Thursday, March 25, 2010

GENERAL Hosptial Scoops: get them here!

Up now on the WUBS NET!!  All sorts of mayhem... Johnny does ask Livvy to move in with him! That's fun. Morgan will take the stand and Keifer gets hit by a car. So many hit and runs in Port Chuck! They need cameras around town. LOL

TG's having another word is Tracy, Ethan and he take off after a phone call from Skye. I don't know though.. I know they'll all have scenes together but maybe not until April??

Did you know that both Kristina and Keifer had stunt doubles during the beating scene??

Did you know that Kristina and Molly are both 1/2 sisters AND first cousins? If Sam  had had HER baby..eesh...tangled family tree!! I'd love to do all the characters.

Did you read Tony Geary's great interview on Tony Geary Net?? good stuff. He's been doing a few lately!

GH TODAY: Good Luke scenes.... Ethan asks Luke about the rape!! I didn't really know Luke's Dad beat his mother to death??? hmmmm. His name was Tim? Hmmm.  Okay! Guess I skipped over that in the '70's. I really REALLY don't remember him ever telling that story. EVER. I shall have to consult the GH Encyclopedia. It says nada about Luke's parents much..other than Ruby raised them. Sooooooo, anyone know? I don't think Luke ever mentioned this beating before. I guess its a great way to 'splain the rape now that "blaming my upbringing" is all the rage. Not that I'm saying it's not correct, but back in the day, no one ever used that defense.
Goodness, this is a much better story than GH right now. heh The WaPedia mentions this but it was UPDATED TODAY!! GH must have bots out updating sites. :)

UPDATE: Wubber CALILA found this YOU TUBE from 1979 with Luke telling Laura how his mom died. Yepper, burst appendix! (And OMG, look at Luke's glasses! LOL )

Carly comes to the island in a WHITE SHIRT!! They must have a box in the back marked "Island shirts".  Michael figures out it was Keifer. Soon, everyone but Sexis will know who did it.
NICE Shirtless Johnny today!

New Media Net Pics up of recast Michael... I have no comment.  Only that the kid looks tired.

I so love Jake and Tad on natural and you know they improv some of their lines. hee hee. Kind of like Nancy and Carolyn with Alexis/Diane. You just can't force that.

ROGER EBERT loves HOT TUB TIME MACHINE@@! Just sayin' :)


  1. The Nu-nuMichael pics. He is wearing the same close Michael had on today. Does that mean we get the recast on screen soon or just that today's shirt and shorts are one of Micheal's favorite outfits?

  2. LOL...frisco, I got a photo up in the next post. He looks so tired, and in pain.??? He'd better be able to ACT. this is all so strange. Drew was great today!

  3. wow. that scene from the 70's was really good. I would kill for anything like that to be on today. It also proves that the writers do absolutely no research into their characters (and that the actors don't remember their histories, either). i'm sure it didn't take too much energy to find that clip. Even if they did find it, they could have at least reworked the story, so that the burst appendix was the result of too many beatings (it is believed that a punch caused Houdini's appendix to burst).

  4. I must admit the scenes with Luke and Sonny have been great. But So many people are going to owe Ethan an apology once this is over,god let it be over soon. Let this fricken trial end too already,we alreaady know that Sonny will get off.Who cares already.

    Finally Sam is not making this all about herself.

    Loved the talk between Lucky and Ethan.

    Getting sick of this Claire chick,exspecially with the her bugging Dante. Tell me she is not going to be on much longer.

  5. I loathe claire too...she and Lisa can go go!

  6. Considering the enormous history re-write Guza did last year to Luke and Laura's story for Ethan to be Luke's son, I don't think a rewrite of something mentioned one time in 1979 is all that significant.

    Although if that had been actual story back then, it would have played into the Bobbie/Brock story really well, when he was abusive to her.

  7. LOL I've thought about this Karen! If Sam had had her baby, the baby would have been Kristina's 1/2 sister, but also her niece and Molly's cousin/niece.

  8. So, I usually ff the scenes of Sam, so I am not sure I remember when Sam talked about getting beat in the past? How old was she? It wasn't when she was sleeping with all those men and stealing from them as well? I'm glad Sam figured out that she needs to listen to Kristina's feelings. Too bad Sonny doesn't know how to do that. Once he finds out that Ethan isn't going to be tried, he will be out for Spencer blood.
    When did Sam and Ethan start calling their parents mom and dad to their face? Not complaining. But, this is the first time I noticed that they both did that in yesterdays scenes.

  9. I'm sorry but that new Michael looks totally constipated. He turns me right off watching.

  10. the story is that lukes mother was hit so hard it burst her appendix and he left her there to die !!! thats pretty much like killing her !!!

  11. Today was the first mention of Tim beating his wife to death, but I don't recall any mention of Tim Spencer being dead.

    It would be great if TG got to play scenes with his fictional father.


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