Thursday, November 28, 2019

We Gather Together ...

First We Sing... 

Remember when most of the Qs were alive?? A..what a time. Of course, some have passed naturally and others--well a certain Headwriter took care of them!! That's Reggie on the right in case you didn't know, butler for many years. This may be the first annual pizza-fest? I'm not even sure when that all started. 
Maybe Olivia will bake some in her new Pizza Oven she never got to put into Charlie's. 

Here's hoping you and yours have a good, sharing feast. the origins of Thanksgiving may be under dispute but one thing is a fact: It's always good to give thanks for a bounty. 

I won't be posting today even though there's a whole new show on. Yesterday was sort of a filler and I'm thinking today will be as well? I could be wrong-- but I think Monday will be "the day" if the episodes line up correctly. Look for Sunday Surgery and maybe a blurb on today's show tomorrow. 

Thankful to you, my faithful readers for so many years of fun. I was looking back and saw I started the blog  (moved from my Angelfire site) in Sept of 2009.  I was on Angelfire since 1998-99 ish so that makes me an OG General Hospital Soaper! Some of you may remember Gedstern's site, that's where I got my start. Seems like lifetimes ago! Now we have twitter and boards that update in real time. Our community can be crazy but it's sure entertaining!! 

PS. If you have any leftover stuffing, that's my jam!! Forget everything else, just pass that bowl over!! 

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wonderful World Of Wubs

WHY YES! It IS a new Logo!! Made by our own David--- isn't it great?? I LOVE it-- Alberta and all the info you need right in one spot. So, look for it on Twitter, You Tube, Facebook and of course, right here. Coffee mugs next?? 

NOTE: Tomorrow there is a new GH --but it's not the Thanksgiving episode. We are still a day behind!! So, it's kind of another lead-up day.  I think the more exciting show will be next Monday. BUT--I'll still post something on it, probably Friday. I think I'll be busy tomorrow. 

Filler Day

Thanksgiving Eve..I should be cleaning and cooking. I'm not LOL. I grocery shopped this morning and that was enough for me!! Now I'll do this and NAP!! 
Remember they are going to air a show tomorrow. I probably won't do a blog that day because FAMILY TIME.... I'm sure a lot of people will watch it on Friday. 


TODAY'S SHOW: (the day before thanksgiving by the looks of things)

Violet meets Chase and Willow, they are all at Anna's. Cute.  Willow gets all Weepy about Wiley. They leave to go eat dinner. 

Valentin finds out the codicil means he'll have to give up Wyndemere. They talk about how to stop it. He has to get that painting! 

Sasha and Michael eating in The Rib. He invites her to both CarSon's and Q's for turkey day. Dr. O comes by...wants to toast the fact "it's all over". Michael tells her that Curtis is still poking around and might find out she helped with the samples. 

Later, Willow and Chase come in. Willow wants club soda and gets queasy at food. Hmmmm.... What COULD IT MEAN?// Sasha asks her if she is...Willow says she doesn't know but she is late.

Hayden is attacked on the docks, Nikolas is suddenly there to "rescue" her. (I think he set that up!!)  Hoodie guy eventually runs. Nikolas says: SEE, you should leave town!! She doesn't want to leave Violet. He says she'll be safe in Port Charles. HUH? WHY? Hayden goes to Anna's and gives Violet her blanket and Tinkerbell night light. She's gonna leave. Stupid GH didn't sign her to a contract. I hope she didn't want one or something because it makes no sense to let her get away. 
Anna can tell something is up with Hayden.. Hayden asks to see Violet alone for a minute. 

Lucas is in GH, being cold to Brad. Brad is like: Um..we haven't sat down as a family in forever. Lucas says until he tells him the truth, he's not going to.  Lucas is working the ER on Thanksgiving Day. BYE BRAD! 

Then Brook Lynn finds Lucas and they catch up a bit. 

Alexis doesn't think it's Kendra poisoning her, not really--Where would she get Tallium? She and Neil talk about it.. and she thinks maybe it's because she feels foolish for letting Kendra get to her. 

Brad and Lesil spar outside of The Rib... Brad is blaming her for breaking them up. He cries, she cringes and tries to hug him lol. He keeps crying and she tells him to man up and to to keep lying to protect them all. 

Michael E Knight has other obligations right now but Tad will be back!! 

Nikolas did hire that fake thug. He paid him off. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Black Hoodie.

Note: there's a great GH gift guide on Soaps In Depth with some things I haven't seen before!  Michelle Stafford's Skin Nation is also a great gift, find it on Amazon. I think the Port Charles Travel Guide is a really fun book for any GH fan! 


Hayden is at the docks--She gets a call from Valentin, she stalls him. Nikolas comes over and tell her he saw her at Wyndemere and heard what Valentin said. Nikolas tells her she has to leave Port Charles and change her identity. She's like No way. NOPE. He says "your best and only option is to leave".  She says she won't do it. She has too much to lose if she leaves.  See below

Dustin wants to take Lulu and Rocco to the Port Charles Thanksgiving Parade. (they are going to the Qs in the afternoon).  They kiss and are going to meet the morning before dinner. 

