Monday, September 26, 2022

TOXIN and Scotch

Vanna Fans are HAPPY!! IT's a ANNA DAY . They are by the fire, drinking scotch and talking about romantical things. Anna's worried about Val because he found out about Helena being his mama and Victor being his Daddy and now Charlotte is gone. They end up having Steamy sex. 

Also a MAC DADDY, Robert and Felicia day! They are at the Metro and See Cody. Robert wonders why they are looking at him. Mac says that he's Cody Bell. Robert says: Oh wasn't he at the Q picnic?? T

Cody is waiting for a date with Britt at The Metro. He's uneasy because Mac is there. He wants to go to another spot. Mac gets the call someone was stabbed. He and Robert leave. Felicia goes to talk to Cody and Britt. Cody is mean to Felicia.  Felicia says that Mac was close to Dominique. "How Close" asks Cody. Felicia says he has to ask Mac. Gives him Mac's phone number. 

Finn wants to talk to Terry. UGH. First he wants to get an antidote in and then he wants to talk about Liz. She's so glad he's there to help her. 

Ava opens a note from Nik. He says you "have my life in your hands" ....He wrote down that he killed Esme on his own. Ava doesn't think that's enough. She will keep the letter but needs more to take him back. 

Alexis and Greg decide to tackle the hooker story together. They go to Brando's garage to get more info on his life. 

We see Diane on the garage floor in a pool of blood. Alexis and Greg gasp and Dex is over Diane's body.  Dex says he's stopping the blood and called 911. Weak pulse. Diane is taken out by stretcher...Mac runs in. Wonders why Dex is there "you're at another scene"!!? Alexis says he tried to save Diane. 

Diane goes into GH .. Finn runs over. They have to operate immediately. Finn is getting the antidote FAST! 

Show ends with Vanna Sex Scenes. 

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Happy Hooker


Interesting week. No interruptions!! I think next week we will get one due to the Jan 6th committee so let's enjoy this. While a lot happened, I still felt the show was splintered into many different parts that didn't really fit together. Most of the happenings raised more questions than not. Such is the life of a soap watcher! 

Let's get into it! It's NATIONAL LOBSTER DAY so Albert and I say, dig in!! 

Friday, September 23, 2022

You hooked?



Sonny and Sasha talk in Brando's garage. They are sad. Talk about Brando. Sonny mentions MORGAN. Then Diane comes in when Sasha is in the office. She has to talk to her about Brando's estate and Martin is still out of town. Sonny is still angry with her about how he questioned him on the stand. What a baby he is LOL 

Diane tells Sasha that they have to think about her guardianship. SASHA freaks out.. Diane is going to ask for a continuance. She goes into Brando's office to look for the papers. Sonny is going to take Sasha home. 

Diane and Alexis talk in the Metro Bar. Diane wonders how Kristina is and Alexis says fine. She tell her about about the argument they had over her job. Then Nikolas shows up and wants Alexis' help with wooing Ava back. 

Nina asks Ava where she will go after she gets out of the hospital. She offers her place. Ava kinda wants to go back to Wyndemere. UGH NO. Nina figures out Ava still loves Nikolas. Gross. Nina says no she doesn't. But..???? hmmm... 

Greg sees Finn looking at Reiko's photo. Finn says he's just thinking about the island they went to. "Why you thinking about your ex-wife" ...Finn doesn't answer and leaves to see a patient. 

Liz wonders who the lady is she drew. Finn finds her in the hallway. They go into his office and she sees his phone and ex-wife's photo!! She asks about her. He tells her about the island and Liz knows it's by Guam. I think Jeff was probably there when he was with Doctors without Borders. 

Anna and Val are still skulking on the Haunted Star. They end up pushing the goonie overboard. They go to rescue Lucy but she says she doesn't want to be rescued! She convinces them to let her stay and get information. Victor brings the guy that went overboard back. He thinks something is "off". 


Diane is in the office and hook person comes in! 


Robert is on

Diane lays in a pool of blood. 

Thursday, September 22, 2022

It's the POISON

I'm here !! Tillie and I walked in the rain-- oy! But now there is bright sunshine LOL Crazy. 

The poison Toxin is identified. Finn says whoever did it has a 'real imagination for murder" it's a reptile poison. Like natives used on spears. I'm going with poison dart frog LOL / Jordan figures out the killer did it to ensure the person died this time. Finn says when he and his wife (first one) were on some islolated island doing medical work a doctor he knew died of poison and it was long and painful. 

