Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wed: MAYA Appears...SKYE comes out....


Maya made a good debut...yelling at Ethan about a car wreck.  She did pretty well. Loved her coat. Liked her already!! I can spot those goodies from day uno! Edward!! Trees in full bloom?! Uh, no. Not here!

Carly tells Kristina "Sonny was verbally and emotionally abusive...but so was I"...wonder if the shot in the head will come up??! LOL She did say they had a turbulant relationship. I'd say so! I mean, he did shove ladies around...but that's the soaps!

Tracy tries to explain Maya's connection..and says the whole "relative" thing is shaky. Yep. It is!!
She wants to leave Port Chuck with Luke and Ethan.

"She's the most inappropriate person on the planet"-- Carly about Robin...and Olivia says it's "all about her son now" when Carly asks her about testifying...can't anyone say: IT'S ABOUT THE TRUTH?? Just tell the truth!! :throwing up hands: Robin does talk to Olivia and Patrick over hears her. Ergo, that whole thing was just to give SCRUBS some angst. ;/

Liz: wow, looks PG all of a sudden! I can't believe Becky has two other kids!!

Luke asks Dante to help him find the real beater with Lucky. Dante says: SURE!

Drew Speaks out in SID: DG said he went to work, did his scenes and had a meeting with JFP at the end of the day & he was informed "they were going in a different direction & that direction would not include myself
"It didn't feel real." When he told people they thought he was joking. He's never been fired from a job before.
According to set insiders, MB was not happy. DG said "he assured me it was not about my talent, or my acting abilities & encouraged me to refocus and move on."
I'm going to move on. I know I did the best I could. I have no regrets & no guilt" he says, adding that despite wild speculation about the "real" reason - conflict with directors - is not true.
And I don't care what the others say, I KNOW it was the chem testing and the testing that's gone on since he "woke up" from his coma. They ARE going in a "different direction"... Hell, they obviously didn't even TEST THE NEW kid with any of the vet cast!! Plus they haven't even cast Zoe yet. ugh..this is just horrible, imo.

New Spoiler pics up, but I did put one up for you here!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday: MORGAN is a RECAST!!

BREAKING NEWS!  It'ss official: Aaron Refvem will be recast as Morgan. Aaron Sanders takes over the role on April 14. #GH" /via @soapsindepthabc. Aaron R got a pilot for primetime. This pic may be a bit old...not sure. He was on Passions, I guess.

Speaking of, read the "Another NuFace WUB"!! Do you realize I've written A LOT of NuFace Wubs over the years? LOL...let me know if you like it. Should have waited to write my NuFace WUB.

OLTL: Ok, you need to know this:  Roxy gave birth to Sky--who they thought was going to die. So, Allison Perkins handed him to her SISTER Dr. Joplin who saved it. In the meantime, Alison just took some kid she found in the hospital, gave it to Roxy, telling her it was her baby-- and then Roxy gave it to Mitch. So, Sky is really Mitch and Roxy's--and Rex's is no one's. That we know of yet. Thank God this happened in the 70's when there were no hospital IDs or security. When they showed Mitch naming the baby "REX" all I could think of was NO WAY..he'd say Rextafer Luke Mitchall Dugan Lawrence or something... I mean..REX???? LOL.
GOOD GOD...longest most weird baby switching ever!! And Rex/Sky aren't even brothers! :/
How did Mitch save Shane? Was it not Mitch in the bed? Coininkindink? Is he also related to Gigi? oy!!

GH: Nice courtroom chaos!!! Poor Krissy, watching the mayhem. Heh, Coleman loved it.!!
Ronnie and Dante were good. The judge was so homey and cranky. Johnny's in TROUBLE!! At the end, when the judge said the jury was going to be isolated, Coleman is alike "I think Sonny Corinthos is innocent..ah, I have a virus"...trying to get out of it! LOL. Judge said No go.

Tracy and Nikolas!! Jane E looks fab... I love her wardrobe. You rarely see those two together. Which, is weird because Tracy is SO Cassadine! Ignore him..he's prone to "gothic drama"!! LOL.

Michael Learned is taping this week. Mama Walton in the house!! Steven Lars will be involved with the story as well.
Next week? GH goes dark...everyone gets a week off.

In my obsessive FRANCO NEWS: James Franco has been accepted to Yale University's English PhD program. Says Digital Spy. Maybe he can come back to GH and write some scripts!!

Monday, Monday--Maurice Speaks about Drew!

OLTL: was rocking today...loved it. So fast!! Loved all the characters interacting--but I really hate the fact that Scott Clifton is gone ;/ ugh... He's too good to go! Now, they are also saying that he's not been asked back to GH. That doesn't mean he WON'T (one can hope!) Hey, Bree Williams is PG...will they write it in the storyline? Marco is the stupidest guy on daytime. OY!

The SHOW:  Luke was kinda mean going to see Krissy I think.  He kinda sounded creepy too!! I am so glad they showed the whole barware drama with Sonny again. LMAO.

Shouldn't the court be PACKED? Is it a closed court? Now, isn't it funny the judge asked COLEMAN his opinion. LMAO.

Maxie and Georgie!! There's a reminder of the single worst decision in a LONG time for GH! I so miss Lindze!!! wahhhh. They could always bring her back, it's not like they've never done that. Wow, it was a short stay.
Loved when Johnny went to talk to Maxie and "Maxie" was watching...and she was all "I'm so embarrassed"!! Then Spin wheels in...very touching scene, kudos to BA.

I have an idea: Helena should be all over the Krissy story..being all mad, vowing revenge. That way she'd kinda mend something with Alexis and be in scenes with her FAMILY! I know she hates Alexis..but NLG and CT would LOVE a chance to do something other than fight and maybe Hells would like the IDEA of Kristina. :? People on twitter disagree with me though.
This Conan guy is a hoot! He was on again today-- asking if they could do something so people "wouldn't feel like they might get shot" in the restaurant!

MORE GH: Maurice spoke out regarding Drew leaving GH. I really REALLY think it speaks to the "diva" rumors that are flying around about him. Coworkers DON'T do this if an actor is not respected and liked. I still say my sources are correct about why he's leaving: (from SID)

How does Benard feel about Garrett's firing?

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) seems to be just as upset about the firing of Drew Garrett (ex-Michael) as GH fans. The Emmy-winning actor was asked about the abrupt firing of Garrett and admits he was shocked by the news. “Everybody knows how I feel about Drew,” he says. In fact, it was only a couple of weeks ago that the two did a Soaps In Depth interview along with Dominic Zamprogna (Dante), in which their fondness for each other was quite clear. “We had a bond,” Benard insists. “On camera and off.” Was he informed or asked about the switch before it happened? “No,” he says. As for the shake-up coming at a time when GH is clearly at a high, with important story for Sonny and Michael, Benard says he’ll have no problem carrying on with the plot. “Sometimes,” he says, “you have to put personal feelings aside.” Daytime newcomer Chad Duell is already in place and has taped several shows. When asked if he’s worked with the actor yet, Benard said, “no,” leaving it at that.

