Sunday, December 11, 2022

Sunday Surgery: Folic Acid


Um.. anyone else suffer some emotional damage over the whole Rickie/Hazel thing with Ryan and Heather??? HOLY HELL!! LOL  Between that and the Prenatal Vitamin reveal and Sprina Friday had me rollin!

The Title was a toss up between "HELLO LOVAH" and Folic Acid and I went with the pills because Esme Tower Story is a great one. Plus, Dark Elizabeth! 

Photo Credit: @Here4Sprina 

This week was A LOT. I mean, just a LOT. I've tried to write it up as best as I can. Some things like Marshall and the gene testing isn't of huge interest to me so I put it in the ending recap.  Ergo, make sure you read Wubshell Week! 

I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT OF THE WEEK:  This is Liz listening to her father, Jeff who is trying to apologize for all the sins of his past. It was a bit of an awkward moment (I don't think the dialog was that great) but it did seem to seal the whole incident in a little envelope and Jeff left. Bye. Can we just close that chapter please? 

THE AUDIENCE DOESN'T WANT TO HEAR IT OF THE WEEK:  Good LORD. FINN!! Ok, I kind of liked him confronting Nikolas for a bit (just to see Nik squirm) but now he's all up in Liz's face about the Prenatal Pills and is figuring out where Esme is. I don't want him in this story, damn it!!! Well, unless he's killed. Hee hee. Anyway, Finn is thinking Liz is pregnant. SO.. Will Liz say she's pregnant to throw him off course OR will she tell him the truth? Hmmmmmm. I've been mulling his over and it could go either way. On the one hand, she wants to get rid of Finn and on the other, she doesn't want to lie. A fake pregnant Liz could be fun, especially if he thinks it's Nikolas'!!!  He'd dump her (win) and if Ava finds out...she'll def dump Nikolas (win!). Would Liz then have to pretend for the WHOLE TOWN? Would she and Nikolas then RAISE BABY CASSACRIME????? Ooooooooooooooooo. I can get into that. Queen Liz at the helm of Wyndemere? 

GIFT OF THE WEEK:   Uncle Cy talks to Spencer about "his" side of the family and gives him 2 turtle doves to give the "one that has his heart".  These scenes were good and I especially liked the JK and CS exchange as battling uncles. When Spencer learns he's leaving, Cyrus makes him promise to visit and write. Awww. 

MOST ANTICIPATED MEETING OF THE WEEK (MONTH/MONTHS):  It finally happened!!!  With Spencer out and Nikolas telling him he can't live at Wyndemere, Uncle V takes him to the PC Grille for dinner. He hears Rory declare his love for Trina and basically won't listen to what she wants to say. Rory also gave her perfume (how 1980s!!) and asked her to meet his family on Christmas Eve. Spencer realizes that he intruded and leaves without giving her his gift of the doves. Sprina fans will have to keep waiting!! 

CRAZY PANTS ZEXY WEIRDNESS OF THE WEEK: Oh MYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  Um, Kudos to Lucky Gold who wrote this dialog because I needed a drink after!! We though that Heather was Esme's mother. What we didn't know is that the two of these met in a remote cabin in the woods as "Hazel" and "Richie" and went to town for a few months. Ryan was devastated when she left. She did leave behind a reminder;  baby Esme.  AM and JL played this TO THE HILT!! wow!! She was all over him until he finally talked LOL!! Um, the couple we never knew we needed!!!! 

SPY VS SPY OF THE WEEK: So Valentin goes to find Anna in Ireland and Marty follows. Who else does? The Crooked US Marshall guy, that's who. Valentin wasn't very careful was he? I wasn't mad however because this was a good sequence. VAnna all lovely-dovey deciding to run together and Marty putting a wrench into things. He's useful to stop the Marshalls however and Anna ends up knocking the agent out with a gun. Total Devane Move btw!! I wonder how Martin will get out of this jam!! 

RENTAL OF THE WEEK: Britt books the Haunted Star for her big Birthday Bash and WOWZA, I hope it's a huge mash-up of The Hooker Reveal and Britt's secret coming out. Juicy Soapy Fun. 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Heather faces Sonny... LOL, she's NOT happy!!  Sonny does convince her to not describe Dex to the police because "Port Charles is MY town"!! 


