Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday Surgery: There and Back Again


Well, the Holly-Story wrapped up with a few good surprises this week!! It ended up being very satisfying in the end but of course, not long enough!  We also had Thanksgiving, Esme Tower Drama, Spencer in Prison, Ryan and Heather in the same room and Wilting Willow.  A bunch of other stuff was also thrown in as usual so let's go go !! 

Settle in for some tea and scones while we discuss...

BIG BANG OF THE WEEK:  Holly drugs Robert, heads out and takes Laura by gunpoint, manages to get to a cabin in the woods and comes out on fire. This was all in the beginning of the week! PHEW !! Most of us were hoping Robert and she were in on a big old "Sting Operation" and boy oh boy--were they!! The only people that knew were: Holly, Robert and...FELICIA! They even kept it from Mac and Laura. :Clapping:  I thought for sure it had to be a plan they had but it kept me guessing for sure. That's good writing. Also leaves the door open for Emma to come back again! 

ACTING OF THE WEEK: Robert sure did do a good job convincing everyone. Even had me for a minute there! 

TURKEY DAY:  Thank you to @NivFans for this collage of goodness that happened on Turkey Day! A real turkey was loose!! Leo did a great job with his part and was so convincing LOL. It was a good twist on the old Pizza Party. Guests included: Brook, Chase, Carly, Drew, Ned, Olivia, Michael, Willow and Leo. The kids were in the attic. Heh. BTW, I wonder how much that turkey cost?? 

TURKEY DAY TWO:  Sonny also hosted a party with Nina, Gladys, Sasha and Sante. Sam and Dante spent the entire time making out in the hallway and there was a lot of Brando talk. Nina got some diamond earrings. Gladys made plans to go gambling. 

THE PAPER CHASE:  He lost his appeal and Brook didn't get her letter in on time. Chase is angry, breaks things off. Brook cries to Dante and Chase talks to Sasha. Brook finally decides to call someone for help. I was thinking Gram Tracey but I think she's still wanted by the NYS police so maybe it was Ned?? Hmmm.. 

SAVOY DRAMA:  N'neka is serving up the drinks and all sorts of hell breaks loose!! Britt is there stumbling all over and everyone things she's drunk.  Victor figures out she has Huntington's like her Dad. Great acting by all. I really wish there was a follow up to these scenes though.  They really missed the mark by just cutting it short and going to the next day, imo. Britt wasn't even shown after this. 

DARK ELIZABETH OF THE WEEK:  MY Favorite part of the week was Elizabeth !!! Spectacular use of Becky and perfect for what is happening right now. It also gets her her the hell away from Finn, thank you. Love how she threw the sex video in Esme's face. Love how she's keeping the secret. Delicious. SOAPY. Wonderful. 

MICHAEL'S "PLAN" OF THE WEEK:  When this whole thing started, I thought --oh!! Michael pulling a cool plan over on Sonny? Might be interesting. Now? WTF!! This is just..tedious and I can't for the life of me figure out WHAT Michael is trying to do! If he wants Sonny in jail he certainly has enough proof now.  I mean? WHAT IS THE PLAN???? I don't think even Michael knows at this point. Now, it's morphed into a plot device to keep the zexy love-birds apart!! Please make Michael at least appear to have a brain cell. 


AVA OF THE WEEK:  To help Trina, she agrees to talk to Ryan about finding Esme. Even knowing Esme could blow her in for the parapet deal. THAT'S a loyal badass right there! 

GLARE OF THE WEEK:  I hope you caught the Ryan-Heather exchange !! Oh lordy!! He turned around and BOOM!! There she was and there was a moment..a definite MOMENT PEOPLE!! I think she's Esme's mama. Don't know how, don't care how. Squee!! Delicious! 

UNCLES OF THE WEEK:  Victor tries to broker a meet and greet between Nikolas and Spencer. Spencer is having none of it and surprises Uncle V with a guest of his own. Cyrus comes in and--welp, it appears Victor didn't know Cyrus was Laura and Martin's 1/2 brother? WELP! 

