Tuesday, December 13, 2022



Alexis and Greg, drinking Mocktails at Charlie's and talking about The Hooker. Nothing big. 

Finn sees Liz at GH. Goes to Charlie's and stares at the booze. Alexis and Greg come up. He tells Alexis that Liz left him. He orders a drink. Alexis talks him out of it. He leaves.

Britt and Maxie. Maxie is mad Britt told Austin about the party and not her. Also that she wasn't asked to plan it. Britt gives her an invitation. Maxie is wearing the same peach sweater she has worn the last 10 shows, I SWEAR. 

Austin asked Spinelli to run an analysis on Maxie and him using the dating data. I have NO CLUE what this story is supposed to be about. WHO CARES what the data says. WHY does Austin??? Spin goes to give it to Maxie (I think) and anyway they fight over it and it falls at Maxie's feet. Austin tells her he blackmailed Spin into running their stats. 

Nina and Sonny giggle and kiss and yada yada. Nina finds a hand drawn picture from Donna that has Carly on one "MOM"..she doesn't want to cling to Donna as a replacement. Sonny says she'll be fine. 

Carly is talking to firelady and thanking her about lying to Drew.  The lady was supposed to tell him that BOTH parents were dead but said only the mother. She wants more money. 

Drew tells Willow her biological mother is dead. She runs out.  She's crying on the balcony... Drew finally figures out (with the help of flashbacks) that she's sick. She tells him everything but swears him to secrecy.  He says he won't tell. 

Ava goes to talk to Nikolas about the state of their marriage. She thinks they owe it to each other to "find their way back'. He says she can't move in yet because Spencer is back and it's not the right time, Yada yada and LIZ WALKS IN!!!!!!! Oh damn it, Ava leaves. Elizabeth tells Nik that she told Finn she was pregnant. He says WHY not say it's HIS? She says we haven't slept together LOL!! She says in a few weeks she'll "miscarry" and it's just to buy them time. 

FINN runs into Ava and doesn't tell her!!! 

Britt figures out that Spinelli is Zelda. 


  1. rebecca herbst can act any material she is given

  2. I liked Willow's acting-----------and then stupid "Wiley can't know..." pitiful....she is going to lose her hair too and then what will she say?
    Blackmailer is good actress!
    whiny Nina - me me me and I have lost everything...I can't get close to Donna. In the real world we would all see through that facade....
    Soapy like Karen said but Liz saying "I will be pregnant for a time and then miscarry and Finn will feel sorry for me." WHAT WHAT WHAT????????????
    maybe Ava and Finn will have sex.......to get revenge....
    Kristen Storms DESERVES a better storyline than Society Setups and Austin....

  3. I didn't care for today's episode. Rather boring and stupid IMO. Kirsten Storms does deserve a better storyline and better than the same sweater every episode. That was my thoughts as well. Same outfit on poor Maxie

  4. Some funny one liners today! :)

    Charlie's pub and restaurant:

    Alexis and Gregory: Ooooo is this a date? Oh they are friends.. I guess it's not a date. Too bad.

    Alexis, Gregory, and Finchy: Awww Alexis wants to talk to Finchy alone.. :)

    Alexis and Finchy:

    Finchy: Neither of us fell for that.


    Alexis: Yeah I'm not a very good liar.


    The hospital:

    Liz in the elevator alone: Sad Liz. Where is dark Liz? I want to see that evil face of hers! Hahahaha!

    Britch and Maxie: Oh oh! Whiny Maxie thinks she wasn't invited to the party. Awwww! Poor wittle Maxie! Oh wait! There is the invitation! YAY! ROFL!

    Spinny and Pawtucket Holtster: Ooooo the results!!!!! What does it tell? Oh glad Spinny realized he shouldn't be doing this. Where is Mason Jar?!?!?! I really miss him.

    Spinny, Pawtucket Holtster, Britch, and Maxie: When Spinny and Pawtucket Holtster were fighting over the results it made me laugh. :) Oh oh Maxie isn't happy!

    Pawtucket Holtster and Maxie: Does this mean they are breaking up? I hope!

    Spinny and Britch: Britch knows now. I think that is all the people that knows now! :)

    Spinny and Maxie:

    Spinny: I'm going with you.

    Maxie: Damn right you are.

    ROFL! Hmm I don't think she is mad at him hmmm.

    Britch and Pawtucket Holtster:

    Pawtucket Holtster: Hey.

    Britch: Hey.

    Oh kiss already! :D

    Pawtucket holtster with the results: Well?????


    Nik and Ava: Ava really isn't going to move in Nik, so you don't really have to make excuses. OH HI LIZ! :)

    Nik and Liz: Yeah I bet they are going to fall in love again.. We might just get Niz again! :)

    Sonny's home:

    Nison: Fun fun fun! :D I'm surprised she didn't say anything to Sonny about Joss and Dex! Or is she waiting until Christmas? Or February sweeps! :)

    Metrocourt restaurant:

    Carly and Denise the firefighter lady: Oooooo the blackmailer, has turned into the blackmailee!!! Very soapy delicious. But wait! a check?! Carly you are smarter than that. You are really going to leave a paper trail? ROFL! Carly wins the line of the day.

    Carly: You really are awful you know that?


    Drew and Willow: Drew has put 2 and 2 together!!! :) Oh but shhhhhhhhhhh.. Don't tell anybody! Wiley will see something is wrong. Isn't he like 3? Or has he turned into 5 or 6? 7? 8?

    1. Oops forgot a couple of things.

      Finchy and Ava: TELL HER FINCHY! TELL HER!

      Oh and yesterday I forgot to mention that Spencer was all yelly! LOVED IT! :)

    2. Good line of the day, burn Carly, lol!
      I was glad Willow told Drew the truth after he figured it out. He is so unlike original Drew that I forgot Oscar was his son!
      I think Nik is a much better actor with Liz. And I'm liking their story, though I know many don't. :)
      The entire Society Setups story is a debacle. I don't care I tell ya! :)

    3. "Julie H says, Good line of the day, burn Carly, lol!"

      Hahahahahaha. Cujo needs to come out more! ROFL!

      "I was glad Willow told Drew the truth after he figured it out. He is so unlike original Drew that I forgot Oscar was his son!"

      Hahaha true, but obviously he changed. I mean he was kidnapped and held prisoner. It's not like he changed over night out of the blue for no reason. :D

      "And I'm liking their story, though I know many don't. :)"

      I don't mind it. It's not that bad. It's very soapy.

      "The entire Society Setups story is a debacle. I don't care I tell ya! :)"

      ROFL! I'm just glad everyone knows now and Spinny can move on from it.

  5. Happy to see Becky on our screen however we can get her, esp in something soapy.

  6. These storylines are old school soapy. Everything turns on a lie and the screws keep getting tighter and tighter. Boy, Carly sure did learn from her experience on the Malibu cliffs...excuse me...Jacksonville. There's going to be a delicious pay off to see this know it all have to gravel when she realizes she holds the key to saving Willow. She will never learn.

    1. Malibu cliffs, hahahahah! Yup, Carly is back to her never learning self.

  7. Agree about that awful Carly. Hope her baby boy Michael cuts her out. She treats him like he's 2 and he's just as nasty as she is now


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