Performer of the Day:  Bradford Anderson
Best Moment: Alexis going all Natasha on Luke saying "You didn't expect me NOT to come down here and go all Cassadine on you, did you"??

Check out Drew Garrett's fan movement on Facebook, hey, can't hurt to try to get the kid back!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

NuMichael Posts on Facebook--Kelly Monaco on Twitter!

First of all, Chad Duell, "NuMichael" posted this on facebook this weekend:

Finished up my 3rd day of filming for General Hopital. It honestly has been kinda rough. Trying to get used to the pace, and everything. Things are getting better day by day, but ya not the greatest start sadly. It will get better though.

Now, I've said since this all broke,  this kid had better have good acting chops because he will be eaten alive.!! There are so many people pissed off about Drew's firing, he already has 2 strikes against him. Not HIS fault TPTB took off a fave of ours. Now I'm going to be all waiting to see what his debut on April 20th (ish) looks like. With a statement like that, I'm not hopeful.

Kelly Monaco is FINALLY on Twitter. Buzz Radio and her BF confirm as well as Kelly herself on Facebook. There have been a LOT of impostors over the months for her but now, @kellymonaco1 looks like the real deal.

FINALLY, Reality Bytes, the new webseries starring Tristan Rogers has a HUGE spread in this weeks Soap Opera Weekly  !! These new soapwebseries are just so exciting!! Like early days of TV or something!!


Sunday Surgery: Special Sauce!

Hello Wubbers! It's Sunday and the end of a hectic week...did you like GH? Wasn't Sonny throwing that giant try of barware written in just for us WUBBERS? I was howling!! LOL...If you can catch it again, watch Jason just stand there and blink a bit. Heh.
Hospital phone calls?

There are a LOT of new scoops up and a LOT of rumors floating around. Most interesting one I saw is that Sonny and Skye hook up...hmmmm. Then I was thinking isn't this the longest Sonny's been without a woman in FOREVER??????? No backup plan. No 'nothin!! He's gotta be dying.

Maya Ward comes to the Q's Wed...where's ZOE? Did they just ditch the character? Is she coming on later? What!! I thought it strange there was never a release about who's playing Zoe. So, maybe Maya moves in and later on Zoe will show up. Maya will end up working at GH-- hopefully having more shifts than poor ghostly Dr. Matt has. (Steven Lars is in danger of going that way as well--he's reduced to barking at staff and taking care of "the boys")

More of Sonny's trial is going on--- Johnny's going to make him squirm. Would YOU say Sonny was abusive to Claudia? I'd say he was certainly verbally abusive but she was right there with him. I still miss Sarah Brown, btw...:(

Watch for Georgie again on Monday. Wonder if anyone will say: HEY! Did you call Felicia?! ;/

Connie Towers will be on the LA Stage to Benefit LA Aids May 1st! Connie will be performing from 'The King and I,' the 1978 revival of which she performed in for nearly 800 shows, opposite Yul Brynner. GO HELENA!!

Besides stalking me on TV and in the movies, seems FRANCO is a published author! s short story, Just Before The Black, is being published by Esquire Magazine. He also  just signed a deal with New York book company Scribner to publish a full collection of his work titled Palo Alto, which will hit stores this fall. Dang.

Someone slap me, but I'm up to 6300 followers on Twitter! Join the fun! Get live tweets during the show--dish with a bunch of fun peeps and look cool when you say: I JUST 'tweeted' that. heh.

Friday, March 26, 2010

General Hospital: Maxie and Mini together again!!

In a hopeful bow to the TERRIBLE mistake they made by killing off "Georgie", GH had Lindze Letherman visit a dying Maxie today. UGH, I hate it that Georgie is gone. Lindze looked GREAT but I'm sure she'll be on again Monday, she was only on a second today
Lulu visited Maxie--and had on a fugly blue Michael Jackson (circa 1985) leather jacket. eesh.

CLAIRE...ugh. In Johnny's empty garage. Zzzzzzzzzzzz Did I mention my fab idea yesterday? They SHOULD have cast a fiesty, spunky gal ala DIANE who could have come on canvas as her SISTER prosecuting this case. Just saying.

LUKE and Alexis! Even when they fight, they are wonderful. Good to have a scene with Dante and  Morgan as well. Morgan's been MIA lately, hasn't he?
CONAN--AHAHHA..was a riot at the Mobular Restuarant!! Very fun newbie character, I hope. He's Bernie's nephew! Although he looks NOTHING LIKE Bernie. He made Jason look tiny!! Lucky and Jason talk about Jake and Liz/Nik's new "baby".
Kelly's was the HUB of the Day!! Carly and Lulu's talk was heartbreaking. Love Lulu's love-hate with Maxie (mostly love).
OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Did you see Sonny!? He found out Ethan wasn't going to jail and threw and ENTIRE TRAY of barware AND said "I WANT HIM HANGING ON A HOOK"! whahaahahaa. It would have been too funny if Jason would have said "Like AJ"?? !!

YOU MUST watch Chrissie Fit's Subpranos this week. Hopefully, you saw last week's eppy that had the girl's looking for the LA Subway. (Hilarious) This week continues their quest and someone unexpected pops up.

Brandon Barash will be in BUFFALO this weekend! He'll be at the Variety Kids Telethon again this year!! You can see him at the bash or at Galleria Mall (Lower Level Macy's) from 11:3-1 on Sunday.

Check out GREAT photos from Caravan Girl showing GH stars on Broadway AND backstage at the Emmy's!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Michael next to Dante: GH recast

Now, I want to see what you all say...there's a LOT of people on Twitter saying he looks a lot like someone on GH, but I'm not saying you aren't swayed. Thanks to GHspoilers (@GHspoilers on Twitter) for this!

GENERAL Hosptial Scoops: get them here!

Up now on the WUBS NET!!  All sorts of mayhem... Johnny does ask Livvy to move in with him! That's fun. Morgan will take the stand and Keifer gets hit by a car. So many hit and runs in Port Chuck! They need cameras around town. LOL

TG's having another word is Tracy, Ethan and he take off after a phone call from Skye. I don't know though.. I know they'll all have scenes together but maybe not until April??

Did you know that both Kristina and Keifer had stunt doubles during the beating scene??

Did you know that Kristina and Molly are both 1/2 sisters AND first cousins? If Sam  had had HER baby..eesh...tangled family tree!! I'd love to do all the characters.

Did you read Tony Geary's great interview on Tony Geary Net?? good stuff. He's been doing a few lately!

GH TODAY: Good Luke scenes.... Ethan asks Luke about the rape!! I didn't really know Luke's Dad beat his mother to death??? hmmmm. His name was Tim? Hmmm.  Okay! Guess I skipped over that in the '70's. I really REALLY don't remember him ever telling that story. EVER. I shall have to consult the GH Encyclopedia. It says nada about Luke's parents much..other than Ruby raised them. Sooooooo, anyone know? I don't think Luke ever mentioned this beating before. I guess its a great way to 'splain the rape now that "blaming my upbringing" is all the rage. Not that I'm saying it's not correct, but back in the day, no one ever used that defense.
Goodness, this is a much better story than GH right now. heh The WaPedia mentions this but it was UPDATED TODAY!! GH must have bots out updating sites. :)

UPDATE: Wubber CALILA found this YOU TUBE from 1979 with Luke telling Laura how his mom died. Yepper, burst appendix! (And OMG, look at Luke's glasses! LOL )

Carly comes to the island in a WHITE SHIRT!! They must have a box in the back marked "Island shirts".  Michael figures out it was Keifer. Soon, everyone but Sexis will know who did it.
NICE Shirtless Johnny today!

