Wednesday, December 21, 2022

IT'S all of a SUDDEN...Christmas EVE!

 I'm back today. Still sad about Sonya. Reading all of the beautiful tributes on Twitter, IG and Facebook. 

I HAVE NO idea why/how but it seems to be Christmas Eve?? IT's like..BOOM! Here we are! And it's Wed? So weird. 

Christmas at the Qs! and......... NEWS INTERRUPTION because Zelenskyy is at the WH. So we can watch him arrive? I mean, history but come on. 

That took too long.


Christmas at the Davis House!! ALL the girls are there!! TJ and Dante too. Oh and Spencer!! Nice!! Spencer wants to know if he can get out of his family because of his Dad LOL. Dante gets a call and leaves.  Alexis and Spencer have some good Cassadine conversation about his life and navigating being part of that family. 

Trina's all upset at her house. Everyone tells her not to worry. They know she's upset about Rory. They have about 3 trees there LOL FIVE! Trina cries to Joss. She was supposed to be at Rory's family gathering tonight. She's sad.  She and her mom make an ornament honoring Rory for their tree. 

Chase, Finn and Gregory at Chase's apartment--No Greg's!! . Chase tells them he's not singing at Rice Plaza tonight because Brook was mean. Violet is there too. Dante is at Chases' apartment, he has news. Brook's letter got to the board and they'll look at his case in the spring. IN THE SPRING. Oh geesh. 

AT the Q HOUSE:  Carly/Drew...Ned and Olivia, Wiley..Leo, Brook Lynn and Millow. Willow tells Wiley he's going to have a sister. Drew is still going to try to find Willow's parents. Carly is like: Um, why bother? Monica is "under the weather" . Brook thinks that Ned can sing instead of Chase. Ned is like NO WAY. Carly leaves. Drew follows her out, grabs her and makes out with her on the porch. Weird. 

At Rice Square, I guess there's a show later on and Chase pulled out because he's mad at Brook. Austin and Maxie are shopping or walking around, or whatever. Maxie says she thinks that their relationship is more "Trauma Bonding" Than anything else. They end up breaking up. 

Brook shows up at The Square--the 'show manager' is angry that Chase isn't singing and won't let Blaze go on on her own. 


Joss drives off the road

Carly gets a keychain with Jacksonville on it from Drew and a key 

Chase shows up at Rice Square

Spencer goes to Trina...she opens the door he says "Merry Christmas" 

PS: huge HUGE question: WHERE ARE SAM'S KIDS? WHERE IS ROCCO? Why wouldn't they be there? LOL 


  1. What's with all the trees at Trina's?????

  2. "IN THE SPRING" I know. Why do we have to wait so long!!! there's a serial killer on the loos now.

    And maybe the actors who play Sam's kids are sick, or their parents don't want them anywhere near the studio right now so they don't get sick.

    I thought most of the conversations today were really good, even illuminating at times. Has a sensible writer snuck in while the others are recovering from too much Christmas cheer?

    Oh oh...What happened to Joss. Did someone mess with her breaks? No mention of her in the previews so I hope she's not going to be in a snowy ditch somewhere and no one knows she's missing.

    And hopefully no one has a bad BM tomorrow that will interrupt the show. lol

    1. GAWD...I wish I could edit my spelling. It gets loopy when I type too fast. oooold keyboard. And, of course I meant brakes! No more coffee for me today.

  3. David Muir likes to hear himself talk for sure!!
    Okay yesterday - I am SHOCKED that Liz just said already she had a miscarriage - was anyone else?????? I mean and then I thought Ava was gonna figure it out------when she said to Nina 'she already lost the baby' I thought she was going to say, "something is off'.....I mean people didn't even have time to HEAR about Nik and Liz....BIZARRE
    and yesterday - Dex and Joss = chemistry!!!
    ----Think Drew is gonna tell Carly the truth
    ------so when Alexis said, "find something that you are passionate about" and Spence left I KNEW he was going to tell Trina 'HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY - I will find the killer!"
    ------I am still screaming HOW IS CHRISTMAS EVE? so bizarre-----
    ------I feel that down the road Curtis will look at the picture and say something seems off and it will begin Marshall isn't her father storyline -------where was Stella?
    ------whose apartment? Greg's but they never said....
    ----I kinda think Austin and Maxie ARE really broken up now - YEAH!!!!
    -----Chase in the spring is annoying but seems accurate for beauacracy
    ----Joss running off the road but no wreck? SO will Dex save her OR did she see something in the road that means something??? a clue to something?
    -----HOW people can't figure out Willow is really sick is weird too - will she not lose her hair too?