Maxie tells Val and Anna that Lucy left with Victor. They are worried.  Maxie says that Lucy tweeted a star and jack-o-lantern and I think they will figure out she's on the Haunted Star. 

Victor has lunch ready for Lucy on the Haunted Star and then they leave port!! OOOUPS! He says he has her all to himself this afternoon. They eat... chat and he gives her a giant diamond bracelet. He says there's an 'earth shattering' event coming and she can be his first-mate on the boat that will 'save people'. 

Valentin and Anna get a boat to the Haunted Star and get on board. They are looking for Lucy. 

Sonny and Nina are sad about Brando at Charlie's. Drew is too and tells Sonny he's not heard from Carly in a couple of days.Sonny's like WELL CALL THE PLACE SHE WAS GOING TO! Drew is like: Um, I guess I should do that. Idiot. Drew finds out Carly never landed. He calls her phone again. 

Carly gets a new phone. She starts to listen to her messages but Linda Purl comes and interrupts her. They argue about the graveyard stuff. She doesn't answer when Drew calls. Stupid. 

Carly calls Sonny and Nina leaves. He tells her about Brando. She's sad. Wants to come home. He says no, stay put where it's safe. So, she's staying in Florida to make sure her mother's body isn't moved. 

Liz and Kevin.. she has an idea. He thinks she should call her father. She convinces him to hypnotize her again. She still can't see any faces. She says I know what I need to do when she wakes up and leaves. She goes to try to draw the faces. 


Liz draws the lady and its' some LADY THAT'S ON FINN'S PHONE!! LOL What!!!!! It' s so weird

Valentin is going to sneeze and the goon hears him. 


Wednesday, September 21, 2022


 Sonny asks Alexis about her newspaper article.  They go into Charlie's to see Kristina and Victor is laughing it up with her. 

Chase asks Finn how Brando died so suddenly. Finn thinks he's trying to get back on the force by solving the hooker case.  Chase says he's crazy. 

Portia tries to find out what the autopsy says about Brando's death.  She wonders if Finn tipped off The Invader. 

Brook Lynn has a dream about Chase but she's really in the Deception meeting with Lucy and Maxie. Lucy is chewing her out for being too into Chase. And Brook has to leave for Chases' audition. Lucy chomps gummies and wants to hire a new social media person and Maxie says no.

HOOK IS ON THE DOCKS AND ANNA IS THERE!!!!! OMG It's just Jordan!! ahahaha She bought it from the Marina shop to take a look at it. God, that was a fake out. Anna and Jordan talk about Jordan's "information" on Curtis and if she should spill. Anna doesn't know what the info is but adivses her to do the best thing for Curtis. 

Selina Wu goes to the Savoy and tells Curtis "things are getting dangerous in Port Charles". She says if she would have gotten notice of his engagement, she could have gotten him a Great GEM! AND then she brings in Chase for an audition. 

Victor finds Lucy at the office and is glad to have her all to himself. 

Chase singing

They get the tox results for Brando. I had to leave so hopefully Sonya will fill you in! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

So Long, Brando!


TODAY IS TUESDAY AND I can stay the whole time--IF my TV cooperates!! 

I KNEW Brando would code at the end of yesterday's show without ever watching it LOL Just knew it. Soaps been on a LONG time and well, that fit. 


Alexis and Greg talking about whether or not to put the Hook information into her paper. Stupid FINN had to use his blabbermouth. She thinks they should write a letter to the killer via the paper to get to their ego and they might answer back. 

Jordan and Curtis still arguing about the divorce papers. It's weird. Stella sees TJ. They hug. 

Carly is visiting Virginia's grave in Florida. Talks about her past and such. Boring. I mean.. REALLY boring. Oh she finds out they are moving the graves because they are putting in a freeway. SOoooooo...I can only assume Virginia won't be in the grave? 

Liz is being hypnotized ..she saw the lady at the bottom of the stairs. Then she sees Peter at the bottom of the stairs. Kevin brings her out of it. She leaves. Goes and hugs Finn. She thinks Peter's death triggered her memories. 

Sonny stops and talks to some old guy that reminds him of Mike. I guess a symbolism scene. 