New Media Net Pics up of recast Michael... I have no comment.  Only that the kid looks tired.

I so love Jake and Tad on natural and you know they improv some of their lines. hee hee. Kind of like Nancy and Carolyn with Alexis/Diane. You just can't force that.

ROGER EBERT loves HOT TUB TIME MACHINE@@! Just sayin' :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

General Hospital: Delightful LUKESON Day!!!

LOVES me some Maurice and Tony scenes!! And with JJ on in other scenes, all I could think of was their funny camping trip. heh. GREAT actors in a GREAT scene!!

SPOILERS are up and a pic of Maya Ward! : WUBSNET please hit a sponsor to keep me in Biz!! Thank you. Rumors are FLYING about Keifer's demise. One: His father beats him. Two: His mother beats him Three: Either Mom or Dad beat him bad enough he dies. Four: Michael does it. ...there are a million of them out there. Everyone but Dr. Matt is rumored to be in the mix. Why not Dr. Matt? He's still invisible. Or he's a ghost. Fight Club!!

Oh Dang...Lulu tells Ethan Luke raped Laura!! oy!! wow.

Dante and Claire scenes were so BORING today. All they had to say was "leave Michael out of this"... it seemed to last about 2 hours.

Lisa/Patrick/Robin...Robin trying to talk to Lisa about Sonny being innocent. Heh. LISA, please go away with GHOST OF DR. MATT!

Damn Lexi did so WELL today. When an actress can cry it makes all the difference!!!!!!! She was so great, I got a little misty.

LOOK AT THIS: (click for larger image)--giant soap star charity event in Michigan! Lisa LoCicero, Brandon Barash...Carolyn Hennesy, Tyler Christopher and many more: I so wish I were closer! wow!!


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Broadway Photos!

Here's Berta and Cam Mathison..

Tony Geary on Stage with Natan Parsons and Brandon Barash:

No, unfortunately, Alberta did NOT make it on stage, there was a problem in wardrobe so she was too late to go on!

Want KISH news and how you can help with the cause?? Go to "Don't Put Kish in the Closet" 

KISH RALLY!! Happening at GMA!!

Friday, March 26, 2010
Good Morning America Times Square Studio
1500 Broadway
New York City, New York 10036,
at 44th street
More info:

I won't be here for General Hospital today..sorry peeps. Need to work. Leave a comment about the show, OK? Thx!

Michael Corinthos III Part Duex

Many rumors swirling about the reason Drew Garrett is leaving the role of Michael so quickly. Actually, sources tell me it was in the works for awhile and despite some people's 'surprise' it was a known fact to some for at least 2 weeks. So why the switch?? Not anything the actor did--rather the chemistry they were looking for with the newbie female(s) coming in. There was no 'situation' that caused the parting as some are saying. I hear Garrett has been nothing but hard working and professional.
More to come as I'm sure other sites/peeps will be weighing in on the matter. I really wanted to say something because I don't think some of the crap that's going around is fair or correct.
Stars are tweeting their support to Drew, mainly saying he'll "land on his feet" and wishing him luck.

BTW, thanks for the comments, I agree it sucks. As one put it "Going in another direction." NOTE TO ABC PR department: If you were doing your JOB half way decent, there would BE no speculation or rumors---the entire OLTL situation was done so poorly, it's laughable and this?? To leak info to SoapNet and SID so abruptly was wrong, especially if you're not giving any reason why. He's a fan fave and it's only going to cause people to be pissed off.
Just saw this on twitter: A petition drive if you are interested in helping to keep Drew:

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Adventures in Lobster!! HOLY Sheeze!! Michael RECAST!!

Here's Alberta WUBS outside of Broadway cares with Wubbers Melissa and Chrissy last night!! She had just seen Ethan walk by!! swooooooooon. Nathan Parsons!! He sang from RENT last night, btw. I heard the show was amazing. I am GOING next year. I am not missing this great show ever again! Carolyn Hennesy, Derk Cheetwood and Steve Burton were also in the NYC area all weekend and met Alberta!! Photos are coming. 

 GIANT NEWS: MICHAEL IS RECAST on GH!!! According to SID Drew Garret, the guy we all love as Michael is leaving the role abruptly and Chad Duell will be in by April 20th!!!!!!!! 
Holy Crap..what the HECK happened? There HAS to be a giant story behind this....I have to get my phone out!! BTW, Duell was on Disney's "Wizards of Wavery Place"... WOW. this is huge. Something big must have happened at some end. 

GH TODAY: Carolyn Hennesy is just amazing when she's on screen. The opening dialog from her was AMAZING. Notice how the courtroom is about empty? Short on extra funds??

Carly and Jason are all ESP on Kristina. I guess she's in on this so she can 'run into" Kiefer's father. 
I am in love with Nathan Parsons,  I admit it. HE's so grown on me!! Great job in this storyline. 
I can't even concentrate with this Drew news...I can only hope we find out what's up soon. Like he
got a giant movie or something.  

There are people working on the Drew Garrett story as we speak. As SOON as word is in to why he's gone I will get back on and blog, ok?? I can't even concentrate, I have to try to find out what's going on!!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Sofer Return?? Other Great Stuff...

Will Rena Sofer make a return to GH? Word is they are in the works..but for a cameo. Here's hoping it's for longer!! Wouldn't it be GREAT to see she and "Olivia" together?? OH MY GAWD?? With Brooke Lynn back, it's possible. Other people are saying Scott Clifton may return too after his let-go from OLTL but I'm not sure if they were just trying to make me feel good. (you know I love the boy!!) Anyway, the Q house will be full to the brim soon!!

Want to experience Tony Geary on Wendy Williams?? Here it is: Interview.  Wendy W is somethin'. BTW, Tony was on partly because of Broadway Cares today!! There are about 5 wubbers I know of going to the event so hopefully I'll have LOADS of photos!! Chrissy is at the Steve Burton, Derk Cheetwood and Carolyn Hennesy's event today--RIGHT NOW! With Alberta Wubs lobster. She got a pic of Alberta with STEVE!! I'll get it up asap. Look for Alberta Wubs Fanpage on Facebook for all her fun star encounters.

Flat Megan is my FAVE new thing that fans are doing for the wub of their fave actress. Many fanbases do many things, but Megan Ward's is just priceless. I introduced you to Flat Megan awhile ago when she went on a skiing adventure with "Sonny". Well, here's another fun one!! If you want to see all the Adventures of Flat Megan, join her group on Facebook. Megan follows her 'own' adventures on twitter her tweet name is @themeganward. I also want to remind EVERYONE to write to GH in support of your fave characters/actors. They LOVE handwritten cards/notes. address? General Hosptial @ABC TV, 4151 Prospect Ave, Hollywood CA 90027.

