Wednesday, March 10, 2010

KISH is OUT at OLTL? GH Today

 WTF? So, are they trying to kill the damn show piece by piece??????? IDIOTS!!! Read this: TV Guide Mag.   (Spoiler alert on that page) Kish is the one, true COOL GAY couple on daytime (almost all of TV!!) they are a real couple, not even written "gay" much, just a couple. FOOLS!! Stacey's gone, Kim's leaving...they fired Scott Clifton-- Marcie and Michael were out last year. I was as loyal to OLTL as anyone--now, NOT!!!!! They say Kish didn't 'reach the mainstream'...whatever. That's called folding to pressure because people may be uncomfortable with a gay storyline. I'm mad. This is freekin 2010.  If bigots can't take it, don't let them watch.  OLTL has a LOT of loyal viewers. 
It's not the head writer either, mark my words, this is administration. Chickens. 
UPDATE: people are going NUTS on Twitter. Nelson Branco just reminded us that OLTL is up for a GLADD award next week based on the Kish storyline!!  How stupid are they?? I was just thinking that they are getting rid of a great couple like Kish and keeping Jessica/Leyla and cardboard Christian going. :P

Sorry, I need to calm down.

GH today: Krissy playing dress up was interesting. The Ethan "arm" Scene is coming. Keifer's parents are going to be powerful and rich in PC. Maxie in GH. Remember when she was really ill on Night Shift and all "well" on GH? LOL.
Tracy and Luke, all lovey-dovey...Just in time for Skye to pounce!!
Island white turns to tshirt black when Jason has to fly on a plane. Loved Max/Milo.
What about Alexis/Diane. They ARE PERFECT and totally could be a show. Kate, Allie like I've said a million times.

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  1. when I see jaspam and their look alike clothes, I think of Dr.Evil and Mini Me, from the movie Austin Powers.

  2. I am truly UPSET about Kish's situation, and about Scott Clifton's firing. I predict that OLTL will be cancelled in July because of the major loss of viewers because of some bone headed decisions, this is Frons doing, no doubt about it.

    I am now soapless, no soap to watch, after some 20 some odd years of being a viewer. Like you Karen, I am truly upset by this disturbing news of OLTL losing some of its top talent. Sad days ahead for all OLTL viewers.

  3. Queenpeng try GH again.. you may be surprised. I agree about Jasam's clothes, its getting a little weird. Although Kemo looked so much prettier in white than she does in black! I have to say I'm surprised she didn't come out in a string bikini.

  4. I am going to prepare a RANT for the likes of FRONZ !! LOL. Kish was such a great couple...nevermind they are gay. They are just GOOD together. They are trying to Kill OLTL ugh...
    I always thought soaps were progressive but after Bianca/Reese crap on AMC and now this? Not so much!

  5. Disappointing news coming from OLTL two days in a row? I hate to think who's going to get the ax next. I had just started watching again last summer and Kish is one reason I really like the show. This is really unbelievable.
    JaSam are ff material for me. They are being written a bit better this time around but I just can't get too interested in a love story written around the mob, especially with the history these two have.

  6. What a boring GH today.
    I absolutely hate what is happening to Patrick. Ugh. That is all. I have nothing to say about GH.
    Getting back into OLTL, I am just learning who some of these characters are. Fish and his boyfriend were a decent storyline and they could play it out by letting the baby be his and watching a gay couple raise a baby...


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