Brando is seizing. Crash cart comes in... Portia trying to save him. Brando-Sasha montage. A LONG ONE . Portia says it makes no sense why Brando is seizing--'it's like his body was hit with something else" someone injected him with something OR the hook was poisoned. Anyway, Sasha says give me a sign and the lights flicker and Portia comes out. Tells Sasha. Gladys and Nina come out. Everyone is screamin and cryin' 

They all go in to say goodbye. 

TJ is baffled with Brando's death. Has no clue how it could have happened. 

Liz tells Kevin she remembers something

Portia asks Finn to figure out what killed Brando

Liz thinks her father might have pushed that lady down the stairs.

Alexis is going to run the hooker story. 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Speedy Day


Ok, so I can stay a BIT-- I have a meeting at3 I have to prepare for so we shall see. Also, I'm hoping the Queen coverage is over!!  The pomp was something and the entire country seemed so silent and united. I don't think the US would have that in them!! 

On to Soaps: 

Alexis and Greg are in the hall at GH waiting for different people and talking. They discuss the attack on Brando. He says he liked The Invader's coverage on the story and it wasn't too sensational. He wants her to go to a lecture at PCU with him. 

Portia and Curtis. She wants to know if Jordan hadn't lied, would he still be with her. He says no, he wants her but they talk a LOT about not lying to people. Gulp. 

Joss and Trina at the pool, some weird guy looking at them. Dex also comes into the pool area. Joss gives him his sunglasses.  Joss confronts the weird guy and he leaves. We find out Dex was having him watch over Joss. 

Elizabeth is visiting Kevin for therapy. She says it was a mistake to leave Shadybrook. She tells him about the missing time at the Q party. She also tells about her memory and it has something to do with her father. Stairs, grabbing woman and feeling angry. 

Sonny is bugging Jordan to tell him about the investigation. Being a pill. Keeps harping on it. 

Brando wakes up and strokes Sasha's face.  Finn comes in to examine him because Portia wants a consult. Brando is coughing and doesn't look good.  Jordan comes in and asks him who stabbed him. Brando can't identify anyone. He did hear a noise like a jingling sound. (Dog tags? handcuffs? Ryan's chains? what? and how you hear in the pouring RAIN lol) 

I can't finish I have a meeting !! I'll get the end tonight. xxoo 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Scream Dream


Well, another one is hooked and we are all just...waiting to see who the next one will be! I love a good murder mystery. I've often been really disappointed in the people doing it however so.. let's see if this surprises me! 

Short and Sweet this time because I was in and out when it came to watching the show. I saw a lot on Hulu and skipped around. 

Ready do dive in?? Let's get going! 

Friday, September 16, 2022

Today is...


Niagara Falls Day for me! So, again, I'm out. I watched yesterday's show quickly and DAMN! They are doing a deep dive into Carly's past or what? It's a whole thing where her BFFs father raped her. I'm assuming the lady (Linda Purl) was his wife at the time? 

Perhaps all this revisiting history (Dominique) is part of the lead-up to the  60th anniversary ? I have no idea. But here we are, in Jacksonville Florida for the duration. 

I hear another victim of the hooker is found. Hmmmmm. Rumors say Diane. That would further seal the "Trina Connection" 


Have at it !! I hope I get in a Sunday Surgery !! 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Who's THAT Hookah!!? For Wed Comments!


SO, here we go!! We know who the hooker isn't!! 


Those were most of the people I saw yesterday while Brando was being hooked. It could have been DEX because he could have circled back. Other suspects: MASON --RORY-- ESME AND RYAN. 

I'm now going with Ryan -- that figure was way too big to be a woman imo. Ryan is mobile and targeted Ava and maybe Joss ... ergo.. if he knows Esme is "dead" or she's alive and healing, he'll go after whoever tried to kill her. Right? 

Oh boy. The person looks to be left handed... and Ryan's RIGHT hand was cut off. So-- RYAN is my new go to hooker. 


Sorry I'm out again today--Hair Day and tomorrow is my son's Bday and we are out to celebrate -- have to travel a bit to the falls. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Tail End Of Yesterday


Just caught yesterday's ending!! 

I can't believe how much Finn man-splained to Ava when Liz was trying to talk to her. Also, check Ava's pillowcase; I think it's silk! LOL Did Trina bring that!!? 

Jordan and Stella--loved. 

Is Dex the hook-killer? I mean he showed up out of nowhere and helped "Save" Ava-- then he leaves Charlie's via he back door..Joss goes after him with his sunglasses and there is the hook person RIGHT THERE? Hmmm. 