Laura goes to Jax...Nikolas hides. Then leaves. Laura was invited to the wedding of Nina and Val and can't figure out why. She also wonders why it was his credit card stolen. THEN Tad comes to the door and he wants to see Jax and is glad Laura is there too. He wants to know about the portrait! He says he represents a client who bought it from the Gallery and now wants to sell it. Shows them a photo of it. They say they have to know who it is if they are going to sell it. He says no, leaves. Then..Laura and Jax talk... Tad comes back a bit later to get the iPad he left. OH, he was TAPING THEM! DUH!! GOOD plan by Valentin! Tad goes to Wyndemere and lets him hear the tape and now Val knows about the COD-A-SILL. 

Charlotte wants to go back to school, Val says it's dangerous. She thinks back to what Nikolas said about being her bodyguard and she's always safe.  She does't tell him tho. Valentin hugs her and says they'll be a real family after the wedding.
Then Lulu comes over to get Charlotte for the day before Thanksgiving. She leaves. They go have lunch. Lulu shows Charlotte pics on her phone. Lulu goes to get their food and Charlotte looks thought the photos and sees a pic of Nikolas. 

Neil tells Alexis why he thinks Kendra is poisoning her. Tells her about the dead rats at Charlie's. Alexis can't figure out why it would be Kendra. Neil leaves. Kendra comes to visit Alexis. Alexis is suspicious. Alexis tells her about the poison and the police are on it. Looks for Kendra's reaction. Kendra is like: Ummmm.... here!! take this pill, it will relax you!! Derp. Alexis fakes taking it and gives it to Neil. 


Detention:  Joss spills that Dev isn't Sonny's cousin.  They tell them the whole truth. Trina and Cam have a million questions and can't figure out why Dev didn't just ask for asylum. Then Dustin comes in. Tells them all they've made "Bad Choices" and yada yada. Hopes they don't make any MORE "Bad Choices".

Later they all make a pact to protect Dev's secret. 

Nik leaves the dock and Hayden is attacked by a hoodie guy. Maybe Nik hired him?? I mean, tomorrow, Nik is back telling Hayden to leave again?? 

Monday, November 25, 2019

GH WILL Air on Thanksgiving!

I guess GH will air on Turkey Day so we won't be so far behind?? SO-- hope your DVR is set. 

Mike can't tell where his shoes go-- Oh no.. end stage is coming or is here. So good to see Stella. She tells Sonny that he has to forgive him while he can. Sad.. Mike is getting angry now too. Big cognitive decline is coming. Stella says goodbye and tells CarSon she and Mike made a pact: when the time came, tell them to let him go, and that Sonny was a good son. Crying. 

Neil tells Julian about the rat poison. Julian says: HUH..I have a lot of dead rats behind Charlies!! He then says it was weird, he talked to Kendra behind there and then the rats turned up dead LOL. Neil tells ALexis he thinks it's Kendra doing the poisoning. 

TJ asks ALexis for Molly's hand in marriage. She said Molly would hate that. Molly is her own person. She can do what she wants but she's happy he thought of her. Wonder if he'll ask Ric? 

TJ tells Stella he wants to marry Molly..and she's happy but there's something she says will be a long road for them. He says yes, I have to finish medical school, yada yada. She says NO--Molly is white!
They have a long discussion about being a young black man in America now and her fears; it's a great scene. Very much about that more than interracial marriage. She says she gives them her blessing and will be in the front row for the wedding. 


Kids at School-- LOL. Joss has on her DISNEY PLUS HAT!! Product Placement!! They talk about Lady and the Tramp too. They are in detention for the drinking on the boat. Telling secrets: Trina's is she did a DNA thing online and got a hit in Port Charles but is too scared to see who it might be. WE KNOW IT'S STELLA!  And I'm thinking probably Curtis. Cam says he can't think of many secrets because he's known Joss forever but he's sure DEV has some!! LOL 
They press Dev..Dev says he cheated in school and his father sent him to live with Sonny. Trina's like: Um your dad is dead! LOL.. then he calls Sonny "Uncle Sonny" not cousin Sonny. They know something is up and want to know who he is!! 

Monica invites Drew Co to Thanksgiving... He says people might not like it. She says "Its' my house". He also tells her there's a storage locker in San Diego with things in it..she may want them for Drew's daughter. Ut Oh, you know storage lockers are never good. 
Liz and Monica talk. Monica's afraid that Drew will be hurt in the procedure (she calls him Drew). Liz says it's worth it. 

Julian yells at DrewCo for hurting Kim..weird scene, imo. 

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: All In The Family

HEY Dad!! How ya doin"?? !

Oh, that stupid ABC schedule. This week felt so fragmented, and I watched here and there in a catch-all type way. That's not a great way to digest a show.  We are also 'officially' two episodes behind --meaning they pushed 2 back and aired the rest on the day they were supposed to (or part of the day). This means Friday cliffhangers are chucked and the holidays will be all over the place. Boooooooo. 

With that said, let's get to it!! Not as wonderful as last week, but still had some great moments that I liked. 
Breakfast today is being eaten later. Just a latte for me! 

