Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WOW--Kristina, Alexis and Sonny March 15th scenes

 This is going around Twitter, awesome!! IT seems we crashed the poor site (movieweb) they put this up on. Poor people had NO IDEA what Soap Fans can do! LOL...Anyway, if the clip isn't working, it shows a really REALLY beaten up Krissy in the hospital. Eye swollen shut, huge gash on her head. Alexis and Sonny rush in... Lucky is questioning her. She finally says Ethan did it. Sonny's face...;/ Here's the direct link: MOVIEWEB


  1. Wow is right. I knew they were going to do an teen dating abuse story, but never thought Kristina would be hurt so bad. It shocked me when I first saw her, and never got better.

    I don't understand why she would let Keifer get away with a beating like this though. As much as she is upset with Ethan for turning her down, how could she not be furious with Keifer? And she knows her dad will probably kill Ethan over it, so there has to be more background here. Did Keifer threaten her, or cry he was sorry? Plus wouldn't Alexis know who she went out with? Lots of questions to be answered, and looks like they might just do this one right. I hope so, because it is far too serious a subject to be a "story of the moment" and forgotten type thing. I would think Michael being away plays into this too, because I think he would suspect Keifer right away, and Kristina might be more inclined to tell him the truth.

    Speaking of the truth and Michael, who taught this kid he should tell the truth, as he honestly wants to do? Can't be any of the adults in his life, since they all tell him to lie at every turn. Maybe the nanny? I can't believe this is Carly and Sonny's kid, when he wants to tell the truth! In this respect, he is more mature than his parental figures are. True he wants to save his dad, but he is putting himself on the line to do it. Maybe there is hope for him.

  2. This seem like a real good S/L
    I can't wait

  3. This totally looks like some emmy worthy stuff . . . love the facial expressions all around - Lucky's look when she says it was Ethan was classic JJ - AWESOME to have him be the one doing the interrogation. I can't wait to see how this story plays out!

  4. If Kristina is being abused, it is realistic that she would "forgive" her abuser. But fingering Ethan? Not so realistic. Is she really so callous as to want him killed by Sonny? Most battered women are not into hurting others in this way.

  5. I do not like her fingering Ethan but I guess the writers have realized they have not done a good enough job developing the character of Keifer for him to be able to carry this storyline.

    As I have said before I would really like to see Bobby, given her history of abuse, be pulled into this storyline. Perhaps she could be Kristina's nurse and/or share a few scene's with Alexis. A friendship between Alexis and Bobbie would be great.

    With Maxie now facing serious health issues related to her heart Bobbie should also be part of that storyline.

    Factor in her nephew (Ethan) being accused of abuse, her other nephew (Lucky) dealing with paternity issues, her grandkids father being on trial for murder, etc IT IS TIME TO GET BOBBIE BACK ON SET PRONTO.

  6. Why the hell is Ethan her scapegoat! That pisses me off! I hate this whole storyline.

  7. Sadly it happens a lot that women who are abused are protecting their attacker, we hear that all the time..
    Probably because she thinks she deserve it , that she was the one who was bad and not kiefer...
    and she is still upset that Ethan didn't want her..

    This storyline seem very real to me, and Kris face just creeps me out...

  8. I was not expecting her to look that bad! Looks like we may get some good scenes with Nancy & Maurice as well as Lexi. Maybe they will do this right!


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