    1. "mufasa says, David Muir likes to hear himself talk for sure!!"

      I like to hear him talk. ;)

      "whose apartment? Greg's but they never said..."

      No its Finchy's!! He opened the door for Chase and Greg!! If it was really Chase's or Greg's apartment, Finchy would have said what you forgot your key? And little V was already there. We didn't get to see that part because of the breaking news.

      "I kinda think Austin and Maxie ARE really broken up now - YEAH!!!!"

      WOOT WOOT! :)

      "HOW people can't figure out Willow is really sick is weird too"

      I have no idea! Carly noticed how pale she looks.

  4. and Drew has an apartment for them to 'escape to' I think? OR he bought a house

  5. Some funny one liners today! Boy we miss a lot when there is breaking news.

    Alexis's home:

    Alexis, Spencer, Krissy, Tolly, and Sante: Sam's kids ARE there! They are playing upstairs. Why is Spencer there?! He looks so out of place hahahaha. When are Tolly going to have a baby?

    Molly: You can never have too many socks.

    ROFL! True!!! :)

    Alexis and Spencer: Awwww great scene!!!! Listen to her Spencer she is right!! :) OH HE IS LISTENING TO HER GREAT! :) Molly wins the line of the day.

    Molly: Was it something Kristina said?


    Alexis and Krissy: Awwwww Alexis is proud of her! Sweet! :) Great scene!

    Chase's or Gregory's apartment: Since we missed the beginning, we didn't see Finchy opening the door for Chase and Gregory!!!! SO THIS IS FINCHY'S APARTMENT!!!

    Chase, Gregory, Little V, and Finchy: Oh boy! Chase is so angry at Brooky! He still wuvs her!!! Little V is so adorable! :)

    Gregory, Finchy, and little V: Awwwwwwwwwww! Sweet scene!!!


    Q home: Merry Christmas Eve Q family! It's early but meh oh well ROFL! Monica not feeling well awwww. :( Covid? The flu? RSV?

    Crew: Drew was just walking Carly out so he was kissing her goodbye! :) I think it's sweet! A key? For what? New car for a Christmas gift? Key to his new pad? Key to his heart? :)

    Mom, Dad, and Brooky:

    Dad: Dare I say it,

    Mom: Please don't.

    Dad: You have to face the music.

    BAHAHAHAAHAHHA! Ned would have won the line of the day, cus he said a pun!!! :D But Molly's line beats it I'm sorry Ned!

    Purtis's home:

    Purtis, Mr. Hat man, Joss, and Trina: SO MANY TREES! :D This family love Christmas! And I think they just want to cheer Trina up. Poor Trina. :(

    Mr. Hat man and Purtis: Awww! Presents!!! Mr. Hat man's gift looks like a pizza box. :) Too bad Piffy wasn't there. :(

    Mr. Hat man and Curtis: Awwwwwww! :)

    Trina and Joss: I love that Joss was there for her. Oh Trina it's not you fault that Rory died!!! You and Spencer are 2 peas in a pod! :) You think alike!

    Trina and Portia: Great scene! Love the Rory ornament! The soda cap awwww. :) It's perfect. So sweet.

    Sprina: Awwwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Rice plaza:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Maxie: Geez so much yak yak yak. Glad they finally broke up. About time.

    The show manager and Brooky: I thought the guy was going to tell Brooky to sing.

    Brooky and Chase: Chase going to sing? :D Stupid spring! I WANT CHASE TO BE A COP NOW!!!!!

    1. Joss and the car accident: Whoa! Was the road slippery? What happened?!?!!? Is she going to be okay?! Will Dex drive by and see the accident?! Will he save Joss? :) Will she be unconscious? Will Dex give her mouth to mouth? ;) Were the Tribbles in the back seat?

    2. Totally agree about line of the day! But seriously Olivia was cracking up saying don't say it about Ned's line. I hooted!
      I got my Christmas wish with Maxie and Pawtucket Holster breaking up. THANK YOU Santa!
      Alexis gave such good advice. I enjoy her and Spence together, more please!
      I'm a cold human being, I'm already sick of Trina's pity party. Sorry.