Michael Fairman has some  FAB interviews up with all the players in the Teen Abuse storyline. NLG and Lexi Ainsworth are especially wonderful and talk candidly about their story.

Senta Moses (Winnie) has a movie coming out March 26th." 10 Years Later" is a dark comedy about a kidnapping.

Here's a pic that Chrishell Stause tweeted with she and Aiden Turner who will appear on DWTS tomorrow. You know us Daytime peeps need to support!!

SPOILERS are up. Luke and Sonny go at it next week. LOOK at the COVER OF SID!!  I'm in heaven. I'll have to buy some and see if I can ever get both Mo's and  Tony's autographs on the cover of that baby. Can you imagine!!??

Have a good day. Syracuse is still in the tournament....Health Care vote is today...and I'm tying all of my wubbyhubby's notes for a workshop he's giving because HIS HARD DRIVE CRASHED at 9am!! Someone, pray to the cybergods for a quick fix. !!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday Blogging: Something To Talk About...

Lots of stuff going on. I'm going to include the Extra clip with NLG and LA about teen abuse:

This story has stirred so many emotions in the daytime community. Not only is the content powerful but it's brought out stellar performances in every single actor involved. For GH it has also given the cast much needed integration. Having Sonny, Luke, Tracy, Alexis involved as families is awesome. I am really liking Ethan more and more. Lucky and Jason are going to keep working together-- and of course, Keifer's family introduction. Mac Daddy even got some airtime!! Having Maxie in the hospital at the same time draws our attention back to where it should be: GH! Liz running around doing her DNA thing, Hells in the hallways stalking lab techs. Ahhhh. All we need is Nurse Amy and her gossip!! Helena moving into Wyndemere made my whole week though.  Sorry, but her saying Gramma Hella" to Spencer just made me squeal! Of course the news about Brook Lynne coming back is fun because the Q house will be full once again.

New Spoilers are up. Don't forget to hit a sponsor. I've donated another $50 to Joining Hearts and Hands--our goat holders!! Tomorrow I have some twit pics to show you, a great Tony Geary interview link.  Sunday Surgery is my FAVE blog o' the week you know!!

And let's dish two minutes about Sandy Bullock-- :/ WELL, good LORD, what the HELL is wrong with people??! I just feel horrible for her. I wish I knew where to send her a bottle of tequila or something. After her whole "He's the only one that has my back" sniff... Men just can't deal with success or what?!

What have you been watching in Prime Time? Me?...reruns or Discovery Health...sometimes I'll find something fun on Sober House. It's March Madness so-- bball all the time. Syracuse beat Vermont so people will be crazy around here a bit longer.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Brook Lynn Coming to Pawt Chawles!

Brook Lynn is due back in town (Adrianne Leon) -- just in time for her to have the Q mansion humming when the Ward girlies get there. Goodness. WOW. OH, MY GAWD!! I just wish NEDLY was coming too...and Dillion, I'd be on happy Wubbah.  GH seems to be getting OLTL's budget money-we are getting a bunch of newbies and they are bleeding out there cast.

GH today was pretty good...loved the Dante on the island stuff.  LOVED Jason sticking up for "Luke's Son"!!! Why do they insist on dragging out characters like Mayor Floyd when we only see them for about  2seconds a month? Sort of lessens the impact. Ditto for FBI guy Raynor.
Eddie Q was on today too!! He said he liked Ethan. Monica was on too!! Big Alice and her jury duty thing. LOL Coleman and Big Alice and Lisa..heh. Kate and glad Megan Ward got some airtime, even if it was just making out with him!
LOVED when Krissy was telling Sonny how HE treats people, and women! Like Claudia "you called her a bitch"--- wowza. Some stuff there. Lexi Ainsworth is just wonderful in this story. I love Sexis too.  Nancy Lee Grahn was laying into Sonny like a banshee!! "ACT LIKE A FREEKIN' FATHER FOR ONCE"!! wow!!!!!!! Powerful stuff. She didn't even use a paper bag while breathing. That needs to be an emmy submission next year.
CONNIE Towers looked fab as usual today: Python PRINT suit! I told you she got a bunch of new stuff..has to be because Hells will be around longer, right?  GRAMMA HELLA is moving in! Did you hear her!!?? Soon she'll be giving Spencer that dang Faberge Egg!!  Well, send her some FAN MAIL at General Hospital @ABCTV 4151 Prospect Ave Hollywood, CA 90027. While you're at it, write a postcard to ALL your faves. Fan mail is counted wubbers!!!

THANK YOU to the people that told me Keifer's mama played a character on My SO Called Life. I did recognize her from there. I was obsessed with that dang show.

TONY GEARY will be on Wendy Williams tomorrow! Check your local listings! It seems he's rarely on some fun show so get it while you can. It's on some god forsaken time here, but I'm DVRing it. He'll be dishing about Broadway Cares. Maybe they'll eat a Slim Jim???!

@ingorademacher is on Twitter!! He tweeted a pic of he and Peanut earlier. He even takes that baby SURFING! Protected natch, but still! eek!!

BTW: Soaps In Depth is totally saying that the Flo L leaving OLTL is A RUMOR...and she's not leaving. We shall see!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

OLTL Bloodbath? General Hospital St. Paddy's Day

OLTL..things are not looking good. I don't usually talk to anyone over there but do know some crew/cast in NYC and talked to someone this morning. It's just a mess. With the PR nighmare of Kish (Are they 'bad boys' or was the gay thing TOO much??) and the cutting of cast left and right, actors and crew are left to wonder what's coming next.  Daytime Confidential ran a blind item about an actress being out and it's all over twitter that Florencia Lozana (Tea) is the one leaving. ;/ Besides Scott Clifton, Kish, the Evans family and now this, who's left? Plenty, friends. I think more are going before it's all over. The conversation reminded me of one I had with ATWT set crew right before the cancelation announcement was launched. Does this mean OLTL is on the brink? I sure hope not. Supposedly ABC is behind it's "shows"-- maybe it's cutting the budget so tight they can save themselves. OLTL is already one of the most well run shows budget wise, I guess they are taking up the slack for the others. I do need to say I'm not commenting on Kish and the hooplah going around about the actors being bad boyz vs. management getting rid of them due to the heat from anti-gay groups. I honestly don't know which is more true, and I'm not even going to act like I do. All I know is that I'll miss the couple and the actors. I think it's the most well told couples story in a long time. The PR machine needs a kick in the ass however---if they had just done things differently to start with all this speculation wouldn't be happening. Not to mention poor Scott Evans found out the storyline was dumped on TWITTER! 