Joss and Dex make out again; Sonny finds them and isn't happy

Michael tells Dex to stop working for him; Dex declines

Spencer is let out on early release

Cyrus gives Spencer a gift

Rory gives Trina a gift 

Nikolas refuses to let Spencer live at Wyndemere

Liz and Nik realize Esme is faking it again but needs more Vitamins

Finn smells a trail to Esme; right on Spoon Island

Finn sees Elizabeth with PG Pills, asks if she is pregnant 

Joss finds out Mom and Drew are dating

Jeff apologizes and says goodbye to Elizabeth

Britt plans her big "going away/birthday" party

Robert, Felicia and Laura figure out there are codes hidden on the diamonds

Anna and Valentin are found in Ireland by Martin and US Marshalls; they escape

Sonny reads Heather the riot act 

Ava tries to get information out of Ryan

Ryan and Heather talk about the good old days and the fact she had a baby

Curtis invites Jordan to his wedding: Jordan declines 

Sam and Curtis team up to find out Cody's background 

Cody says he's leaving town (again)

Carly tries to run stop the Drew-Denise meeting about Willow's bio parents by calling Olivia

Portia urges Marshall to get retested and he balks at the idea. Stella agrees. 

SPOILERS FOR NEXT WEEK:  Drew reports to Willow but it's not great news, Rory gets Kudos from Jordan,  Hooker Strikes Again, Finn is left broken hearted and Ava? goes on the warpath!! 


Britt's party to be a blow out and Victor or someone to let it slip it's all a lie and then Whatever show she's going on says Oh! We love you but you can work BOTH shows!! 

I like my Liz/Nikolas idea. They'll just pretend to be in wub and she's pregnant to save their asses. They plan on taking Ez's baby and hiding her on Greece. 

It turns out Holly gave Ms Wu the diamond with the information on it for safe keeping. Just get her involved. I still want Dr. O in this as well. 

Uncle Victor gets his giant Cassadine Holiday feast. BUT! (twist) that's when Liz and Nikolas have to announce her pregnancy and all hell breaks loose!! 

Cody has run his course. And if spoilers suggest that Sam finds out what he and Dante did all those years I care? NO. She did a bunch in her past too. Why would we care what Dante did when he was a kid? 

Get the Willow story crankin'. LET PEOPLE know she's on death's door. Make Carly make a choice. 

Taggert should be Hooked next and die unless they are going to recast him. Will the hooker get him next week or is it Rory that is killed???? Is Spencer wounded? Is Cam? Where IS Cam? 

More Heather and Ryan. Why not? Pure soapy-soap! 

That's a wrap!! I have a big week coming up-- I think we are all busier this time of year. Dave is helping me cook up some filler material and of course, the Year End Awards will be coming. My brain can barely remember 2 weeks ago!! 


  1. I am a little confused about the Prenatal vitamin thing. Were there 2 bottles? One empty and one full. Did the empty one get left and Finn saw it, then Liz like stole another one or something for Esme? Only in a soap would vitamins just get left out.

    Heather and Ryan were so good and funny. Alley Mills is doing a great job as Heather. She does look more like Esme's Granny, but we'll go with it. Ryan is the older Dad after all.

    Poor Spencer can't get over himself to apologize correctly. What a mess that whole thing was. I say Run, Trina, Run because not since Junior high or freshman year of high school should you be saying "I love you" and having a 3 MONTH anniversary. Yikes!! That screams all kinds of creepiness to me. "L'AMour" perfume. Poor Trina. She looked mortified.

  2. A great SS after a very busy week. Thanks!
    Wubs in a nutshell: Definitely the last 5 items on your list can disappear. All very weak and categorized as who cares. I have tried to like Cody but the writers don't seem to want that.
    Ryan and Heather sure are the couple we didn't know we needed! Wow.
    Perfect Friday cliffhanger with Elizabeth's response in the air.
    It's funny how someone trying to be so nice, Rory, can be so creepy.

  3. Great week - so Joyce Guy (Phyllis) DID post she is back on set-----but the spoiler said she is back Christmas week as her relationship with Harmony returns and Willow finds out the truth.....kinda seems too quick for GH though??
    ----Will Victor seek revenge with Valentin HELPING Anna? Cause Marshall is gonna tell him.
    -----I'm not MAD that Heather is Esme's mom but the timing is wrong and she is too old and she can't have children------but Heather and Ryan's exchange was riveting! I watched it
    ----The ONLY reason I can think that Liz is gonna LIE and say she is preggers with Nik is cause SHE could go to jail? Writers waited too long for Chase and Brook Lynn and I don't care about them and now Finn and Liz------------ugh.... Is Jeff really gone????
    -----No Ephinany and her MCAT scores.....
    -----I really think now that Dex is undercover/not sure he started out that way with writers but something about his demeanor and wanting to stay with Sonny and can't be with Joss????
    ----LOVE the diamonds having codes and that FELICIA and Laura figured it out and CANNOT wait until they want Mrs. Wu's diamonds.....I think Mrs. Wu didn't give Victor the vial and she is waiting until she needs him to be drugged...
    ----finally I am going Rory is the hooker/that they changed ------ cause if not, he really is kinda pitiful......


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