Friday, November 22, 2019

Discussions all over the place!

Mike even LOOKS more frail. Stella visits him--Mike thinks he's at the track. Stella realizes Mike is going downhill fast. 

Carly and Sonny. Sonny overhears her talking to Jax "more secrets"?  She's trying to change the subject. OMG! SAM! isn't it terrible? Sonny's like, meh, whatever, she'll get out for good behavior lol. Then he says You had JASON over-- you two confide in each other all the time. Did you tell HIM what's going on with Jax?? OMG!! THEN!! Sonny is all "This is your fault, YOU SLEPT WITH HIM!"!!! AHAHAHAAHAHA. She says his list is longer@!! "you slept with my lawyer"!!! 
Then Stella interrupts them.. she tells them Mike will probably forget who they are sooner rather than later. 

Finn/Anna--he tells her he's going to be a bit late. She's talking to Jason. She needs his help with the Cassandra boat mystery yada yada.  Jason tells her about Sam. She gets upset and asks about the him advice on what to tell them. Says he's an unconventional father but he'll be brilliant. Actually a nice scene. I didn't mind it. 

Jason goes to Monica..they hug. Scout and Danny are sleeping upstairs. She says Robert called about Sam..she's sorry. Thinks that the kids need stability and should stay there. Jason wants to talk to them. Danny's still awake so he tells him about Sam. Danny's upset and Jason asks if he wants to stay at the Qs or at his own house. Danny says it will be too sad to stay at their old place.

Nina tells Jax it's all an ACT and she's deceiving Valentin like he did to her! He thinks she can come up with a better plan than sabotaging the wedding. He thinks she should tell him she's moving on and date him! Then Nina says she re-thought things and sees how much Charlotte loves him and can't do it to him. Cripes. :eyeroll: 

Nikolas is going to hit Valentin with the fireplace poker and........the DOORBELL RINGS! Damn it!! It's Hayden.Valentin wants her to tell him why the portrait is important and he'll pay her a HALF A MILLION DOLLAHS! 
Nikolas is listening...he's all Bug-Eyed. Hayden leaves

Nikolas calls Hayden and says he has to see her by tomorrow, it's IMPORTANT-- she sees Finn and Anna saying their "I love yous" and kiss. 
Jax tells Nikolas that if they haven't found the portrait by NYE (when Nina's to marry Val) then he's telling her, he doesn't care. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019


A bunch of people didn't--the hearings were still on but some affiliates put GH on and mine was one!! WHOOT!

Quick Summary: 
Today's Show: Great Quartermine Banter with Brook Lynn (she's awesome and fits right in)... Jason talks to Carly about Sam-- Nina shocks Jax with a whopper about the wedding, Ava and Valentin have a good scene. Nikolas tells Charlotte he's working for her father as her bodyguard and not to tell on him. Stella is home for a visit. Anna and Hayden talk about Violet and Chase and Finn look at adorable photos of her on Finn's phone. 

The wedding: Nina is going to destroy Valentin! 

Recycle Thursday

NOTE:  I am thinking the hearings will interrupt GH again today due to the fact they have 2 witnesses. This means GH will be pushed back 3 days so far. ABC has chosen to push them back rather than to air them in the wee hours and stream like NBC does. 
RUMOR has it, and has had it that Becky Buding is leaving GH. I'd like to say she was brought back temporarily when Finola was out (this was decided by both parties, btw) and was not slated to stay long term. That said, her 'come back' has been wildly popular and I'm hoping that TPTB can reach some sort of resolution and get her on full time. She's been great. Remember please, it's  NOT THE WRITERS that dictate contracts.
GH is already on tender-hooks because of the hearings, who knows what ratings will look like when they air regularly again. The show is on an upswing and now people are saying they won't watch if she leaves. Light a candle, people! 


I was listening to Karen's podcast this morning and she triggered a memory for me. It got me thinking: What storyline/event/incident from the past would you want to see resurface as a storyline today? It would have to be a new take on the storyline, not a simple rehash. 


Right now I couldn't even tell you who is in charge at the company or if the company still exists. I am assuming it is Michael. I think the last time it was mentioned was during the Pickl-Lila fiasco. But with Jax in town, and already taking over Crimson, it's a perfect storyline for Jax to attempt a takeover of ELQ. Michael will be in over his head (although insist he has everything under control). Ned will come out of hiding and step up to help out. Olivia will bake a gift basket and deliver it to Jax. Jax is good with keeping everything near-legal but Ned will downright play dirty. This can not only get really good, but it will bring up a lot of the past and nostalgia.

Plus, if they can get Jane out of retirement for a few days, it would be awesome to have a ELQ board meeting and Tracy swoop in and give a speech about family and legacy. (She can stick around maybe 3 days. See her family, confront Jax, say hello to Monica, update everyone on Luke then leave)

PS. In my perfect world, Tracy would be speaking to a portrait of David Lewis on the wall, talking to him about the family and then turn away and when she looks back it is now John Ingle. 

