Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Surgery: All In The Family

HEY Dad!! How ya doin"?? !

Oh, that stupid ABC schedule. This week felt so fragmented, and I watched here and there in a catch-all type way. That's not a great way to digest a show.  We are also 'officially' two episodes behind --meaning they pushed 2 back and aired the rest on the day they were supposed to (or part of the day). This means Friday cliffhangers are chucked and the holidays will be all over the place. Boooooooo. 

With that said, let's get to it!! Not as wonderful as last week, but still had some great moments that I liked. 
Breakfast today is being eaten later. Just a latte for me! 


EXIT OF THE WEEK:  Bye Kim... you never really 'jelled' on screen and although I love Tams, it was time for this character to disappear. Franco telling her he's not Drew was the scene we needed to put the final nail in this coffin. 


GRAND-GESTURE OF THE WEEK:  "He loves me and will come back".. which is what "Drew" finally realized he needed to do to get us out of this loop of memory-hell.  I hope the procedure produces some drama too. Who knows what we'll get! 


RECAST OF THE YEAR:  Or, probably at least in a long long time-- it's BROOK LYNN!! Such a great choice to play the feisty daughter of Ned and Lois!! I loved her stuff with Julian-- it was a great scene at the Q house. She and Olivia don't like each other much (always a good sign at the Q's!!) . The writers also reminded us that Leo was with Brook for a time, and Ned and Olivia stayed with her a bit during the whole "keep the baby from Julian" story. I can't wait to see what she's been up to... you know it's something juicy!!! 


WUBSY GOT PSYCHED-OUT OF THE WEEK: Remember the old saying "psyche" when you were led to believe one thing and the opposite happens? WELP-- I was all bitchy on twitter about Sam being not guilty of first degree murder when BOOM! She got it for manslaughter. That's right kids, she's off to Pentonville for awhile at least. This led to Jason talking to Anna about the situation, a Carly heart to heart and finally going to Monica where the kids were. Jason was in a suit, hugged Monica and was contrite about how their past behavior affected their children.  More growth for a Borg.


LOSER OF THE WEEK: Ah...Brad... walls are closing on in, pal!! Lucas doesn't quite believe you now because Dr. O planted that little seed of doubt in his brain. Julian closed and locked his door after his talk with "stranger" Brook Lynn.  I almost thought you were going to come clean at one point but--nope, not yet. More days to wait for Wylie to get switched.


AVA FACTOR OF THE WEEK: Everyone that visits her just goes up a notch in my book. Damn, the Valentin scenes were brilliant. She's slayed with Jax, Sonny and now this guy. We all know Maura West has the power...she proves it time and time again.  Valentin wants Helena's portrait, and she has it. Unfortunately for the Gang of 3, she let it slip they were all working together which lead Valentin to try and bride Hayden to give up the secrets. 


FLIP-FLOPPER OF THE WEEK:  We are being led to believe that Hayden will take Val's offer and split. This would work with RB's reported exit (I have a feeling they'll try to get her to come back)--but it really is not working for me with the story. So--one of two things will happen; she'll either come clean to Jax and Nik---take Val's money, tell him something false and lay low for awhile--OR she'll out and out betray them and take the money and lay low for awhile. I'm hoping she's going to tell the guys what's what and leaves--Nikolas said he had to talk to her; will he warn her off too?? Will she take adorbs Violet with her?? Frank better pony up some money for her but Hayden is too great to let go. 


EXHIBIT 2 OF THE FLIP-FLOPPIN:  Oh, Nina. You confuse me. First you're scamming Valentin...then you're all "but I'll marry him anyway"?? It was a really weird scene and the dialog left me scratching my head. She goes to invite Jax to the wedding, cops to being on to Valentin...Jax tells her they can "fake date" to get him to leave her alone but then she's like: Charlotte loooooves him.  Huh? Um..okay. She goes back to Wyndemere and reads Little Women with Val and Char on the couch. 
So, are you IN or are you OUT? 


RETURN OF THE WEEK:  Stella! Yeah! Nice to have her visit. She popped in to see Curtis/Jordan and Mike. Soon she'll see TJ as well. After her Mike visit she dropped in on CarSon to talk about Mike's decline. 


PROP OF THE WEEK: It would have been better if it was used but..that fire poker was at the ready!! (who uses a fire-poker lately? Wouldn't Nikolas have an expensive gun with a silencer??) 

NEWS OF THE WEEK: Tracy's back to visit for the holidays! I can NOT WAIT for this!! I don't mind Jane coming in and out now and then to see us. No I do not!! 