      And absolutely no to the Tribbles being in Joss's back seat. HAHAHAH!

    3. "Julie H says, But seriously Olivia was cracking up saying don't say it about Ned's line. I hooted!"

      Hahahaha! Yeah that was really good. :)

      "I got my Christmas wish with Maxie and Pawtucket Holster breaking up. THANK YOU Santa!"

      Yes! Thank you Santa!!!!

      "Alexis gave such good advice. I enjoy her and Spence together, more please!"

      Yes yes more more! :D

      "'m a cold human being, I'm already sick of Trina's pity party. Sorry."

      You sound like Karen! ROFL! She says sometimes that she is mean hahahaha. It's not pity! Her boyfriend just died, so of course she is going to cry.

      "And absolutely no to the Tribbles being in Joss's back seat. HAHAHAH!"

      BAHAHAHAHAAHHAHA! Yes we want them safe!!

  6. Sonya - what about Joss' car thingy????

    1. I don't even remember it happening. I guess I wasn't paying attention.. I went back to watch it.. Whoa! I'll make comments about it.

  7. I know this time of year is tricky for soaps... they have Christmas scenes and next thing we know on the 27th it will be NYE already.

    1. Exactly. And cast has to have time off for a least a few days at Christmas, like everyone else. So things are shot beforehand so that they have enough shows to go into the new year. And due to interruptions things are sometimes ahead or behind schedule, so we have people complaining that Thanksgiving was too late and now Christmas is too early. Can't win.

    2. Commenting on Christmas Eve so soon was not in anger. It was an observation and bizarre I thought. What I enjoy here and in person with friends is recapping the show and what was noticed/not things and things that were odd and trying to guess something and other points of view.....from me anyway...These things are not complaints and should never be taken as complaints and/or corrected - - just like to read what people thought of each show...

    3. I know. I was just explaining . I'm a teacher and when someone asks a question I have a compulsion to answer it. That's just me. Sorry.

    4. "Di says, I know. I was just explaining . I'm a teacher and when someone asks a question I have a compulsion to answer it. That's just me. Sorry."

      Ah ha! That explains it!!! A teacher is always a teacher even if they have retired! :) I'm not saying you are retired, I'm just saying a teacher will always be a teacher. :)

    5. lol I'm retired now. Left when hubby got sick. And most always will be for sure.

  8. maybe this is the end of Joss. not one of my favorites

    1. No. Her body guard was tailing her and he'll pull her out.

    2. "Di says, Her body guard was tailing her and he'll pull her out."

      OH! I forgot about the bodyguard!

    3. I thought of the body guard first thing. He should have been driving anyway, lol!
      My DVR GH description for today says Dex helps out Joss. What the bee-geezers is he doing there?? He's not the body guard, good looking African-American guy was waiting outside Trina's house when Joss left. Argh!!!!

    4. gosh Julie I THOUGHT THE SAME THING when they showed that good-looking guard outside - WOOHOO!

    5. That was Trina's bodyguard. I imagine Dex is still shadowing Joss as he's been told she has to be guarded at all times.

    6. ooooh, didn't think about Trina having a body guard. Hmmmmm I say, hmmmmm!

  9. I enjoyed this episode. It hit all the right beats and Maxie and Austin have broken up -- finally! Now let's have Liz and Finn call it quits officially and we can enter the New Year with a blank slate and some hope. (I especially liked the conversations Alexis had with Spencer and Kristina.)

    1. I'm with you on the break up front. And I loved Alexis' family gathering and advice to Nicholas. I hope they filmed a New Years scene with them while they were all together.

  10. Thank goodness Maxie and Austin broke up. Maybe he will get together with Liz - that would be funny. Maxie should be with Spinelli. Loved the Davis girls and Spence. Good touch that Trina was mourning and had no makeup on.

  11. RoHo needs to move on from soaps. He's been such a failure with Frank's many attempts at recreation with his pets. It just doesn't work.

    1. Ohhhh I so agree with you. At least by the fourth attempt at making him appear new he at least stopped throwing food in his mouth in the middle of people's scenes. So rude. Wanna get laughs. Join a comedy.


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