The corporate takeover of Crimson was very lackluster. This can be a really good storyline. And knowing this show, it would last forever.

Note from Wubsy: With Brooklyn coming back, she could also play a role in this. Lucy's trying to get Deception up and running, why not have Michael buy it and have Lucy as CEO? 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Another Lost Day...

Oh FFS. 
ANOTHER INTERRUPTUS DAY---and STUPID ABC isn't going to just stream it or put it on at like 2am so people can DVR It..nope, they are pushing it back. Meaning we will be 2 days behind--with tomorrow maybe 3. Why does that matter? Holidays, that's why. UGH! 

Here I am.. ;) PISSED OFF_- although I look Chipper!! UGH-- this is just maddening. I honestly don't think it needs to be on the network stations since we have a TON of news stations but whatever

I don't have a GH post for today other to say that I really like Brooklyn. I hope the Qs come back in force!! I hope it keeps going in this direction.  Here's hoping we get our show back SOON. 
Darn IT. 

RUMOR PATROL:  I did some round-up on Twitter--some of these are wild...some seem legit but I don't know: 
1.  Jane might be back for a visit around the holiday season (Tracy) I HOPE this is true. 
2.  Kelly Monaco signed a one-year contract. Kelly Monaco didn't sign a contract (I have no idea-- it's a mess) 
3. Lucky is being recast or Greg Vaughn will come back due to Days being on hiatus (I say THIS IS FALSE)
4. Brad gets in a car accident compliments of Julian (this seems like it could be legit) 

That's it!! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2019


All hands on deck!! We got a break in the hearings so ABC is going to put up GH --and I'm hoping no interruptions. 

I'm psyched because I really liked Brook Lynn and I want to see Friz and the letter Olivia gets. 

It started a bit late but it's on. I got about 20 commercials before it finally started. 

Hayden is moving into Kim's. Let's hope it means she's sticking around!! She's measuring around. Kim hopes that Hayden has better luck there than she does. They talk about the neighbors and Hayden asks about 'kid noise"... and she says she has a daughter. Kim goes to leave and drops Oscar's teddy. Hayden says "Oh you're a mom too" . Kim doesn't really answer. Just says it's a great place for a kid. Hayden suggests they drink some champagne to celebrate. Kim says no thanks, she has to fly. 
She's gone.

FinnA eating dinner. He tells her about Alexis rat poison. Anna talks about the whole Charlotte thing. They talk about Alexis. She went to the Merrick home in Hungary and found records but couldn't find her even though she went all over the world. It was time to come home. They talk about Violet and he says he needs her help moving forward with her and custody and all that. 

DrewCo and Liz. He wonders why she didn't tell him that Franco saved "his" life when they were kids.  She said she didn't think it was her place. "Drew" realizes just how much she loves him... and there was a line she wouldn't cross. He says that it's Franco's life "not his".  Becky is making me tear up. Geesh, she cries pretty!! Shes's going to go call Maddox. 

Lucas tries to get Brad to confess. Brad says he's only made sacrifices for the family and Lucas doesn't get it. Lucas is like: LET ME "GET IT" Tell me! Brad is mad, Lucas is upset..Brad leaves. 

Brook Lynn and Jules. He tells her a bit about things, but talks around specifics.  She finally says: Why don't you end this 'partnership'..."terminate it" ? Julian is like: I just might do that. OH LORDY IS HE GONNA KILL HIM?? They end and Julian TRIES TO PAY HER! ahahha. He thinks she's a hooker!!? bhahahaha. She throws the money back at him. Leaves. Later, Brad comes over and tries to talk to him but Julian won't open the door. Brad pleads with him--but Julian turns off the lights and walks away. 

So Sam was NOT guilty of murder in the first degree BUT GUILTY OF MANSLAUGHTER!!!!!!! HOLLA!! SHE'S OFF TO JAIL!! Hey!! BLOOP.. well, they have to sentence. So each side gives arguments for sentencing.  The judge sentences her to jail for 2 years but thinks the parole board will let her out early. Maybe. hee hee. JaSam says their goodbyes. 

Olivia gets a packet from the WSB. She thinks it's a response to all the letters she wrote to Dante. Ned leaves she and Sonny alone. She has Sonny open it and all her letters are in there, unopened. There's a letter for her saying "Mom, don't write me anymore" . Olivia sobs. She thinks Dante is still trying to protect them and his PTSD is doing this. She wants to shred them. Ned and Sonny convince her that Dante might come home one day and want to read them. 

THEN...BROOK LYNN comes crashing in the door "Hi Daddy, I'm home"!! 


The Ava Factor

While we are being interrupted by government buzzzzzzzzness.... I thought I'd take the time to write about something I failed to do in the blog OR comment on in the podcast.


It's that of Ava thinking she's seeing things --and it was bad enough she checked herself into a psyche center.  Who knows she's REALLY not having a psychotic break? 

*Nikolas--who says he doesn't care because of her part in his "death" (thin at best)
*Jax- who went to visit her and still didn't say anything
*Carly- who was locked up herself by Nelle who totally lied 
*Hayden-who I guess I can give a pass because she doesn't know Ava well? 

