Monday, December 19, 2022


I'm out today for work... and might be out more this week, sorry! David and I have come up with some things to entertain you. I will be watching on Hulu and catching up when I can!! Happy Hanukkah!! 


It's that time of year again when we make our predictions for next year. Every year we hope a few come true, but they rarely do. I had two last year that I do believe made it, if you stretch your imagination a bit.

Jeff Webber will finally arrive. The actor will be someone most of us know, but he will not be someone with a daytime history.

The Nurse's Ball returns. However, it will be totally re-imagined and radically different than the past. Fans revolt.

As always, this is made to be fun and goofy and not made to be taken seriously. So don't. You can comment or, better yet, give a prediction of your own. Anyway, just have fun with it. 

Dave: GH will pull out all the stops for the 60th anniversary. It will coincide with the Nurses Ball. They will invite anyone who ever acted on the show to come and sit in the audience for the ball. In between scenes current actors will interview former actors in the audience asking them about their time on GH.

Karen: I hope they will absolutely have an "interview" session with past/present actors, maybe a Prime Time Special!! PLEASE!! So many reboots are happening and past actors visiting the nostalgic past, I would love a huge retrospect of GH. 

Dave: Jax will be recast by actor Trevor Donovan

Karen: Um, I had to Google Trevor Donovan!!  But alas, I do not want a Jax recast. I would love for JERRY Jacks to make a stop in Port Charles as part of Victor's Ice Princess Climate Plan. 

Dave: Said it last year and I am trying it again. They WILL redo the opening theme song and credits to something cohesive and pleasing to listen to and will debut on April 1. Respect the past, please.

Karen: Ditto 

Dave: Leslie C. will retire. The role will be recast, but she will only be onscreen sporadically as needed.

Karen: I predict that they will unfortunately treat Monica like they do Audrey. Just "there" but not "there". 

Dave: Tracy's time the show will increase. They will offer Jane a good storyline in the Spring and she will take it.

Karen: OH I hope so. She can be helping with the Ethan situation or something and be in Europe so she doesn't risk being arrested in PC. 

Dave (and Karen agrees) Sam and Dante go to Las Vegas, party too hard, and get married by an Elvis impersonator (John Stamos cameo) at a little chapel on the strip. While they are saying their vows, the camera cuts to Lulu in bed starting to move her hand. (Soap 101, kids) This leads to...

Lulu (Julie) returns and the drama is there with Dante remarried. (see above)

Dave: (and Karen's biggest wish!! ) Michael and Willow move to Paris to head up ELQ Europe

Dave: Yet another takeover of ELQ is initiated. This time it is Mike Webber, president of Barrington Enterprises.

Note from Karen: Oh, great idea! We'd have to call him Mickey because TOO MANY MIKE's! 

Dave:  A new character will be introduced as a possible love interest for Sonny.

Karen:  My new character prediction will be someone from Sasha's past. Unfortunately if they are going to keep her, I think this card will have to come out. 

Will THIS be the year Rebecca Buding is enticed to come back? 

Aiden will need some medical procedure that Jeff is an expert with...OR need an organ donation thus reuniting the Webber fam. (guest appearance by Sarah) . NOTE: This was the latest Aidan (Enzo DeAngelis) and I have no idea what he'll look like next!! 

        Rena Sofer is no longer on Bold and the Beautiful. Will Lois pay a visit? You betcha.



  1. I would love for tyler christopher to come back as nik

  2. lol Love your predictions. Thanks. Maybe since it's so easy to get parole now Olivia Jerome can make a comeback. And maybe Cyrus....hehe Love to see him and spreading the Word. haha

    I just don't want to see any returning rotting corpses. That trope has been way overused on this show.

    Chase helps save a major life from the Hook and comes back on the force, all forgiven since they're short handed. (I'd be happy with just the last part.)

    Biggest wish is that they find out Victor played with Britt's results and has just been having her dosed with something mimicking the symptons to get back at her mother.

    1. Di, I can picture Cyrus behind the bar doling out advice and a warning or two.

    2. An lots of scripture. lol mainly old testament style. lol

    3. Yeah, Cyrus seems to be an Old Testament type of guy doesn't he. 😀

  3. I love most of what you noted! Lulu is needed on canvas... please recast Charlotte. But Esp Tyler... he IS NC for me. And a Jax recast although it makes me sad, its necessary. There's history there we need Jasper Jax. And yes to Jerry. Him taking the hotel hostage was one of the best sweeps I can remember.

    Maxie please get a love interest. I'm not sure Spin is her person but I do love their friendship. More Georgie and give us some scenes with James and Bailey.

    Lots of Laura, keep giving us Vanna, Liz, Terry, and although it isn't popular, I love Nina and Sonny even though they write her to be so annoying. I don't want them breaking up the ties between Leisel, Maxie, and Nina since we are already losing Kelly as Brit.

    Please bring back Lucas!

  4. hmmm KD Has your Christmas wish come true?

  5. OMG - hoping TC comes back!!!!

    1. He seems to have been lobbying for it for a while but I like Adam Huss if they don't want Tyler again. I think they should bring Adam in to finish Marcus' scenes and take their time choosing carefully.

  6. With a little luck, part of Victor's masterplan involves one final show run with Constance Towers as Helena (no ghost, no dreams, no flashbacks) with him and her as Patriarch and Matriarch, let Port Charles beware...

  7. Yes please to Tracy. Bring back the Q dynamic. GH has stepped away from having family core stories. We need her.
    I would love to see Lois again. She and Olivia would be such soapy opponents.
    What did MC do that they would let him go. Maybe he had good reasons to refuse filming.
    Double yes to Willow/Michael saying byebye. And take Wiley wit you.
    ABC showed the last 20 minutes today. Will wait until later to watch in entirety.

  8. I was just going to post that. GH came on my ABC channel at the 42 minute mark which I hope means no repeat tomorrow for me as I saw it on my Canadian channel today and it will be available for you on demand or online somewhere tonight.

  9. I know I'm in the minority, but I would like for steve burton and Ingo rademacher to come back. jax made carly human



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