Monday, June 30, 2014

June's End...

Hard to believe. June just FLEW by, I swear. wow. It will be winter again here pretty soon lol. 

Carly took Joss to camp in the morning...and it's NIGHT now??? Ok then. 

Drug dealer visits Rafe....just at the same time  Sam sees it's Silas' car.  She and Pat storm into GH to ask about his car. 

So, Ginger Kato  protests because of Gentrificaiton.  Got it. He's having an old-school Sit in!  The entire POINT of a protest is that people KNOW about it. Geesh! You don't sit there without tweeting it or something..duh. 

Delia/Roxy meets Sonny! yay!! Delia moves in....LMAO. Sonny called Ava's bluff and thinks it will drive Ava nuts to have  Mama there.  

Nina totally got a make-over during her PT ...she has a TON Of glamour on! geesh. She gets up and tells the PT guy she can walk.  Then she paid him to keep quiet. 

Franco goes to tell Michael about AJ and Carly interrupts.  Carly yells at him. 
Carly and Sonny =  Todd and Blair.

BTW, it was NIGHT TIME. It gets dark here at 9pm now. And...Nina's having PT? Did Carly pick up Joss when she was at camp? Who's still working at 9? Michael

Tomorrow:  SHAWN's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sonny's home: YAY ROXIE!! Er I mean Delia! :) Nice try Ava but it didn't work! Your mother is just going to get on YOUR nerves. :) Sonny wins the line of the day!

    Sonny: Everybody knows you are here with me, and I'm still going to kill you.


    ELQ Office: BobTodd! Quick go find Michael and tell him who killed AJ! :) He needs to know!!!!! Forget Carly! She is gonna sleep with Sonny soon anyway!

    BobTodd: I don't know why I do some of the things I do.

    Woah! Sounds like Todd! And woah Carly sounds like Blair! I'm in the twilight zone!

    Brownstone: Geez Levi won't listen to a word Michael is saying! He won't even let Maxie talk and have her own mind! Levi must REALLY hate the Q's for some reason, and I want to know what the reason is!!!!

    Sam and Patrick: Woah! McSilas's car!! Well, Rafe did you borrow your uncle's car?!?!!?!

    The park: Wow! Rafe's drug dealer looks like Caaaaaaaaaarlos. This drug dealer has the same mole on his neck as Caaaaaaaaaaaaarlos does! I miss Caaaaaaaaaaarlos. :(

    The hospital: Oh! Nina slaps the physical therapist!!! Ouch! It looked like it hurt! The look on the guy's face when he sees she can stand up and walk hahahaha. I hope he wins face of the week on Sunday sugary this Sunday!!! :) Love the scene with Nina, the guy, and Rosalie!!! :) McSilas and Rafe scene. Glad he realized he dropped the ball.

  2. Oh, oh, Levi wants Maxi to get arrested, do we know why?!?!

  3. "shirleedee said...Oh, oh, Levi wants Maxi to get arrested, do we know why?!?!"

    Maybe he hates the Jones family too! Maybe he really wants the Aztec Jewelry badly!

  4. SHAWN's Alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    O Rapture!

  5. Let's see...if Maxi gets arrested, the judge will never let her near her child. That would please Levi. But I really think he has his own agenda, something not necessarily to do with Maxi. He just likes controlling her.

    Did he drop his accent when he called the judge? I thought I heard it that way...

  6. Yes, he was "disguising" himself when he called the judge.

    I think he wants to control her to get close to get the jewels from Felicia somehow

  7. Forgot all about Shawn until I saw the preview, LOL. Looked like Nina got her hair highlighted and makeup done between the time she arrived at the hospital and entered the P/T room. Amazing! Carly was at her most appealing - snarling and yelling.

  8. "soaplover said...Did he drop his accent when he called the judge? I thought I heard it that way..."

    "kdmask said...Yes, he was "disguising" himself when he called the judge."

    Did he drop the accent? I didn't notice.

  9. Levi is going to be really disappointed when he realizes that Felicia gave her Aztec jewels away to that news reporter to help Lucy. Where is Lucy? Maybe she was with Shawn?

  10. I find it hard to believe that anyone is happy to see Shaun return

  11. it looked like MB was trying not to laugh while Sonny was meeting Delia :)



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