Tuesday, December 6, 2022

SO much happening!!


I almost didn't make it! I was doing Christmas Cards and... BLOOP! time whipped by. 

SPA JAIL: OH! JEFF WEBBER VISITS HEATHER! AAAAAAHHHHHH!! She mentions Steven Lars. He says to stay away from his family. Especially Cameron. Heather said she just wanted a BLT. Then RYAN ROLLS IN!! Jeff says: Is that??? Heather says: The one and only! 

Ava and Trina are shopping but RORY comes up...boo. Rory asks Trina out to dinner for their 3 month "anniversary"... she says yes and they'll go later. 

Victor finds Ava. Tells her love is wasted on the young. He says maybe some day it will be their turn. He thinks they should put their heads together to get a plan up for Nikolas. She's like NO way. 

Then, Trina and Ava meet back up and Trina says how nice Rory is but she can't stop thinking about Spencer. 

Finn and  Alexis look for Violet but then talk about Elizabeth. He tells her that Jeff slept with Reiko. She says he shouldn't give up. 

Victor finds out from Deputy Mayor that Holly is recovering and the necklace was destroyed in the fire. He's mad, crushes a gingerbread man LOL. Says he's still going forward with the plan. 

JAIL: Spencer and Cyrus. Cyrus tells him he can trust HIS side of the family, not the Cassadines. Also talk about redemption and families. Cyrus gives Spencer a small box. Spencer doesn't open it. HE tells him to take it anyway and 'follow his heart'. Victor walks in. 

GH: Portia, Stella and Marshall talk at GH. Portia says Marshall should be retested because a lot has happened in the years regarding his diagnosis. He says no..he's at peace with it all. 

PCPD: Curtis invites Jordan to the wedding. He says she's TJ's mom and a big part of their lives. Then they talk about the Hook. Jordan says Alexis messed with their investigation. IT's a nothing convo really. 

WYNDEMERE:   Esme is in bed.. looking awful. Nik and Liz find the empty vitamin bottle, wonder if she took all of them. Liz says they have to pump her stomach. LOL She jumps up!!! NO! Then eats breakfast. Tells Liz she threw out all the others but took one. Liz was happy she took one. Esme tells Liz to ask Nikolas what happened on the parapet and mentions Ava. Liz is like: WHAT does AVA have to do with this?????? Nikolas gets rid of her and tells her he'll explain it all later. Liz leaves. 
Esme wants a real tree and to to pick it out herself. Nikolas is LIKE NO WAY ..she tries to guilt him about a story cutting down a tree when she was young. He leaves. "is that a no"? She asks. 


Jordan marks decline on the invite 

Heather tells Ryan if he could talk, they'd have a lot to discuss

Jeff runs into Liz at GH 

Esme "sees" Ryan and says she knows what she's going

Curtis and Alexis are teaming up to solve The Hooker 


  1. confused cause I thought Heather was at Shadybrook not Spring-whatever....
    Victor is getting Spencer out early I think!
    Ava is gorgeous and so is her coat.
    Think Esme made up the tree story??? and Finn is going to see the pre-natal vitamins but SURELY he won't think they are Liz's? I thought he had figured out Esme was hiding there when Alexis commented "Esme sure disappeared fast-where did she go?"
    Stella not wanting Marshall to pursue his diagnosis + the look Marshall gave Portia = Marshall lied at the beginning when he got there OR Stella doesn't want a DNA match cause she is Curtis' mom and Marshall isn't daddy.

    1. "Mufasa says, not Spring-whatever...."

      Spring ridge! ROFL! I always forget too.

      "Stella not wanting Marshall to pursue his diagnosis + the look Marshall gave Portia = Marshall lied at the beginning when he got there OR Stella doesn't want a DNA match cause she is Curtis' mom and Marshall isn't daddy."

      Could be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Heaven help us if Finn thinks the vitamins are Liz's. Hoping he's smarter than that, lol! Good guess about Marshall, I can get behind that. :)

    3. 100 and 10 percent Esmua made that ish up LOL

  2. Rice Plaza:

    Trina and Ava: I love Ava's coat!!!! :) Hey Ava has a registered gun now. I guess she didn't own a gun. Well, I'm glad she has one for protection. She has to be careful about having one though. She could accidentally shoot someone she didn't mean to shoot.

    Caberina: 3 months anniversary? Happy anniversary you two! :)

    Victor and Ava: Oooo Victor wants a relationship with Ava doesn't he? :) Hey what about that poison? When will it start to affect him? Is it a slow going poison?

    Ava and Trina part 2: Awwww Trina can't stop thinking about Spencer! Awwwwwwww! :)

    Finchy and Alexis: Great scene! I'm glad he has a friend to talk to. Friendship! :) Awww! :)

    Victor and Deputy mayor: Victor killed the gingerbread man!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! :( His poor gingerbread family! They are going to be devastated!!! :'(

    The Gingerbread family


    Police station/Jordan's office:

    Curtis and Jordan: Forget it Curtis! Jordan won't tell you anything, and no don't invite her to your wedding. Yikes!

    Jordan alone: Yeah glad she declined.

    The hospital:

    Portia and Stella: Glad Stella is feeling better!!! Just saw her last night on Bob Hearts Abashola! :)

    Portia, Stella, and Mr. Hat man: Okay something is going on here.. There is another story happening here!!!


    Nik, Liz, and Repunzel: Oh look! Baby Ace has been sorrassed!! :) Repunzel wins the line of the day.

    Repunzel: You are sick!


    Repunzel alone: Seeing ghost daddy again.. Well he will be ghost grandpa! Maybe ghost Grandpa can babysit baby Ace when he is born! :)

    Spring Ridge:

    Spencer and Cyrus: Oooo love the angel gift! Yes Spencer keep it and give it to Trina someday! :) Someday soon!

    Jeff and Heather: Warning her to stay away from Cam?! How does Jeff know about the Kelly's visit? Jeff knows Ryan? Heather hasn't changed? Oh yes she has Jeff! She is a flirter now! ;)

    Heather and Ryan: You have a lot to discuss? Like what Heather? You mean about your daughter Vampira with Ryan? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Curtis and Alexis: Ooooo I like that they are going to work together!!!! :D

    1. I thought Curtis was way out of line with Jordan. He's not a cop, and he came across so childish to me. I was glad that Jordan declined the invite, too. But you just know for some reason she'll show up, lose her temper, and blurt out Trina is probably Curtis's daughter. Oh the drama!! :)

      I really liked Alexis with both nosy men (Finn and Curtis). She make them both more interesting.

      Dying to know what's up between Ryan and Heather. Whatever it is, it will come to no good. Hahaha!

  3. Love and want Ava's coat.
    Rory has become creepy to me. I did think he was the hookster but now I really think the identity of the perpetrator is still up in the air. This is a story that should have been told for a while and then solved. How long will they drag it out. How could anyone think it's Esme. She is way too into herself to bother with physically hurting others.
    The whole Portia/Curtis/Jordan/Hatman is a big yawn.

  4. I think the Hookster could turn out to be Heather, but IDK, how would she get out of jail so often?

  5. I love the character Esme and the actress, she is going places. could watch her every day. cujo jr and the girl scout trina bore me.


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