OLTL today had a nice tip o'the hat to St. Paddy's day with the police all in their dress uniforms at the bar after the parade. NICE JOB. Can you imagine seeing the PCPD doing that? :thud: Who remembers Ryan's Hope and Maeve singing "Danny Boy" every year? :sniff:  

GENERAL Hospital: I should see if I can drag up any old St. Paddy's day WUBS for you. I used to write one almost every year. LOL. Spinelli would be perfect as a little green gnome! If I were writing I'd do something fun like show Lucky eating Lucky Charms or something. Heck, GH's sets don't even include kitchens!!  
Kristina needs to FESS up!! Sam keeps telling her that she's been beaten up before... Keifer goes in to her ROOM and cries?? ugh!! These two kids are acting their socks off in this scene!!
You know what I was thinking about Dr. Matt? He could totally really be just a ghost like in Fight Club. LOL....only people that saw him are Scrubs.heh
This whole Maxie/Spin/Johnny thing is so old news.  
Keifer's parents are on...quite the snooty folks. LOL. I've seen that chick somewhere before. Not sure where. I know she was on a soap, but she looks primtime familiar. 
Prosecutor is sitting in METRO court Lobby....and I see the BUBBLE LAMP!! She's using the lobby as an office. How funny. 

Soap Opera Source PULSE results for this week are surprising!

Kim McCollough had this on Facebook: I've been accepted into the AFI DIRECTING WORKSHOP FOR WOMEN 2010!

GOTTA FLY! Look for scoops later on the WubsNet!  Georgie will be on soon!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blame Game on Ethan--GH is Not Easy to Watch but WORTH it.

Between the whole beating thing and now poor Ethan (whom I really like now) being blamed by Krissy, it's hard for me to watch GH!!! It had better turn out OK! Maurice was awesome today. Kristina lying about this is just UGH, so frustrating. We get she's mad at Ethan but she has to know Sonny would go out and kill him. She just could have said she didn't see whomever it was, they were robbing the house.
Jason had to talk Sonny down. LOL... and he's telling him to kill Ethan in his cell. BUT! Jason reminds him he's Luke's kid!! I did like the "son" talk between Jason and Sonny.  Jason was the voice of reason today. Johnny too!! yeah!

Sam has all flashdance thingy on. Nice job from KeMo TOO! I've said it a million times, I am SO GLAD they SORA'd the kids on here. SO much more dramaz. Her having to tell Alexis that Krissy was having sex!! Tracy and Alexis--nice scene.

HELENA!...Well, I guess I understand the whole Spencer switch now. Can't anyone EVER have a baby that's not DNA compromised?  I don't care who raises the kid if it gets Hells on more :) Helena went in and told Liz she wants "to know her better"!! Heh.

So..even though I am FINDING IT HARD to watch--everyone is doing a GREAT JOB all around on the Kristina story... Kudos to writers and actors. Great show today, watch!

Are you enjoying this abuse story?? Which part is your fave?? There are spoilers about who figures out what on the Wubs Net

Monday, March 15, 2010

So, Wubqueen called it LONG ago: OLTL--Sky/Rex!

OLTL--you know I called this about the 2nd week Scott Clifton was on. HE is totally Rex's BROTHER! Did you see Roxy today and the baby!!?? YEP..unfortunately idiots let him GO so we can never really rejoice in the whole thing. Speaking of, the whole Kish thing is reaching news: AOL has a big story on it today. I'm hoping it makes Entertainment Weekly. BTW, reading some comments makes my blood boil. It's 2010 and there are still nasty bigots out there. Until the day I die I'll be working on gay rights and marriages. I hope to dance at MANY of their weddings!!
I'm just stunned about OLTLs decision to keep some of the cast/storylines (really, Marty/Natalie/John??...Christian and anyone??) --in lieu of the potential ones they are throwing away. How old IS Marty? I thought she was my age.

Greg Vaugh is headed to Naples, FL as a Grand Marshall
to support (NAMI) National Assoc. of Mental Illness

GH: "Ripped from the Headlines" says GH's PR department while talking about Krissy/Keifer. SOS Ryan was laughing about it--seems they are the "Rhianna/ChrisBrown" of daytime. :eyeroll: ok, whatever. I mean, we aren't laughing about the storyline, but more about GH's "Ripped from the Headlines..shocker! Huge!" heh.
NEW SPOILERS up..guess who makes out with Coleman at Jake's this time!!
IF FELICIA doesn't come back for Maxie's heart crap, it's totally lame. Which we know she won't so it IS lame. LOL. Wonder if she'll call.
Now that stupid  OLTL let Scott Clifton go, we NEED him back on #GH. I'm thinking we all start addressing letters to him there at the studio. LOL, like we are expecting him to just SHOW up.
UGH, hated Krissy getting beaten in slo-mo today. HATE she is going to blame Ethan, especially after he takes her to GH!  He was SO NICE to her when he found her!!
Christian is doing a great job as is Lexi on this whole thing. Must be hard at their age. Sonny and Deke and his mom... and it will get worse when he sees Krissy.
"You two grown-asssed men are going to stand here and tell me she got what she deserved"?? Sam to Ethan/Luke
HELLS IN A STUNNING OUTFIT TODAY! :Twirling: Told you she got some new clothes. Loves it. And she calls Steven Lars out on some skeletons in his closet! secrets.
Lucky calls it quits with Lizzy.

Luke says he's "Sick of himself"...LOL Says Kristina is "dressed like a baby hooker"!!
Spinelli has on a gray robe from the Toxic Balls Days!
Monica Looked FABOO today! Love her hair!

I HATE Daylight savings time!! UGH today is just out of sorts for dark in the am was sucky too. I don't think we need this 'savings stuff''s UNNATURAL!

READ ALL about the Rally to Save ATWT!! NYC peeps especially!! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Surgery: Broadway Cares, Save KISH, upcoming GH

Broadway Cares is coming Sunday March 21st!! It's one of the best events around...soap stars sing, dance and put on a great show for fans. All for a great cause. This year, Tony Geary is auctioning off some things on BiddingForGood. His Items are HERE. Tony will also be on the Wendy Williams Show Friday..check your local listings!

You know I'm passionate about the whole Kish situation on OLTL. They are such a cute couple, so.."Mainstream" if you will. It's just a shame they are being written off. Did you know that Scott Evans (Oliver Fish) is going to LA to the GLADD award show?? OLTL should be so proud and celebrating this achievement and instead, announces they are cutting the couple. Want to be heard?? WRITE !! Handwritten snail mail: One Life to Live 56 West 66th Street New York, New York 10023.
***UPDATE: OLTL won a GLADD award last night!! Read all about it on Daytime Confidential .  Let's hope those weenie execs are really feeling the heat about what they are doing to our boys!! K
I'm also taking credit for Perez Hilton's rant on his blog about Kish. I tweeted him, emailed several times and begged the PR people for a comment. :) So, I'm saying it's ALL ME!!

GH is going to be mainly about two things: Sonny's Trial and The Keifer/Krissy story. How hysterical is that picture up there of Sam kicking Ethan. Now, what kind of message does THAT send about violence. LOL? Is it ok for Sam to beat on someone?? I know, I know..but I was thinking that it's kind of a mixed message there. We'll see newbies from Keifer's family including Laura Wright's old costar Bradley Cole from GL. They'll actually have scenes together. I guess Carly is the one that figures out it's Keifer (along with Michael) and not Ethan that did the hitting. Me thinks they wanted the two on screen together again!!  Jason and Michael also think her story is fishy, btw... The Trial should be fun because Coleman is on the jury--Big Alice too. Plus, we get loads of DIANE scenes. I hear her opening statement for the jury is a great one.
No real word on when the Ward Girls are on set--no dates yet. I haven't even seen a casting for Zoe, the younger one. The Q's will be a humming between them and SKYE!! eeeee! We'll see way more Tracy too. Now that Scott Clifton is leaving OLTL I am hoping they wise up and get Dillon back. He's really missed. He never should have left, imo.
Lisa  LoCicero got performer of the week from SOD.  She's so deserving. I can only HOPE she and Megan Ward have some airtime together. Great to see Kate on set. They have a gem in "Crimson" if they use it right. (yea, I know, but one lives in hope!!)