WOBBLY OF THE WEEK:  Oh Nina... you go over to 'do a good deed' for Sasha (um, okay). Willow is way mad that Nina would even suggest she help Sasha decorate the square. Granted, Willow just had chemo but Nina doesn't know because she refuses to tell anyone!!  BUT! Willow gets all upset, Carly marches in and... Willow faints. No one calls 911 and eventually she gets back on the couch.  Carly takes Nina out to talk with her and in a surprising turn, is pretty chill about the whole thing and tells Nina to just leave.  Are they trying to make Carly a bit softer now so we don't think she's the annoying boil she is?? Hmmm... time will tell! 

FACE OF THE WEEK:  Oh! Felicia was SO happy SO SO happy to help with the whole Holly-Scam!! 


There's a Turkey loose!! Ergo, Pizza at the Qs! 

Gladys makes a call to join the gambling game 

Britta has a bad spell at The Savoy and Victor figures out she has Huntington's 

The Holly Plan unfolds:  She fakes her death and Robert gets the necklace

Wu gives Victor a dose of something Holly left

Joss and Dex get closer even though Michael said NO!

Nina tries to get Willow to help Sasha, Willow erupts and faints 

After 3 Xanax, Carly is actually civil to Nina 

Drew and Carly decide to hook up in private ... insider trading be damned! 

Joss decides to go to medical school 

Portia wants Marshall to get retested for genetic markers

Victor and Nikolas visit Spencer in Jail.. it goes wrong and Cyrus shows up

Heather tries to get Scotty to help her get out of jail; he says NOPE

Mac and Kevin get Ava to agree to meet with Ryan 

Ryan and Heather have a "moment" at the Spa Jail 

Elizabeth visits Esme and tells her "too bad" and keeps her in the tower

That's a wrap! I don't even think Laura was in on the plan!! They talked in the car like Holly was really doing this and they didn't need to!! SO.. there's that! It was a good week overall and it really did have a TON of things happening. We also got a Scotty Heather scene that was fun. I'm really liking the Esme Tower Drama because it's so old-school soapy. Back when no one really cared about "repercussions" --things just happened!!  They are def making Victor more of a threat as well, especially showing him shooting Paloma. The Joss/Dex thing is also Soapy 101 and although I don't like the "look" of him, the concept is there. Willow's cancer drama better pick up and please let the town know she's ill. Just do it. The biggest drag for me now is the whole Portia/Curtis/Marshall drama. I just don't care. Oh, I do like Alexis being a fly in the ointment over the Hook story. WHAT HOOK STORY? ahahaha. Someone better get murdered and quick! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you all next week. 


  1. Yes, the "hooker" story should not have been forgotten like it has. I know they were focusing on Emma Samms return, but give us a little "bone" every once in awhile on the hook thing. Kill some rando person, show someone with a hook or something to keep it relevant.

    Thanks as always Karen. Your blog makes my day and week. I think the Emma Samms story was mostly good. I think it was unfinished as we have no clue how she is going to get Ethan back, but it was great seeing Holly and great seeing Holly and Robert. I actually want to see Robert and Diane together though and see how that goes. I really feel like they have good chemistry.

    Loved seeing Felicia with the big smile and hair up in the hat again. Reminds me of when she met Frisco. And, she was a great one to help Robert and Holly. I just wonder if Mac will be told what happened, or Laura. Also, will anyone tell poor Marty his Lucy is alive? They may feel that is too dangerous to tell him since they are trying to bust Victor.

    I like dark Liz. Glad they are giving her a story now and hope they keep that up. You know how that goes.

    I really liked Victor, Cyrus and Nicholas scenes. There is no way though that Victor who sees and knows EVERYTHING would not know that Cyrus and Martin are Laura's brothers. He reads the papers and has spies all over. It was delicious seeing that Victor didn't know though.

    I think that the reason that this Victor thing is being dragged out so much is because the fans love CS as Victor and TPTB want to keep him around longer.

    Thanks Karen. Happy Sunday

    1. P.S. A big thank you to Emma Samms for coming back with long COVID to finish her story for the fans!!!!!!!!!!! She is as always sweet and beautiful as ever.

