Wednesday, December 7, 2022

I Think This Was a Friday Show?


OH! Anna's at Tiffany's house in Ireland! How awesome! Of course we don't see her but yeah! Anna is dying to know what's going on in Port Charles. They talk about Lucy being alive. Val says he's going to search for her. I think Villains is taping again LOL he needs a break! Anna wants to go with him. 

Robert, Laura and Felicia talk about finding Lucy and Valentin helping. They discuss the diamonds. Laura said she looked online and diamonds can be used for all sorts of things. Cancer treatements, lasers yada yada. Felicia is going to examine it with a jeweler's loop to see if there are hints. She got a number and googles it. It's not the registry number so they think it's a code. 

Felicia leaves. Finds out the PCPD might have a lead on Anna. She calls Valentin and tells him to get out of there with Anna. 

Sam and Dante walk into The PC Grille. Cody is drunk, says he's leaving town. Sam's like: BYE! Sam says she's seen his records and he's shady. Then She takes a call. Cody and Dante talk about the sealed records. 

Liz runs into Jeff at GH..he says they have to talk before he leaves tomorrow. Terry comes over. He says thank you for looking out for Lizzy.  Jeff and Liz go talk. He says seeing Heather made him realize he ran from problems and he's so sorry. Liz says too little too late. Explains about her life and not having a family there. Not being able to process her pain. Jeff finally leaves

Britt books a venue for her party. She invites Terry and Yuri. Terry is excited to go but wonders why she's suddenly throwing a paryt. 

Finn tries to get into Wyndemere and wants to talk to Nikolas about Esme. He gets in and tells Nikolas he thinks she's on Spoon Island!! OMG then Finn is like, let's look! Nik says no and Finn says he can always call the police. Nik says he'll go ask his staff to confirm she's not here and then FINN SEES THE PRENATAL VITAMINS!! OMG! Nik comes back and says the staff say no way is she on the Island. Finn leaves. Nik wonders if he saw the vitamins. 

Victor tells Spencer he's getting him out: TODAY !! There are conditions though. Spencer goes to get ready. Cyrus and Victor spar about lying. 


Victor tells Nikolas Spencer has to live at Wyndemere AHAHAHHA

Robert thinks there's a code inside the diamond that Victor needs

Liz hugs Finn and has the prenatal vits in her hand. 

Anna and Valentin go to leave and they open the door. Valentin says "YOU"????????? and the show ends. 


  1. Rory feels sketchy to me always wanting to get Trina out of town. Is he the hook: IDK? He gives me the creeps a little though.

  2. It took me a minute to catch on about Tiffany. I was at first thinking "who is Tiffany?". Anna would not stay at Tiffany's house; too obvious.

  3. Great show today!!!!!

    Ireland/Tiffany's house: TIFFANY'S HOUSE! YAY! :D

    Vanna: I love that she wants to protect him! I love that he wants to protect her!! Oh oh who is it at the door?

    Port Chuckles:

    Spring Ridge:

    Victor, Spencer, and Cyrus: SPENCER IS FREE? YAY!!!!!!!!!! About damn time!

    Victor and Cyrus: Ooooooo deliciousness! :)

    Port Chuckles Grille:

    Cowboy Cody and Sante: Oh please Cowboy Cody! You have someone here to stay for!!!! Your daddy Mac!!!! And Felicia! And other family members in the Scorpio family! So stop whining.

    Cowboy Cody and Dante: Okay sealed records?! What the hell did Dante do when he was a minor? Stealing a car? Hmmm nahhhhhh that doesn't sound that bad to have them sealed up.. Maybe stabbing someone.. That could make the records sealed.

    Robert's police station office:

    Robert, Laura, and Felicia: Love Felicia's shirt!!! I want it! Great scene! Well hello new cop who are you? :) You are hot! :) Related to Ms. Wu? :D

    Cop and Felicia: Welllll that hottie cop was very helpful to Felicia! :)

    Robert and Laura: A code!?!?! I know where you can get more information! GO TO THAT HELENA VIDEO THAT YOU DIDN'T WANT TO WATCH!!!! I'm sure Helena would help you!


    Finchy and Nik: Well thanks to Karen on twitter talking about wishing Finchy would turn to Caleb, I want it to happen and for Caleb to bite Nik! :) Oh oh Finchy do you think Liz got the preggers now that you see the prenatal vitamins? And yes Nik he DID see them! Hahahahaha!

    Nik, Victor, and Spencer: SPENCER IS HOME YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awwww Victor is happy that all three of them are going to be together for Christmas. :) Well, Repunzel and baby Ace can join them! :)

    The hospital:

    Terry and Britch: PARTAY TIME! :) Man Britch is talking very strangely and Terry is suspicious!!! Britch either you tell Terry the truth or stop talking strangely.