All in all though, here's a woman who's lost her child to a murderer, that was on the brink anyway and who thought she saw (and hugged) a dead man. People convinced her that couldn't be true so she's in bed, taking drugs and thinking she's insane. 
Now, yes, Ava's done terrible, awful things in the past. We've all seen it. Some may even say she deserves it.
I disagree. It's one thing if she's being punished honestly for her sins but a whole other one if she's purposely being kept in the dark about something that could toy with her sanity. 

My hope? When Sonny finds out he HITS THE DAMN ROOF. Why? Not so much that Carly was trying to protect Jax but because he knows what mental illness is and that Ava's was used to keep that secret. He out of anyone knows the consequences of messing with the mind, and Carly and Jax are culpable to a "T" in this. Laura is also going to be pissed because of this as well.  Ava would have every right to sue them in civil court for emotional distress. 

I just thought this was worth a mention because it is a factor. Everyone is concerned about protecting Nikolas' "family" because of that stupid codicil but there's already one person that's paid dearly. 

I believe GH will be interrupted today-- which means we will probably have to watch online. ABC STILL hasn't given any kind of press release about the show yet. (and it's 12:30pm/est) 

Monday, November 18, 2019

Clean Up Day


Julian is sad about the estrangement from Lucas. He deletes Kim's number from his phone. Brooklyn comes in and orders a Black Russian. I love her already. She just fits into a daytime show--the acting is perfect. 
Brad comes in later. Threatens him with "telling Sonny" lol yada yada.. things happen. Julian throws everyone out of the bar. 

Lucas tells Brad he cut off all ties with Jules. Brad looks scared. Jules says he doesn't care about Julian anymore at all.  Dr. O runs into Julian in the hall. He tells her he knows Brad was blackmailed by her to change the DNA results and it's not COOL. She says that Brad's a liar and he'll find that out sooner or later on his own. OMGOMOGOD!! THEN-- Dr. O says to Lucas "I will be forced to tell you about your husband and Wiley's real father"##!!!!! 
Brad interrupts them OF COURSE!! 
Lucas knows something is up tho and says to Brad "There's always another lie, Tell me about Wiley's father"!!! 

Liz lets Finn know she knows about Violet and that Anna's home. Finn then goes to see Anna. They get labs back and realize it is Thallium poisoning. They give her Prissan Blue dye which is a cure to flush it out of her system. They are trying to figure out where she could have gotten it. She tells them she eats out most of the time. Dun Dun dunnnnnnnn

Alexis can't figure out how she got rat-poisoned. Finn says it COULD be that..TJ's right but Thallium has been banned for years. They talk about the restaurants she's eaten at. SHe said she'd think Helena was doing it but she's dead. 

Bench trial-- Spin, Jason and Diane are there. The Fed guy hasn't shown up yet for it.  Too bad--he comes in late.  Looks like the white-haired guy from Mad Men but he's not him. HE says Shiloh was a wonderful person who saved so many lives. Sam deserves to be punished.  They do the witness testimonies. BO--RANG. Rehash of the boat fight--jason's fights with Shank..Jason's arrest record.
All you need to know is the judge was going to read the verdict and it was the end of the show. 


Franco is going to DUMP KIM!! He wants the procedure. She's like ..we can stay here!! He says if he doesn't get it, he's no better than the man that did it to Franco in the first place. She cried. He goes and talks to Liz at GH ...nothing was said today yet.

PREVIEW: Oh, Hayden is going to move into Kim's place!! 

Podcast Number Nine

Coming down Chicago Line (anyone remember that song?!) 

That's right, "Character Growth" is the title of this newest podcast and you can hear me gush over the show if you so choose. I AM the Pollyanna of the group, that's for sure. 

Check here OUR TAKE MEDIA and listen there or  on iTunes, Google or Spodify. I think on Sundays I will ask for your rating of GH from 1-10 and include the "Wubs Blog Bunch" on the show. 

Have a good day. GH will be on today, but probably not Tues-Thursday due to the hearings. I will have a few posts up to ponder however, and may have some up if the episodes are available on Hulu. 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Redemption

What I live for on soaps

What a week.. between my loving the show and the interruptions, it was wacky!! Redemption: Hayden to Finn... Valentin to Anna... Sonny to Ava... Jason to DrewCo.. and a little bit of Lulu and Val too. 

The show flowed again this week, scenes were a bit longer and we even got a little action on the docks. Dialog was the best I've heard in a long time and it was consistently good. 

So, a feast is in order!! Grab whatever you can (I'm having a bagel and cream cheese for carb strength. 

Friday, November 15, 2019

A Little Bit of This..

So I watched yesterday's show and I guess part of GH was on today. I got in at 2:35. Next week is sure going to mess with everything!! We'll be seeing holiday stuff deep in January!! 
NOTE: Today's show started late. ABC said you can see it on in it's entirety. East Coast 3pm people will see it in full as will Central and West Coast times. 

I LOOOOOOOOVED YESTERDAY'S SHOW!! It was amazing. Ava and Sonny? Finn and Violet? damn! 



