Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nora Gannon Buchanan

And...Frank announced tonight that Hillary B Smith is coming to GH.  She is noted for playing Nora Buchanan on OLTL for years and year. I'm assuming that's who she will be on GH now that ABC owns rights to that show again. I loved HBS...loved Nora but you know--don't we have enough people on this show already? Plus, she's a lawyer, kinda like Alexis. Oh well...let's see how it goes! 
NOTE: Rumor has it that she's back for a short-time lawyer gig. Maybe defending Alexis? 

Franco Gets Seth

Liz is still talking to Seth. He killed Tom after seeing him attack Alexis. Then he framed Franco.  He tells Liz that Franco's in the storage unit.  

Alexis told the cops she didn't kill Tom-- she ran instead. But she might tell them that she hit Julian. 

Franco is in the hospital.  They are going to take him for an MRI and he escapes. He busts into Seth's house and decks him.  Great, someone beating up someone else.  He tries to strangle Seth but he lets go "I don't want to be that guy...not anymore, and it's because of you Elizabeth"  The police come in and arrest Seth. 

Jason tells Sam Jules Drugged him. They talk about some "plan" but it's off camera. It involves Sonny because he calls him to come in. Julian is going to be at Physical Therapy. 

Anna's talking to Laura and Lulu about Val.  She thinks he was once a nice guy. Laura argues with her. Lulu's not convinced. 

Val is talking to Nina about being in the WSB. Do we know why a Cassadine could even BE in the WSB??  He tells her he was deformed...and bullied and shunned. "Then there was Anna and she changed everything". 

Ava's at Sonny's. Talking about who's after the Jerome Fam.. zzzzzz

FELIX IS ON!! yeah!

Monday, January 30, 2017


That's how I feel lately. Everything's a mess. 
I have a cold so I'm going to take a nap today. 


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Finding Franco

What a week. It's been hard to keep focus on GH that's for sure. The show also decided to completely drop 2 of the most interesting stories this week; Val/Anna and also Olivia Jerome. This is GH's MO. Because they have so many cast members and stories going on, they just skip over things left and right.
I personally didn't care much about the stories that were happening this week -- and found a lot of the stuff boring. 

Just a warning. 

Cold Pizza for me! 

Friday, January 27, 2017

I Need Pain Medicine


Sam finds Franco's note in the bar. She calls Kiki. Then Jason. Kiki comes but Sam doesn't want her to go with her to find Franco. I guess so she can talk about Alexis to him? 

Franco's talking to himself in the storage unit again.  HE's cold. He's thirsty.  He's..passed out. Dreams in flashbacks about Elizabeth.

Sam finds him, can't get the padlock off. Uses a fire extinguisher to try to break it.  She got it off. Franco tells her he doesn't know who hit him.

Hayden Finn are on. Nurse Amy is out there and so is Brad. Brad wants his name on a patent for the drug and some money too lol.  Finn asks Griffin for pain meds. He showed him some xrays (I bet they weren't his) to get some. Griff will only give him 10. Hammy's not happy.  Then, Griffin changes it and Brad sees it.  Brad confronts Finn.  He wants money from the drug discovery to keep quiet. 

Tom Baker's brother comes into the PCPD asking about arresting Franco. He has to be the suspect, because why ELSE is he on?  Liz goes outside to question him.  Then follows him.  His house is basically the old Spencer house.  SHE FOLLOWED him to his house and no one knows where she is? DERP.  She questions him on how he knew that Tom was being kept in a dog cage when no one let that information out.  Oh, and he has TROPHIES on his side table so, yep, he's the killer. 

Dante goes to Alexis' house... OMG She would NEVER let Dante question her without Diane!!  Seriously, especially with a "where were you on the night of ________" question.  OH! HO! The writers surprised me!! She said NO.  Thank goodness. Dante leaves. Diane comes in and Alexis tells her she can't go to the hearing for her law license.  There's something "she has to do first" 
We see Monday that she goes into the PCPD to talk about Tom. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

He bought a guitar

Morgan gets a letter, Carly cries.  They go through his pile of mail. He's got overdue library books and credit cards due. His credit cards were all over the place, showing  he was manic at the time. He was gambling again too.

