Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Surgery: New Scoops for all of March Happy Oscar Day!

note the ARM!

Well, since I've taken a bit of a break, Gedstern has been uber busy getting great spoilers together!! I always wondered how Krissy was going to accuse Ethan of abuse when it would be a bolt out of the blue. Well, the answer lies in the fact that people have seen him rebuke her at Kelly's....and then when she gets all glammed up to interrupt his date on the Haunted Star. He'll try to reason with her, and bruises her arm in the process. That sets the stage for her blaming him after Keifer really lets loose after he finds out she tried to get Ethan to notice her. Dante will soften to Sonny again when he sees him with Kristina after she's beaten. He'll also go to the island and find Michael. Me thinks the truth may come out then and there...which will no doubt change Dante's whole idea of the trial about Claudia.
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Want some fun Oscar information? Find out where the stars keep their awards! Just some fun info before the big night. I think it's weird to have TEN noms for best picture.
What do YOU do Oscar night? I wonder if I'll tweet about them. I bet it will be a big night on that site. I used to have big parties---now, they go too late! LOL.

OH! OH! OH! OMG...look at THIS exchange that Stephen Nichols said in a recent SOD about GH:

SOD: You also had a memorable run on GH as Stefan. How would you sum up that time
SN: The first three years were wonderful. The last four, miserable.
SOD: Are you still in contact with any actors there?
SN: I run into Tyler Christopher [Nikolas] abut once a year. Nancy Grahn [Alexis] always calls when she has a charity event.

Which we know because he saw Alberta Wubs at the Haiti event with Nancy!! We all know he wasn't happy at GH for quite awhile, but FOUR years? Ouch.

One more thing! I finally saw Dom Z in the movie 2012! He has a small part as an EMT and talks to the Prez (Danny Glover) right before DC gets hit!


  1. You know everyone kept saying last weeks eppy's were awful. I'm here to say I really disagree. Things could have been better, yes. But I liked the interaction bw characters in several scenes. Johny/Ethan, Johnny/Olivia, Jax/Carly, Robin/Sonny, Jason/Lucky, Robin/Liz, Kristina/Sonny/Keifer I thought Sonny intimidating him at Kellys was actually funny! Loved Alexis & Diane as usual. Not to mention the staff at GH telling Liz their rooting for her was a plus. Can't wait to see NLG rock her scenes with maurice re Kristina! I hope Ethan doesn't get blamed for long and the truth comes out allowing them to at the very least be friends again. After all Kristina made me start to like Ethan. So all in all not a bad week. Friday didn't blow me away but I liked the other 4 days. On a sidenote, I wish they would have Jason at least go and see Liz in shadybrook.

    March 7, 2010 3:53 PM

  2. I really liked Stephen Nicolas when he was on GH as Stefen. He was great. Sad to hear it was bad the last 4 yrs for him but I can also understand his disappointment. Since as fans we have been disappointed with the dismal writing of a once great soap....the dumming down because of Guza and company IMO anyway. The Sonny & Jason Mob show is like totally boring....The thing I just don't get & I mean DON'T understand at all is TPTB keep this crap going. If 'they' would read blogs like this and really see what us as true /long time FANS want on the show....No we don't have to get everything we want BUT its not wrong to want consistant writing of a show. All characters interacting with each other on 'some' level. Since I have watched this show for so long it pains me too see the state that its I can only image how the actors/actress must feel. Probably as frustrated as we do as well...fron SN comments of when he was on it....its sad. Daytime was one of the best mediums but now its all in the background. I mean only 7 shows sad truly. You can still make wonderful shows. With quality writing & acting. Character delevopment too. Thats whats lacking as well. Characters are just put in storylines without any reason of being there but we as the audience were just suppose to buy it all.....whatever. Its really a sad joke. As fans we lose. Yes, I'll continue to watch GH til its gone. I am loyal but it doesn't mean I don't hope for the best as I'm sure some other fans may feel the same way I do or not & thats fine. Just some thoughts.... Sue : )

  3. I think Claire is a great addition. Don't want her messing with DonLu but she's a good prosecuter and believable too. Doesn't hurt that she's beautiful but hope that doesn't make Sonny weak.

    I totally agree with Sue like 99% of us, the mob stories are just stale.

  4. I think Claire is good too Sadie!

    I'm confused about the tug of war between Jax & Carly. Not sure I'm on board. I'm a Carjax fan 100%, but CARLY NEEDS TO GET IT!

  5. I am thankful to be able to be here with other like minded fans.Like many of you, I am so tired of the mob and would love to see other stories. If the mob was just one of the stories, not the one everything else revolves around, GH would be much improved.

    However, I have found that there are a lot of Sonny/Jason/mob supporters out there, who watch only for them. I'm not sure if they are just more vocal on the Net, but they certainly have bought into the Sonny/Jason are the only reason to watch mentality. I have been shocked to read on other sites how many believe anyone who even thinks about challenging Sonny should be killed. So basically if a character does not believe the Corinthos mob is 100% in the right, they are living on borrowed air time. There is no drama in this, but they seem satisfied. So we have a merry go round of challengers, but it's a short time ride. Why bother to invest in characters you know will be gone in less than a year?

    They also loudly say the ONLY reason to watch are Sonny and Jason. To me, there are many excellent performers on GH, not just 2. Like everyone, I have favorites, but the talent is sadly wasted when their only purpose often seems to be propping up the mob and saying how wonderful they are. There can be no character development when your only purpose is to help other's storyline, but never (or rarely) have one of your own.

    Still I have to think TPTB choose to believe this is what most GH fans want. They know die hards like us will be there, frustrated or not. But they need to court these "fans" who want a one sided story. It's sad. Long time viewers are the foundation of a show, but we are given the least consideration. It's the same reason legacy characters are killed off, only to have short term characters appear and disappear on our screen. No respect for the history of a show. As much as I love seeing the characters again, bringing them back as ghosts only points out the real loss to the canvas their deaths have caused. Can you imagine the stories which could have grown out of Georgie returning from studying in France, only to find out Maxie and Spinelli were a couple? She could have been a viable match for Matt as well. But instead she is killed off for no apparent reason other than a momentary shock.

    As a long term viewer, it is so disheartening to see a show go down like GH has. We will be the majority who go down with the ship, but we are among the few who will care it is gone.

  6. I was just reading the spoiler about Elizabeth being devastated by the DNA results. Maybe she's having twins and it's one for each daddy. lol

  7. OOOOOOOO Wolfy! How devious of you! How soapy! How delightfully Evil!....hahahahaha I love it! Which means it probably hasn't crossed Guza's li'l pea brain, lol.

  8. I used to like the mob stories, when they were more of a background to the show. Now they have taken over to the point where Sonny is now going to get away with shooting a cop. That disgusts me to where I no longer like any mob storyline or the characters of Jason and Sonny.
    There are so many storylines they are missing at the hospital...
    Wolfy-LOVE the twin idea, but don't like that Nik would have a kid with Liz.


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