Friday, June 27, 2014

Tony Geary: Back in October

Michael Logan interviewed Geary, who's had back surgery-- read the interview on TV Guide 

TV Guide Magazine: Will you miss Fluke while you're away?Geary: You know, I really will! You will be seeing a bit more of him. Because of my delay in leaving for Amsterdam, I was able to shoot several more scenes that will keep him on the air here and there while I'm gone — mostly phone and Skype conversations with Tracy and Julian. They sent a crew to my house to shoot some of it and I went into the studio for a day. You'll see Fluke getting in touch from his travels in Thailand and Tibet or wherever and Tracy whining, "Luke, come home!" He's supposedly working on getting the ELQ shareholders onto Tracy's side but I think he also has his own nefarious agenda. He's probably trafficking in eyes, kidneys and other body parts.

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