Brando is a gonner. Guess hiring Dex and Drew did him in. What happens to a guardianship when the guardian is dead? 

Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Half Time

 I can only give you 30 minutes on the front end of GH TODAY! I have a meeting. I am skipping Wed/Thursday AND Friday so.. I figured I'd better get in here now! 

Nik and Sonny: Sonny tells Nikolas to stay away from Ava's room. They banter. Yada yada. 

Stella, Curtis and Jordan talk about the divorce papers being missing. Jordan takes the fall for Stella. 

Drew apologizes to Marshall. 

Sasha has to sign guardianship papers or go to trial. 

Ava and Portia talk. Ava confesses that she thinks Nikolas could have stabbed her. She also notices Portia's engagement ring. 

Carly and Joss in Charlie's. Carly's going to a summit in Aruba. Dex walks in. He and Joss give each other the eyeball. 

Finn and Liz are talking again.. it's just boring. She thinks Nikolas may have given them an alibi for himself. SAME convo as yesterday. 

Monday, September 12, 2022

A WU Day!


N'Neka alerts Curtis of the WU situation!! 

Cody meets Wu at The Savoy. He has a proposition for her.  He wants to be staked 10K and he'll make her 15K at the table. He wants to leave town. N'neka calls Curtis on the phone to get there. 
Selina says that she'll do it if he works for her to fix games. He's not sure. She says don't take too long. He leaves. Curtis comes in and Wu says she's going to upgrade his audio board but wants a local artist to play. 

Sonny asks Ava who hurt her, was it Nikolas? She says no. He doesn't believe her. They talk about Esme and OMG just WATCH THE TWO of them together. WOW...magic. SO much chem. 

Violet, Greg, Chase (shirtless), Finn and Curtis at the pool. They talk and Greg meets Curtis. Violet wants to go to the wedding.  Then Greg and Finn sit down together to talk about Elizabeth's problems. FOR THE WHOLE SHOW geesh. 

Stella goes to tell Jordan she took the divorce papers...or does she?? She tells Jordan she made a mistake and she's sorry.  Let's Jordan know she took the papers and they were never filed.  Jordan freaks out. Then Curtis walks in!! 

Dante wants to see who was brought into the hospital the same time that Ava was. No one was admitted with wounds. Nikolas gets off the elevator and sees them. Dante leaves. Elizabeth says she has to talk to Nikolas alone.  She asks him why he gave her an alibi or did he do it himself? Why are you acting so weird she asks him. Nikolas says he's NOT acting suspicious. Liz says her life is out of control and Nik hugs her. FINN WALKS IN!! WOOT 

Ned and Brook talk about her managing Chase and how hard that will be. They ate really yummy looking sandwiches. Ned keeps telling Brook that it's probably not a good idea to manage Chase if they are in a relationship.  Then Chase comes in and Brook is gone. Ned tells Chase to get good to his daughter yada yada. Also says it might be a bad idea for her to manage him. 

Dante and Cody meet at the park. Cody wonders why Mac is on his ass. He thinks they are looking at him for Ava's stabbing (not the Daddy Situation). He eludes to something that happened in the past and Dante was there too. 


Cody takes the job from WU! He's staying in PC 

Curtis found out there's no record of their divorce. 

Sonny tells Ava if he finds out that Nikolas stabbed her, Nik is going to have hell to pay

Liz thinks she might need to tell the police she doesn't remember where she was when Ava was hooked. 

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Keep Drinkin'!


Oh, people....between the Queen interruptions, my job and my stupid TV, it was just a BAD, BAD WEEK.  Ergo...not much is going into this surgery! 

--why aren't we shipping THESE TWO? Roger has the chops to play opposite Kelly when it comes to her Huntington's and Brittt could be getting major symptoms now. Then,, go off to seek treatment in a teary goodbye. See? Fixed it. 

  I DID IT.. it was me... Yep. 

SPEAKING OF THE CEMETERY: BLOOP! NELLE pops up!! After terrorizing Willow she manages to corner Nina and make her feel like crap too. Quite a great day for one of my fave villains! 

Sasha freaks out over Lucy's firing her. Lucy was hoping a public place would tame her but nope. 

SPENCER MOMENT OF THE WEEK: Ok, he had a few, especially with the whole Trina letter thing but he was on point telling Rory where to go! 

SMILEY BUGS OF THE WEEK: Sam and Dante are awfully giggly about moving into a tiny cramped Penthouse with no yard but hey ...