**Nikolas found out Hayden might be flip-flopping on their plan
**Charlotte sees Nikolas, he says he's her "secret body-guard"
**Franco decides to go forward with the Mind-Mapping 
**Kim leaves town, Hayden buys her condo
**Julian mistakes Brook Lynn for a hooker
**Dr O tells Lucas to be wary of Brad, Brad panics
**Stella came back for a bit, saw Mike and told CarSon he's not doing well
**Sam gets sent to jail for up to 2 years
**Ava won't give up the Helena portrait
**Brad's backed into a corner by Lucas and Julian abandons him
**Nina tells Jax it was all a ruse...but changed her mind and is marrying Valentin
**CarSon have to face it that Mike is declining rapidly
**Finn shares cute photos of Violet with Chase 

So that's that!! Next week is choppy as hell too because we only get Mon-Wed. Thursday is a repeat and Friday there's football on. With the shifting of the episodes, I don't think we'll see Thanksgiving until the next week.  Good note: I think Neil solves the Kendra Poison Case so hopefully, that's DONE. 
What do you give GH this week from 1-10?  


  1. Excellent SS for a short week! I am overjoyed that Kim is gone-can’t stand her acting style. Have Sonny and Carly not visited Mike at all to be shocked at hearing about him from Stella? I hope Carly loses that huge blanket this week and at least one of the babies appears. Same for either Molly or Kristina, with Alexis in the hospital still not even visiting her. I wish Nicolas just didn’t look so mean all the time. Brook Lynn recast is good but really doesn’t look the part to me. Glad Franco has come to his senses.

  2. I'm glad Kim is gone, I liked her in the beginning you know before she went cray cray and tried to rape Drew 1.0
    I wondered the same about Carson, I mean I know they are busy with baby Donna and Avery and drunk Joss but that's odd that they didn't notice themselves.
    I agree it's odd that there is no Kristina sighting (at all) at least we got a Molly sighting on Halloween. But that they haven't visited their mom...
    Me too! I hope Franco is Franco by Christmas (I'd say Thanksgiving but that's just around the corner and probably not gonna that soon). 😊

  3. I believe I read that they are going to show a new episode on TG, so that will make us just one behind.
    I think BL actress is a delicious recast. I loved her on OLTL too. I think she might be just what GH needs. All the woman are so bland and boring now.
    The mind mapping story needs to just die a quiet death. It started out with a great premise, then went off the rails immediately.
    I honestly dont care about anything Sam or Jason. I just keep thinking they bring upon their misery themselves. Dude, your 50 years old, your just NOW thinking your lifestyle isnt the best? And Sam, NONE of this would have happened if you didn't steal Shilohs inheritance because you didnt feel like getting a real job. Or even, pay back all her victims with a heartfelt apology.
    Looking forward to Tracy's return. Her and BL will be fire together I bet.
    I want to throw a temper tantrum about RB leaving. Her with Finn and Anna. Her with Liz. Her with Tracy. Her with Nik. The list is endless of who she is tied to. But no, we keep PLP instead. RME

    1. Ok I got most the abrev's... but who's PLP and RME (it's early and I haven't had my caffeine or breakfast yet LOL)

    2. Oh and totally agree about Rebecca Budig. Love her! So mad she's gone again. Why do they keep doing this? I read somewhere she was a place holder til Anna got

    3. Michelle P- I'm also struggling to think of 'PLP'?? RME= roll my eyes...

    4. I THINK "Parking Lot Peter"??? lol

  4. The cast is too big. it needs to be trimmed. the stories are too dragged out. and all major stories include the gruesome 4. I could care less about AMC and OLTL actors.(hayden, finn, brook lynn, franco). I am not happy with GH.

  5. Karen, thanks for SS. Not to be nit-picky here, but I believe that Hayden is renting Kim's apartment, which she hasn't sold. Also, NO ONE answered your 1-10 question. I guess I would give it an 8 or 9? I love the show itself, but some of these SLs (and I DO mean Brad/Wiley) need to be wrapped up pronto. Also, Nina waffling on the marriage thing is annoying.

    1. thank YOU JOAN!! No one did answer lol.. and I wasn't sure if it was rent or buy-- I thought maybe buy since she called Lucy???

    2. My bad...I answered on Facebook but not here. 9

    3. She did call Lucy, but I do remember Kim saying that she hadn't sold the place . . .

  6. I give this weeks shows a 7. Mainly because the stupid rat poison story is still going and the baby Brad story continues on.
    The Nina/Jax converse was dizzying. Round and round.
    Having 'Stella' back is great. And 'Mike'. Both really great actors.
    Amanda Setton is perfect. Brook Lynn and Tracy should be a whole lot of fun.
    Anxious to get Franco, or at least most of him, back sooner than later.

  7. Someone here said they didn't like the casting for the new BL, but I think the actress is spot on!

  8. "HEY Dad!! How ya doin"??!"

    Hahahaha. I can see her as Joey Tribbiani's daughter. :)

    "AVA FACTOR OF THE WEEK: Everyone that visits her just goes up a notch in my book. Damn, the Valentin scenes were brilliant."

    Yes it was brilliant!! Man he was so close to her, it's like are you going to kiss her? ROFL!

    "Tracy's back to visit for the holidays!"

    She is blonde now?!?!!?!? WOW!


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