Thursday, December 8, 2022

BLOOP! I Made IT!!


UGH I won't be here for GH today and I was so looking forward to seeing who was at Anna's Door! I won't look on Twitter or here so when I watch it on Hulu I'll be surprised!! 


So nice when things get cancelled!! LOL... Anyway I made it. 

It was MARTIN at the door! He followed Valentin by stalking his bank accounts. He wants to go with Valentin and Anna to find Lucy's killer. They argue. Finally Anna tells him they think Lucy is alive. The Marshalls knock on the door. Marty answers it. He tells them he's renting the house to get over Lucy's death. They can't search without a warrant. The Marshall guy from PCPD (crooked Victor worker) shows him his gun and says to tell him where Anna is. Valentin comes out with his hands up and says he went there looking for Anna but couldn't find her. THEN Anna comes up behind the guy and puts a gun to his back!! "DROP the GUN" she says.  She knocks him out. 

Sonny visits Heather!??? OH! She had said she could describe the diver of the van that crashed. So he's trying to get her to shut up because the driver was Dex. She'd know him anywhere. Sonny tells her to give a fake description to the officers. She says no. Then he tells her 'things can happen in here' and she realizes she has to say nothing.  She says she can't remember what the driver looked like at all. Sonny leaves. 

Ryan won't talk to Jordan but Ava walks in and might change his mind. Jordan asks him about Esme. He doesn't say much but he blinks "yes" when she asks if she's capable of murder.  He's not saying a lot more. They talk a bit and go to leave. His assistant tells them he's going to tell him something. Ryan says that yes, the killer wrote that letter but it wasn't Esme. Not her wording. He asks Ava why she has her wedding ring on still. She says she never loved Ryan and loves Nikolas so much. Ut oh. 

Sonny comes out and Jordan asks why he's at the Spa Jail. He says he was making a donation for the work program lol.  Then he notices Ryan: Why are you talkin' to that garbage? Ava says she's helping the police. They figure out he's probably right and Esme isn't the killer. 

Rory and Trina are at the PC Grille. She hasn't been out in public much and she feels weird. They talk about the art show she's opening and he wants a private tour on Sunday. Then lunch. He also wants her to come to his family Christmas Eve party. 

Liz and Finn. Recap of what she said to Jeff and what Jeff said to her. They talk about Reiko. Yada yada. He loves her, she loves him but remembers she's helping Nik with Esme. She doesn't deserve him!! 

Nikolas and Victor. Victor wants the whole Cassadine Clan to have the hoildays there. Nikolas balks at the idea. Spencer is like OF COURSE YOU DO, you LOVE AVAAAAAAA. Victor says they are getting a divorce so....Anyway, Nikolas says even if we are divorcing, you can't live here. Then tells Victor if he's in charge of Spencer, he can't stay either.  Victor says they are all going to dinner. Nik says no "not until Spencer wants's too soon"... So Spencer and Vic leave. Nikolas throws stuff "ESME"!! 


US Marshall says arrest Marty. 

Valentin and Anna escape. 

Nikolas calls Liz. Finn tells her that he saw Nikolas earlier 

Rory tells Trina he loves her... and Spencer walks in

Heather goes into Ryan's room "Hello Lover" :) 


  1. I just didn't think Heather was Esme's mom-----isn't she too old? Was she even on the show when Ryan was there?????I STILL think the writers were going to have Felicia as the mom because 'love of my life' Ryan kept saying and that is NOT Heather.....
    --Anna + Martin + Val = solid gold stuff!!!!!!!!!!!
    -----the letter stating 'me and mine' made me rethink maybe it IS Rory ---- cause he talked about his family.....Christmas, etc.....the assistant DA hasn't been shown in a while, so I am not getting those vibes......OR Heather IS getting in and out to protect 'her daughter'
    ---Ava and Sonny are magic together too.....
    --enjoyed Sonny's talk with Heather------------so fun
    ---I still think Finn is gonna see those vitamins and think they belong to Liz......and Nik.....
    ----with Marshall guy being attacked by Anna, I am wondering if this storyline is winding down? and I think he is power hungry - not even about Victor.
    ---thought it odd that Victor gave in to Nik's saying Spence couldn't live there....

