they're adding a Tommy Hardy Jr recast, as well as Scott's daughters, Serena and Christine, and Anna Donely- Dean and Tiff's kid.

    Where is a competent serial killer when you need one?

  9. Cosmo, at least they are adding cast members with connections to core families. Personally I'd like to see them nring back Ned, Skye, Dillon and Brooklynn as well. And perhaps it can be revealed that Jordan is really Keisha Ward?
    I do agree however that the cast is too big. I like Jordan, Britt and Nathan is growing on me. Otherwise, cut everyone else who was cast as a newbie in the past two years. Get rid of Silas, Kiki, Franco, Nina, Madeline, Dr.O., Brad, Sabrina, Sean, TJ, Rafe, Levi, nuLuke. Cut back on Ava, Sonny, and the pre-puberty love triange with the kids (sick). I also wouldn't mind if Olivia and Duke were cut.
    Patrick, Liz, Anna, Alexis, Maxie, Nicholas, Tracy, Ned, Dillon, Morgan, Michael, Bobbie, Lucy, Carly, new Tom
    Hardy Jr, recast Lucky, Mac, Felicia should be the stars of the show

  10. Can we keep Dr. O--she is a hoot (and EXTREMELY talented)?

  11. Ant Joan
    I can not deny the amazing talent of the actress that plays Dr. O.
    My problem is with the character
    - and it is the same as my issue with the character of Heather. Talented actresses, add some humour, but are forced down our throats AND never made to pay for their crimes. Personally, if I could have any dream storyline it would be Sonny being (finally) convicted and facing the death sentence. Yes, I know NY does not have the death sentence but GH has bent the rules for other storylines. NY does have death sentence for killing a cop, do they not? Didn't Sonny kill a cop years ago? Or he could kill Jordan. I think having Sonny on death row would be riveting. Would open up amazing storylines for Carly, Ric, Michael, Morgan, recast Christina, Dante, Alexis, Anna, nuJason, etc. Bring back Brenda, Taggert, Jagger, etc. for guest storylines. Perhaps Alexis is the DA that has to try the case? What would that do with her relationship with Christina? Perhaps Ric steps up to defend his brother. What does that do to Ric when Sonny is found guilty. Hell, make Tracy Governor who is faced with pardoning him. They like stunt casting, bring on Susan Sarandon as a non who visits him on death row (Dead Man Walking). Of course I would only like this storyline if he is actually put to death, lol.

  12. friscohg, I like the way you think, LOL. But I am with AntJoan. I love Kathleen Gati. Perhaps Dr. O could get amnesia and start over? Or have a twin who's Britt's real mother? There has to be a way to redeem her, she's just so much fun.

  13. friscogh....I agree with all of them except Dr O and Silas(McBain) :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I keep thinking back to Cartini's 1st year and all the stuff that they did RIGHT...They gotta get back to that.
    #1 - More ANNA! You cannot go wrong with putting Finola Hughes in more scenes...
    #2 - Pay the production company that stole the OLTL characters and bring those characters back to PC. Todd/Starr and McBain had integrated really well with with the cast and suddenly they were yanked away. Those actors have seemed frankly lost with what to do since they were reassigned their current parts. I am PP whatever you have to and get back the OLTL characters!
    #3 - I am fine with them bringing on Anna Donnelly, Kristna, and Serena (hopefully played by the original actress who was great with Kin and Lynn) but they need to lose a LOT of other characters on the show.
    #4 - If vets are used temporarily don't just bring them back to town and let them linger like they are doing with Bobbie now. Bring them back for a designated stay and have a beginning, middle, and end to their stay like Bobbie had the first time they brought her back.
    #5 - Use Jason Thompson well. Go ahead and pair up Patrick and Liz and let it be a love quadrangle with Nik and Britt or something. P and L have def chemistry though and need to be utilized more as they were used when Robin died. Get them some screen time together!
    #6 - The less Sonny the better. One of the reasons I liked Cartini's 1st year is that they neutered Sonny's time on screen and made it more reasonable. PLEASE DO THAT AGAIN!


  16. Tom Hardy Jr is a doctor now so at least he'd have a role that doesn't involve a crime family.

    I also want to see some of these people gone, especially Kiki and nuFranco. Neither have a job or a place on the show except for sex scenes. I must have dreamed up Michael and Kiki's breakup because they were apart for all of 10 seconds. Now she just visits him at work to have sex, or hangs out in his apartment.And he's permanently attached to her in his scenes, once again.

    And since Franco can't even paint any more he has even less use. And we're losing a strong Carly.

    They also need to send poor Sabrina back to Puerto Rico.

    And either give Lucas a job at the hospital or send him packing too.

    I also see very little use for Olivia these days either. Whatever happened to her visions, or did I dream those up too?

  17. Karen - Nina said she called Silas' assistant (I think? Or someone who works at GH) and found out he was attending the party. So they did briefly explain why she was there. They did not explain why Alexis was letting some stranger play with Danny after a hit man shot Lucas at the last family get-together.

    I wonder how many times this week someone will mention how "beautiful" Nina is.

    If they aren't taping for 16 days in July, they must really be taping far in advance right now.

  18. The person who forced Patrick, Sabrina and Emma off the road that night...


  19. Lots of good ideas- Frisco, Antjoan, and others.

    Trime the cast, focus on the hospital, and sideline the Mob. Make Nathan the hero cop and leading hunk. Make Jordan the younger Anna, and make them the trio of the PCPD.

    Have Jr Hardy and Paddy be the twin towers of GH.

    Have the baddies be 80s era Heathers and have secret wills and affairs, and the occasional serial killer, w a supervillain on and off every 6 mos- Domino, Balkan, etc.

  20. I agree with all the trimming the cast talk. And the addition of young newbies is probably for the summer, and that has been a failure every year since the 4 musketeers. Why doesn't Silas question Nina about when exactly she regained consciousness and get some more details. She could have been conscious for years. I already don't like her. I think Cartini are the ones who really love to see Nathan shirtless. He looks pretty good but awhile back it was Nik all the time. All the other shows must be pretty crappy if GH is getting the ratings boost. I know B&B isn't great but Sean Kanan is back this week!

  21. Frank you got it. Why else would Rafe be on now?


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