AM I THE DADDY OF THE WEEK: So happy JJY and KW are getting airtime. Cody? I guess I'll have to live with it! 

PERFECTION OF THE WEEK:  That's it. That's the post. Yes, I'm a VAnna fan but I love OG Anna and Robert as friends. 

FINALLY, WUBS DREAM OF THE WEEK: Yes, I wished it was true. Michael, Carly DOA from Nelle's knife and WILEY GONE? WHAT?!!! Of course it was just a nightmare. Dang it. 


Willow had a Nelle-Nightmare

Carly told Nina what a terrible person she is 

Trina had her party, Cam sang

Dex and Joss went into the dumpster 

Sonny and Victor had lunch

Sasha freaked out and killed a phone

Spencer burned his letter to Trina then went to the pokey 

Trina learns the truth but doesn't catch Spencer in time 

Mac thinks Cody could be his but is hesitant to find out 

I feel like this--- caught in a trap!! LOL (I just watched ELVIS! on HBO and loved it). Sorry I'm busy and just not with GH as much as I should be!! Hopefully I'll get my app fixed for YouTube and be around more. Spoilers say someone dies around Sept 20th, Emma Samms will be back as Holly this month and the Elizabeth story heats up even more. 

Friday, September 9, 2022


Well, here I am!! Poor GH so interrupted!! We had some Newcastle Brown Ale and shortbread last night. 

Victor and Sonny at The PC Grille ...Sonny basically asks why Victor "let" Ava get attacked and why Spencer is going to jail if he did the bribing of the guards. 

Sam and Dante. Dante moved into the PH. His neighbor saw him moving and their son wants to buy the house for over market price. He's sad because it's he and Lulu's. 

Trina and Ava. Trina is so happy she's ok

Rory and Spencer. Spencer gives up his personal items. Rory tell him that he can get him a job in the library at Pentonville. Spencer says thanks but no thanks. 

Maxie, Felicia and Mac.. they are trying to convince him to tell Cody and get a DNA test. He's like "it could destroy our family'! 

Britt and Cody.. OMG he has the same damn shirt on. They talk about the night Ava was stabbed and they were together. 

I am so sorry. My YouTube TV service has ANOTHER PLAYBACK ERROR today --it just turned off. This is happening more and more. We pay a lot for it too just to watch network TV. GRRRRRRRRR I'll have to catch GH on HULU 

Thursday, September 8, 2022


Catching up ... Saw Tuesday's show-- (mainly because I wanted to see Nelle) ...loved her with Nina. 

Stupid Rory interrupting Spencer and Trina. Grrrrrrrrrrr. I do love Taggart being her Dad and I KNOW they are going to change that. 

Spencer burned the letter!!!!

Stella remembering that she didn't mail the divorce papers!! LOL WHOOPS "you'd better look into your divorce papers" LOL 


Missing from the party:  Molly. Liz should have been there too. My kid plays the guitar and I never miss!! 

Carly. UGH. 


Queen Died...and my husband is British so it's a sad day here. She was so important to his mother during the war. His Mom is gone now too... ends of eras. 

I don't think GH will be on today.  There is a 10 day process to get through and then the funeral at the end.  Not that it will be on here daily but GH might be interrupted here and there. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2022



I'm still angry my You Tube TV didn't have the show on yesterday live. I didn't get a chance to watch Hulu yet either!! I hear it was a whopper at Nelle's grave!! Anyway, I'm out today (I think most Wed will be hard) and won't see the show live. 

A GOOD NOTE:  Lydia Look who plays Selina Wu was in the opening credits yesterday for the first time!! Moving up on the GH ladder!! YIPPEEE!! 

Tuesday, September 6, 2022

One and a Miss


Yesterday's GH: Portia's party... 

Dumpster Dive Date!! Enough Chem testing with Joss and Rex?? 


LUCY takes Sasha in PUBLIC to fire her? LOL I did enjoy it tho! 


Sonny getting kicked out of Trina's PARTY!! LOL 

Trina picks up the letter when Spencer drops it..won't give it back. 

Joss arrives all decked out. Will she tell Cam about Dex-Dumpser-Diving ?? 

OMG Willow dreams that Nelle kills Carly and Michael and takes Wiley!! I SO wish it was TRUE!! LOL!! 