Great blog I've discovered: The Soap Box! Nice OLTL editoral for your reading pleasure.

Last but not least, I'm going to be doing some fun things on the upcoming webseries: Reality Bytes! Tristan Rogers is at the helm and there are some great actors signing on. Tonja Walker (GH, OLTL) is my personal fave. Cant wait for the show to start. They are going to be filming in Florida. I feel like we are watching the beginnings of something big. Kinda like TV in the early days!

Have a great Sunday...hope you turned your clocks ahead. I HATE this time of year, it's unnatural to us that have internal clocks!! I'm 'off' until we turn them back. Seriously. Hey, I'm weird. But you knew that heh.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Subpranos: Chrissie Fit does Bon Jovi!!

Our own Mercedes in a HILARIOUS 'special eppy' of The Subpranos:

Luke: "This isn't a Malt Shop"!! GH Today Plus Ratings 3-1-7

OLTL: I hate HANNAH..hate. But ok, keep her and sexperv Ford-- and get rid of Kish. Grrr!!! Perez Hilton commented on Kish--I tweeted a ton to him and emailed the site too. How stupid was John today? Natalie, could you write that down for me? I'm too stupid to get every little hint! LOL. Oh, I think Roxy was remember when Alison Perkins took SKY--her other son--you wait. I am spoiler free, but I can guess.

GENERAL HOSPTIAL: WELL, ratings are at 1.9 last week, they are still down there at the bottom of the pack.
Luda is never going to do it, are they?? LOL..OMG, KATE IN THE FLESH! She was good today too. She did say it was a tricky dialog when she was tweeting. And it was! LOL. Why is she off the show?? I mean, for the most part?
OH no...Keifer is losing it. Luke is seeing Ethans temper...!! That was some scene for poor Krissy. :( wahhhhhhh. Luke said "malt shop"! Sam/Krissy were good together, I so like the family they've created on GH with the "Davis" girlies.
Where do they find those nasty gray sheets for the hospital beds.
Claire mentioned tweeting!! :) I hate her btw. I wish Claudia was still around to stomp on her! LOL
YEAH Bernie stops by the island!!
Spinelli said NINCOMPOOP! Must have got that from Edward.
LUKESON WAS ON TODAY! I love all know that.  I really miss them on more. WOO HOO!
Dante and Sonny: "Jimmy the Fish"...and "Garlic Knots". Tawking about the old neighborhood. Which, actually I liked a lot!

OMG, I do not want to watch this Kristina/Keifer thing!! The actor that plays Keifer needs kudos too...hard part to play.

Soap Ratings:  March 1-7
THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS (5.02 million, 3.6/12)
THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (3.21 million, 2.4)
DAYS OF OUR LIVES (2.97 million, 2.2/7)
ALL MY CHILDREN (2.73 million, 2.0/7)
GENERAL HOSPITAL (2.58 million, 1.9/6)
ONE LIFE TO LIVE (2.46 million, 1.8/6)
AS THE WORLD TURNS (2.43 million, 1.8/6)

I'll have some spoilers up this weekend!! Keep an eye out for all good things on here.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Soap Opera Blog Coalition Thursday and other Hot Topics!

As the World Turns' Terri Colombino and One Life to Live's Bree Williamson and David Gregory popped up at the 25th Annual Starlight Children's Foundation Gala on March 4 at the Marriott Marquis to help shed light on a worthy cause. Check out photos from the event. (Daytime Confidential)
In the spirit of ABC's "Rediscover" campaign, we've put together our own... Rediscover Hillary! With the reveal this week that Damon is actually the son of Hillary Wilson, one of Tad's former loves, this is the time to get to know her. Also the PVB is appealing to fans to get Carmen Thomas-Paris back in the role she created. (Pine Valley Bulletin)
The only thing in the world more pleasing to the ear than Olivia's righteously angry smackdown of Sonny would be the sentence "Breaking News: Bob Guza Fired!" But since we'll probably never get the hear the latter, the Serial Drama girls will just play (and re-play) the former when they need a pick-me-up. (Serial Drama)
If The Bold and the Beautiful's Steffy does just one thing right, she will convince the new owners to change the FC name from 'Forrester Creations' to 'Freakish Creations" or something because in my mind, that is the only way the buying public will ever be able to relate to these wretched retailers. (Soap Opera Examiner)
Wub Tub Sunday Surgery explores March General Hospital spoilers including the Keifer drama, newbies coming to Port Charles and some great tweets from your fave stars. (Wubs)

OTHER HOT TOPICS: Well, the KISH News is taking the net by storm...Twitter is all a tweeting over the outrage of it all.  Soaps are supposed to push boundries. Not ONE ABC soap will have a gay couple on canvas. With all the gay hate out there, it would be nice to show a loving, adorable couple IN ACTION. But no, blame the bad ratings on them. grrr. I'm writing snail mail and trying to get them to listen to reason. "mainstream' INDEED!! NOW Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens is saying Destiny, Shaun and the whole Evans family is going EXCEPT boring ass'd GREG! :/ Oh, I am NOT HAPPY PEOPLE!!

Tonja Walker aka Olivia Jerome is going to be on Tristan Roger's REALITY BYTES!! I love her. I can't wait until it airs!! I'm going to be doing a feature on it soon with interviews and such. I want to go to a taping too! Maybe JetBlue will run a deal.

GH today: Lulu finds Dante an apartment..awwww. Spin tells Maxie he lied. I HATE LISA, I HATE LISA! She's just boring and a time filler. There's NO chem between she and Patrick. I loved Epiphany's eyeballin' her when they stepped out of the elevator. Kristina looks like she's about 33 in that dress! whoo!! Hell , the Haunted Star was hummin...guess they had petty cash hanging around to get some extras.
So, did you see the clip of Krissy after she's beaten up below? OUCH! :( not fun. BTW, we do NOT say "Card" here, we say "Proofed" (to show ID at a bar) ... they need a regional person to help them out. Drives me NUTS. I also find it hard to believe that Keifer would beat on Krissy with Sonny as her daddy. I mean, I get it's a story but after that look he got at Kelly's, you'd think he'd run the other way. Ethan grabs her hard and calls her a little brat, which will bolster her claim he's the one that beat her. ;/
Max and Milo having fun with the island girlies. heh. Very cute.

