Tuesday, December 20, 2022

AND ... Take Two

 So I raced home yesterday and.........JAN 6th was on!! SO, that was a no go . BUT I did see the Canadian Tweets (they saw it) and found out Willow's having a Girl... Phyllis was back and The Firelady got called out by Alexis. (she checked her story). 

Today is a toss up. I might be here, I might not. It will be a mystery until around 2pm!! So much going on right now. I bet everyone is busy as well. 

What do you think of the Marcus news? You think Tyler Christopher will be back? I'm thinking the odds are in favor --I can't think of why they'd let Marcus go in the middle of a juicy story unless HE was causing kerfuffle on the set. There's been no rumors of that and he was pretty active with some of the cast on IG and TikTok for awhile now. Hmmm.. guess we will just have to wait and see! Since he supposedly refused to film his last scenes, we could get the temp recast (Adam Huss) for while OR he could be in as Nikolas. Exciting! 

Meanwhile, I found a fun site called "Shop Your TV"!! Trina Robinson has one of the pages. 

Have a good one! 


  1. I wonder if they didn't have anywhere to go with Nicholas and they just needed a break for the character....he won't be killed......if he was a problem I think he would have already been let go???? I think Nik needs to go away for a while ------ maybe this means also that Esme isn't carrying his child????? Esme for sure will stay since now her parents are cra-cra and much to do there......
    but Nik has been backed into a corner - I feel Liz is going to lose it and tell everything.....


  3. GH seemed so petty today in light of the sad news.
    But I can't excuse Dante's script for the bad line of the day: Looks like we have a serial killer.

  4. Karen, I just joined Mastodon. I can't remember your account name over there. Can you publish it again so I can follow you and get my GH live feed. Thanks.


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