I CAN'T BELIEVE it...good show and My You Tube PLUS goes out!! It won't play ABC right now. I get a 'playback error"!! UGH SORRY> 

Monday, September 5, 2022



OH MY GOODNESS! I totally forgot there was a NEW SHOW TODAY!! LOL .. whoops!! Anyway, I will watch it tomorrow sometime so if you DID watch, drop some comments !! 

Sunday, September 4, 2022

Sunday Surgery: The Return Of Moss


I TOLD you he'd come back.... Mommy promised! 

I was seriously not going to write a SS this week because I didn't feel like it but if MOSS can return, I can do a short recap for you all! 

Sonny made us pancakes so get the whipped cream and come on in! 

Friday, September 2, 2022



Nina and Ava talk. Ava tells her about Esme. Nina says "That's disgusting" LOL 

Joss tells Cam about Ava and that she and DEX helped. Giggle 

Willow doesn't feel great. Terry wants to talk to her. She says she should take time off to take care of herself and the baby/cancer. Willow's like NOPE!! 

Sam and Dante talk about moving in together. 

Chase and Book. They make out at the pool. They have a plan. 

Sonny talks to Dex at GH while TEMP Michael watches. YES, there's a TEMP again. :EYEROLL: :Michael asks Sonny if he's involved with the Ava stabbing.  Sonny yells. Michael stomps off. Dex goes and guards Ava. 

Best thing is Spencer's dream about Esme. She berates him about Trina and says even IF Trina knows she might not forgive him. And she slept with his father because Spence wasn't man enough LOL. 

Spencer writes Trina a letter

Willow decides to cut her hours down

NOTE: GH WILL BE NEW ON MONDAY! It usually shows a repeat on Labor Day so enjoy!! 

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Parade of Characters

         OMG CL is coming back as NELLE for a short stint!! What do you think????? 

 Anna and Victor talk at the pool. Anna says she wants to make ammends because he's Val's father. She's just trying to snow him, we know this. OMG Victor says he donated equestrian stuff to Char's school and Anna REALIZES he's been using Charlotte this whole time!! Finola is the best actress ever. Damn

Drew and Carly talk in the kitchen. They think they are awesome!! BUT Carly is afraid to start anything with him. yada yada. OMG another couple not "sure".

Trina and Spencer talk at GH ..he tells her his father disappointed him but not about Esme. She says she's sorry. He says it's not her problem. Looks at her longingly SOAPY 101

Nikolas talks to Ava who's still asleep... then he says "I hate to see you like this" and goes towards her. Trina walks in--what are you doing? HE doesn't say-- (that was a nothing burger). They talk about who would do this to Ava. He says someone that hates her. She says or someone that used to love her. 

Jordan asks Liz where she was between a certain time..and Liz says walking alone to 'clear her head' Finn says they got in a fight and he went to the Q house and saw Victor and Spencer. Liz is sure where I was LOL. Jordan badgers her. Nik walks in and gives Liz her alibi --and gives himself one! "We were together"! 

Sasha and Brando go to visit a new doctor (psychologist??) before she goes to the judge. Hoping to get no jail time. She finds out that the whole thing is to get Brando to get guardianship over her. Martin thinks she can get off jail time if she does it. Sasha freaks out. 

Lucy tells Valentin that Sasha needs to go. They talk about that but he says you're really here to check that I didn't tell Martin you were flirting with Victor at the picnic! They talk about pickles Giggle. 

Carly thinks she needs to be on her own awhile 

Jordan finds out that Spencer was puking in the bathroom when Ava was attacked-- one of the servers at the Qs saw him. 

Ava's machine starts beeping badly..TRina: She needs help!

Tomorrow: Bobbie is on... Curtis is on 

Tuesday, August 30, 2022



Eden put this on twitter LOL.. I had no idea they still wore masks on set! 

Carly and Joss drink coffee and guess what?! Moss is back on SET!! YEP! Anyway, Trina comes over and they have to tell her about Ava. Her party is tonight OH NO! Trina says the college dropped her Title 9 thing and she can go back. She wants to tell Ava. Joss says something happened to her. They are going to go to the hospital. 

Spencer is hung over and wakes up to Victor pounding on the door. They talk about Ava. Spencer thinks Victor did it. Victor thinks Spencer did it! Then they wonder if Nikolas did it. 

Nikolas is trying to find out what happened to Ava. So is Jordan. Jordan wants to question people. 