Michael and Nelle. Zzzzzz. ugh  

The gang is still trying to find Franco. Zzzzzzzzz. So intriguing. Liz goes to the police and tells them about Alexis maybe killing Tom. 

Lulu's bitching about Charlotte to Laura and Kevin. He suggests family therapy. HA with Lulu and Valentin.

Kiki and Dillon go for a burger at The Metro. Carly sees them kissing. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sad Note

Franco's in the unit, he pushes a note out from under the door. He opens boxes and finds tupperware and trophies. Then boxes fall on his head. He's down.

Tracy goes to Jason who's laying on the floor. He goes to GH, Monica takes care of him. 

Curtis and Jordan try to have sex. Jordan stops it. 

Sam wants to work with Liz now that she knows Franco may hold the key to her mother going to jail. They are going to team up to find the truth about Tom Baker's murder. 

Dillon has a dehumidifier to try to dry out Franco's phone.  Guess what? His storage unit is across from Franco's! But! Franco is passed out from the boxes falling on him. AND get this: Kiki picks up the paper Franco got out there to write a phone number down on lol. She folded it the other way. 

Alexis tells Jules  she told Sam everything. Alexis thinks that Julian did something to Franco. 

Later, Julian goes to see Jason. He drugged him so "he'd listen" to him. Derp. He wants Jason to help him take down the 'organization'. 

Diane goes to see Alexis because her hearing for her law degree is tonight. Diane also brought wine to celebrate not knowing Alexis is on the wagon. 

Perfect example of GH having momentum with the whole Anna Val story and now.....zzzzzzzz. The momentum is just flat. Damn it. 

AND the show was interrupted because MTM died. So sad. I watched her growing up.   

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sweet Tea and Fries

Curtis and Jordan are looking for Buzzzzzzzz and in a hotel room. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN? Curtis leaves to go look for the guy-- but comes back with food. I guess they have a history with the food.  It's gonna lead to sex. You know it. 

Sam sees Jules in Alexis' house. He leaves. Sam is like what the hell. Alexis says he's blackmailing her.  She tells Sam that she hit Julian. She also says she's an alcoholic. She's basically spilling everything.  "I may have killed Tom Baker"

Carly is back from Australia --not that I knew she was gone lol. Just was a lot quieter.  She says Josslyn still hates Sonny. Michael is going to go talk to her. 
Michael tells her she has 'misplaced' anger against Sonny and she's just not grieving.  Joss Cries. Oh  stupid Nell is there. No idea why. 

Liz meets Kiki at Jake's. Before she gets there, Jason walks in and asks her what's up. She says she doesn't need help and to ask Sam if he wants to know what's going on.  He leaves to go talk to Julian. 

Julian tells Jason to sit down. He says he's living with Alexis.  Jason drinks coffee. Olivia told Jules to kill him, remember...maybe this is it. YEP...he falls down in the bar after Julian leaves. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Only 1/2 a Show

Yes, I had a fantastic time in DC. It was amazing--and crowded and overwhelming. I was lucky enough to hear every speech. I'm still sore!! Unfortunately there was a PRESS CONFERENCE TODAY so, GH looks to be interrupted.

It's just interruption after interruption.

Ok, So I think I'm getting the second half of GH...Charlotte tells Nina Lulu told her she's her mother. 

Val tells Anna that her rejection has given him more than her friendship ever could.  She cries, he walks away. 

Maxie got a big diamond necklace from Nathan, he said it was his Great-Grandmother's.

Liz talks to Scottie about finding Franco.

Brad was on..talking to Hammy and Hay at Jake's.  

Liz sees Franco's phone on the ground with blood on it. 

Image result for woman march photos

Friday, January 20, 2017

No GH Today, Please Read!

GH is interrupted today because of what's happening in Washington. I have been so proud of myself keeping politics out of the blog-even during the election but today that goes out the window for a moment.

