Thursday, November 28, 2019

We Gather Together ...

First We Sing... 

Remember when most of the Qs were alive?? A..what a time. Of course, some have passed naturally and others--well a certain Headwriter took care of them!! That's Reggie on the right in case you didn't know, butler for many years. This may be the first annual pizza-fest? I'm not even sure when that all started. 
Maybe Olivia will bake some in her new Pizza Oven she never got to put into Charlie's. 

Here's hoping you and yours have a good, sharing feast. the origins of Thanksgiving may be under dispute but one thing is a fact: It's always good to give thanks for a bounty. 

I won't be posting today even though there's a whole new show on. Yesterday was sort of a filler and I'm thinking today will be as well? I could be wrong-- but I think Monday will be "the day" if the episodes line up correctly. Look for Sunday Surgery and maybe a blurb on today's show tomorrow. 

Thankful to you, my faithful readers for so many years of fun. I was looking back and saw I started the blog  (moved from my Angelfire site) in Sept of 2009.  I was on Angelfire since 1998-99 ish so that makes me an OG General Hospital Soaper! Some of you may remember Gedstern's site, that's where I got my start. Seems like lifetimes ago! Now we have twitter and boards that update in real time. Our community can be crazy but it's sure entertaining!! 

PS. If you have any leftover stuffing, that's my jam!! Forget everything else, just pass that bowl over!! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving all!! I loved Reginald☺

  2. THANK YOU Karen for all you do. Have a great holiday with your family and friends.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Great show today. I think 3 storylines are about to conclude.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. What did happen to Reginald?

  5. It is pretty obvious now that Lucas isn't working on Thanksgiving, he will be in Brad's car that Julian has tampered with. It also seems like Kendra will be taking the unconscious Alexis somewhere to dump her body. I am sure we are looking forward to the inevitable car crash that will ensue.Like the evil twin, the return from the dead or any other soap cliche perhaps Kendra will die and at least Lucas and Alexis will be at death's door.

  6. Where is Brad's car at? Their house?

  7. Will Brad finally come clean? Bahaha!
    Man Kendra walloped Alexis good!
    Baby Donna is so cute and so is Violet and poor Finn! Let me wipe those tears away....haha!
    Man Jules, that was low....who we think is gonna get hit? Die?

    1. "Michelle P says, Will Brad finally come clean? Bahaha!"


      "Man Kendra walloped Alexis good!"

      Yeah she did!!!! It really looked real!!!

      "poor Finn! Let me wipe those tears away...."

      Me too!!!!!

  8. It won't be Brad. Hope it's not Lucas. It's kind of Sonny 2.0

  9. Boy, that little actress that plays Violet is so, so cute and talented. I wouldn't mind her being on the show every day.!!!

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Karen. I'm a stuffing (dressing) lover myself.

  11. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!!! Well belated. :)

    November 28th episode

    Carson's home: Oh come on!!! Sonny invited Mike to Thanksgiving?!?!! That is so stupid!! He doesn't even remember you Sonny!!!! It's not a good idea. Even Carly says that Mike looks disoriented. Oh hi Michael and Jonah. Now let's see what's going to happen with Mike.

    Carson and Mike: Oh look Mike holds baby Donna. Carly takes baby Donna away, which makes Mike upset, and then he pushes Sonny into the food and then the food falls onto the floor.

    Sonny to Carly: My dad's not safe here.

    NO! REALLY? *facepalm*

    Brucas home:

    Brad and Michael: Michael went to pick up Jonah, while Julian is doing something to Brad's car!!! :)

    Brucas: Before Lucas shows up, Brad was watching the movie Christina comes home for Christmas! YAY!!!! People on OLTL used to watch the movie Christina comes home for Christmas!!! :) Anyway, Lucas INSISTS Brad tell him the truth!!!! Come on Brad!!! TELL HIM THE DAMN TRUTH!

    The hospital:

    Neil and Alexis: Oh Alexis is okay now? Great!!!! :) Happy Thanksgiving Alexis! :)

    Kendra and Alexis: Hahaha! Go Alexis!! :) Yeah Kendra. You don't need to talk to the distributor Italian guy for the powder!! Alexis knows Italian! She can talk to him! Hahahahahahahaha.

    Julian and Neil: Neil talks to Julian about how Alexis is missing! Hahahahaha!

    Drew Jr and Liz: Why didn't Monica invite Liz and the boys over for Thanksgiving at the Q's?

    Chandler Mansion:

    Maxie, Hiney, Violet, Finchy, Anna: Hiney and Maxie meets Violet hahaha. Too funny. Maxie's shocked face! HAHAHAHA! Anna just tell Hiney you are not his mother!!!! UGH! Anna and Maxie are talking about little James.

    Maxie: You will not believe how much he has grown!

    Oh? Is he 13 now? Anna talks about the new addition to the family. And we find out who it is, because he is at the door! It's Andre. He is part of the family?!!?! HUH?!!??! Since when?!!?! How odd. Violet wants her dolly!!! Finchy goes to get it and sees RayRay's note!!!! He reads it!!!!

    Finchy and Anna: I'm glad they are not judging RayRay!!! I really don't want Anna to be Violet's mother! I want RayRay back!!!! COME ON WRITERS!!!!!! GAH!

    The cemetery/Kiefer's grave: Ohhhhh boy!!!!! Kendra is talking to her brother!!!!! Alexis followed her!!! She is watching Kendra!! Kendra left. Alexis goes to the grave!! Alexis knows the truth now!!!!!!!!!!!! Kendra comes back and has a rock and hits Alexis with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kendra wins the line of the day!

    Kendra: Pretty cool right Keif?

    ROFL! Oh yeah. Pretty cool!!! :)


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