Sonny and Nina are waiting in the lobby to hear any news. He yells at Nikolas and Nikolas yells at him LOL. Ava's in recovery. Jordan wants to know where/what happened to Ava at the picnic before she got stabbed. 

Sonny then goes to Carly's to see Avery. Carly's not happy. 

Brook and Drew talk about Carly. Don't care. They are also being questioned by the police. 


Ava's in ICU ...came through the operation ok but still critical. 

Liz was going to tell Finn what happened last night (fugue state) but Jordan comes in to question them. 

Spencer offers comfort to Trina at GH 

Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday: You Hooked Me


Joss is all mouthy to Nina. Sonny tells her to knock it off --she says nope. Leaves. Anna comes in to talk to Sonny. She wonders if he knows why Victor is in Port Charles. He says no idea but he does think Victor bribed the guards to let Spencer out that one time to go visit Courtney's grave. Anna is VERY interested in that. (could get him arrested) 

Nikolas finds a dazed Elizabeth sitting on the grass, she doesn't know what happened. She tells him Finn called Sarah. He's like WHAT ? She says Finn thinks she's losing her mind. THEN she flashes back to the stairs and then she "wakes up" and asks Nikolas what's going on! That wasn't "her" talking to him! wow!  Finn finds them and Nikolas tells him to leave because Liz doesn't want to talk to him. Finn begs to talk to Liz alone. Nik says now. 

Spencer comes to the back porch and Finn and Valentin try to help him sober up. Spencer tells Valentin how much he hates him LOL. Val leaves.  Finn tries to talk to Spencer about what's bothering him. He tries to give him advice. Then Victor walks in and basically tells Finn to leave. He finds out Ava is the one that spilled the beans on Nik sleeping with Esme. 

Felicia tells Mac he should tell Cody he was in Dominique's life. He says there's no way she would have had a baby and left it. Felicia says maybe she didn't know.  What if Leopold sent her to Shadybrook and took her baby? Then Flea says maybe Dominque didn't even know she HAD A BABY!! 

Britt smacks Cody after he kisses her.  It's just a stupid fight about why he wants to know about Peter and Faison. HE says you like me. She says no then finally gives in and says yes she does but she doesn't want to. She talks about St. Jaysus. They end up kissing again. 

Ava bleeds out on the boathouse deck. JOSS finds her!! She doesn't have her phone with her and goes to leave but Ava grabs her leg! No..don't go!! Joss gets a rag but Ava passes out. She can't leave because she needs pressure on her bleeding. Dex runs up (he was delivering papers to Sonny) ...he sits with Ava and Joss calls 911. Dex says they have to take her to GH NOW because they can't wait for the ambulance to get there. They get her to the car. 

Olivia finds out someone was attacked on the grounds, runs to tell Felicia and Mac. Mac finds the blood at the boat house. 

Anna gets a call from Jordan about the attack. She's in the kitchen and is going to go out to find it. 


Ava's at GH

Everyone at the party finds out Ava was attacked and they have to stay for questioning. 

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Sunday Surgery: In A Pickle


Short, sweet and to the point. I saw Tuesday, Thursday and Friday's shows. What a pleasure to just dip my toes in and not HAVE to watch daily! This was a good week to just watch because it was all in one place and characters came and went. Great dialog--funny. Pathos as well. 

Ready??  Grab a Gherkin! 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Here I GO again!!

 I had to see if Spencer heard Ava say that Nik and Esme slept together! So I'm tuning in again today

Spencer finds out from a teary Ava that Nikolas slept with Esme! OMG watch this scene!! Even if you hav to just watch that ONE on youtube. Nicholas Chavez is just AMAZING as Spencer. I cant' even describe it. WOW.  Nikolas BLAMES AVA!! OMG! WOW... he's such a dick! Ava smacks him. She leaves. Spencer and Nikolas go on and on WATCH IT!! 

Second-string is at the picnic now. Maxie, Austin, Britt, Cody... Felicia, Mac, Anna..Lucy. Valentin. 

So, Valentin and Victor talk. He wants Valentin to step up and "do his duty" .

Austin's stupid cousin comes out of the bushes. He tells Austin he owes the debtor money. Austin squeezes his head to be a tough guy. Then Mason picks up a knife. Ava sees it all!! WOOT 

Felicia and Lucy tell Mac and Anna that Cody is Dominque's kid. Mac goes to find him-- (nothing about Mac being his father yet tho). Mac finds Cody with Britt. They tell him they knew his mother. 