Cam and Sonny. Sonny yells at Cam about drinking...driving..being an idiot. Reads him the riot act.  Nice scene with Sonny and Liz when she picks up Cameron. They leave with some of Sonny's homemade sauce. 

Hayden and Liz. Hayden tells Liz that Finn told Violet he was her daddy and it was "magical". Then Anna came home (sad horn lol) . Liz tells Hayden not to hurt Finn again, he had a hard time getting over her. Hayden says that she's not going to come between he and Anna.

Alexis and Neil--waiting for her test results.  TJ figures out it might be rat poison.

Kim and Jules. Shes' trying to blame Julian for her trying to rape Drew.  She tells him he never was "her Charlie and he's just the man he always was"... says goodbye. 

Franco and Jason look at the water.... Franco realizes his body is Franco's. LOL ..welp! Okay then! 

Anna and Finn..she says that she's sorry she found out the way she did..but it's not his fault. She says you'll make a "wonderful father" ..and "Hayden knows it too" BOOM.

Jason goes to GH to check on Monica....they hug awww..

Kim goes to the empty apartment and waits for "Drew" ... he comes to the door and looks serious. 

OK, look for SUNDAY Surgery. I'll catch up on all the episodes and have my thoughts. I think that the week was pretty good but interruptions will suck the life out of any show. 

Have a good Friday! 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

So, that GH Thing...


Wednesday's show will air today.  Canada got it yesterday and I know that Finn tells Violet he's her Daddy and it was pretty cute. Robert also sees Anna. 

Today is my day off from GH so I will catch it on Hulu-- and then it's off again Friday. Just when the show is getting really good and I'm enjoying tweeting again..BOOM!!

On the Days story--- I'm hearing from people in the 'industry" that it's really not a huge deal and it's to save some money and the show WAS "picked up" again. They tape so far in advance-- and this way they can offer actors something at the time of taping. I'm not going to pretend to know what's happening, that's for sure. The writer, producer/actors are on twitter saying calm down, TMZ is sounding the funeral bells and fans are left scratching their heads. 

It's almost the holiday season...maybe order the Port Charles Travel Guide from Amazon or Maurice's new book for a fave GH fan or yourself?? I really wish GH would step it up on the merch front. I could use a fun hoodie or something. 

See ya on the flip side! 

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Days..and Quick Fire GH

DAYS NEWS: (Copied from TMZ) 

PodCast: Our Take On GH !!

Our Take Media has on the latest podcast for last week's show!! Take a listen and also if you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I'll try to get them on when I next tape!! 


Monday, November 11, 2019

OH NO...Here comes the SNOW

Well, we were predicted a foot and now it's sure snowing like that will likely be the case. Dang it. It's TOO SOON! We were lax at getting in the deck stuff too and our table is covered. LOL.  I'm just not ready. Tillie's even hunkered down! 

We will have a podcast to put up soon. We had fun doing it and it ran long because we were excited about the show!! YES! I said Excited! As soon as that's up, I'll let you know. 


So, Finn is at Anna's..they show her roses, bulldog and Union Jack. He's eating a sandwich and the doorbell rings. Is it ANNA? NOPE....womp womp, it's Hayden with Violet. Dang.  I mean, I just wanted it to be Anna!! I guess in the preview she comes home and sees Hay and Finn on the couch!! UT OH. 

Laura had Valentin and Nina hauled down to the PCPD for questioning on the disappearance of Cassandra. Valentin is like WHY ME?? Laura said she was his first phone call from jail.  Valentin turns it around and demands to know HOW she escaped. 

Lulu notices Charlotte is gone. They freak out.
Cassie is on the docks with Charlotte's phone. She turns off the tracking device. 

Lulu calls PCPD and tells Jordan, that she probably just wandered off. Then the police come, show pics of Cassandra. Brad thinks he remembers seeing her there. Lulu freaks out when they show her the photo. 

On the docks Cassandra tells Charlotte she is going to use her Daddy's love for her to get him right where she wants him. 

Lucas tells Julian to buzz off and he was a jerk when he told him he was gay and even though he's less 'homophobic now" he's still a liar!! Julian says he did stage the affair but he's going to tell him WHY. He said Brad did "shady stuff" but he knew Lucas wouldn't believe him if he told. Lucas tells him he's done. BYE Julian says What if I tell you something that will make you understand??
Phone rings..It's Brad telling Lucas about Charlotte/.

Jax is really pissed at Nikolas about breaking out Cassandra from jail "She's a REAL CRIMINAL" lol.. then Jason comes over. OMG Stupid Nikolas rented the van with JAX'S COMPANY CREDIT CARD!! ahahaahahaa. Jason says he didn't think Jax had anything to do with the escape-- but that his card was stolen OR did JERRY HELP?? Perfect use, because Jason would think that!! Jax is like NOPE. Jason goes to leave and sees muddy footprints! Who's are these? 
Nikolas is just fking up ALL OVAH! lol He must have hit his head HARD going down that cliff lol. 
Jax says it's the construction worker's mud. Jason says he can tell he's holding back and they've not always been on the same side but he help him, no questions asked. 