  2. I love after 3 xanax cujo is finally civil to nina. cujo is my least favorite character.

  3. Another great Karen line was Wilting Willow! Hilarious
    Agree about Carly and Carly, Jr, they r making her just as unlikeable

  4. PS thanks Karen for the chuckled

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh yes, Heather must be Esme's mother. That scene was awesome. But, how would Ryan not know Heather's name though? Heather was a famous BAD person. Maybe he didn't know it at first???????

  7. Thanks for another great SS!
    It was a busy week, and a really good one. The Holly/Robert caper was done well. Especially after thinking it wasn't a ruse, just bad writing. So happy it was what it was.
    Love any scenes with Cyrus and Spencer.

  8. Great SS as always! Really good week for GH but the continuity could be improved.

  9. I play the piano and when I play different places, I look at my demographics and play what the audience wants to hear.....................
    FRANK and writers ------ look at the ratings since Holly and the VETS are back - HIGH HIGH and go from there...............please......
    thoughts and questions feel free to answer -
    (1) can Valentin and Martin be told Lucy IS alive but pretend she isn't???? Robert, hello?
    (2) Holy isn't goody-two-shoes so I think the necklace Robert has is fake.....
    (3) Phyllis anywhere?
    (4) Cody won't be rich now, so will he admit to Mac that he lied -just say he panicked or something??????
    (5) Kelly T said she filmed through November so is that her episodes are airing or we still have another month.
    (6) TOTALLY didn't understand the Sonny and Valentin conversation....
    (7) Chase and Brook Lynn storyline dragged out so long I don't care anymore.
    (8) I really think Nina is becoming more unbearable for what is coming: whether she and Sonny break up or the audience not wanting Carly to tell the truth about Willow.
    (9) She is gonna (accidentally LOL) turn in Carly and Drew for insider trading and Sonny will break up with her -------

    1. (1) Probably not.
      (2) Yes.
      (3) Sadly she has disappeared.
      (4) Trying to like that guy but....
      (5) Yes!
      (6) Ditto.
      (7) Ditto...again.
      ( 8) Nina as a busy body just does not work.
      (9) Probably right.
      That was fun. I do enjoy your comments. Don't always agree but you do give food for thought.

  10. Don't forget it was Victor who lured Liesl to the Huntington's disease conference, so he either had a hand in a fake positive diagnosis, or already knew she had it. He knew forever ago...

  11. The writers forgot that didn't they Michele?

  12. Hey, you! This is my first time here. I'll try not to GO ON. Abt not seeing Britt anymore. Well, Kelly's contract was up in November & that was the end of the month! A little thing, Martin & Cyrus are full brothers to each other & just half to Laura. I loved Willow just losing it & having at Nina! Usually Willow keeps her voice in a pretty narrow range. She almost does a monotone. But, THIS, whoa, she was loud & angry & inflected & then it looked like her eyes rolled back in her head & then she did the classic spiral dismount to the floor. The most effective Willowing I've ever seen! I like to say that Michael has created an all new "passive/aggressive" ... with Willow he is passive, whatever, he goes along but with Sonny he is aggressive, even if not focused! Willow is wrong to keep her leukemia a secret & Michael should advocate about that with her! Carly is wrong not to tell Willow who her birth mother is but she doesn't know about the leukemia, so she's operating on an out-of-date scheme! Nina, well this week, Nina was just plain wrong. She had no business going to fetch Willow to help decorate some plaza or square or something! I'm going to miss Britt. I'm anxious for Monica to get over whatever ails her & gets back to us! I cannot figure out how Emma Samms is more beautiful now than she was a dozen years ago! See you tomorrow on Mastodon!

    1. Yes. Welcome. We love new people I agree that Emma Samms just keeps getting prettier.

  13. I think Heather is too old to be Esme's mom - but grandmother? For sure Ryan and Heather know each other but I thought the looks were hatred.....still think Maggie is coming around sometime

    1. Me, too! I'm surprised we haven't met Maggie the nursemaid yet!


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