Sunday, December 25, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Snow Jobs


How fitting that Port Charles also had a storm come in Friday!! The Bomb-Cyclone Snow Storm hit us around noon the same day. We aren't as bad off as Buffalo by any means but it was a whopper. 

Why did I choose this photo to use for the blog???  Just loved it.  Laura, Scotty and Liz. Grandparents--one honorary one bio. Sniff. Made my realize how long I've watched! I do wish he would have said happy birthday to her but... all in all great scenes. 

It's Christmas Day so I'm not sure how many will be reading this but I'm hoping you're safe, warm and surrounded by love. Let's go: 

We have to start out with Sonya's passing because it's going to leave such a void in so many lives. Her family, friends and fans are all so saddened by he news. She was such a light on this show and every year at the Nurses' Ball we had the privilege of hearing her angel voice. RIP sweet lady. 

:Photo credit: @10thfloorGH

CONFRONTATION OF THE WEEK:  YEP...I was happy as a clam!! Two greats having it out in the chapel! My only sadness? Liz had a "miscarriage" even before the fake-baby got going!!! Dang it!! I wanted it to go full on. LOL.. Ava was SO good giving it to Liz. Great scene and if you didn't see it, find it on you tube! 

Awww Heather and RYAN!! Gave us a HUGE clue to the Hooker I think!! Liz found an earring in Rory's pocket that was from a "trophy chain" that she stole from Ryan. Now, did she drop it when she hooked Rory? Ryan's first wife, Gloria was the owner of the earrings and Felicia said she saw Ryan kill her years ago. Oh...twisty!! Anyway Ryan and Heather are... Jingle Bells to my Ears! 

DAVIS GIRLS OF THE WEEK: OH MY! Molly! Krissy! Sam! Alexis!! wow.. and TJ and Dante and Spencer!!  Krissy and Molly even squabbled a bit...and I just smiled like a  3 year old! Loved Loved LOVED Alexis talk with Spencer about being part of the Cassa-Clan. We need way more of this!! 

VISIT OF THE WEEK: First thing Trina did? Make Spencer take his socks off! They had a nice talk and decided to 'flush out Esme" by "pretending to be together"-- didn't Ava do this with Kevin? Anyway, you know it's going to be good. PS Did they have ENOUGH trees in that house? LOL 

VISTOR OF THE WEEK; Poor "MARY" from the living nativity gets stuck and has to give birth at the Q house!  Olivia all ready has her hands full with visitors stuck on the road outside. She just makes more lasagna and everything is fine. 

LET THE CHOIR SING OF THE WEEK: Austin and Maxie break up. That's it. That's the post. 

SINGING SOME MORE OF THE WEEK: Ok, this is the family I want. They found each other in Vancouver. That girl playing Georgie is so perfect and looks like Lindze!! So make this happen, writers. Spin and Maxie trying to wrangle 3 kids could be gold.

STUPID OF THE WEEK: This goes to Drew. Who heard Carly say with her own lyin' mouth that Nina wasn't Willow's mother. He asks Diane why she lied about the whole thing and Carly walks in giving her the hairy-eyeball. STILL NOTHING. Um, sir!! Wake the hello up!! Geesh. 

CHAZEANDBLAZE OF THE WEEK: I don't know why I put them up there but CHAZEANDBLAZE just sounded like a riot LOL. 

CRAFT OF THE WEEK: Trina made an ornament honoring Rory.

PHONE CALL OF THE WEEK: Ellie is dating Griffin!! Remember him? I figured if it was someone from Port Charles in Portland now, had to be that guy. 

MAGIC MOMENTS OF THE WEEK:  So much happened between Wed-Friday that I can't write it all up. Here are some of the little things that I really appreciated in those holiday episodes: 

Phyllis was on 

Dr. O bringing Scotty mistletoe 

Britt running over begonias at the Q's while riding a motorcycle with Sasha

Pizza in the airport for Spixie Family

Ellie Fish and all matching jammies 

Maxie actually saying she was taking a BOAT across lake Ontario in a storm (LOL)

TJ looking a bit ill when he might have to deliver a baby

Alexis' JOY Pillow next to a Mickey Cottage Core 

Ava and Carly are civil 

Ryan's reindeer nose 


Chase has another board hearing in he fall thanks to Brook's letter. He's still pissed tho

Blaze and Chase sing in Rice Square

Sprina decide to team up to get Esme out of hiding

Liz tells Ava yes, she and Nik had an affair but she lost the baby 

Phyllis dishes advice to Nina

Millow find out they are having a baby girl; tell Wiley

Olivia must cook for a house full of people because of the storm

Britt delivers a baby at the Q's.. 

