Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Snortin' In the Park

OOoooooooo. Rafe, you so '80s in that park!! Snorting the blow. TJ's all  "What you doing"? Then Rafe says "You mama sells it"...
Then he slugs TJ.  

Sam and Patrick. She's going to find out who was driving the car (obviously) and he was going to tell her about Jason..then Felix walks in. BUMMER. I guess Betty's acting all wacko. 

Anna tells Ric she knows he's not the boss but... Anna says he's not off the hook and they have to play it so they can find out the real boss. Ric's freaking out. 

Lulu's womb may be saved!! Call the press!! OMG If she gets  PG the same time Ava is and Ava's baby dies, you know she's stealing Lulu's 

Nina and Silas......snooooooozeaaaaah. Whatever. She is a good actress but man, I SO don't care. They are going to be in that apt for WEEKS going over their past. And "what's new" in 20 years.  Nina kisses Silas. He like..doesn't lean in.

Liz and Molly and Diane are going to 'save' Ric. 

BOOM -- someone's gun went it legit? Is it a sting operation? What? Hmmmmmmm. Interesting. 
I think it's a sting operation . We shall  see! 


  1. I really hope it's a sting because if they kill off Rick I'm going to be really mad!! I can't understand why he'd try to grab a gun and escape just because he can't talk to Elizabeth right now. The fact that Anna knows the truth should be giving him some hope, not send him spiraling into despair.

    I agree completely about Nina and Silas. I really don't care. I guess they brought her back because Jason's coming back and they'd have nothing for Silas to do. *rolls eyes*

  2. And some news about Brianna Brown.

  3. Jail: Anna you gotta have a plan here for Ric!!!!!

    The police station: Molly and Liz awwww! :) Hmmm a shot rung out! I did read that Anna wants to fake Ric's death. Well I am okay with it, just as long as Molly and Liz know about it!!!

    The park: Oh WOW!!! Rafe ducked and flinched when TJ was going to hit him!!! Rafe is a wimpy wussy douchebag!!!! He disgusts me, and needs to leave the show ASAP! Sam and Rafe scene, when she talked about how Gabriel passed away, the look on Rafe's face, Oh that is it!!! I bet HE DID IT! He drove that car that hit Parick's car!!!

    McSilas's home: Nina seemed very sweet when her and McSilas were married 20 yrs ago, but now she is creepy. And when she kissed him, I felt no chemistry.

    Felix and Sabrina's home: Wow. Sabrina is acting strange. Oh and back when she was in the hospital in her son's hospital room, I saw the actress's baby bump! :) Woah she is wearing a wedding dress!!! OH OH!

    Patrick's home: Sam and Patrick scene awwww! Love the scene. I'm glad she wants to help him with finding out who hit them! Patrick you don't think you are a good friend to Sam? But you don't even know for sure if Jason is alive or not!

    The hospital: Lulu was misdiagnosed by Dr V?!?!!?! Lulu sue her!!!!!

  4. Sonya, didn't Fluke send someone to drive that car off the road? I don't think that Rafe even has a car . . . I LOVE Ric, and hope they keep him on the show. Soap Opera mag says someone "dies,"--PLEASE don't be Ric, he is such a great actor, and the scenes he did w/Molly were heart-wrenching, and amazing.

  5. Ant Joan
    The only reason they would suddenly resurrect Rafe (with a drug problem no less) on the same day the baby died is because he is the person responsible for the accident.

  6. "AntJoan said...Sonya, didn't Fluke send someone to drive that car off the road?"

    Yeah he did, but so did Ava. But that doesn't mean that either of them actually did it. Rafe hasn't been seen in awhile, and all of a sudden he is getting high. I have no idea where he got the car.

  7. I hope it is a fake Ric death to protect him and keep him from blurting the truth to Molly and Liz. Nathan was being kinda obvious with the gun on hip. And Anna is obviously jumpy at the idea of what is going on down in the cells and too quick to deny anyone access to Ric.
    I'm thinking of who was in the PCPD building today. Sonny. Molly. Duke. Liz. Diane. Nathan. Anna. Did I forget anyone?

    I can't believe Ric, off the hook but frustrated, would do anything stupid enough to bring real charges against himself.

    Rafe as the driver? It certainly crossed my mind, but perhaps he didn't do it himself, but overheard Fluke order it and knows. Or was hired by Fluke and given a car in exchange for drugs...

    I really like Silas and Sam so I cannot like this Nina, even if she turns out to be as nice as she seems (which I don't believe). I think she has an agenda, and her talk of money, about being broke, etc--made me shake a suspicious head. There is something about her--no, I don't like her at all.

  8. I agree Soaplover, something about Nina is off. She's really working the guilt with Silas. She does seem too good. And when someone seems too good, they are usually anything but...
    And how obvious are they with Rafe? Clearly, he's guilty. The writers have no clue what to do with this character and he's been in and out for how long now? TJ has a interesting Mom so, he stays as Molly's love interest and Rafe finally enters the write off category.

  9. Soaplover says: Nathan was being kinda obvious with the gun on hip.

    You think? ROFL! :)

    "Rafe as the driver? It certainly crossed my mind, but perhaps he didn't do it himself, but overheard Fluke order it and knows. Or was hired by Fluke and given a car in exchange for drugs...

    Hmmmm. Two interesting theories. :)

    "Rafe finally enters the write off category."

    It's about time!

  10. Anna is now obstructing justice by detaining Ric w knowledge of hus innocence by another law officer.

  11. I normally comment on characters only, not actors, but after hearing how great the new Nina actress supposedly is I just don't see it.
    Silas made her tea but forgot to put it in the mug!? He handed her an empty mug.
    Have not seen Rafe in months but Im already reminded how much more I like him over TJ. I wish they had explored the fact that Rafe is a Barrington - the close friends of the Q's. Could have had Monica adopt him instead of sticking him with a vampire dead and dull as wood uncle Silas.
    For the last few months I have been hating the show more and more. To try to be optimistic I do like that it appears they might be redeeming the character of Ric. What we need on this show is romance and Ric and Liz would be a great place to start. Perhaps the storyline could also find away so Julian is redeemed and Alexis and Julian can continue their romance.
    I'd have Ned return to mentor Michael at ELQ and by doing such bring him into Carly's orbit have Ned draw on his fathering skills to help Carly with a rebelling Jocyln. A romance can bloom between Carly and Ned. I had never thought of this coupling before but Id do anything to get Carly to dump Franco.
    Franco takes the Carly and Ned romance hard and goes back to old killing self. Takes out Silas and Sabrina, making way for a Sam and Patrick romance. (Hopefully he takes out a bunchnof others too).
    Then we also have Brit and Nicholas, Maxie and Nathan, and real Luke and Tracy romances. Real Luke returns, realizes Tracy stood be him through everything fakeLuke did, and he romances her big time.

  12. "friscogh said...A romance can bloom between Carly and Ned."

    Never thought of them as a couple.. Well, then we can give them the couple squish name of Narly! Hahaha!

  13. Ric is innocent and they had no business detaining him and making him part of their sting. There have to be a million things they are violating, aside from putting his life in danger. If they feel the big guy is such a threat that they can't take care of then they are incompetent, and should get some big guns in like the FBI. TJ has grown on me more than Rafe, who is really dull, and now that he has this super mom I hope he is around for awhile. And I didn't think of this in these terms until I read it somewhere, but Tracy is actually being raped if this other man isn't Luke. Ugh.

  14. but Tracy is actually being raped if this other man isn't Luke. Ugh.


    Using an alias for consensual sex is not rape. It's unethical, but not rape.



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