Dr. O finds Brad in Kelly's..asks him what he's done to cover his tracks with the DNA tests.  He said he had to because Lucas was suspicious. 

Ok, a TON happens during this show and I didn't get it all in. WATCH IT. Great movement today and just a lot going on!! 

Cassandra calls Valentin, Nina bitches at Lulu, creating a diversion so Valentin can talk to Cassandra. She asks for stuff...he said he would do it. 

OMGOMGOOGOGOD!!!!!!!!!!! Charlotte kicks Cassie and tries to escape. Cassandra says "I know how to hurt little girls" and GUESS WHO STEPS OUT TO SAVE HER?? UNHAND THAT GIRL!!
it's ANNA FREAKING DEVANE!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAH!! :clapping: 

Brook Lynn Comes Back To Port Charles!

Amanda Setton --Nu Brook Lynn Ashton 

SO... lookie here-- BROOK LYNN IS BACK, KIDS!! We are getting a Q in the house!! Interesting, no?? 
Check out TV Line for the whole skivvy, but I'll give you a little background: 

Adrianne Leon--Most remembered for playing Brook Lynn 

Brook Lynn Ashton is the daughter of Lois and Ned. She was feisty and could belt out a tune with the best of them. She aired first  in 2004.  Leon also wrote songs for the show behind the scenes and performed them as well.  She was on until 2006, then reprised the role in 2010-11.  I really liked Adrianne in the role. She got an Emmy nod for best younger actress as well. She is currently a chef and doesn't act anymore according to Source Ryan which is why she may have been recast. 

Things to know: She dated Diego Alkazar
                             She was Maxie's Roomie at PCU
                             Left Port Charles to go live with Lois to get her music career on track

Fun Fact: Ned and Lois named her Brook Lynn a place special to them. At the time it was quite the unusual name. 

The actress taking over the role is 33 in real life (I think Brook Lynn would be late 20's early 30's) and has been on OLTL and The Mindy Project. Good actress and she must be able to sing? I hope this gets Ned and Olivia on more. You know she's around to cause trouble--Brook Lynn wasn't a wallflower!! Now, get that Q household on more. We do have a ton of characters on this show but Brook is a "legacy" character and I think will add some good stuff to the canvas. 

What say you? You ready for another Q/Ashton? Who do you think she'll be paired with? I'd go for Krissy or Chase if Willow finds her way to Michael. (She's Michael's cousin so they won't go there, I don't think!!) See you at 2! 


Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday Surgery: The Dead Tell No Tales


When GH gets it right--it GETS IT RIGHT!! OMG I loved this so much. I also was struck at the fact that Ava is in Shadybrook for thinking she saw a dead man... who's really alive and Lucas is walking around talking to a dead man that's really dead! (That's how my mind works, folks!) 

I was going to skip the blog this week because I missed most of last week but I thought it would be a cop-out so here I am! This week seemed to be pure Dan and Chris and I was actually engaged when I was watching. Seems like a whole lot of people are on together again and the stories are picking up. 

Grab a juice and sit on down! 

Friday, November 8, 2019


I whipped through yesterday's show...

I love how they were out picking up trash..Even Cassandra, huge fugitive federal inmate (LOL)--and Curtis is all like "Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl"!!! Can I talk to Sam McCall? The guard is just like UP!!
I see Nina is trying to confess to Nathan at the gravesite... we know she's just fakin' all this.  What's she going to do anyway? Kill him with kindness? Just throw him off the parapet?? 

Wiley is adorbs. 

NELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEE!!!!!!!! I am loving this unexpected development. I love Tad too, even if he is ALL SOUTHAN.... We know Shank is her "dead hubby". 


Jax has GIANT SUCCULENTS!! The moss must be jelly!! 




Jax in Shadybrook visiting Ava.  Maura's skin is flawless. He tells her it's his fault she had so many online trolls...and that caused her to be anxious. (not that Nikolas is alive). She says she's blurred the lines between the living and the dead-- and she's being haunted. She tells him about double crossing Spencer because she wanted her face fixed. 
Jax still isn't telling her. 
Ava thinks he's just there to get the portrait. She lets him have it. GOD I love Maura! 

Nikolas is driving Cassie in the van. He said that her actions have dissoved their partnership. She ends up running out of the van-- Stupid Nik didn't lock the door lol. That's dumb. 

Jason is the FIRST person in the park after the guard got hit? LMAO??!! Chase comes in after Jason calls 911. They tell him that Cassandra did this.  Chase does give Jason shit about being in the park where Sam was doing work. He said they talked earlier at the jail and she said she'd be out there. 

Willow talks to Brad in Kelly's. She see he's upset. She says he's a good friend to her and she can help him. (if she only knew lol). He doesn't say much.. 

Lucas is in the graveyard. TONY IS BACK TODAY!! I miss Brad Maule. He's a ghost helping Lucas through his stuff. They talk about his childhood. He recons the whole Brad story.  Tony talks about being a dad and also BJ's death. Awwww. Great scenes. Too bad Guza killed him off in the great purge.
Bobbie calls Lucas and tells him Julian is looking for him. Tony leaves. 

