Tuesday, December 27, 2022


 Willow is lookin' poorly in the Gatehouse. Pa, I mean Michael comforts her. Drew and Carly are outside talking about old photos of the commune. They are looking for the leader, Josiah. Wiley wants to go sledding and Willow says she can't. He pitches a fit LOL.. Drew and Carly walk in. Willow and Michael leave. Drew and Carly look through files to see if they can match up Josiah's photo with any of them. Drew gets a phone call and of COURSE Carly finds the file. She stuffs it into her fking purse. Making us sit through this misery even MORE. 

Sasha tells Gladys about birthing the baby at the Qs and Brando's motorcycle. They miss him. Chase comes over and sits until his to go food is ready. They talk about life and how good Sasha is doing and aww... you know. 

Gladys gets up to go to the powder room and runs into Selina Wu! Oh she owes her money! Selina wants to know when she'll pay her.  BUT, she also says that the gamblers love her and she 'livens up the room". She's trying to make Gladys dig deeper. Gladys says that she doesn't have enough money to play right now. Selina says that they will work something out.  Gladys gives her her diamond earrings that Sasha gave to her for Christmas. Selina says she can play ONE more game and that's it. She'd better win her money back. 

Sonny is meeting some mobular guys at the Metro in a room. Dex and Frank are there too . Roman Hume comes in from the "export" guys that want to move product through Port Charles. Sonny says it's HIS RULES OR ELSE. They comes to terms and the guy shows Sonny a boatload of money "It's a start" says Sonny. 

Maxie is waiting with Brook because Brook has been feeling sick, like with the flu. They talk about how she messed up with Chase. It seems like Brook could be pregnant but she's not. Oh! Maxie figures out her symptoms are: SHE'S IN LOVE. OH FFS.  Brook realizes she REALLY IS IN LOVE with Chase :eyeroll: 

Cody barges in on Britt after she says to stay out of her office.  He tells her he was interested in her because of her father: that was my key he says.  He mentions Leopold Taub and Faison and his inheritance. Yada yada. He wants another chance. She says she can't give him one. 


Oh! Britt is getting something from Selina Wu and it's "costly"..wonder what it is. Oh fake ID to get out of the country 


  1. ---Mrs. Wu's hair is really long!
    ---Didn't Cody work for her half a day or something and the whole thing was that no one ever wins?
    ----I thought Dex is undercover and then at the end he seemed to not only know ex-military but that this group was dangerous and worried about Sonny-------SOOOOOO confusing -
    ----I also thought that Victor was behind this company but I guess not.
    ----lots of filler day but for those keeping score at home, Harmony DIED May 4------yes, ladies and gentlemen of the jury - MAY 4------this naive Drew not seeing through Carly makes me tired and angry.....dragging it on and on.....Willow DOES look sick - although her hair would be falling out (my sister-in-law is going through chemo right now so I know)...
    ----PLEASE don't kill off BRITT! Gosh - she was outstanding today and I felt so bad for Cody....
    ---where is Stella?

  2. I am still trying to wrap my head around WHY we were all subjected to Jacksonville (AKA Malibu) and Carly revisiting her past, etc. if there was literally ZERO GROWTH OF CHARACTER after the whole thing. It's annoying and sucked entirely too many TV viewing hours out of my life.

  3. My recent dislike of Willow and Michael is compounded by Carly's ridiculous behavior and Drew's inability to see anything. Dumb.
    Ms. Wu looking lovely.
    "Could it be I'm falling in love"? Oh lord I feel sick. More dumbness.
    What would be grand would be if the hookster was outed at the big Britt NYE bash. And Britt gets away with her fake ID's maybe to be seen again. She did it before.

  4. Mildew home:

    Mildew and Wiley: GO WILEY GO! :D Willow looks like death warmed over. Mikey put Wiley in time out for half an hour?! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh hi Crew!

    Carly: How long is Wiley in jail?


    Crew: Oh of course Carly did what she did! She will keep sabotaging until she finds out the truth! Then she will feel so guilty that she will put herself in her OWN woman made jail.

    The hospital:

    Mildew and newborn baby: Wow! We saw that baby twice! That is really surprising that we saw the baby twice. Will we see the mother?

    Maxie and Brooky: Brooky is sick!!!! Cold? Flu? Covid? Preggers? Oh I guess she is not preggers she is just in wuv! Damn too bad she isn't preggers. I would WUV to see Chase as a daddy! :) Yes Maxie is right about Chase. he IS a boy scout in a man's body! I LOVE CHASE SO MUCH!!!! :D Brooky wins the line of the day.

    Brooky: He cheated on Willow!

    BAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh Brooky you silly goose! :)

    Cowboy Cody and Britch: Sorry Cowboy Cody! Britch and you are not right for each other. She should be with Pawtucket Holtster. Now leave Britch alone and go tell Mac he is your daddy! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Sasha and Gladys: I'm glad they are getting along. :)

    Sasha and Chase: They had a nice scene together.. Chase is so sweet!!! Maybe Chase can be with her, or with Blaze. :) He needs to be a cop NOW dammit!

    Ms. Wu and Gladys: Oh oh. Gladys better not lose anymore money or Ms. Wu won't be very understanding next time!!!

    Ms. Wu and Britch: Ooooooo. Great scene!! Fake ID and fake Passport? Hmmmm. :)

    Metrocourt room:

    Dex, Sonny and bad guys: Money!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Lots and lots of money!!! :) Hey look Sonny got gray hair again! ROFL!

    Dex and Sonny: Awww Dex is so worried about Sonny!!! Oh Dex just tell him you are in wuv with him! :) And uh Dex, I need to know if you are an FBI agent or not!!! COME ON! :)

  5. HERE'S A LINK TO AN ARTICLE from Deadline about Marcus Columa's departure. It includes a letter from the actor’s spokesperson explaining his departure and the reason for it and for why he couldn't film his last scenes. He also rebutted rumors that Coloma was fired and walked off the set refusing to film his final scenes. Coloma signed a three-year contract back in 2019 with the network, which was fulfilled this year.

    The letter is included in the article:

    1. I read this and Michael Fairman's comments. I don't believe this story - not 100%. It's been TWO WEEKS and just NOW his publicist made a statement? Marcus is on social media lots and he could have done what Sara Brahn "Ava on DAYS" did-----put out a statement that she filmed her last episode and thanked everyone, etc......Marcus even stated on Instagram that "I'm not sure what I can legally say"-----if your contract is up, it should be easy to explain all that."
      and MB even made a cryptic statement about 'this one hurts', etc..
      I'm not mad - I just think this isn't the whole story and the rep was doing damage control with the rumors and perhaps being fearful MC will have a bad reputation. I am sure MC will find work again.


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