There will be no Sunday Surgery because I am driving down to DC for the Women's March tomorrow. I plan on joining thousands upon thousands who are concerned about health care issues and other legislation due to be passed soon.  As a speech pathologist who works closely with moms/dads and children with disabilities I felt compelled to join this march. I've never done anything like it in my  life, but now is the time. 

I will be periscoping on Twitter (if cell phone service isn't interrupted) under @WUBSNET or you can download the app on your phone. I'm also WubsNet on there. 

I have enjoyed the show this week and will probably do a quick summary on Monday. Take care. Be good to each other. I feel like we are all going to need that for the future. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Queen of the Jeromes

RECEPTION: Ok...so Nina tells Griff that Claudette is dead. He looks upset.  Maxie and Nathan Dance. She looks a TINY bit happier than she did yesterday but not much.  Mac Daddy and Maxie dance. Nate Dances with Dr. O.
Griffin chugs his drink, guess he's upset about Claudette.  He goes out to the balcony where stupid Val is standing in the zero degrees and grabs him. "you killed Charlotte's mother"!!! And of course, Charlotte overhears it. 
Griffin his Val..Val HITS HIM A LOT...in the stomach! Anna runs out and clocks Valentin. Valentin looks hurt..his face is all twisted up-- he looks like a boy and says "That's how you've always felt about me" AND he stutters a bit.  (great face acting) 
He wanted to wish Anna a happy birthday so long ago but I think she didn't like him because maybe? he was weird and nerdy? Anyway, JPS is AMAZING in his acting. 
Anna remembers him now..he's very deformed... and she rebuffed him. Anna cries when she remembers. 

Ava goes to see Alexis and asks where the hell Julian is. Alexis is like..huh? Ava taunts her about booze. It's kinda boring given it's NLG and MW. 

Jules is with Olivia (his sister, not the other Olivia)-- and she tells him they have to talk about his future with Alexis ..and Jason Morgan.  "I am now Queen of the Jerome Family and I call the shots" . 
When he leaves she opens up the china cabinet an talks to Duke (her old beau on GH) and she's cut pictures together of them as a couple. She vows to get Anna for tampering with her and Duke. "Anna will suffer and suffer and suffer"!! 

Liz and Sam together.WOW, people are going INSANE on twitter over this LOL. I like Becky and Kelly together.  Liz is trying to convince Sam to help her find Franco and also tells her she thinks Alexis killed Tom. Sam isn't having any of it! 

END OF SHOW: Stupid LULU tells Charlotte she's her real Mommy. Poor kid GEESH

Dang it, the show is getting good! 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

General Hospital REPEAT

GH WAS A REPEAT OF a Thanksgiving EPISODE TODAY!! Remember, no GH on Friday either! 


Nathan Varni ‏@nathanvarni  8m8 minutes ago
#GH sched update: looking like we'll be pre-empted tomorrow. It's a big episode so we're likely to push to Thurs, more info to follow ...

Fun Day Today!!


Lucy's stuck in Corinth lol..so who's going to marry Naxie? Oh Spinelli. Although he's kinda sad because you know, he loved Maxie once. By the way, Bradford Anderson had a nice tweet to thank GH fans for forgiving him for being gone for these scenes. He was filming something else and they got this guy (is he from Days??) to fill in. 

OH NO...Dr. O objects. LOL "Zi Objects to Deese Vedding"@@!!  She feels badly she wasn't invited to the engagement party, or the shower and she was upset she got the invitation via Text. Awww, she's so sad. Maxie calls her Mother in Law and they seat her and now she's happy! LOL..she tells Felicia "We are Family Now"@@!!

There's a bunch of flashbacks.
Maxie doesn't look really happy tho? Am I crazy? during the whole thing?? 

Leo had aspirin in her hand...the babysitter doesn't know how. Total signal from the mobbies.  Leo is ok. Julian tells Ned that if anything happens to him to take care of Olivia and Leo. 
Jason is suspicious. 

AND........they ruined it by showing an Anna flashback to someone (Valentin?) attacking her in her bedroom.  COME ON why is every damn woman on this show attacked???????????? UGHHHHHHHHH


Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh I'm so sorry

My doctor's check up went WAY WAY long given she was 40 min late. THEN the pharmacy took forever.