Carly pays off Denise to tell lies; Alexis alerts Drew

Everyone at the Davis house! 

Sasha and Sonny fix up Brando's old motorcycle

Maxie can't make it to Portland, but Spin and Georgie make it to Alberta 

An earring with Ryan's exwife's DNA is a big clue in the hooker case 

That's a wrap!! Hope you enjoy your day. I was happy with the Holiday shows on GH this year. A bit different but welcome. Did miss a lot of the kids but-??? And I really hope they do something for Sonya although it's tricky when someone passes IRL.

Love and Light to all! Look for the Wub Awards for 2023 soon!! 


  1. LOVED Spin, Maxie and Georgie; not that is the family I'd like to see.

    LOVED Alexis and Spencer, and all the Davis girls and company in the house.

    LOVED Liz, Scott and Laura. Plus, if i am recalling correctly I think Genie and Kin are good friends IRL.

    LOVED Trina and Spencer.

    The Q thing was a bit corny, but it did fit in kind of nice and it was nice to see so many characters right before the holiday.

    Missed no VAnna.

    Such a sad passing of Sonya Eddy. Soaps are soaps and everyone has their favorites and characters/ actors they don't like. I had NEVER heard anyone say anything negative about Sonya or Piffy. I am sure she was a sweet lady IRL and a huge POWERHOUSE on GH and she will be missed.

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this blog, and especially thanks and Happiest of Holidays to you our friend Karen and your family and Tillie

  2. Thanks for another great surgery, Karen. And merry Christmas to the group. Hope all of you, whichever holiday you celebrate, have a great day. Here in WNY few people will be going out to meet up with family but we will make the best of it. Hope you can too.

  3. Thanks for the great SS Karen. Have a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

    I had a chuckle at Spin having to take off his "socks." Wasn't it shoes? I think your imagination got away from you. lol Going up. hahaha *Di sends herself to her room*.

    Lake Ontario in a storm. OMG. One of the most dangerous places to be. It's bottom is littered with wrecks. Lake freighters have sunk there.

    I loved this episode. It was so nice to finish the show with a good feeling. They united families we hadn't seen in ages and added humor that was not over the top. I wish we could have more eps like this.

    I'm also hoping they're planning something for Sonya in the New Year and that they carry on with this kind.

  4. Thanks for another great SS! It was one of the best weeks on GH in a long time.
    Love the idea of a team serial attacker but it did seem as if Heather didn't know much about Esme so how would she attack those that may have hurt her. I'm sure the writers will come up with something.
    Love all the character mixing and that the Weeping Willows weren't there.
    Some people think that Ellie and Griffin have a GH future. I say "That's all folks".
    It's a balmy 23* here but we lucked out from the storm No snow, no power outages.
    Have a wonderful Christmas day everyone!

  5. the hook person has three options: Heather - Maggie - Assistant DA or a combo of both...I just am SO READY for the audience to find out--please.....
    ---I don't think Nik or Britt will be hooked because they are integral part of storylines down the road......Nik also airs through end of January he said....
    -----can't believe New Years/Britt's party is this week and then she is gone!
    ---Great week I thought (with some exceptions LOL)---If Britt leaves, why is Cody still around -----Brook Lynn maybe???
    ----well, it's time for GH to gear up for the storylines in Feb sweeps - PLEASE don't let hook and Willow storyline or even Lucy to be gone that long!!!
    Merry Christmas - SO enjoy these comments and blogs each day - I feel like I know all of you!!

  6. I watched this episode twice. The episode was different from the traditional hospital setting reading of the poem but I loved it. When Laura, Scott, and LIz hugged I felt Genie, Kin, and RH loved the moment, too. I felt the warmth through my tv.
    The plot twist....that you could see coming a mile away... of Maxie, Spin, and Georgie meeting where it ended with Maxie and Spin realizing their best gifts to each other are their daughter and being reunited with each other actually made me tear up.
    Merry Merry and Happy New Year!!!!!


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