    1. I like Martin thrown in the mix there too in Ireland. Works well.

    2. I think they are going to rewrite history and have Heather be Esme's mother. I know ages etc don't add up, but it is GH after all

    3. I agree about Ava & Sonny. Ava is magic with EVERYONE.....Maura West is just so good!!

    4. I've wondered if the original plan was for Felicia to be Esme's mom...but then Kristina Wagner's sun committed suicide...and maybe it was too painful for her to have to be involved in a story about a long-lost daughter. You saw the subtext when Felicia told Holly to be there to rescue her son. Kristina's eyes welled up.

    5. Diana that is good......cause I am sure Felicia started out being the mom and then Mac is/was gonna be a dad.....

    6. Oh. I didn't see that scene with Kristinas eyes welling up. So hard. I feel for her.

  2. A lot of funny one liners today..

    Ireland/Tiffany's house: I KNEW IT WAS MARTY AT THE DOOR YAY! :D

    Vanna and Marty: Well, don't just stand there! The U.S. Marshalls are there! Just run to the back entrance!! I was thinking Marty could pretend he is staying there.

    Marty and the U.S. Marshall: Oh Marty read my mind hahaha. Yes Marshalls! Marty is staying there. :) I love that V.C. showed himself and that Anna put a gun on the guy hahaha. FUN! :D

    Marty: That will leave a mark.


    Port Chuckles:


    Victor, Nik, and Spencer: Oh this is so stupid! Nik should tell them both the truth of what is happening!!

    Nik alone: Oh Nik come on! It's not Repunzel's fault! You could let her go!! And it was your choice to make a porn video with her! So really stop being a whiny bitch!

    Spring ridge:

    Sonny and Heather: Sonny you visit her without a Kelly's BLT sandwich? How rude.

    Heather: The bacon melts in your mouth.


    Ava, Ryan, Jordan, and Ryan's helper: Ryan wins the line of the day.

    Ryan: Come back to me.

    BAHAHAHHAHAHA! You would have to get out of your locked in syndrome first Ryan!!

    Ava and Sonny: I like when they get along. :)

    Heather and Ryan: Oooooo! Lova huh? Now are you going to talk about your daughter Vampira? :D

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Calabrina: Oh boy! 3 months of dating and already she is going to meet your family?! You two are THAT serious? 3 months of dating and already an I wuv you? ACK! WAY TOO SOON FOR BOTH OF THOSE THINGS! Oh hi Spencer.. You heard the I wuv you didn't you? Next month is Rory going to propose marriage to her? Anyway I do want to meet Rory's fam! I guess Ms. Wu isn't his mother.

    The hospital:

    Liz and Finchy: No no no! You two need to break up! Like right now. Like this second. And of course you are not going to ask her if she is preggers with Nik's baby.

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to 2000* Carly and Monica scene.. Monica tells her off.

    1. Martin is a hoot! I give him line of the day, because I snorted, lol!
      Rory bugs me, a lot. I thought he and Trina were a bore. Going to be all kinds of eye movement today between Trina and Spence!
      Seriously agree with you about Finn and Liz. Breakup! Now! Please!
      I swear every time I see Maura she gets better and better. How is that possible when she's already Queen!?

  3. Rory is either a red herring or the hookster. He is creepy IMO and getting way too close way too fast (although it is a soap, but still).

  4. I have thought it was Rory all along. The jingling that was heard could be his handcuffs

  5. It's weird that Diane thinks the hook is a woman though

    1. Maybe Rory wheres a woman's wig some sort of Sleepaway camp horror movie style twist ending???

    2. I thought it was Rory for awhile. He is small and dresses as a woman. Plus he has a obsession with Trina. 3 month anniversary , weird

  6. also NOW Victor KNOWS Valentin is helping Anna -----------wonder how that will go?

  7. mufasa. he sure does. He will probably try to get at Charlotte again. I wonder what Holly gave to Victor in his drink. Something weird that wouldn't poison him right away??????

  8. Ava says to Ryan: "Get blinking". My vote for one liner of the month.
    Good show. But a police chief chatting with a known mobster about the case was ridiculous.


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