I know I missed the surprise for Maxie and NuSpinelli (Temp) so I'll have to try to watch it before tomorrow's show. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Cold Storage


It's 8pm on Saturday Night. I usually get the Surgery done by afternoon at the latest. Maybe it's because I have Monday off or maybe it's because I half-watched the show this week that I just don't care. 
I don't even know if anyone is reading anymore! I hardly have time to check the comments.So--I'm flying by the seat of my pants on this. 

I'm on a good "January Detox" (we do it every year) so lets have some oranges and a little veggie juice. Sad. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

To Roxy!

Alexis is unloading at AA. Geesh, they had a nice little group, prolly gonna eat some snacks and she walks in lol. She needs to see Kevin or Maddox!! 

Nina and Nate yappin' about Claudette. I guess Nate is planning the surprise wedding. He goes to the Metro and it's all set up

Lante and Valentin yappin' about Claudette. I think it's time for Claudette to go to boarding school.

Hammy is addicted to the lizard pee looking stuff. Shocker.  Isolating these 2 are so boring. 

Franco is in a storage container with....a lamp so far (he's opening boxes) 

END; Maxie is MIA while her wedding should start...Liz sees Alexis leaving AA, puts 2 and 2 together and thinks Alexis may have killed Tom. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

AA meeting

Naxie gets home. Tells Lulu Claudette is dead.  All of them think she got murdered. 

OMG Laura and Liz have the same convo in the same hallway--exactly!! IT's so redux. 

"Are you live tweeting about my mannequin"? Says Franco to Jordan. AHAHHAA.
They search and she likes Elizabeth's painting. Then Dante finds Tom's scary painting. Ut Oh. Elizabeth walks in and defends Franco. 

Julian is yelling at Alexis now about trying not to drink. She's detoxing. She says she's going to an AA meeting.
This is so bad given what Julian did to her!! 
Ok, so Alexis says she's going to AA at GH (would she go where people know her?) Um...
and when she leaves he calls someone and says "Do It Now".  He got Gene the bartender from the bar (force-ably) and took him to the Lake House. Told him he "never saw Alexis and should forget who she is".  She was NEVER THERE on the 21st. Yada Yada. 

At GH, Alexis of course runs into Laura. They talk about Nikolas --for the FIRST TIME since (or even before) he died!!! That's this show. Infuriating. 
Alexis finally goes into the room where AA is and sits down.  She finally says she's an alcoholic. 

Valentin admits he was in Anna's room on the night of her birthday at the academy.  But won't say what they did. I think we know what they did? She says "what did you do to me" ...he says what if it's something YOU DID TO ME???/ leaves. 

Scotty and Franco!! Back at Gene's!! They are trying to figure out what's happening. Franco says the cops are tossing his studio.  They have best, most natural dialog banter going! 

Ok, So end of show: Franco is hit with the brick, goes down in the snow. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Maxie and Nate fly to Canada-- you can tell because there's a moose head in there.  A MOUNTY comes by (says "aboot") and tells them a body they found in a river was Claudette's... her prints matched. 

Franco has no hair gel in, his locks are flowing.

Gene's Roadhouse is the new hang out I guess.  Sam thinks the pic is of Julian. 

Nina and Val tell Charlotte they are married. After sitting there looking bored she finally said "yeah"!

Noodle Nelle and Sonny are talking an JaSam walk in. 

OMG I am not kidding you but Alexis sees GHOST TOM!! This is so ..REDUX. Really? 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Terrible Tuesday

I have a meeting later for 2 hours and I'm too tired to watch GH-that's the truth. I had a rough morning and 4 hours of sleep. I'm sure you'll forgive me. 
It's so cold here--and then tomorrow it's supposed to be 54! That means one thing: Migraine lol

Monday, January 9, 2017

Empty Bottles

Roger and Kin are on. Good Day for Karen. I just love them. Franco says his alibi for the time that Tom died was being locked in a dog cage. Scotty was like WHOA!! Liz is kinky! ahhaha
Franco: "You're on Facebook"?
Scotty: Yes, Twitter too, it's how I get my clients!

