Thursday, December 22, 2022

Holiday Stuff


Joss on the side of the road with a flat tire. Dex stops to help her. WTF is that bodyguard that was outside Trina's house? Um... or why wouldn't she have a driver. I know it's a SOAP and Dex has to be there. :eyeroll: He was following her. They banter then end up making out on the side of the road. Then the truck comes and Joss runs to it. 

Rice Square: Brook and Chase talk. Linc tells him to get on stage or no partnership and no songs for Brook Lynn.  Blaze and Chase sing together. Their "new single". It's a long song.  Chase won't get back together with Brook. He leaves. 

Sonny is there with Donna and Donna gives Nina a Christmas present.  It's an ornament she made. 

Carly is at home, Ava comes over with Avery. They are going to the Gingerbread Jam but Carly invites them in for cocoa first. Ava tells Carly she and Nik aren't together.  Ava tells her he's cheated (but not with who). 

Spencer is at Trina's. They talk about Christmas. They talk about Rory. Spencer has a plan to lure out Esme because he's her prime target. Trina says that she'll help. 

Nikolas is drinking and talking to Esme in the Tower.  He tells her that he and Ava broke up. She's happy. 

Ryan and Heather are in the common area of Spa-Jail. She puts a Santa hat on him and a beard. She says they are going to give pain to anyone that's hurt their girl.  Heather gives Ryan a wrapped box. 

Mac gets a call and he says they have a lead on Rory's killer and it leads back to Felicia and Ryan.  The DNA on the earring shows Gloria Wilson who was Ryan's ex-wife that Ryan killed 30 years ago, witnessed by Felicia herself. 

They go to visit Ryan. Heather was opening the box but stops when they come in.  Heather says hello to Mac and calls Flea The Aztec Princess. Mac shows Ryan the earring: Lose Something? 


So, Heather stole Ryan's keepsake chain with all his momentos of kills on it and that's where the earring came from. 

It's snowing and they sing Silent Night in Rice Square. 



  1. Happy Ellie is back - this must be the next step to Spinelli and Maxie getting back together....
    Maura and Laura together - amazing...
    Chase and Blaze must be gonna get together. Brook Lynn is spoiled...."Can't we just forget everything?"
    I HOPE HOPE HOPE this is the beginning of the end of the hook story-------Heather or it's to throw us off for another 12 months......
    Sorry, Karen, but I like Dex and Joss - LOL ------------
    I still think Esme's baby isn't Nik's.................

    1. "Mufasa says, this must be the next step to Spinelli and Maxie getting back together."

      Oh I hope so!

      "I like Dex and Joss"

      Me too!!!!!!!!!!! :D

      "Chase and Blaze must be gonna get together."

      I wouldn't be mad. :)

      "I still think Esme's baby isn't Nik's"

      Yeah after what Nik said about Demitris is not the father, I'm thinking he is!!

    2. Mufasa, I'm glad to see Ellie back too, and I like Dex and Joss. Go figure, lol! And if there is a Santa Claus you're right about Ace not being Nik's. Fingers so crossed!

  2. He said he was tailing her. lol My words exactly. I loved the "Better me on a hook, than a hook in you" line.

    Loved when Ava said, karma's a bitch. lol

    I actually like Heather singing Silent Night better than the duo at Rice Square.

    1. "Di says, Better me on a hook, than a hook in you" line."

      Dex is charming!!! :D

      "I actually like Heather singing Silent Night better than the duo at Rice Square."

      Yeah Heather's was funnier! ROFL!

    2. "Di says, And the right tune."

      Yeah the duo singing it at Rice plaza, bugged me a little.

    3. So agree about Silent Night. Why does ANYBODY take a classic song and turn it into something totally unrecognizable? Bugs me to death!

      Loved the "hook" line, lol!

    4. My thoughts exactly Julie.

  3. So now the writers point at Heather. Well she is a female. I would say that Ryan and Heather working together is perfection but when they first saw each other they seemed to be sincerely surprised.
    There are six trees at Trina's. Plus various statues of trees. Maybe she should now spell her name Treena.
    That was no hit song. Barely a song. Chase is a way better cop.
    Ava and Carly played nice. They could be friends.

    1. "Zazu says, So now the writers point at Heather."

      Yes. But as Mufasa said on twitter, that maybe Gloria is the DA's mother. :) Great theory!

      "Maybe she should now spell her name Treena."


      "That was no hit song. Barely a song. Chase is a way better cop."

      Chase has sang wayyyyyyyy better than this. Like this,

      HAWT HAWT! :D But yes I want him to be a cop!!!

  4. The song at Rice Square was in SNL skit embarassing. Josh Swickward is a good performer, but the lyrics to this song...over and over and over and over. Very bad. Sorry.