Anna wants Lucy to try to get close to Victor. Lucy goes in and flirts. It's hysterical. She tries to open a pickle jar with her boobs kinda...AHAHHAA.

Elizabeth finds out that Finn called Sarah. She's pissed. He says SHE has to take care of herself because he's worried about VIOLET! WHAT!! OMG I hope she kicks him to the curb. He says her boys know something is wrong and she owes them to get well. He also says he's a doctor. She says YOU'RE NOT MY DOCTOR---you're not my ANYTHING" ...she runs. 

Next time we see Liz she's bruised and bleeding. I think from running through the woods. She flashes back to the top of the stairs with that lady. 


Spencer is very drunk 

Mason is looking for Ava..Nik is looking for Ava.. Spencer is missing...

Ava gets stabbed in the stomach with a hook. 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Throwback Thursday!


WHAT ICONIC SCENE IS THIS FROM? One of my favorites!! I was dying to watch the whole week. 

Today's Show was fun picnic stuff. I watched and was determined to be ALL SUNSHINE AND LIGHT!! 

Loved the clothes and Sonny and Olivia!! Liz looked so pretty.  Crew almost had boathouse Sex!

Nicholas Chavez is just a fabulous actor. My goodness.

Leo was a riot LOL.. "Mommy said you stole Carly's business" --to Nina! ahahaha 

Very fun scenes today.  

OH Spencer finds out Nik and Esme slept together and Finn called SARAH WEBBER and Liz sees it on his phone!! Sarah! I thought he called Her mother! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2022



Who do you think drank the love potion!? I was kind of hoping that Sam and Chase would randomly hook up!! We never get those anymore! LOL I think the last one was with Molly and Brando!! Hope you're doing well!! 

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


 It's raining and I'm bored so HERE I AM! Watching LIVE TODAY!! 

Curtis gives Portia a GIANT ROCK! She says yes. TJ records it on his phone. I think they'll find out soon he's not divorced. 

Jordan is kinda sad but says congrats ...she just wants him to be happy. 

Leo is mixing up LOVE potion. "Amore...Amore"!!  He pours it into the lemonade. 

Willow can't even tell Michael because he's too busy being a dick to his Dad.  He slammed the door in Sonny's face. Sonny tells him NEVER DO THAT AGAIN! Sonny stomps off. Michael tells Willow he can't imagine life without her. 

Drew is grilling :eyeroll: He's so much of a nothing. Then, Dante takes over. 

Nik and Ava are going to bicker forever, no? 

Marshall and Jordan talking about Tommy.  He thinks his struggles were due to his genetic ties to schizophrenia. She saw no signs of it and thinks it was PTSD and her cheating. 

Ava and Sonny talk about Esme. Sonny's kinda suspicious about Esme posting on Social media.. then Nik walks in and tells him to shut up. 

Terry and Willow talk about her treatment and postponing it until next trimester. Terry says she respects her choice


All of Leo's cups are gone..he's panicked LOL 

Jordan over hears Portia on the phone with the genetic counselor talking about Trina!

Monday, August 22, 2022



EMMA SAMS WILL BE BACK TO GH IN OCTOBER!! WHOO HOO!! She was last "seen" in 2020 and because of the Pandemic couldn't come back as she was suffering from Long Covid.  Remember we saw her on the monitor?? WHO Has her? I have to say Victor but who knows. Deadline ran this story on Twitter 

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday 8/18


                                      Courtroom Soapyness is always good Soapyness. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Kelly Thiebaud is Leaving General Hospital


According to Deadline who broke the story, Kelly is leaving for the Prime Time Drama, Station 19 that runs on ABC. She will be rejoining the show in season 6. 

What a loss for the show. Kelly's Britt Westborne is one of the highlights I can count on. She's a great comedic and dramatic actress. Happy for her however because Prime Time ?? Go for it. We all know people can all return to soaps at some point! 



Sunday, August 14, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Serenity Now


Well, this week was a week that proved just how bloated GH is with cast, stories and also-rans. I could sit and complain for an hour but I'll just do a nice old fashioned snarkly blog. If you want details, skip to the Week in a Wubshell. 

**SERENITY was the name of Dominique's house/grounds where Cody grew up. 

TOXIN and Scotch

Vanna Fans are HAPPY!! IT's a ANNA DAY . They are by the fire, drinking scotch and talking about romantical things. Anna's worried a...