Franco: And you didn't friend me? 
They search hashtags to see if there are photos up from Gene's Bar..find one and Alexis and Tom are in the background. 

Homeless Shelter...yada yada. Cut to pawn shop and lady nails/rings. Zzzzzzz They send Swayze to Baltimore. He told them they can get into the pawn shop through the catacombs 

Kiki and Dilly didn't even GO TO LA! AHAHAA they are back in Port Charles!! WELP. They turned around in Detroit and came home. zzzzzzzzzz
Ate Chinese food. Kissed.
Liz interrupts them looking for Franco. 

Laura is on Facebook-- she put up pictures of the kids ice skating...Kevin fell on the ice. He had to go to the ER. hee hee (nothing big) Laura says Everyone, even Franco deserves another chance.  

Julian gives Lexi a big crate of booze, all empty. HE tells her he'd never hurt her .well, ok She gets a car to leave again. He tells her if she goes he'll call Sam. She stays.. Oh wait, she remembers she got the knife away from Tom and pointed it at him. IN a flashback she says "You messed with the wrong woman'. NOW she needs to go have a drink.  No, wait..she remembers more and tells Julian she killed Tom Baker. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Surgery: Soup's ON!


This week saw THREE episodes of General Hospital. Ergo, not a hell of a lot to talk about. Couple that with the boring things happening and you should be out of here toot sweet!  

Wait a minute..so do I serve the potatoes first or the peas? 
Jason, we aren't actually SERVING The food. 
Huh.. well, can I have a donut? 

Hey, man...you got some great hair there for a homeless guy. What  products do you use? 

OMG. This "Juilan Bomb" thing is a ...bomb. JaSam, including Curtis, are running around trying to find out who planted what like it's 1982. Meanwhile we get to see English Pawnshop Man and Robe Wearing Mystery lady every now and then to remind us how much we don't care. 

Hey, don't I know you?
I think I was in court with you during the rape trial. 
Maybe I was drinking back then too. 

So, rapey Tom is dead. Who done it? Franco's trying to find out--not Jordan because...well, this is GH.  So he goes to our new hangout Pete's and  drops some cash to learn about the night Tom was there. Alexis is lurking in the corner. He puts 2 and 2 together. Alexis had some flashbacks making it look like she did it. *sigh*. Whatever.  PS I haven't seen a jukebox like that in ages. Not even in dive bars. 

Hammer-Time is down again. 

Anna, what do you see? 
A watch.....a hall..and a watch......wait .wait....no it's the watch again......
Anything else?
Um....oh up ahead....there's a..a.. watch. Broken. Watch. My watch. 

OMG I'm married LOOK!! 
Wait..what? Nina....how...when?
I took all your wedding stuff and did it!! 
Ok, don't get all mad, I'll send you photos and you can put them in your album!

You boyz needs to just calms down. I"m only on for 2 scenes and I need no fightings.
Who ares yous anyway?
I'm Tom Baker's Brother. 

Is your name Cook?
No I'm a Baker...

Candlestick maker? 
Oh Francos you are such a card! 

Why aren't I on this show more? I mean we're great friends, I'm witty and fun...
I don't know, Diane, why am I drunk all the time? 

Some homeless guy getting roughed up, getting the gang of 3 closer to the "mystery lady in the upstairs of the pawnshop".

Alexis figures out she was the last one to see Tom, Franco figures it out too. Her bar bill was $62. Thought you'd like to know that. PS. I put my money on Tom's brother as the killer. I mean, why else is he around? 

Hayden seems better but Hammy Finn is down again.  So you know, we get to see him shoot up. Which if you think about it, that's what he's done since he got on the show. Zzzz.

Anna's getting hypnotized to try to remember stuff about the Whistler. So far we've got a broken watch. 

Val and Nina are married, she wants to be Charlotte's mommy. She tells Naxie. They are shocked! 