Beautiful scene with Jackie Z and Brad Maule in the hospital. GAH!! I teared up so hard!! 

CASSANDRA takes Charlotte! Tells her to 'save Nina' and don't scream. Monday, they look for her. 

Thursday, November 7, 2019

It's Thursday

Well. it looks like Karen is busy today. 

So, here is an open blog for everyone to jump in and comment on. 

lets talk about the show and hopefully there is some good stoylines today 
and worth discussing.

Happy Thursday!

I'm here but late--came to post a picture of Tillie in the SNOW!!!!!!! OY!! I should be back to regular posting tomorrow. LIFE..what can you do??  Thank Goodness David is paying attention and nudging me lol !! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Million Dollar Smile

So, for this day-- my 3rd day out of GH I have to be at the dentist. Which, got me thinking about smiles. 
Dimpled Smile of Sonny
Coy Smile of Ava....
Cute smile of Avery. 

Who's your fave soap smile of all time?? There are so many to choose from because I think it's a pre-order thing that when daytime actors audition they put on a WIDE SMILE!! The one that instantly sprang to mind is surprising to me because he's not been on the show in forever. But boy, I did enjoy his smile when he was on!!

He's so my "type too'!!! I do miss ol' Ethan Lovett-- he who championed Krissy when Keifet was abusing her. I'm glad Nathan Parsons move on but I did like the character. 

Almost forgot the ladies!! Who's my fave? Angie from AMC. Loved her when I was a teen. Her dimples lit up the room. She still has them! 

 What say you? Who's your fave teeth-showing start?? Leave us a comment below... 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

First Impressions.

So, NuNik isn't bothering me!! I liked the flashbacks and how Hayden and Jax came to be in the whole mess. I personally wish Nikolas would just kill Valentin and throw him off the parapet, but I'm mean. 
Liked Laura talking to Sonny about Ava. Inspired. Especially given Laura's history of mental illness.
Julian has a new set! He's out of flannel!! He's SO ZEXY threatening Brad!!! :clapping:
I did NOT like Nikolas throwing Ava under the bus. 
The DNA testing thing...geesh Louise. Now we have to wait for Curtis to find out about the samples being tainted. 
Nina's biting her tongue
Maxie's birthday was mentioned! Yeah!  with Peter
LOVE Dr. O...but wished she was in costume. I'm not complaining tho.

I'M NOT HERE AGAIN TODAY-- getting my hair done. Then tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and I'm not here Thursday!! I will try to watch at night and give my impressions the next day however. Thank you for your patience. 

Monday, November 4, 2019

Welcome to Monday


I said yesterday I'm out most of the week with STUFF to DO!! Here is last night's podcast to keep you company. It's Our Take Media's GH Episode 7  . We gab about the teens, NuNik and everything that happened last week on GH. It's always interesting to see what others have to say when you have a different opinion.
And you KNOW you're right!! LOL 
Keep in mind I'm the one without the accent!!! 

As for the cover that I threw up there, I was going through old Google albums and this came up. I have NO memory of this!! Carly and Johnny?? Ummmm. Ok...I know I was around during that time but dang. I remember OLTL people coming over. Why don't I remember Carly and Johnny?  I was a huge JoLivia fan ..I do remember that. What other pairings happened that are lost in the fog?  Maxie and Franco had zex when he first came to town. (
as James Franco that is) -- Dante and Valerie... and in the 70's and 80's everyone was just cross-bed hopping! 

Anyway--have a good one. I'll hopefully see you on Wed. If I watch on Hulu I may throw up an opinion or two. 

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Surgery: Chug It


You should have gotten a White Claw

So, here we are!! Reliving our youth!! So many things to unpack this was crazy!! I felt like GH blew their entire 'extras' budget for the year!! Sets were full!! People were moving around!! Masks came off! Kids were throwing up! Drama in the House! 

Grab anything but whiskey and coke.. that ish is not good for you!!

Friday, November 1, 2019

Fatigue Friday

Dr O should have been the Bird Lady 

Ok, so..sorry-- I'm not doing great today. Combo of having a class full of 3 year olds freaking out yesterday, the wind/cold here messing with my sinus' and fatigue. I'm not gonna make GH

I did see yesterday's show and have a few thoughts:

Thank goodness they let the teens do teen stuff like drinking. 

FRIEND ZONE for Cam--and Trina from Joss and hey, those 2 should get together. 

TWO parties? What the hello extra-budget! People were all over the place.

Cassandra and Sam. I was like USE THE KNIFE lol. 

What else. Um.... OH the MASK in the room! Turns out it's Nikolas (see below post for info). He hasn't acted yet, I'm here to see how he does. I DO think he's young looking but he sure does have that "Cassadine" LEWOOK...  (Rich Lux Voice) 

So, use this space for today's highlights. I have a busy weekend and I HOPE I can get the Surgery Done, even if it's an outline. 

You're Still IN

  I REALLY need for today's show to be a good one. Dang it.  Scotty and Ava talking about the boring custody case.  She says Laura is on...