    Liz and Jeff: Great scene!!!!! Awwww forgive him Liz! He is so sincere!!!! I love Liz's coat!! Man the prop department has gotten fantastic coats! Man that camera panning close to Liz's face, it's like she is dark Liz!!!! :D Is Liz going to turn into dark Liz? :) Liz brings up 25 years ago again! Hahahahahaha!

    Liz, Jeff, and Terry: Jeff have you apologized to Terry yet about leaving her at the coffee shop?

    Terry and Finchy: Terry is concerned about him awwww! :) Great scene. Oh hi Jeff! I was wondering if Finchy was going to punch Jeff again.. :) I mean if he did, then it's not like Finchy is hitting someone older than he is.. They ARE the same age! ROFL!

    Finchy and Liz: I like them being friends and nothing more. Finchy will you ask Liz if she got the preggers and that you are the daddy? The answer would be NO and NO! :)

    1. Look at you telling them to watch the Helena video. An absolute yes (!!) to that. I want to see it, too!
      I have really liked all the scenes with Laura, Robert, Felicia. Smart cookies all of them, and Vets! And I could seriously watch the Uncles every day. So snarky and fun! The fact that Cyrus is the most "honest" one kills me, lol!
      I want Cody to just shut up.
      Nik should have told Finn to eat dirt. He and Curtis have been getting on my delicate nerves. The writers are turning them into Gladys Kravitz 2 and 3 and one of those is more than enough!

    2. "Julie H says, Look at you telling them to watch the Helena video."

      ROFL! They probably won't listen to me!! :)

      "An absolute yes (!!) to that. I want to see it, too!"

      They probably forgot all about the video!

      "I have really liked all the scenes with Laura, Robert, Felicia. Smart cookies all of them, and Vets!"

      YES! Love that they are on and they are showing them!!!

      "And I could seriously watch the Uncles every day. So snarky and fun!"

      YES! I love seeing the uncles!! Great scenes!!

      "The fact that Cyrus is the most "honest" one kills me, lol!"

      Yeah tell me about it! ROFL!

      "Nik should have told Finn to eat dirt. He and Curtis have been getting on my delicate nerves. The writers are turning them into Gladys Kravitz 2 and 3 and one of those is more than enough!"

      Gladys Kravits!! All of them hahaahhaahahahahaha!

  4. I say it's Marty who followed Valentin - it's not the WSB guy....
    Finn is gonna think Nik and Elizabeth are having a baby and Elizabeth won't betray Nik so NOW we got that storyline------------------Finn and Liz don't work cause they are never together/like Chase and Brook Lynn = after so long no one cares.
    Sam's smug lips are on my last nerve LOL
    I think Cody and Dante accidentally killed someone or saw it ----- cause Cody talked about how serious it would be if people found out
    got our answer today - Kelly T must be filming through the month of November - since New Year's Eve is her big party...
    I'll take Cyrus and Victor ALL DAY LONG!
    Guess Spence didn't mind Uncle Vic pulling favors to get him out early!!
    Val and Anna = perfection
    but for ME cause I have watched since 1970------the history of the ice princess is THE best --- and yes, there WERE codes on the diamonds which is what Victor wants....although I do NOT want another weather machine!

    1. I don't want another weather machine either. Could be the direction they are going. They sure did drop that "heat wave" in February thing last year.

      Could be Marty; someone Valentin is shocked to see, but he knows who it is.

      I like the dynamics between Spencer, Victor and Cyrus. Great combo.

      What I think might happen is that Rory and Trina will get out of town right before Spencer comes back. Rory will be the "hookster" and Spencer will go looking for her. Would be good anyway.

      Glad Kelly T will be around a few more weeks. Maybe she and Austin can kiss for New Year's Eve before she goes.

      Yup, Finn will think Liz and Nic are having the baby.

      Don't like Cody AT ALL, so no comment on him

      VAnna in my book are the BEST Super couple in a LONG time.

    2. "lindie says, Maybe she and Austin can kiss for New Year's Eve before she goes."

      Ooooo I would LOVE that! :)

    3. I would LOVE Martin being at the door, that's a fantastic idea!
      Copy that about Cody. Such a whiner for a grown man.

  5. oooooo Sprina fans - just saw a pic of them at the New Year's Eve party!

  6. My husband watched GH today he hasn't watched in years. commented on Sam, Felicia and Anna's faces, and said they all had work done.

  7. Me wonders if in the end, this isn't going to spin Esme into Finn's orbit if he's the one who finds her or "rescues" her.
    Disappointed if that was the send off for Jeff Webber. Rebecca Herbst has nailed her performances, but as written today, I thought the character came off cold. Given her history, she's a bit hypocritical to be judging though the way her parents were written, I guess it's surprising she even speaks with them. William Moses is appealing. I was hoping they'd find a way to keep him around. It did ring true when Jeff told Elizabeth that most of his life he's "cut and run." That was basically how they wrote Jeff out in the early 80s when Richard Dean Anderson left. After Diana's murder, Jeff packed up Steven Lars and left for Nevada to get away from Heather.



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