Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Adventures in Lobster!! HOLY Sheeze!! Michael RECAST!!

Here's Alberta WUBS outside of Broadway cares with Wubbers Melissa and Chrissy last night!! She had just seen Ethan walk by!! swooooooooon. Nathan Parsons!! He sang from RENT last night, btw. I heard the show was amazing. I am GOING next year. I am not missing this great show ever again! Carolyn Hennesy, Derk Cheetwood and Steve Burton were also in the NYC area all weekend and met Alberta!! Photos are coming. 

 GIANT NEWS: MICHAEL IS RECAST on GH!!! According to SID Drew Garret, the guy we all love as Michael is leaving the role abruptly and Chad Duell will be in by April 20th!!!!!!!! 
Holy Crap..what the HECK happened? There HAS to be a giant story behind this....I have to get my phone out!! BTW, Duell was on Disney's "Wizards of Wavery Place"... WOW. this is huge. Something big must have happened at some end. 

GH TODAY: Carolyn Hennesy is just amazing when she's on screen. The opening dialog from her was AMAZING. Notice how the courtroom is about empty? Short on extra funds??

Carly and Jason are all ESP on Kristina. I guess she's in on this so she can 'run into" Kiefer's father. 
I am in love with Nathan Parsons,  I admit it. HE's so grown on me!! Great job in this storyline. 
I can't even concentrate with this Drew news...I can only hope we find out what's up soon. Like he
got a giant movie or something.  

There are people working on the Drew Garrett story as we speak. As SOON as word is in to why he's gone I will get back on and blog, ok?? I can't even concentrate, I have to try to find out what's going on!!



  1. I would think that they need someone who is a bit more of a heart throb. Current Michael really isn't.


  2. Noooo what the heck happened!! That was SO out of nowhere!!
    I'm gonna miss Drew he made me like Michael again. Wow thats

    On a happier note- I love Nathan/Ethan too!! What a change that character has gone though I loveee him!

  3. Until they connect Micheal to the Quatermaines instead of SOnny I really don;t give a hoot.

    Big ALice was fun today...taking notes in the jury box.

    Spin shows Maxie a slide show of photo's of them. Odd thing, some of the photo's are from when they were suppose to be alone (ie., proposal) or seemed to be an aerial photo. Nice warm fuzzy thought but who the heck took the photo's.

    Maxie is dying. No mention of her mother Felicia. Perhap's Bobby is at the nurse's station phoning Felicia and we just don't get to see it, haha!

    I hope they sequester the jury so it keeps Lisa away from Scrubs for a while.

    Sam bores me. But that girl has got one major leather jacket collection.

    Dante and Lulu are boring me as well...same thing over and over again. Do the boogie and get on with some other story.

    Both Monica and Spencer were on today! Spencer looked cute.

    Kristina was just beat in her house, she gets out of the hospital and they then leave her home alone? Where's Molly? Would Sonny not have put a guard on the house?

    Loved the Carly/Kristina scene today

  4. WOW! I'll be anxious to hear about the DG news. Isn't it strange that they just re-did the opening with him in it and now he's leaving. Great, now we'll have to go another 5 years watching DG in the opening credits.
    Still, best not to speculate too much since we don't know the details just yet. Maybe it's temporary, maybe there is just something going on with DG in his personal life that we don't know about.

  5. frisco, I actually tweeted how stupid the Spinxie "retrospect" was when clearly NO ONE took those photos! LOL.

  6. If Drew is off for good, I will be disappointed. Like his chemistry with many others & he's a perfect brat for the story line he's in. Maybe its something as simple as needing surgery. Hopefully it isn't for good! I agree that Diane was fantastic but I'm not surprised. I also agree that no one in their right mind would have left kristina alone. While I love Dante & lulu the whole interupting the sex is so very old, enough already. Same with Spixie. get rid of Spin, he's old news and so irritating.

  7. While Carolyn Hennessey is great. I think my favorite scene today was Liz and Spencer! It was just so cute and funny. A very "real" scene in that an older sibling typically picks out some outrageous names. I'm not a fan of the Niz storyline but I really liked this today.

    I hope new Michael is a little more likable. I know Michael was in a coma blah blah blah. But I miss cute lovable Michael. I HATE that they had him kill Claudia so he can be damaged just like Sonny.

  8. I wonder if Alexis,Sam and everyone who has assumed Kristina is telling the truth will offer a heartfelt apology to Ethan when they find out the true story. I am probably way off base. TPTB will probably not even mention it and go right to the story of Ethan's visa.

