Monday, December 26, 2022

Rory's Memorial


Rice Square: People gather for Rory's memorial... Sam, Spencer, Trina, Curtis... Marshall, Laura Robert. Rory's family are having a private burial.  Robert gets a call from Dante to go to GH to talk to Heather who is hinting she might know something about the killer.  A reporter (Raymond, gorgeous) from the Invader comes over to talk to Laura about Rory. 

Spencer and Trina decide that now is a good time to become "public" to lure Esme out. They take a picture together for the newspaper. Curtis realizes they are up to something. 

Heather is getting checked by Portia to see if she can go back to the BIG HOUSE.  Then she talks about the trial and reading about it. Says it was so obvious that Trina was set up. "What was that girl's name again"??  Robert comes in and says "oh my favorite Scorpion" LOL!!  Mac comes in too. She wants to stay at Springridge if she helps. 

Brad and Maxie are planning Britt's party. Brad already did a signature cocktail for her "The Britch" and Maxie is mad. "I'm family"!  Brad wants to have a FOAM PARTY. Maxie is like um..NO. They get in a fight about a Disco Party and Maxie hates all his ideas. Britt comes out and tells them they HAVE to get along. 

Cody and Mac talk about the baby that was born at the Q house. Mac is all dressed in his blues :) They talk about life, yada yada. Forced stuff. 

Austin has Terry come to Britt's office. Austin wants to order a state of the art machine for GH. Terry is like no way. Britt says who cares?! Ask the board. Terry realizes something is wrong with her and asks. Britt says she just realized a bunch of things after delivering a baby at the Qs that might have died.  She leaves. Britt tries to get the truth about what's up with Britt out of Austin. He's not saying much. 


Heather sees a text with the photo of Spencer and Trina together. She gets a mean face on




  1. I enjoyed the episode. Things are still moving along. Ohhhh Heather did not seem to like that picture with Trina in it.

  2. Even though Heather saying SHE could get Ryan to find Esme is silly, I enjoyed it!!!
    I knew Curtis would think Trina and Spence are up to something.
    I would hope my friends would KNOW that something is up if I was discussing 'you have to get along so it's something I can remember" etc that they would demand to know what is Willow's secret, it's getting a little tiresome
    ......Austin is SO much better with Britt than anything Maxie...
    Even is you don't have time to watch today's episode, it's worth it to see Mac in his dress me...........
    LOVE Trina and Marshall.....
    STILL makes no sense that an ACCIDENT is why Heather is in Shadyridge----truly bizarre....
    If the writers kill Britt I'm gonna throw things....please don't...

    1. "Mufasa says, I would hope my friends would KNOW that something is up if I was discussing 'you have to get along so it's something I can remember"

      Yeah she also said something about I will never be gone I'll always be there or something like that.

      "like Willow's secret, it's getting a little tiresome"

      Yeah if you drag the secret for a very long time it can get tiresome. That's why we have sweeps!!! So that secrets can come out!!!! Come on writers!!!

    2. Ohhh you are so right about those dress blue, Mufasa.

    3. I totally agree about killing Britt. Throwing big things.

    4. Amen about the dress blues....yowser! Hide the barware, we'll all be turning into Sonny throwing things, lol!

  3. A lot of funny one liners today!

    Rice Plaza: Awww a nice funeral for Rory! Where are his parents? Everyone is suspicious of Sprina!!! Hahahaha! Curtis is so smart!

    Sante: Yeah I would never date a cop. I would be nervous all the time.

    Laura and Spencer: Oh don't worry Laura. Spencer is a good boy. :)

    Mr. Hat man and Trina:

    Mr. Hat man: Just so you know, bounderies doesn't apply to grandfathers.

    Awwwwwwwwwww! :)

    Trina: But you are not my grandfather.

    Mr. Hat man: I'll be your step grandfather.

    Awwwwwwwww! I love him so much! :D

    Reporter and Laura: Ooooo that new reporter that Alexis hired is yummy! :) Hey where is Poptart Smalls and slimy Jim Carrey? I miss them.

    The hospital:

    Dante and Heather: Mmmm Dante in his police clothes! :D His hair is so flat though! :)

    Portia and Heather:

    Heather: Oh! That is a very nice dress doc. Is that Armani?


    The Scorpio brothers and Heather: Hey!!! Now that is a great deal! Instead of going to Dark Ham (Got that wording from someone on twitter) then she can go to Spa jail!!! Come on Scorpio brothers!!! I don't want her to go back to Dark Ham! I want her to go to Spa jail so that there is more scenes with Heathan!!!!! :D

    Heather: How can I forget my favorite Scorpian?


    Cop and Heather: Oh oh! Cop you left your phone! Not smart!!!

    The Scorpio brothers: Oh come on!!! Let Heather go to spa jail! PLEEEEEASE!!! :) Oh and Mac looks hot that in cop uniform!!! :)

    The baby ward: Yeah I'm thinking "who's baby is that?" Ohhh. I didn't think we would see that baby again. :)

    Nurse and Cowboy Cody: Hmmm is this foreshadowing? Is Cowboy Cody going to have his own baby? :)

    Mac and Cowboy Cody: Oh oh Cowboy Cody and his low self asteem. Mac you are acting like a father and you don't even know it!!! :) Now when will the truth come out?!?!! February sweeps?

    Conference room:

    Pawtucket Holtster, Britch, and Terry: What a great scene!!!! I liked it. Well any scene with Pawtucket Holtster and Britch I like. :) Today is national whiners day.. So I'm going to whine a little. Where is Mason Jar?!?!!?! COME ON SHOW HIM ALREADY. I miss him!

    Pawtucket Holtster and Terry: Yeah he isn't going to tell you what's wrong with Britch. They are friends now!!

    Britch's office:

    Pawtucket Holtster and Britch: He is right Britch!! Tell your friends what is going on!!!

    Nurses station:

    Brad and Maxie: Maxie wins the line of the day.

    Maxie: Seriously a foam party? You do know Scott's Baldwin is going to be there right? You really want to see him drenched? He could slip and break a hip.

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I can actually see that! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Maxie doesn't want to wear Farah Faucet hair! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maxie and Brad NEED to be besties! :) Their arguments are hysterical. Oh hi Britch! Come on Britch stop talking like you are dying, and just tell them the truth! Man we got like what 4 secrets going on. When are the secrets going to come out!? February sweeps?!

    1. I could seriously get behind Maxie and Bradley being besties! They were a hoot!
      And Dark Ham? HAHAHAHAHAH! You Twitter folks crack me up! :)

  4. curtis and hatman need to go. trina is an adult and no relation to those 2.

  5. the actress playing heather is great

  6. Heather is a hoot. Played well.
    Going back to the first attack. Ryan came to mind immediately. Having only one hand. But then there were others. Are we back at the beginning. Let's hope for an ending soon.

  7. Promo this week!!! The hook killer strikes again!!!

    1. and they imply it's Britt------------SCREAM!

  8. I think they are setting up Brad and Maxie to become new besties once Britt is gone, and I am here for it! :-)

  9. Maxie got back to PC awfully fast after meeting up with Spin and Georgie. Those dress blues were very handsome. Britt and Austin would have made a great pair - too bad.



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