So, see ya Monday if I'm able!  GH better step it up. Also, conflicting reports are out that DAYS may be canceled to make room for Megyn Kelly. People pulled it's report after Soap Twitter at them alive, but EW still has it up. The show may up in the 3rd hour of the Today Show which wouldn't affect the show.  Keep an eye out on that--we can't afford to lose another soap! 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

GH will Air On Monday

Sorry--yesterday was a weird weird day. As you know, there was no GH yesterday due to the Florida incident ergo, Friday's show will air Monday.  Not sure I'll do Sunday Surgery because there were only 3 days of the show--and...they weren't all that. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

$60 Bar Bill

Franco bribes the bartender at the bar...Alexis is standing RIGHT THERE but no one sees her LOL -- Alexis starts drinking. When Franco leaves, she tries to talk the bartender into saying Tom stayed and she left. Then, in a flashback we see her walk out and Tom follow. He grabs her and turns her around...
Then, Franco is behind Alexis (at the bar) and he's heard the whole exchange.  Alexis goes home.
Franco calls Scotty, tells him to go meet him at the roadhouse.

Ava and Julian talking about Alexis and why he tried to kill her. He doesn't tell her why he's back in the mob. Sam Calls.

Sam and Jason and Curtis are feeding the homeless today. Yes, that's right.  They meet a guy (Patrick Swayze's Brother) "BUZZ". Curtis is pretending he's a minister. They end up shoving the guy down and try to 'make him talk'.  He finally says that the REAL boss is a woman. 

Sam meets Julian at the Metro...Ava goes with him but she leaves. She wants to know about the guy from the pawn shop. Zzzzzz He says someone is STILL trying to kill him and she should be careful. 

Nell was on with Carly at the Metro-- she seemed all happy they were together on NYE.  Carly thinks that She and Michael should get together. Nellie says she's already seeing someone. 

Alexis goes home. Julian comes home with a crate of wine for her. Huh? Weird. 

Nice Church cafeteria set--liked the props/extras.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bloody Marys

Diane: 2016 was one of the worst years on record. But it’s gone, it’s over, it’s done with. It’s in the rear-view mirror.

Diane and Alexis were on..yeah. Alexis tells her that she saw Tom on the night of his death.

Anna is being hypnotized by Maddox. She remembers the hallway and whistler-- watch. Yada  yada.  Anna's watch..it's on the floor-- broken stuck on   11:05 October 29th. It's her birthday --she seems disoriented. 

Nina tells Maxie she's married to Valentin. They hijacked the wedding. LOL 

Dr. O was on talking to FRANCO about TOM-O. Franco then goes to Pete's Bar to question the bartender. Alexis slips in behind him. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Lulu is still whining bout Charlotte...She's actually the one that put the ValNina wedding in motion by saying she was going for sole custody. 

Sam calls Alexis who's passed out. Then she goes over there and pounds on the door.  They start telling her about the Julian thing and Julian is right there, hiding lol. Sam thinks Alexis is drunk. They kinda get pissy with each other. 

Franco goes to see Liz..He says that his DNA and fingerprints are all over the knife. God they even manage to make RoHo boring. 

Valentin and Nina are married. They make love. Later, Nina finds his gun. (NOT THAT GUN, this real gun! LOL). He says he has to protect Charlotte. 

CarSon..same old shit...then they start to make out again. On off..off on...and they have sex today. Carly actually apologizes to Sonny about 'punishing him". Barf

After Nina and Val have sex, they go into the Metro and tell Lulu and Dante

END of SHOW: Alexis met Tom at the bar on the 21st-- I guess the same night he was killed? The bartender remembered her being there. She had a flashback. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sunday Surgery: The Year That Was

You've seen my Wub Awards for 2016 so I won't spend too much on this past year of GH. There was a show this week --shortened to 4 days. I'll comment on that too! 

Team Jelly has had time to weave their take into the canvas and shape the stories for the 900 characters on our show. It's been a long year and not exactly "Must Watch TV" for me.  Read the Michael Fairman interview with Frank and Jelly if you want to know why they did what they did. Or didn't do. 

I still have stuff left from Christmas and New Year's Eve to nosh on!! That includes Cranberry Muffins and coffee cake. 


  Mac is back today!! Happy Happy!!  He looks great and the cast seems so happy as well.  METRO POOL . Gio and Joss... Then Sonny comes in w...