    1. And they completely changed the tune of Silent Night. It was sad.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. "Di says, And they completely changed the tune of Silent Night. It was sad."

      Yeah I noticed that too!!!!

  5. Man there were a lot of funny one liners today!


    Repunzel: Jingle hell Jingle hell jingle all the way. So much pain Nik will feel when daddy comes to slay, hey!


    Nik and Repunzel: Nik is such an idiot! Getting drunk and visiting Repunzel! She could very easily hit him over the head and leave through the window. Why is he being so nice to her. She can talk to him when she is lonely? HUH?! Nik is talking about how the baby isn't Demitrius's. Huh?! So that means the baby IS Demitrius's!!! Foreshadowing!?

    Side of the road:

    Jex: Dex must have told Joss's bodyguard that he can go home. That was so sweet and a gentleman of him to give her his coat awww!

    Joss: If I want you to take your clothes off, you'll know.

    ROFL! Oh look! They are playing word association! How fun! Oh man that kiss was rough and hot! :) Joss now it's REALLY time to break up with Cam!!!! Enough is enough!!! Don't do this to Cam!!!!

    Carly's home: Carly and Joss are going to watch Christina comes home for Christmas! Awwww. :)

    Carly, Avery, and Ava: Walky talkies!!!! YAY! Yeah Carly you are right, Avery is too young for a phone.

    Carly and Ava: I'm surprised that Carly didn't ask Ava who were the women Nik slept with.

    Ava: Karma is a bitch.


    Rice plaza:

    Chase and Brooky: Yeah Chase is right Brooky. You took away his agency. You took away his choice. Hopefully you have learned with the next relationship you have someday.

    Sante and Brooky: Dante doesn't have an ugly sweater!!! Mac sure does!!! Dante won 2nd place? Then who won 1st? I want to know!!!!!

    Blaze and Chase singing: They sound great together, but I rather just hear Chase singing alone. A wind machine?!!?!?! Outside?! When it's really cold?!!?!!? That is so stupid. When Chase was singing, you can tell he still loves Brooky.. Hmmm Will Chase and Blaze get together? I wouldn't be mad. :) Blase! :)

    MacLecia, Felicia, and Dante: Oooooo. Very interesting. I'm intrigued!!!!

    Spring ridge:

    Heather and Ryan: Ryan in a Santa beard and hat! Hahahahahaha! He looks great! He also looked great with the reindeer on his head too!

    Heather, Ryan, MacLecia, and Dante: How did Heather learn how to use that board to talk to Ryan?! ROFL!

    Heather: Thank you! Felice Navid your highness. Is it your majesty? No. Your highness!


    Heather and Ryan: I want to see what Heather gave Ryan as a present!!!! I don't think we will ever know. :( Heather wins the line of the day.

    Heather: Siiilent night. Hooooly night. All is calm! Alllll is bright! Round yon virgin mother and child.

    Purtis's home:

    Spencer and Trina: I like Spencer's socks! Are they purple? Sprina a team!!! Yeah I like that! I'm glad Spencer noticed all the trees and that Trina explained. :) Oh just grab her and kiss already!!! :)


    SpinElle: I was thinking, "Is that Elle?" YAY! Glad she is there! Love her!!! Is she visiting Georgie?

    Throwback Thursday: *Jumps into my time machine to go to November 30th 2000* Taggart visits Zander in jail. Awwww Zander! :'(

    1. Oh forgot one other thing about Rice plaza.

      Sasha and Donna: Donna is such a sweetheart!!!! Who has taught her to be such a sweetheart? Daddy? :) And when Donna was wearing that hat, she looks a little like Avery! :)

    2. She was adorable and when other couples were talking she and Sophia were talking away in the background. Sophia must be really good with kids.

    3. Sophia does have a baby IRL. She must like kids

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    5. I loved the Ava/Carly scenes! Walkie Talkies were a great gift, and so true that karma is a bitch, lol! I loved the fact that Ava didn't blab about Liz. :)

      Nik is an idiot. Maybe the actor didn't film his last scenes because he was tired of Nik being a fool! That is NOT the Nik we know. Sheesh!

      I never want to hear that Rice Plaza version of Silent Night again. And I mean never!

      I think the gift to Ryan was that other earring. Are they really going to make Heather the Hookster?

  6. watched bold and beautiful today the actress who plays Heather is on BnB

    1. Wait what? Robin Mattson was on B&B today?!!?! :O I watched it but only the last 5 minutes like I always do. :)

    2. No, it is Alley Mills.

  7. Heather the hookster who is a shape shifter and can slither under the door every time she wants to get out and kill one of Esme's enemies!!!!!!!! What a joke. She is allowed to wonder all over that facility, but never bumped into Ryan before???? She's probably not the hookster either, the writers keep changing who it is. Enough already.


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