Monday, January 16, 2017

Oh I'm so sorry

My doctor's check up went WAY WAY long given she was 40 min late. THEN the pharmacy took forever.

I know I missed the surprise for Maxie and NuSpinelli (Temp) so I'll have to try to watch it before tomorrow's show. 


  1. I hope your check up went well Karen, and all is well! (I have one of those in a few weeks, myself.)

    The NuSpinelli (Temp) stuff felt really...weird. At least to me, it did. While I've never been a huge fan of the character to begin with, but in the last several years (since the character has "grown up" and "matured", and dropping (for the most part) the goofy speech patterns) I'm beginning to warm towards him more. BA is a good actor, having seen him in several other things. Every scene today with Spinelli in it just really didn't work, I thought. He seemed not to have any chemistry whatsoever with everyone he interacted with. Which is about the best way I can think to describe it.

    Wow, I'm really surprised that nobody else has said anything before I have. This is definitely a first for me, since more often than not, I'm the last person to comment!


  2. I agree with the above post about Spinelli. The actor was probably okay (I've never seen him before), but he wasn't able to nail the character. Spinelli is unique and it would be almost impossible for any actor to create that other than the original. But it moved the story along, and Spinelli's attendance at the wedding is almost a necessity given the relationship he has with Maxie, and that he attended Sam and Jason's wedding.

    The threat to Olivia/Leo was something I hadn't thought of until Olivia showed up on screen. Should have seen that coming but it is hard to anticipate anything on GH these days since plots change mid-stream....

  3. I'm with you, K. I didn't care for the Nu-Spinelli actor when he was on Days of our Lives and I think he failed miserably as Spinelli. I love Spinelli! Speaking of DOL. . . If the rumors pan out and Days is cancelled, maybe Wally Kurtz (Ned) could return permanently. That would be wonderful.

  4. Sonny's home: What?!!?!?! Sonny can't even go on outside at his desk without his ankle bracelet going off?!!?! ROFL! Come on!!!! Ridiculous!!!

    Sonny and Griffy: So did Sonny want Griffy's permission to tell Carly the truth about he and Nelle? ROFL!

    Sonny and Jason: I love that Jason turned down Sonny's offer to come back! Good!!! Jason is so boring being Sonny's enforcer!

    Airline: Maxie wins the line of the day!

    Maxie: See I got this fiance, he is so gorgeous and sexy. He's a hot cop. He speaks French. Well he's not French but he speaks it, and I think that's hot.


    Temp Spinny: NO WAY! He is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too tall!!! If Temp Spinny and Jason are in the same scene together, I will just die! ROFL!

    Crimson office:

    Maxie: When she cried, her face looked frozen! I hope Kirsten Storms is okay! :( Oh and that white coat thingy she is wearing is ugly.

    Metrocourt wedding:

    Curtis and Jordan: LOVE IT! I just love that Curtis told Jordan about what he and Jason found. Even though Jason told him not to! :)

    Central Perk: Wow!!!!! So the ice skating rink is right there!!!! Right on the ground!!! HAHAHHAHAHA!



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