Friday, June 27, 2014


IT's Aunt Bobbie's old Brownstone!! My wish came true. Morgan is shirtless doing renno...and is spotless.

Those are some fake-ass rocks that Sam is scraping the paint by..geesh. Paddy said he'd search from here to "Niagara Falls" if he had to. Um...isn't Port Chuck right there? ...well, even Rochester--it's not that far. 

And-- there's Carly in the park while Franco and Sonny fight over her. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Franco says he'll tell the cops that Sonny killed AJ if he doesn't stay away from Carly.

Tracy's talking on the phone with Fluke. Michael walks in. And Tracy says she got an annulment

Levi..ugh. His feet are whiter than the rest of him. I HATE HIM ugh AND NOW he wants to shut down the Brownstone project?

FIRST garage (Johnny's old one) and Sam and Patrick SCORE with the car? Okay then!  That was Frank/Doris' grandson. 



  1. I guess I'm like you. You continue to watch the show and you obviously hate it it. I continue to read your blog, and I hate it. The past 2 days shows were awesome, yet you miss it, but you are back to bitch today.
    Fairman's site at least has a true fan writing it, while this one just has a grumpy old woman who only sees the negative. please retire permanently.

  2. Oh Craig, you are so silly. Just don't read Karen's blog if you hate it.

  3. I Love the Brownstone!!!!!

    Gotta love the PCPD. They can't investigate for the life of them. Good thing PI Sam is on the case!

    Can Rafe hit Levi with his car next? The PCPD will never figure it out and no one would actually care.

    It is going to be one slow summer with this Fluke/ drug story dragging on until October.

    Karen I have been watching GH for over 30 years, through many ups and downs, and I love your blogs. you say what I think - for the most part - about GH. I hope you continue on for a long long time.

  4. Karen,
    Ignore Craig. If he thought the last two days were awesome he must have very low standards. I love your blog and am so grateful that you keep writing it.

    I cannot believe the Puke story is going to drag on through October! At least we get a respite from the character for a while.

    They really should change the theme to the old song from The Wizard of Oz, "If I Only Had a Brain." As I have said many times before it drives me nuts that most of the characters are so damn stupid.

  5. Karen, we all love your blog, and you are not an old woman!!

    So 2 sets were resurrected today: Bobbie's brownstone, and Johnny Z's garage. Also, Tracy got cell phone reception in an elevator?

  6. Karen, your blog is the way I decide if I'm watching that day. Please never stop writing! I agree with you on so many things. I love GH, but sometimes the writing (and some characters) make me cringe. I just can't ever completely walk away from the show. The one time I did was when they "killed" Robert and Anna. I couldn't watch for awhile after that. But, I eventually came back and have kept watching, even through all of Guza.

  7. Karen, you are amazing. Yes, we get grumpy at the show, but you've been doing this a long time, and are the only fan blog I read...the gall of some people

    And I'm happy that the Brownstone is back (I hope it stays back)

  8. Jeeezus, Craig - calm down!

    This blog keeps my connection going with the show even on days like today which are poor (although I did like the Brownstone nostalgia).

    If you don't like Karen's thoughts go to Fairman. No harm done and everyone is happy!


  9. The park: That Carly, BobTodd, and Sonny scene was so funny!!! BobTodd practically grabbed their arms and pulled them apart. BobTodd was acting like Todd! Sonny won the line of the day!

    Sonny: I'll just dump your sorry ass in a trunk of a car. Watch that machine squeeze you into a like a little cube.

    ROFL! And Carly was all no you won't!!! And BobTodd tells her he isn't talking to her! Hahahaha! Oh don't worry Sonny, BobTodd won't go to the police about what he knows, he will just go tell Michael!!!!! Meanwhile, Levi and Maxie scene. I wonder if Levi knows the Q's and hates them, for some reason. Hmmmmmm. Maybe he is related to the Q's? I say he is related to Brian Dunkleman. :) Cousins! Hahaha!

    The crash site: Hmmm I noticed yesterday, that nobody fixed that railing. What is taking so long?

    The car garage: Frank and Doris's grandson huh? Awesome! I'm glad Sam saw on the computer who's car it was! :) Will she say it's her car? Or Rafe's car?

    Sam's home: Rafe's all I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. When we first met it was amazing!!! Blah blah blah. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    The brownstone: THE BROWNSTONE YAY! Altho, it looks like Mac's old house. You know, the one who was on fire and burned to the ground.. Oh wait IT IS!!!! :( How disappointing. I really wanted the old set. I miss the old set. Ah well. :( At least we got the brownstone back. :) And of course Morgan has to be shirtless! Love the Morgan and Michael scene! Starki and Morgan, I like their friendship.

    ELQ office: Annulment papers?? Fake? How? Hmmm. Oh no Michael don't believe a word Tracy says! And don't give her the waterfront project!!!! Tracy in the elevator, while talking to Fluke on the phone, puts up the file like he could see it hahaha!

  10. "Kg said.Oh Craig, you are so silly. Just don't read Karen's blog if you hate it."

    Yup and yup!!! :) Keep writing Karen!!!!

  11. Craig, Hope it makes you feel better to call Karen names. If you don't like her blog, go away. It's really simple. Delete the blog from your bookmarks, forget the address, and never return. So easy. Have a nice day -- elsewhere.

  12. I don't like Levi at all... but the story of him trying to "save" the "poor people" who live there is true-to-life... Just a few years back my mother's neighborhood was in the midst of such an argument. A business man, with the help of the local municipality, was going to buy, refurbish, and raise the rents on a whole neighborhood. If it hadn't been for the unity and fight of the residents, they would all have been moved out of their homes with no where to go that they could afford. Never made up my mind which side was right, but this story seems real to me...

    Do miss the days at Bobbie's brownstone, and hope they can bring it back...

    Cannot believe that Craig, would take the time to criticize a blog he doesn't like. Just don't read it!!! He must have way to much time on his hands....


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