GH is going to be ugly in the next couple of days with the beating and all. Hang in there!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WOW--Kristina, Alexis and Sonny March 15th scenes

 This is going around Twitter, awesome!! IT seems we crashed the poor site (movieweb) they put this up on. Poor people had NO IDEA what Soap Fans can do! LOL...Anyway, if the clip isn't working, it shows a really REALLY beaten up Krissy in the hospital. Eye swollen shut, huge gash on her head. Alexis and Sonny rush in... Lucky is questioning her. She finally says Ethan did it. Sonny's face...;/ Here's the direct link: MOVIEWEB

KISH is OUT at OLTL? GH Today

 WTF? So, are they trying to kill the damn show piece by piece??????? IDIOTS!!! Read this: TV Guide Mag.   (Spoiler alert on that page) Kish is the one, true COOL GAY couple on daytime (almost all of TV!!) they are a real couple, not even written "gay" much, just a couple. FOOLS!! Stacey's gone, Kim's leaving...they fired Scott Clifton-- Marcie and Michael were out last year. I was as loyal to OLTL as anyone--now, NOT!!!!! They say Kish didn't 'reach the mainstream'...whatever. That's called folding to pressure because people may be uncomfortable with a gay storyline. I'm mad. This is freekin 2010.  If bigots can't take it, don't let them watch.  OLTL has a LOT of loyal viewers. 
It's not the head writer either, mark my words, this is administration. Chickens. 
UPDATE: people are going NUTS on Twitter. Nelson Branco just reminded us that OLTL is up for a GLADD award next week based on the Kish storyline!!  How stupid are they?? I was just thinking that they are getting rid of a great couple like Kish and keeping Jessica/Leyla and cardboard Christian going. :P

Sorry, I need to calm down.

GH today: Krissy playing dress up was interesting. The Ethan "arm" Scene is coming. Keifer's parents are going to be powerful and rich in PC. Maxie in GH. Remember when she was really ill on Night Shift and all "well" on GH? LOL.
Tracy and Luke, all lovey-dovey...Just in time for Skye to pounce!!
Island white turns to tshirt black when Jason has to fly on a plane. Loved Max/Milo.
What about Alexis/Diane. They ARE PERFECT and totally could be a show. Kate, Allie like I've said a million times.

A couple of new spoilers are up on Wubs Net. Please hit a sponsor, thanks!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AH HELL NO! Scott Clifton??

Jamey Gibbons of Daytime Confidential is breaking news that Scott Clifton may be let go from OLTL. Since he's usually 100% correct, I tend to believe it. As most of you know, he played Dillon Q for years and I ADORE him. Right now he's playing Sky on OLTL...and doing a great job. This on the heels of Kim leaving and Stacey being killed off!! All I can hope for is that SC comes back to GH.  He did tweet that yesterday was "the first day of the rest of his life"...(cue music)

UPDATE: SCOTT just tweeted this at 6:25pm:

Hey guys, just want to let you know the rumors are true: I killed JFK. (Oh, wait, the OTHER rumor? Yeah that's true too. OLTL let me go.)

SUCKS! in other OLTL News Soap Opera Network has pics of Kimmy's wedding!! Go and see the bridesmaids duds. I stole this photo-- so make sure you check out the full story on the link.

Dante Smells A Michael! GH Tuesday

OLTL: Clint and Vicky are hanging out a lot!! And I love Kimmy's new gold digger LOOK!! woot! How does she think shes ever going to get custody of that baby?  It's getting good. Leyla being all nasty to Jessica and Jessica being a beeatch right back. Wait until she sees TODD! He has a NEW FACE!! Will they let on that he does?? I so hope so. HEH. I so much love how every character knows each other on this show. Fish goes to John...Roxy's all over. Dead Stacey is on today too!!! LOVE the Zombie Stacey. I miss her so much. sniff. Nat picks up Marty's pee stick from her dropped purse. UH..I'd wash my hands in like 2.3 seconds. LOL!!

GENERAL HOSPTIAL: Nasty rumors going around about people leaving GH. I haven't heard anything about anyone leaving. I usually have a rumor or two flying around but right now? Nothing. We've all wondered about Brandon Barash, but that would be the show, not him. So, if you think your fave is going--hang on, it's probably just a nasty rumor. Then again, if poor Jason Cook decided to go, I'd say congrats!! Those idiots don't know how to write for you.
Loved Dante staring down KeMo's chestial area! LOL... Lante was very HOT today..whoo.
Ok, if Lisa were actually Sarah Webber, I could totally get behind it. She could have met Pat in school--she was gone long enough. Plus, with Steven Lars back, we'd have a family again. As of now,  I really hate Dr. Girlie.
OH! WOW! Another JAX/CARLY/SONNY fight! wow..and they are yelling IN THE METRO. Telling evidence and stuff. DUH. It's totally STUPID to have them  yelling this crap in the middle of the restaurant. Not for nothin, but Sonny's been alone for a long time (for him)!
That blonde Ethan is with looks like Flo from the insurance commericals. She has a GIANT grin. Kinda scared me. And Keifer tells Krissy to wear something "smokin' hot to make him proud"
Lisa in her bra with Patrick. Guess that was the "naked" spoiler. ;/
Olivia telling Sonny that kid Dante liked to "Blow things up"... just like you! That scene rocked. You could tell Maurice even loved it!! woot! "every man you ever shot was somebody's son...this time it was yours"
NOTICE in today's show...Spin says he 'ruptured his achillies tendon" which we know is true since he tweeted it from  the Soap Cruise!! Don't we know the inside dish!!?

So, who's your fave couple to watch on GH Lately? I'm diggin' Lante that's for sure!!

NICE info: The 31st Annual Young Artist Awards has nominated Austin Williams (Shane OLTL) and Aaron Refvem (Morgan GH) for Best Performance In A TV Series By A Recurring Young Actor 13 and Under. Haley Pullos (Molly GH) has been nominated for the same award in the female category. Aaron Refvem was also nominated for Guest Starring Actor 13 And Under In A TV Series for his work on Sons Of Anarchy. CONGRATS to all!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday: Reality Bytes Casting News: Drake Hogestyn !!


Hey, Drake Hogestyn has been cast as Jerry Parker on Reality Bytes, Tristan Rogers' Web Series!! He was on Days. They are still in the planning stages, I'll let you know when they start filming.

OLTL--Marty's PG and Nat decides she all LOVES John. Wow, couldn't see THAT coming. :eyeroll: I am so hating Gigi and Rex!! I'm team Sky (without Gigi). Leave him alone. :/ Scott Clifton is awesome.  That's all. Poor FISH-- I just want them to find out it's his and then they can start the gay daddy storyline!!  Gigi is going to DIE when Kim goes after the baby too!! hee hee.
Jessica as a teenie is wonderful. It's too fun.  "You can be the class cougar"... And Roxy finding out about the baby. "He slipped one past the goal line"! LOL

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Loved when Luke said to Ethan to go get a tan. The Haunted dead as dirt. Heh., Jason's got a BIG GUN.
NIZ: GO away. JUST GO AWAY. Please. GO AWAY. I still don't see why they did it. Maybe if Liz had some feelings for Nikolas...and it was written differently, I could deal.
Carly mentioned Lobster Salad--:)
Ethan needs a greencard. Hmmmmmmmmm. So, Tracy is the obvious choice to marry him if she divorces Luke!! So Tracy calls Vegas! heehee Luke is freaking out.
Maxie needs some casual wear. Her get up today was way over the top.
Lainey's on.  Giving some therapy to Nik, Liz and Lucky. Interesting. I mean, would YOU go to a session with your two baby daddies? OY!
Notice I'm trying not to mention SONNY today...because actually, if I hear MICHAEL and Claudia and ughblaha, blah one more time, I will SCREAM.
Jax/Livvy and Carly were fun too. Nice scene in the Metro.

