Wednesday, December 28, 2022

For Wednesday Stuff


Please look at the WUB AWARDS that are below this!! I wanted to throw up something so you can all comment and let me know if I should watch the show tomorrow morning or just FF the whole thing!

Brother can finally get out of Buffalo and Dad can make it from Southern Tier so we are having Christmas today!! 

See you tomorrow! 


  1. Well there's definitely a face we weren't expecting at the beginning. Hope no one ruins it for you.

    I enjoyed the episode. We're still moving along nicely. Tomorrow should be exciting.

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    2. Oh boy! Well I ruined it for Karen when I told her who was there on twitter!! Hey I was excited!! :)

    3. lol So excited your mouth runneth over. hahaha Happens to the best of us.

    4. "Di says, lol So excited your mouth runneth over. hahaha Happens to the best of us."

      Hahahaha yeah something like that. :)

  2. "Karen says, HUGE Thank you to Dave and Sonya who keep this blog going even when I'm down and out."

    Awwww you're welcome!!! :) And thank you Dave!!!!!!! :) Today's GH. There were some funny one liners today. And yes Karen watch the show today!!! I'll tell you why down below.


    Vanna and Maddox: MADDOX!! HOLY CRAP! :O That was a shock!!! I was not expecting that!! Well Anna needs Maddox's help! Maddox doesn't trust V.C.! Hahahahaha! This is the scene you have to watch Karen!!! :) Maddox brings up how dangerous V.C. is!

    Anna: Okay Valentin is dangerous, you are dangerous Andre, I'm dangerous.

    Hell yeahhhhhhhhhh! :D Great line.

    Vanna: Anna wins the line of the day.

    V.C.: I don't trust anybody who is willing to get involved with the Cassadines.

    Anna: You want to run that by me again?


    Port Chuckles:

    Spa jail:

    Laura, Cyrus, and Marty: You gotta watch this too Karen hahaha. Cyrus just wants to warn Laura about that deputy lady..

    Cyrus: The Lord has truly blessed me this day.


    Cyrus: To warn you of the serpent in your garden.


    Cyrus: There is a mole in the mayor's office.

    Marty: You mean along with the snake?


    Metrocourt hotel room:

    Mudder and Britch: Now this is the scene you have to watch too Karen. What an emotional scene!!!! Mudder found the hiding suitcase, and Britch lies and tells her she is going on vacation. The whole scene was wonderful!


    Trina and Ava: Trina wants to get that hook killer!!!! Oh hi Spencer. Ooooo sounds like Spencer has a cold. He even sniffed.

    Spencer and Ava: Spencer wants Ava to shut up! He is trying to apologize! Feeling bad that Nik cheated on Ava "twice" eh Spencer?

    Sprina: They are going to have a lot of work to do. I hope they find out it's NOT Vampira very soon.


    Repunzel and Nik: Geez Repunzel was all nice to him during Christmas, and now she has an attitude again.. Now why is Repunzel still there? Come on Nik you found out she isn't the Hook killer when Rory died!!! Let her go now!

    Repunzel and Demetris: Oh oh. She is manipulating him so badly! Oh yes let's have dinner together Demetris! Bring some candles. Sure! Then she wants to start a fire so she can escape!!

    Repunzel talking to baby Ace: Boy that baby Ace has grown again! I wonder how she will escape again. Will she fly out the window? Or run down the stairs?

    Spencer and Victor: Spencer is disgusted with his dad taking advantage of poor Liz! Victor doesn't really care! ROFL! Hey why is Victor still walking? He drank that poison drink awhile ago. I'm so confused.

    Victor and Nik: Awww Nik had to tell Victor that Liz had a miscarriage awwww!

    1. lol Loved Anna and Valentine scenes. And maddox was not someone any of us expected.

    2. And there were just so many good one liners today. I guess we can expect lots of action tomorrow. Between the party and candlelight dinner things look like they're going to get hot. lol

    3. "Di says, Loved Anna and Valentine scenes."

      Great scenes!!! :D

      "And maddox was not someone any of us expected."

      Yeah it was kept quiet!!! I'm glad cus wow what a surprise! :)

  3. Yes, Mudder and Britch are definitely worth watching. I wish she wasn't leaving.
    Always good to watch Spencer. Loved him with Ava.
    IMO Laura and Martin are being too hard on Cyrus. He is really trying, or he is really pretending to try to be 'better'. Either way. He certainly was sincere with Spencer.

  4. Andre Maddox! I don't know about you...but I would LOVE to see him back on our screens on a regular basis. Screen presence galore. I always liked his banter with Anna. Maybe throw him into the mix with Curtis, Portia and Jordan.
    Jeff Kober...I could watch him read the phone book. He is so entertaining.
    Kelly Thiebaud's leaving is going to create a big void in the show in the heroine department. I wonder who's going to occupy that lane after she leaves. Another actress with such screen presence, who can go from funny to bitchy to you name it.


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