  9. Wow! The Michael recast totally caught me off guard. I really liked him, especially once I got used to the big leap in SORAS-ing they did with him. I hope everything is ok in his personal life, and his reason for leaving is a film role, or something "bigger" he always wanted to do. It will be interesting to see what comes out about him/the role.

  10. I hate the new recast thing!!!
    Drew is amazing talented actor..
    He also looked so much like Steve and Laura, The new kid is not.....
    and I think Drew is very good looking, So I hope it wasn't because of the looks....

    About the show: Yes the all Spixie thing was stupid with the ABC pics, but both KS And BA were great at that scene.
    I loved the Carly Kristina scene that was really good. and Carly was great with Kris.
    again Kris's parents are interrupting in the most crucial time..
    Maybe Jason should just join the PCPD,
    I liked Jucky and maybe I am still am ,but him talking with Lucky on a case telling him what he thinks is just becoming hilarious and really like a cop .
    I love the idea of a cop and mobster but IDK...

    By the way Ethan is also growing on me..

  11. Okay, WHY has Ethan not mentioned the several times he saw Kiefer manhandling Kristina? Michael has also seen it I think. Makes no sense! I got used to older Michael and I really hope it isn't a permanent recast. Like others I immediately thought the Spinelli slide show was really poor judgement because no one was there to take most of the pictures! On a positive note, loved Diane and the scenes with Big Alice and Coleman!

  12. Drew Garrett's firing was a total shock to everyone on Twitter. SID broke the news and it was clear that our friend there who runs their Tweets was blown away as the rest of us. None of us should be shocked that ABC hired a Disney kid.

    Spencer wanting to name the baby Buzz Lightyear was fantastic. I am now calling the baby Buzzy until we get a real name!

    I agree with everyone about how good Ethan's character is now. Nathan's acting abilities have grown by leaps and bounds since he first came on. I know I was really against Nathan when he first arrived but I am very happy with his performances now. Just thrilled Luke returned at the end of today's show too!! I can't wait for him to go toe to toe with Sonny!

  13. Frisco, again, ITA, I hardly have to write anything, you said it all!

    WHO took the pictures?

    Re Kristina (and everyone else), why no mention of school? Has she dropped out? Have they all dropped out? Are they on a loooong spring break?

    I'm so sad about Michael, it's hard for the fans, who had to adjust to the SORA'd Michael (which was difficult, as the other Michael was a redhead), and now we have to make another adjustment. Drew seems like a really good actor, I wonder what happened . . .

  14. I am very sorry to hear about the recast - I like Drew Garret, he has a bit of the 'bad guy' about him.

    I'm going to quote Perkie over a DC because I couldn't say it better: "I have never been so happy to see Luke as I was today when he walked into the PCPD to find Ethan".

  15. Why does michael have to be a heart throb, anon? Drew has been doing an amazing job. I hate the writing but that's not his fault. maybe the actor just got sick of the writing too.

    I also laughed at the slide show and asked myself the same thing about who took the pics.

    And, I agree, why would they leave Kristina in the house alone. For one thing you think she'd be terrified to be alone.

  16. "Wolfy said...
    Why does michael have to be a heart throb, anon? Drew has been doing an amazing job."

    ICAM!! I also remember that Steve Burton was rather smallish and nerdy looking and had a weird voice. He has defintely gotten better with age! No doubt DG would too! I really enjoyed DG. I never liked Michael until he came

  17. SB has gotten better with age and steriods!
    Mrs. Goose

  18. I hate to be picky too, but Kristina was supposedly "beaten up", yet the only bruises she had were from the punch in the face - apparently no bodily harm, since she is up and about so quickly. Her face, thanks to the miracle of Sam's makeup, looks almost normal again. If they were so realistic in the beating, why was the recuperation so unrealistic? And I agree, why in the world is she alone at the house? I hate to see Drew go, too, since he did a really good job as Michael.

  19. Shouldn't the jury members have gone in a supervised room instead of left in the courtroom? I did like their conversation minus Lisa butting in. I hope that Big Alice puts her in a headlock!
    I agree with everyone about Kristina being left alone in that house. Obviously they aren't that worried about her!
    I am also getting a little tired of the Dante/Lulu interruptions. It was fun at first, but there is a such thing as too much of a good thing!
    I am not a Sam fan either, but I loved her hair yesterday!

  20. One more thing...Why did Lucky let Jason know about the paternity thing? Does Jason really care anymore who else is impregnating his baby mama? And how many times do we have to hear Lucky tell Jason not to worry. He will still be a dad to Cam and Jake?

  21. That slide show was just weird. Who took those pictures? Was it Spider-Man? Did Spinelli have a camera hooked up somewhere out of view?


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