Academy Awards: Sandy Bullock made the Long as it was.

Well, Cablevision and ABC finally called a truce and got the OSCARS on the air about 30min into the show. People were tweeting live stream sites by the millions!! I am a Time Warner person so it didn't effect me. But, the parties in NYC were all MAD!!
Anyone watch the horror pre-show on ABC? OUCH. Kathy Ireland? Who's idea was that? Who was that guy out there? Sheri Shepard was the only decent one. Terrible questions all round and so stiff. I'll stick to E! next time.

How gorge was SHE?? Wasn't it fab that she went to the Razzies and accepted. Shows CLASS, baby!!
 Miley Cyrus needd a push up bra and some posture lessons or WHAT?! And what the HELL was Miley doing presenting anyhoo??! Alex and Steve were funny. George Clooney looked like he wanted to be anywhere else. Good Lawd, get a smile going. LOVED the John Hughes tribute.  The music alone was awesome. When all of his cast members walked Judd Nelson looked like hell. LOL. What a nice touch.

The funniest team was Tina Fey and Robert Downey Jr. So natural and great jokes. Ben Stiller was a riot. That lady that interrupted the poor guy WHAT WAS THAT??!

Soap Stars who tweeted during the Oscars were @lldubs (loves Meryl Streep) @TheMeganWard who tweeted: "SJP!!! NO GUM AT OSCARS!!" said Kate Howard. @nancyleegrahn: ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz. I forgot how tedious this is AND THIS:
I didnt hear a word charlize said. I couldt stop looking at the cinnabuns attached to her boobs

My Best Dressed: J Lo. This photo doesn't do the dress justice though. My other Best Dressed is Queen Latifah but I can't find a photo of her dress yet. It's a gorgeous pink. Worst Dressed is usually one of my faves: Charlize Theron. Princess Lea boobies!! Get this! Why Mo'Nique wore blue with a gardenia in her hair - it's what Hattie McDaniel wore! That's too cool.

I am loving the really constructed dresses this year. Penelope Cruise also looked great in her garnet red. Everyone looked really nice except Miley and Maggie G. (I'm not a big fan of prints at the Oscars)...Did you see Morgan Freeman's bracelet? It was some Nelson Mandela thing and it was so beautiful! Oprah looked glam jam and her speech to the Precious Girlie was better than winning I bet!
No wonder why I like the SAG or Golden Globes better-- I mean, come on 9:49 and only ONE actor award given out.

Glad Mo'nique won...nice speech. I totally forgot Heath Ledger was the winner last year and
couldn't figure out why Robin Williams was giving it out. Thank goodness for Twitter. I could ask and find out in a second!
The homage to horror was fun and a tad spooky!! -- but Kristen Stewart always looks so damn bored with life doesn't she?? Geeesh... she about blew a hawker on Taylor L. LOL. If she's so  uncomfortable at these events, I suggest she STAY HOME. Give the swag to someone that's good at it.
Yeah, good to see John Travolta. It's been worrying not seeing him. So glad he introduced QT's movie. Nice. Inglourious Basterds was a FINE FILM. I really REALLY liked it.
Demi Moore (always our Jackie Templeton) looked spectacular in her salmon gown with beautiful shoes. She did the intro to the dead people montage-- James Taylor was a good choice but we didn't see the people enough, imo. They could have knocked out the damn sound crap and had more of those montages. Farrah Fawcett didn't make the cut but she was in at least 7 films including award winning The Apostle with Duvall. hmmmmmmm.
And at 11:05 they were on EDITING or something... I'm just going to be a walking basket case tomorrow. This is one of the worst Oscars in a long time..just too much stuff and too boring. WAY too boring. At the end when the actors introduced the nominated actors?? Holy crap. It's 11:30 here people!!!! I liked it last year but this year it was just TOO long...
Jeff Bridges was so fun...I can't believe he was nominated five times, I had no idea. DUDE!! White Russians all around. I loved his Dad Lloyd in East of Eden as Samuel in the TV version.  Forrest Whitaker looks like he lost about 100 pounds, doesn't he??

Sandy Bullock got a standing O. She's so nice-- everyone seems to love her so much. I share this with my lover, Meryl Streep! LOL. Glad Kathryn Bigelow won or Babs Streisand would have been pissed. When Tom Hanks came out he didn't even announce the 10 best pictures, just said "Hurt Locker" LOL.
Ok, gotta sleep because I have giant meetings in the morning.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Surgery: New Scoops for all of March Happy Oscar Day!

note the ARM!

Well, since I've taken a bit of a break, Gedstern has been uber busy getting great spoilers together!! I always wondered how Krissy was going to accuse Ethan of abuse when it would be a bolt out of the blue. Well, the answer lies in the fact that people have seen him rebuke her at Kelly's....and then when she gets all glammed up to interrupt his date on the Haunted Star. He'll try to reason with her, and bruises her arm in the process. That sets the stage for her blaming him after Keifer really lets loose after he finds out she tried to get Ethan to notice her. Dante will soften to Sonny again when he sees him with Kristina after she's beaten. He'll also go to the island and find Michael. Me thinks the truth may come out then and there...which will no doubt change Dante's whole idea of the trial about Claudia.
HUGE new Spoilers are up on the site. Please support the WubsNET by hitting an ad as usual. Thank you SO MUCH. Remember the site is totally mobile phone friendly, fits so nice on those screens--no flash stuff to worry about. No app to download, just bookmark it.

Want some fun Oscar information? Find out where the stars keep their awards! Just some fun info before the big night. I think it's weird to have TEN noms for best picture.
What do YOU do Oscar night? I wonder if I'll tweet about them. I bet it will be a big night on that site. I used to have big parties---now, they go too late! LOL.

OH! OH! OH! OMG...look at THIS exchange that Stephen Nichols said in a recent SOD about GH:

SOD: You also had a memorable run on GH as Stefan. How would you sum up that time
SN: The first three years were wonderful. The last four, miserable.
SOD: Are you still in contact with any actors there?
SN: I run into Tyler Christopher [Nikolas] abut once a year. Nancy Grahn [Alexis] always calls when she has a charity event.

Which we know because he saw Alberta Wubs at the Haiti event with Nancy!! We all know he wasn't happy at GH for quite awhile, but FOUR years? Ouch.

One more thing! I finally saw Dom Z in the movie 2012! He has a small part as an EMT and talks to the Prez (Danny Glover) right before DC gets hit!


  Felicia and Mac are making out on Maxie's couch. Everyone is out and Bailey Lu is sleeping. He talks about seeing Frisco!! That's ...