Monday, June 2, 2014

Brad's Back!

He was  at a big gay NYC wedding.  Wow. 

Bobbie yells at Julian. 

Molly knows about Ric..she's making so much more sense than Alexis. Alexis likes her Julian sexcapades. LOL 

Nik tries to convince Liz that it IS Ric that did this.  They hug. 

Sam and Silas are in WUB..and cue Nina coming back tomorrow. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.  

Patrina all cute over Gabriel..and you know that BEEPER IS GOING to go off.    Either the kid is going to die or has to go to somewhere far away to get treatment so TC can have her baby for real.

Someone is at Silas' it...Nina? WHO?


  1. And the star of today's show: Sam's mountainous boobalage in that red tank top!

  2. The hospital: Britch and Brad scene! Awesome. Glad they are BFF's! Did Brad go to a big fat Greek gay wedding? :) Brad wins the line of the day!

    Brad: Shot? As in with a gun?

    ROFL! Well yeah Brad. There isn't any other way to get shot. :) Boy baby Gabriel has grown a lot of hair! Julian vs Bobbie! LOVE IT! In Lucas's room, man they all need to grow up!!! Yeah Bobbie you tell them! Nathan and Britch scene, awesome. Love their bonding.

    Alexis's home: Good girl Molly! Believe your father and not Julian! :) Now we have two people on Ric's side! :) #FreeRic! Julian hugs Alexis UGH!

    Liz's home: No liz NO!!!!! Don't doubt Ric!!!! He is innocent!!! You have to talk to Ric!

    McSilas's home: Wow that picture of McSilas and Nina! McSilas said he married her 20 yrs ago right? So they don't look young! They look like what they look like now! At first I thought he was going to purpose to her. Mcsilas is in love with her YAY! And Sam and her ta ta's are in love with him! YAY! :)

  3. Sooo disappointed that Liz let Nick convince her of Ric's guilt..... even before she called Diane!!! And then she asks him "why are you trying to convince me he's lying?" What a stupid question!!!

    Loved Molly... You will defend Sonny, you will defend Julian... You will defend your other daughters' fathers, but not MINE!!..... Scene of the day, for me...

  4. I thought Sam's boobs were going to pop out of that top. There is a difference being sexily dressed and trashy and she always looks trashy. Loved Molly being the only one with a brain. I hate to see Ric framed and even Liz doubting him. Sam and Silas were pretty boring, and I guess we all know who shows up at the door.

  5. No one noticed the comment Julian said to Bobbie about her family being the threat? So, does Julian believe Fluke is Luke?

  6. "Avalonn said...No one noticed the comment Julian said to Bobbie about her family being the threat? So, does Julian believe Fluke is Luke?"

    I noticed it, but I forgot to mention it! Yeah that was a very strange comment! Yeah good question! Does Julian believe Fluke is Luke? Hmmm.


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